McDyess Leads The Charge – Pistons Tie The Series At Two

by | May 26, 2008 | 23 comments

Detroit came out of the gate with a purpose, to even up the series up at two after their disappointing loss at home on Saturday. It wasn’t Rasheed Wallace, or Chauncey Billups that controlled Detroit’s fate in Game Four, it was the one man on the Pistons who wants it more than anyone on the team, Antonio McDyess .

Dyess, who played with more energy than anyone in the building, had his best game of this playoff season putting up 21 points and grabbing 16 boards and a blocked shot for the Pistons in their 94-75 victory at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

He doesn’t have a ring just yet, but he played like a Champion on Monday night.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons bolted off to a 10-0 lead playing the way we expected them to play in Saturday’s loss.
  • How does one check the Celtics statistics from the line? At one point during the game Boston had scored more than half of their points from the line. They finished the game 32-39 from the stripe. Had Boston not gotten to the line and knocked them down the game would have been quite different.
  • Defense wins Championships as Detroit displayed last night.
  • Don’t let the score fool you, this game was within reach for the Celtics, who were down just four points with less than five minutes to play.
  • Antonio McDyess, I guy who we all know plays with as much passion and heart as anyone on this current Pistons team, outdid himself in Mondays game. Thank McDyess right now for tying this series up. Shame on the Detroit Pistons if they don’t get this man a ring. If you’re not pulling for a guy like this, something is wrong with you. Watch his face and emotion in his post game press conference, if that’s not a winning attitude, I don’t know what is. He’s laying it all on the line, and it shows. From my vantage point of the action, Dyess just wasn’t going to miss.
Antonio McDyess
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  • Mr. Billups struggled again with his shot going 3-for-12 on the night. He didn’t make many, but his three pointer (Detroit’s’ only one) with 2:55 left in the game was not only the dagger, but Billups biggest shot in quite some time.
  • With the flurry of whistles going against the Pistons all night long, Richard Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace spent considerable time on the bench.
  • Jarvis Hayes made a brief appearance early in the game. He quickly air balled a three and go call for a quick foul. He was pulled. He did return for the last minute or so of the game when it was already decided and knocked a three.
  • Detroit led the whole way.
  • I don’t know about you, but everyone in the Palace, including myself, hung on every shot Chauncey put up. I was just obvious he didn’t have it, so when he took that three at the end of the game and knocked it down, The Palace erupted.
  • What a night from Jason Maxiell who stuffed Kevin Garnett so hard he could have propelled him back to Boston on force alone. Maxiell was a PERFECT 6-for-6 from the field, for 14 points, 3 boards and The Big Denial.
Jason Maxiell
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  • And how can I forget the sick dunk and alley-oop, that just about blew the roof off the Palace.
  • “Max made an unbelievable play on that,” Billups said. “I’m sure KG didn’t know how close Max was, but that was a great play. You look at how Stuck (Rodney Stuckey) is playing, and you look at how Max has come along this year. We don’t win like that without those guys.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Rodney Stuckey was solid, but didn’t have the game we thought he would. Though he shot just 1-for-4 for the night, he had 5 assists.
  • Surprised that Flip put Theo in the game when Sheed got into foul trouble after the monster game he was having. No matter, Theo did a fine job in his 7 minutes on court.
  • With the way Detroit played in the first half they should have been up by at least 15. Something was foul smelling at the half when The Pistons were up by just four.
  • Example of Detroit’s defense, they held Boston to just 31% for the night. Pierce 3-14, Garnett 6-for-16, Allen 2-for-8.
  • Antonio was everywhere all game long, diving for balls, pulling down boards and winning the game for Detroit.If there ever was a time to show appreciation for the gentle man, this is it. “Since I’ve been here we kind of have had excuses why we haven’t won another championship since I’ve been here, and I feel that, you know, if I don’t say nothing vocally that we would have an excuse this year,” he said. “I don’t want us to have no excuse.” “I don’t think no one can sit here and understand where I’m coming from when I felt how I felt at that part of my career, when I felt like it was over,” he said.”I was laying in the bed thinking, ‘Hey, this is going to be it.’ And now I’ve just reinvented myself, coming to this team. Via
Antonio McDyess
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  • Sheed was solid when he wasn’t sitting on the bench in foul trouble. Rasheed finished with 14 on 6-for-9 shooting with 5 boards an assist and 5 freaking blocked shots. The man was on a mission to play D and it showed.
  • Highlights of The Game.
  • Always solid Lindsey Hunter, who didn’t score a point but pestered the Celtics in his 9 minutes.
  • 51% from the floor for Detroit.
  • After last night’s game Richard Hamilton is now the Pistons all time playoff game leader, surpassing Bill Laimbeer.
  • Speaking of the Bad Boys, I spotted James Buddha Edwards in the elevator last night. He looks exactly the same, but the fu-manchu is gone.
  • Dyess all Day.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and ESPN
  • 24 points in the paint for both the Celtics and the Pistons.
  • Tayshaun Prince struggled for the second consecutive game going 3-for-12 for 7 points with just 2 boards, 3 assists and a steal.
  • Just 7 turns for Detroit to the Celtics 14.
  • Rebound war lost 38-34.
  • A lot of you have asked me, and for whatever reason the intensity and thunderous noise from the Palace just doesn’t come across on the broadcast. Monday’s game was easily the loudest night this season. The Palace crowd was ready before the tip, as were the Pistons. And as much as I can’t stand thunder sticks, I didn’t put them down all night. I earned my paycheck last night, trust me. I’m exhausted today, I gotta get out more.
  • Though Dyess played better than anyone on court, Crawford, Delaney, and Foster stole the show.
  • FYI – Team Need4Sheed member Raul A. Mora naming of Maxiell’s block on KG , “The Big Denial” is really catching on.
  • 2-2 back to Boston


