Game Five – 2008 Eastern Conference Finals

by | May 28, 2008 | 131 comments

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With the series at 2 all, I’m not saying this game in Boston is a must win for The Pistons, but it would make things a lot easier to wrap the series up. If Doc Rivers knows how to make adjustments, they won’t be leaving Mr. McDyess open all game long, so someone else may have to step up.

Detroit’s success hinges on the play of Chauncey Billups, sadly I don’t think they can pull it out tonight if he struggles like he did in every game of this series except Game 2 unless Saunders shelves him and gives Stuckey the go ahead if his game is off again.

I’m hoping for more stifling D, and one of these.


But block or not, I’ll take a W at the end of the night.

For further inspiration, they are selling Celtic’s ECF Champion T-Shirts down in Florida.

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Tip off is at 8:30 PM and will be Nationally televised on ESPN and ESPN360 is streaming the game live for those of you who don’t have cable. If you can’t catch it on the tube you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, or stream it live through your computer at

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  1. K-Han

    what the hell. how they gonna start sellin shirts already…ight boys…lets go get this one to rub in der faceez

  2. The Fluidics

    I want the Celtics on life support come Thursday morning.

  3. Natalie Sitto

    Great way to put it Flu…I second that!

  4. Timothy

    Sheed should wear one of those shirts during the pre-game shoot around

  5. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Dyess WILL find a way to contribute even if they are glued to him all night… he always does… he always has – most people just weren’t noticing it until he started to really go off offensively. He does A LOT of other things that make it possible for the Pistons to be successful.

    Also, ANY player on this team is capable of going off at any time so they (the Celtics) must know that they can’t just concentrate on one guy all night long. I just hope that when something is working well Flip sticks to it until the Celtics solve the puzzle. He has an annoying habit of going away from what is working sometimes or benching the hot hand at crucial times for rest.

    I have all the faith in the world that this game will be ours tonight and ultimately the series and the championship as well.


    GO PISTONS!!!!

  6. Danafesto

    That one tool on ESPN who said Tay “didn’t have to be beautiful to make a shot like that” was just discussing the two teams–how inconsistent they both were. When Avery Johnson said it was inconsistent guard play to cause the roller coaster, that one tool–I don’t remember his name– just said it was the fault of Ray Allen for Boston, “…and for the Pistons, we all know they are flawed.”

    I would love to see Sheed wear the shirt.

    Ice for Dyess!

  7. RedWhite_N_Awesome


    the t-shirts are really sickening… but not really too surprising. probably the same people who handed the celtics the crown before the season even started.


  8. Danafesto

    That reminds me of when San Antonio wrote “parade thursday” on the white board in the Pistons locker room–the Pistons won that day and forced another game on that Thursday instead.

    I don’t mean to bring up the Spurs though–I’m hoping we play LA in the finals. Something about disappointing jack nicholson and his precious kobe is very satisfying.

  9. The Fluidics

    If the Celtics double up on Dyess and focus on him, the Pistons will kill them. Too many tools in that shed.

  10. olay180

    on the pregame shootaround, espn showed sheed shooting from half court – and draining one nothing but net!! i know he does this a lot during the pregame but let’s hope it carries over. go pistons!!!

  11. ric

    its time!!! pistons needs to play this one with all their heart and soul…this should be the defining moment of winning this series for the pistons…..get a win tonight and put the dagger on them on friday….we gotta get at least 3 out of our 5 starters get going from the tip off, preferably rip, chaunce and sheed…..defense is the key, no miss coverage and on offense, ball movement is the key. go pistons!!!!

  12. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Keeping the C’s off the boards will help tremendously also. I don’t want to see very many extra chances for the greenies tonight… Please??

  13. The Fluidics

    The reason Boston has so many rebounds and 2nd chances, is because they MISSED so many shots the other night. I’ll take a high FG% any night.

    Play D, get stops, top priority.