  1. guaransheed36

    i know we dont like to think of all the nba conspiracy theories. but theirs no way a team should shoot that many free throws. I cant remember how many times in the 1st and 2nd quarter we would be up 12 or 14 and then boston would cut it to 4-6 with fouls because they were in the penalty with 7 minutes to go because the refs call little ticky tack stuff in the ECF!.
    but none the less we won, great energy from the stones and crowd was amazing
    lets see if we have improved over last year and can win our game 5′
    go pistons

  2. Dave

    “Though Dyess played better than anyone on court, Crawford, Delaney, and Foster stole the show.”

    Haha great line. Agree with all of the bullet points made. 2-2 going back to Boston. Exactly like I figured. Now it gets interesting. It turns into a best of 3 with Beantown holding home-court advatange.

    The two best teams in the league going down to the end, just like it should (other than Chauncey’s injury).

    What a series! I don’t know how much more drama in this series my body can take…..

  3. Julius

    I hate ESPN, they suck. They were all awe struck about Boston staying in the game, but the refs and refs alone kept them in the game. I do feel like the refs did everything in their power to protect the celtics this game with that whistle blowing.

    While ESPN drooled over how well the celtics played last night to keep it close, these supposed basketball experts failed to realize the celtics stayed in on free throws alone? Talk about protecting a team.

  4. amer-ican prince

    You know what, I think for every call the refs made, they let one go. I liked that they let both teams play, I mean the only guy who fouled out was on the other team. So let’s just say the players won it, but overall I liked how the game was called. The Pistons were physical, and so were the Celtics.

    Dyess that’s why he’s my favorite player, hopefully you can keep the other guys from being bored the next game. That flexing was funny. And Rip slapping the fans hands really made me happy.

    What made me mad was how we were up in the first half, then Tayshaun and Chauncey started hogging the ball and stopped the ball from moving. God their shot selection is getting so bad. I was screaming at the tv because of their shot selections This is going to hurt us later on if they don’t put their egos aside.

    Jason Maxiell block had me cheering so loud people outside had to of thought I was crazy, the dunk was great too.

    My favorite shot of the night though was Jarvis Hayes’s 3 at the end. I just liked seeing that

    Give Flip credit, when the starters weren’t getting it done (Rip, Tayshaun, Chauncey, Sheed), he didn’t hesitate to give the bench a chance. He deserves credit for this game. But not more than Dyess

  5. The Fluidics

    I didn’t neccesarally have a problem with the calls made, they were mostly legit fouls (not that stuck phantom foul on rondo though) but my problem was how lopsided it was. Many of the exact same fouls Detroit was called on were being let go the other way, and no game EVER is that dirty by one team, and that clean from the other. And it was all little stuff that has been no calls throughout the playoffs.

    The game just wasn’t called fairly, thankfully the Pistons weren’t going to let that get to them like they would have in the past (see 07 ECF).

    Great heart and focus from the team last night, when the Pistons play like that, they cannot be beaten.

  6. claire

    The time to steal another victory at the Garden is here! Brace yourself, get excited, and support your favorite band of thieves: the one, the only RED, WHITE, and BLUE PISTONS, who are world renowned for stealing victories on the road!!

  7. iloveblaha01

    I don’t think I could bear us not winning this year because of McDyess. I will literally cry if he doesn’t get his championship. They really need to do it for him.