  14. Junior

    wow..I got a little inspired from Flips pre game speech…Not bad

  15. Natalie Sitto

    Good sign, Sheed making them from downtown. We just need to get Rip going.

  16. amer-ican prince

    does any else think they look really tired? Dyess is bent over, Rasheed’s breathing really hard already.

  17. The Fluidics

    No fast start tonight, so you can throw that talking point out.

    Someone needs to clothesline Perkins, Laimbeer style.

  18. Natalie Sitto

    I just adore Antonio McDyess. Lay it all on the line Dyess, we’ll ride you.

  19. Junior

    clean block by Tay

  20. ric

    not bad!! i just couldn’t understand why prince is still in the game, he’s just not a non factor, hes ruining their offense/defense….its all been settle after that block he did on perkins…..i would really love to see a good defense on prince….i would love to try it out afflalo. lets get this running on second quarter.

  21. Natalie Sitto

    Just like M. Jackson said, add that one to Prince’s resume.

  22. Jessi

    Wow florda really hates detroit, lets show them with a win tonight, nice block by tay its not a block like max but it came a a good time..

  23. Junior

    wow flagrant? watch sheeds face he didn’t even agree with that

  24. Natalie Sitto

    Don’t know if that is a flagrant but Ill take it. Van Gundy is a bit ridiculous though.

  25. Jessi

    keep th fouling coming, I thin boston is starting to get sloppy and I will take it… Max and hunter… It was not a flagrant but like nat I will take it.

  26. Casey

    I hate to say it, but I agree with Mike Breen. That was a good flagrant call because Brown didn’t bother to make a play on the ball.

  27. Casey

    Now if the Pistons could just close out a half without giving away most of the lead that would be great. Remember the Larry Brown days where they would grow the lead at the end of quarters? I miss those days. Not Larry Brown.

  28. amer-ican prince

    Tayshaun cannot just let them get rebounds like that, at least try to go for the ball.

    Lindsey is doing a great job on defense

  29. Phil

    I agree with Breen on the flagrant call, but not when he said that on Tay’s block the ball looked like it was on the way down! Only if you are blind!

  30. Phil

    RATTLER!!!! Nice put-back!

  31. Danafesto

    I would love to close the half Larry Brown style. That’d be awesome. “Just win the next 3 minutes…

  32. Jessi

    biggest problem with pistons getting hot early in the second is that it leaves too much time onthe clock for boston to get back into it…. let take the lead back and build it,,, not matter waht happens the pistons need to come out strong in the third..

  33. mannie32

    haha cant believe they’re selling those shirts

  34. amer-ican prince

    what is rasheed and chauncey doing?

  35. ric

    get fucking PRINCE OUTTA THERE!!! hes ruining this shit!!!!!!!

  36. OIG

    Boston is gettin every fuckin rebound and its killin us now 25:9 for Boston

  37. Casey

    The refs are going a little crazy here at the end of the half. Terrible call on Dyess. Make up call on the other end.

  38. Casey

    Not the way to end the half. Not like we didn’t see it coming. Plus, now Rip is yapping.

  39. Jessi

    well detoirt came out in the second strong but if they keep playing teh way they ended it its not good, we need to rebound the ball and take care of it. Heres to detroit comingout strong in the third and getting the lead back and keeping it

  40. Danafesto

    ball don’t lie on that dyess block!

    but chaunce–get your head in the game, man!

    ice for dyess all game long baby!

  41. The Fluidics

    I’m not even kidding.
    Put in somebbody you can afford to lose, and hurt Perkins. This is the playoffs, Pistons Celtics, lay that ugly bum out.

  42. ric

    ok i don’t wanna fucking here about perkins getting rebound and all that shit!!!!!! what the fuck is this????? hes being like mcdyess in game 4….whoever is guarding him is fucking not playing good defense…..thats our miss coverage….i said from the beginning, we can’t allow miscoverage…and plzzzz lets boxout, lets put somebody on the rebounds…the only reason why celtics is in this game and up is because of 2nd chance points…..the fg is not far from pistons, and plus, their turnover is up….pistons should realize all their mistake….prince needs to fucking step down and let other players guard prince…put lindsey back, and rip on price!!!!! its a fucking common sense!!!!! this is all on flip saunders expense.

  43. ric

    detroit needs to comeout big in the first 5minutes of third quarter…thats gonna define their winning moment for this game…..theres no way celtics can creep up if pistons starts strong in the 3rd…danafesto, i would to see pistons do larry brown style going into the 3rd quarter dominating the game! if they can do that, they can control this game by being ahead throughout the game, playing cat and mouse.

  44. The Fluidics

    how old is this Hamilton feature? He’s got cornrows, that was so 4 years ago.

  45. Casey

    I agree with Ric. This next five minutes could be the most important stretch of the playoffs for the Pistons. They can’t afford to let the deficit slip to double digits, and letting the Boston crowd go nuts. There’s no place for a patented Piston 3rd quarter slow start this evening.

  46. missxshanna

    At least you all aren’t watching this from Taiwan. All the announcers do is scream and yell about the Celtics. Sheed’s 3? Their reply was “Boston’s gonna come back with one too you see!” and Maxi’s dunk? “Not as good as Garnetts in Game_!!” It’s horrible, I didn’t think they allowed favortism.

    Pistons need to get those rebounds and come back.

  47. Junior

    I really wish Chauncey would pull his head outta his ass

  48. OIG

    same old story i hope they can stop Boston and get back to 4-6 fast
    Perkins is killin us!!!!!

  49. Danafesto


    We’re losing our focus…can’t let Perkins and his effing 2nd chances get us down. down 11. Yuck.

    Chauncey…come out come out wherever you are!

  50. Natalie Sitto

    Step it up get it within single digits before the fourth. The do look tired.

    Nice Capture Phill, I didn’t catch that.

  51. OIG

    Now Allen got his rythm back and he is hittin those threes Perkins is deadly and KG is unstoppable!!
    But its soon we still can come back but we need Chauncey and Rip steppin up and we need STOPPS!!!!!!!!
    SHEED is playin great offensivly but now we need great DEFENSE!!!!

  52. The Fluidics

    WTF is that? No flagrant? Good sportsmanship?

  53. Junior

    wtf is going on? We pass up an open 3 to turn it over? THIS IS NOT PISTON BASKETBALL

  54. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Like I said before the game started — KEEP THE C’S OFF THE GLASS!!! Rebounding is pathetic. Perkins… puh-leazzzz!!! Shut him down and shut him up!!



    Apparently now you are allowed to tackle in basketball also — Pierce just fuckin’ tackled Chauncey… what a bunch of BULLSHIT!!

    Shit is getting out of control. We (myself included) need to regain out composure here & now.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

    I officially hate Van Gundy!!

  55. Natalie Sitto

    You’re talking about Tay right Junior? I was thinking the same thing. We look awful totally different team from the first half.

  56. The Fluidics

    I don’t care if he made it, what is up with the 3 chauncey. Not smart O.

  57. Junior

    yes Nat

  58. Danafesto

    This is where we need a heart-n-soul coach. They need a second wind. We’re only down 12. They haven’t buried us. We have to be there for the boards. And start guarding Ray Allen. And clothesline, Perkins, wasn’t that a suggestion?

    Still can go home up one, D!!

  59. Natalie Sitto

    I can’t believe they are playing like this right now.

  60. Natalie Sitto

    Agreed…closeline that fool, they have been doing it to us all night.

  61. The Fluidics

    Exactly. They don’t have a problem tackling Chauncey, play Bad Boys Basketball, hurt him, make him play game 6 timid because he’s scared of the ER. At least if they call you for it, you deserved it.
    I’m pissed about the play in the third.

    Don’t put up with that shit in the fourth. Insert cliche’ here, and go to work.

  62. Junior

    This game can still be won by Detroit…A lot of things went Bostons way in that 3rd

  63. ric

    last run, this is our last chance!!!!

  64. ric

    lets play D!!!!! lets play D for 12minutes!!!

  65. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Someone (I vote for Theo) needs to wrap up Perkins and take him to the hard wood — it’s ok as long as you pat him on the butt afterwards and help him up. “That’s good sportsmanship” BULLSHIT!! But it is a good idea and I would love to see how the C’s (and Van Gundy) would react to that

  66. Junior

    r u kidding me?

  67. The Fluidics

    That was a pretty quick whistle for that jump ball.

  68. The Fluidics

    that “good sportsmanshp” was some BS. I vote theo too. Put that bum in traction.

  69. Natalie Sitto

    Rip just give it to RIP

  70. Tom

    Come on boys, this is it. It’s time. Play Championship Defense.

  71. The Fluidics

    nice irish jig. Could they be more pro-boston? Sheed fouls, and it’s “finally, they call a foul.”

  72. Natalie Sitto

    Stuckey needs to go after that shot

  73. Junior

    OMG!! could we possibly waste more possesions?

  74. Natalie Sitto

    LMAO that the jig too..I guess I can understand it, don’t the play motown music when we play?

  75. The Fluidics

    Flipped over to hockey game, it was a Crosbey Gatoraide commercial.

    Whole world is against us, I swear to god. lol

    Pistons are playing better ball now, keep up the pressure.

    Lets see if the league goes back tomorow to call pieces foul a flagrant like they did to Rip.

  76. The Fluidics

    man, thats gonna break Dyess’s heart.

  77. ric

    nat, i hate to say this, but i think u jinx mcdyess play tonight by giving him so much highlight, even though it was deserving…..the ice is to win for everyone, not just for him based on his performance. tonight, we could barely feel hes in the game.

  78. Casey

    Mark Jackson is driving me nuts with his biased commentary. You’d think as a longtime Knick he’d have a little animosity for the Celtics. Nope.

  79. The Fluidics

    No foul on getting poked in the eye? Thats face contact as far as I know, eyes are on the face right?

  80. Casey

    Overachieve? I used to enjoy VanGundy. Just wish this series was over so I don’t have to hear him.

  81. Justin

    Can I apologize in advance for my caps?


    Okay now I am done. But I never thought that I would say this but I agree with Mike Breem. Those are totally different plays. PJ Brown made NO play at the ball. The other plays that they referenced the Pistons DID make a play for the ball.

    WHY OH WHY can’t we hear George Blaha??? This is incredibly annoying.

  82. The Fluidics

    overachieve? 6 straight ECF is not overachieving, it’s a good team. Tech on Perk. Win or lose, your still ugly Perk.

  83. Justin

    Oh my god. Did Mike Fratello just say to Mike Breem “But you didn’t play??”. Did HE play? In jr. high maybe. I really am getting sick of these guys.

  84. Natalie Sitto


  85. The Fluidics

    3 for 3!!!!!

  86. Casey

    I know somebody who doesn’t shy away from the big moment.


  87. Phil

    ric: are you serious? Please.

  88. The Fluidics

    well, I called for a dirty game early and I got it. Wrong team though.

    I don’t like blaming refs, because thats just excuses. But how different would the end of this game be if that hit to Rips face was called.

    Pistons played great when the desperation came, they can still win this series.

  89. ric

    for some reason, im not that disappointed with the loss because of the comeback we made…..we would never win in a freethwrow contest if we are down….celtics is good enough to play that contest with us, its not like their philly. again nat, i hate to say this, but rewarding someone like mcdyess based on his heart and performance on game 4 and other games in the playoffs isn’t just right to start a rally of winning a championship for dyess, don’t get me wrong, i love the guy, but going overboard is just too much, its like getting karl malone in lakers a ring, well that didn’t work!

  90. Bobby

    another blown comeback… it’s basically impossible for them to ever make a comeback because of just god awful stupid plays. As soon as we get ourselves back into it we do something retarded.

    celts win in 6 in detroit with momentum

  91. lavinius

    Note to team:

    STOP DIGGING HOLES! Forces you guys to be near perfect in trying to overcome a double digit deficit. Cut the crap.

  92. ric

    uuummm phil, no im not serious that why i wrote it, just like everybody else is not serious when they write something…….ima let u figure that one out.

  93. jph1977

    What about the no call for Chauncey at the end… fuck the nba.. give one game to the lakers and one to boston… stern is creaming his fat ass right now.

  94. The Fluidics

    Yeah, that 3rd cost them bigtime. Don’t give me that momentum business, no team has won 2 straight here, there is no such thing as momentum.

  95. jph1977

    and someone needs to put a muzzle in sheed’s mouth… maybe he’ll get ejected in the next game like he did last year

  96. ric

    fluidics, i agree with you, they could still win game 6, its just so hard for many people to figure out, why didn’t pistons play the way they were when they were down….do they have to play that hard when they’re down when they could when they are up!!!! thats whats bothering the hell out of me!!!! what is so hard to understand on playing hard like that throughout the game???? im sick and tired of hearing pistons has a great basketball IQ.

  97. lavinius

    There’s been absolutely zero momentum by either team in this series.

  98. Bobby

    I just find it funny. For some reason this team LOVES trying to comeback from big leads and pretty much just can’t do it.

  99. Phil

    ric: I don’t need to respond or “figure you out”. Your idiotic posts speak for themselves.

  100. ric

    bobby, thats what i just said….why not play like ur making a comeback eventhough ur up!!!! wheres that guy whos starting a conversation about lakers-celtics conspiracy and i told him that wasn’t the right time…well this is the right time….lakers got a way with a foul and celtics as well, when allen poke hamilton’s eye! deja vu!

  101. ric

    phil i understand if u can’t figure it out…i have nothing against mentally disable.

  102. The Fluidics

    You can’t hit a guy in the face without it being a foul, just can’t happen. Maybe the league will go back and say it should have been a foul like the did for last night, and it won’t make a difference.

    Pistons can still win this series, they played 7 quarters of great basketball the last two games, but that 3rd quarter cost them the win.

  103. sam

    The Pistons seemed to lose their composure going into the half, and they let the Celts run continue, making silly mistakes and rushing things. Give credit to Boston’s offense though – Perks was tearing it up in the First, and Pierce, Allen and KG did their thing in the Third.

    But it was good we were still within striking distance going into the Fourth. I’m happy that Detroit fought back into a 1 point game with 1 minute to play. Stuckey played like a clutch veteran and I don’t blame him one bit for that missed FT. I could see the disappointment in his eyes..

    This is the one game I’m okay with losing against the Celtics. It’s the one where we fought hard at the end and had chances. You could even argue about all the Techs and Flagrants and Non- Calls, but credit where it’s due, Boston won the game like a good rival.

    Go Detroit ! We can still win this !

  104. claire

    hard-fought game by the Pistons, tough loss. If i see any “blow this team up” comment, i think i’m just gonna give that person an e-slap to the face. I’m proud of this team, they put everything on the line tonight. Stuckey was phenomenal, never mind the fact that he is a rookie. He’s a hell of a player.

    I also love how Rip was holding on to the ball with his dear life while being hurt at the same time. I think his action is an example of the courage that he and his teammates possess. If I was Arnie, I’d put goggles on Rip from now on.

    This team has experienced all the highs and lows in the game of basketball. And right now, there’s no where to go but up.

    It’s time to even this series and take game 7 like we did game 2.

  105. Natalie Sitto

    I am surprisingly optimistic after tonight’s loss. Leave it on the floor just like Dyess said and they will be fine.

  106. jph1977

    listening to pierce and garnett talk… i belive their combined IQ is lower the average score of a girl’s JV game

  107. The Fluidics

    Claire, I fully agree, I love this TEAM.

    There is NO reason that Detroit can’t take this series.

    They played 3 solid quarters tonight, but that 3rd killed them.
    They won all 4 quarters the other night.
    They played better in the 1st and fourth in the loss in Detroit.

    Pistons have consistantly played better this series, but the scoreboard is all that counts.

    I wouldnt count on Perkins going off again.

  108. M

    we played hard; we don’t deserve the loss.
    let’s hope we can bounce back in 2 games.,…
    i still have faith, base upon what has just happened in the 4th quarter. but RIP, i hope he is alrite, bud.

  109. Richie

    I’m proud of the team for making it close.
    I’m proud of Stucky for his incredible poise.
    I’m sad that the Baby Eater didn’t get more time.
    I’m concerned about Rip’s arm.

  110. The Fluidics

    Yeah, Rip got his ass kicked tonight.

    Don’t take that lying down, make them feel it in game 6, make them think twice about it in game 7.

  111. jph1977

    remember… a worse pistons team came back against miami (better than these celtics) from down 3-2 and won game 7 on the road… and i don’t want to hear about wade’s injury

  112. claire

    I think Ray Allen just went from being the only Celtic who I don’t hate to being number one on my shit-list for poking Rip in the eyes. I’m sure it was an accident and all, but still..grrr

    About Rip’s arm, he’ll be fine. If he can play w/ a broken nose, a poked eye, he can play through anything. He is built Ford-tough, he won’t let this team down. Now, the rest is up to Arnie to speed up the healing process >.<

  113. lavinius

    No moral victories for me, guys. Slice it any way you want, it’s a loss and we’re one game away from another early summer vacation.

    It’s more of the same BS- the team doesn’t start to take it serious until it’s too late. Gotta play with urgency from the start. But for some reason, the team fails to understand that and put that into action. WAKE THE F*** UP GUYS! Your attitude is not emblematic of a championship team.

  114. khitz01

    DAMN, we fell so short. Stuckey played well aside from rookie mistakes. And where was Dyess?

    However, give credit to Detroit for storming back in the fourth. I thought everything was going for Detroit in the 4th until that 3 by Ray Allen. This was really a disappointing loss.

    Nat? Can you update us on Rip? He really looked hurt at the end the game.

    Hope we can bounce back.

  115. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Natalie, please continue the ice for Dyess campaign. He absolutely does deserve all the kudos you have given him – and then some. He plays his ass off all the time and most people don’t seem to notice. He deserves to get his ring. He has a winning attitude and has been an inspiration throughout these playoffs from the beginning. Even if he doesn’t always score a lot of points, he does other things that are essential to the success of the Pistons.

    Bummer of a game. I thought for sure we would win from the first Piston bucket. Alas it seems as though we stand with our backs against the wall yet again. Do or die time. All out, balls to the wall, no excuses from this point on.

    I felt so bad for Stuck after the missed free throw. He was so disappointed and it showed. Poor kid. He plays his ass off too and he has made a believer out of me when I was a doubter.

    Yessir the Pistons sure can beat Boston 2 straight. I hope Rip is ok. Wasn’t looking good at the end for him. He looked like he was in a lot of pain. Looked like his elbow. Let’s all pray for him to be ok… and world peace.


  116. renee

    That is so lame, like seriiously come on!!!!! last time i checked the series was still going on and there are still 2 more games to be played….so i do not know what the dealll issss…u can so tell that the NBA wants a celtics-lakers final…or this would not have come up with that shirrt liike seriiously how stupiid…2 more games and it is ours…sorry boston u had ur fun now its our turn so be prepared to be finished and oh yea its Detroit Eastern Conference Champions not BOSTON!!!!! HAHA BOSTON FREAKKIIN SUCKSSS!!!!!!!!

  117. ric

    you’ve got to be kidding me redwhite…well maybe he did play hard tonight, but hes basically out of sync…though he played hard, he didn’t play smart….i love the guy like everybody else, but everybody knows he was a non factor in this game…perkins was…dyes had some miscoverage on him….what was dyess thinking???

  118. ric

    renee, at first before game 5 of eastern and game 4 of western, i wasn’t thinking of that…but now, its becoming more obvious……its so hard to be an nba fan when its not too far to believe (i know its not true) thats its becoming like wwf, its all scripted….its like santa coming to the chimney is true.

  119. jph1977

    stuart scott’s glass eye creeps me out… i hate him… i still remember him calling detroiters a bunch of thugs after the brawl… he sucks superstar dick

  120. The Fluidics

    what are you trying to say about santa?

  121. ric

    thats all these play are scripted….not true, but offcourse i for one don’t believe that, but it makes u wonder, why the hell would lakers get a way with a foul and celtics tonight get a way with a foul…..its like scripted that lakers-celtics….all the pistons/spurs hard work, regardless whether they’re real or not, its hard to get a win.

  122. ric

    the only way is a blow out to win a game

  123. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    No ric, no joke. Dyess always plays his ass off. He isn’t perfect and I’m not saying that he is – I’m saying he sure as hell deserves credit where credit is due and he HAS been an inspiration throughout these playoffs. He doesn’t often get recognition for the little things he does. He had a lot of double-doubles this season, he has been a solid consistant player all season. I don’t think Natalie over did it with the praise she gave him after his performance in game 4 at all and I definitely think he is an unsung hero who deserves a ring. He is the most under rated player on this team and I love to see him get all the love he can. That’s all I’m saying. I didn’t say he had his best game tonight, I just said he does deserve to get praise for his play, and I don’t feel that it is unwarranted at all – nor do I think nat jinxed us by throwing a little love his way. Relax man. You’ll be back on the Dyess bandwagon before this series is over. He isn’t done yet.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  124. ric

    there is no dyess bandwagon, i may have said natalie kinda’ over did it, and i apologize for that…nat…
    redwhite all im saying is, everybody deserves it, u can’t just single out mcdyess, based on his double double or for whatever effort he puts in….this is no different than what rip, sheed, chaunce and tay has been doing for the past six seasons….its just got all out of proportion because he never came up big in the playoffs until this year, and thats not something extraordinary, this is something hes suppose to do, u can’t expect to go to pistons and just get a ring do u? but offcourse hes effort and will are all appreciated, but lets not forget that everybody in pistons wants it! we can’t rely on dyess speech and play especially when he has nothing like tonight then declare and make a rally to win it just for dyess. and by the way, him being the most under rated player is all based on ur opinion, anybody can make an argument about that…..also, thats being said everytime a player plays good…i see u saying that if hunter scored 20+ tonight. ur point taken, he gets all my praises, i love the guy, he has the heart, but just because he’s shown it with his game in game 4 and in his face…doesn’t mean other pistons doesn’t have it. he deserves my praise, along with the rest of the pistons, i love all of them differently, but equally. im just concern that rallying to win a championship for dyess may just lead to blaming every pistons players by not winning it for him!!!!

  125. WLM1one1

    After this game I was pretty angry, mad at the refs and having a hard time accepting the final score…BUT…as I got to thinking over the game for the last hour or so, it is finally clear to me that Detroit actually is BETTER than boston (I don’t bother with the capitalization).

    See, I wasn’t quite sure to be honest, but now I’m positive. In a strange way, this is the most confident I’ve ever been after a Pistons loss. A game 5, third round playoff loss no less!

    With all of the crappy whistles that were clearly a direct result of biased officiating, that were of course clearly a direct result of Mr. Stern’s lust for a Lakers/Celtics Finals (*wink at Ric), the Pistons came back from 17 to give themselves a chance to win an unwinnable game. They came on the verge of doing something nearly impossible by succeeding where failure was certain. Truly impressive.

    This is all got me thinking to how much I appreciate a team that is given absolutely nothing…anything they win, they take.

    Boston played the best game that Boston is going to play this series tonight. KG couldn’t miss…it’s as if his percentage went up the lower the shot clock went. ray allen had a very strong performance, aul ierce did his thing, rondo had his moments and some missed lay-ups, and of course, the guy that looks like somebody just shit on his sandwich, kendrick perkins…huge!

    Taking the above into consideration, it’s obvious that the celts needed the beneficial calls to get past Detroit. Their best isn’t good enough to stop the Pistons when they’re on top of their game.

    I’ll just be blunt…the celtics just aren’t a great team, period. Great teams aren’t given anything.

    With that in mind, I can’t help but feel optimistic about the next two games…especially game 6.

    It really feels like the Pistons have just about got this team figured out and are on the verge of beating them senseless…

    As far as the refs…I don’t predict they’ll be nearly as bad as the last two games, especially during game 6 back at the Palace. I knoww people will challenge that by saying they already hosed them once in the Palace, but I don’t think they have the balls.

    Game 7, however, well, shit…I’d like to believe that the Pistons will just play good enough to negate the crappy calls.

    One can only hope…

  126. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    ric, to be perfectly honest, I don’t even think I care where the Pistons get their collective inspiration from as long as they get it done. I found it a little humorous that you would mention Hunter because he is probably my 2nd favorite player on the team and believe me, I don’t think he gets enough praise either. Maybe I just have a soft spot for those who seem (in my opinion) under rated and don’t get a lot of recognition for what they do for this team.

    I understand that you weren’t really trying to dis Dyess or take anything away from him. I just felt compelled to mention that I think his play in the playoffs has brought a lot of inspiration to this team (the players even say so themselves) and Nat didn’t give him anything he hasn’t earned. I will miss Dyess (and Hunter for that matter) when he/they are gone and the next generation takes over. I am first and foremost a Piston fan – even though I have my favorites – and whatever it takes to get these guys to another championship is ok with me. If they are inspired to do it for Dyess, the fans, pride, thier city, their families, friends, or whatever… just as long as they play inspired basketball and play with heart.

    You are correct ric… the Pistons certainly didn’t get to where they are on the shoulders of one player. They are most definitely a team (which is why I am such a fan) and I want them all to have a ring… or ANOTHER ring… whatever the case may be. They have ALL worked very hard to get where they are. I just get so choked up when I think of all that Dyess has been through and being near the end of his career… I just want him to have a ring most of all. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I know Dyess appreciates any support he gets from his fans and you seem to support him in your own way so I guess I can lay this particular discussion to rest.

    Bottom line is, if they are inspired to win Dyess his ice I say go for it. KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce… you know they are going to get another shot at this thing before they reach the end of their careers. These Pistons are just about out of chances and Dyess certainly won’t have many (if any) more chances so yeah… draw the motivation from where ever you need to — just do it already. Can we agree on that as fellow Piston fans?

  127. ric

    redwhite…whatever can help the pistons get a win, im in….damn, if i have to flat celtics fans tires, i would! hahaha!!! the only thing thats inspiring to me right now is remembering the spurs/hornets series….spurs loss game 5, won game 5 and finished it in new orleans in game 7.

  128. ric

    its just so freaking sucks we lost, u know, so irritating!!!!!!

  129. ric

    wmlone, i gotta say, ur analysis and speculation on celtics/lakers conspiracy is starting to impress me….lets leave it IF pistons gets eliminated….but really good, i don’t believe it, but doesn’t mean i won’t say it, nevertheless, my compliments.

  130. Danafesto

    LOL, wlm1one1. Kendrick Perkins (I hate the sound of his name too) “always looks like someone just shit on his sandwich.” Funny.

    Oh Pistons.


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