  8. Richie

    Amer-ican, I have no idea what you’re talking about by calling Chauncey and Tay ballhogs based on their games last night. One of Billups’ misses was a wide open baseline jumper. How is that a bad shot? He also dropped 7 dimes with zero turnovers. I don’t see how you can call that ball hogging of poor shot selection, unless you don’t understand the essential nature of him being agressive agains Bostons’ point gaurds.
    Two of Tayshaun’s misses came at the end of the shot clock when he had to heave them to get avoid 24 second violations. It seems that whenver the D is tight agaisnt the Pistons they chuck Tay the ball as the clock winds down and have him make the play. It’s a little unfair to call those bad shots. One of his misses was a transition layup that just bounced the wrong way (and Dyess cleanned up) and I don’t see how that’s bad shot selection either. Most of his otehr missed came from post up moves which just weren’t working form him against Peirce. I don’t see how either of those men can be considered ballhogs, especially when their assist to turn over ratios are 7:0 and 3:1 for the game.

  9. rydiehl3

    Put the “X” up!!!

  10. Danafesto

    Ice for Dyess!!

    He has got to get that ring. Broken nose, playing with the mask when he hated it, his freaking CONSISTENT jumpers that go in SO sweet. All that heart on fire.

    When he was the 6th man I loved his game and his attitude, and honestly, I didn’t think he was capable of hitting his shots so well. But I was wrong–he’s incredible. He is there for put backs, everything. I was at a game where he flew into the crowd and chairs toppled on top of this little kid, and he was all concerned and made sure everything was ok. He is the best mix of tough and soft.

    The rest of the team should catch his itch for it.

    And Chauncey is right–they would not be still in this if it weren’t for Stuckey and Maxiell.

    Love reading the bullets, btw. Thank you thank you.

  11. The Fluidics

    No mask last night at all, as far as I can tell.

  12. Danafesto

    Yeah, he hasn’t worn it for awhile. I’m talking about that first game right after surgery, when he was so uncomfortable and he out-played everyone.

  13. amer-ican prince


    I don’t think they are ballhogs, and I agree with you that Tayshaun just ends up with the ball in his hands at the last second sometimes, but on other occasions something really subtle that Tayshaun might do is hold the ball or dribble the shot for 5-10 sometimes 12 secs of the shot clock then shoot at the last second and it seems like a last second shot. Or he’ll post up and when he gets doubled he never passes out to the open man instead he forces up bad shots (In the Cleveland series, the Cavs sent Ilgauskas along the baseline when Tay posted up and instead of passing he forced up shots every time. That’s why he shot so bad, not because he was tired, he just refused to pass the ball when doubled and Cleveland knew they could double without the ball going to the open man, and I see him doing the same thing again and now look at his shooting numbers. I’m not saying they’re ball stoppers like some superstars, the problem I had was that early in the game everyone was getting touches and the ball was moving so freely and getting to the open man then they both decided to jack up a bunch of ill advised jump shots, rather than try to be playmakers. And this is when Boston made the run after we were up by like 11 then they shrunk the lead to like three. And I just want to reiterate that I watch Tayshaun more than I watch anyone else on the team, and really have a good feeling for his game. And it’s mostly that I think he needs to be more of a leader in terms of finding other people shots too.

    Same with Chauncey, I mean I’m all for him being aggressive, but the way they were playing was working, but they started shooting, and everyone else seemed to slow down because of it. Again it’s subtle, it’s hard to notice if you’re not looking for it.

  14. Sable

    You know, this is the second time Maxiell has blocked Garnett that violently. During the regular season, he swatted Garnett in the same violent, but clean manner. The refs blew the whistle though and Garnett started chirping at him. Maxey wouldn’t back down though and of course they whistled him for the T.

  15. vintageSK8

    Hey natalie!
    can you put up a link to the feature they did during game 4 on rip and chauncey being close friends? i missed the game but heard about it and it sounds great!

  16. khitz01

    We need 2 more games like this. And hopefully, not just from Antonio but everyone. Go PISTONS.

    Hey Natalie? Is it just me or McDyess does not really have his mask on anymore? I know it has been bothering him and everything. But it is pretty dangerous when he breaks his nose again. Lets hope not.

  17. Natalie Sitto

    No mask for Dyess in Game 4 and yes, I would think it’s pretty dangerous if he got hit again. I’m sure he must be well enough or Abdenour and his doctors wouldn’t let him step on court without it.

  18. Mustafa


    This was the first time since 2004 that the palace was as loud as they can get.

    When MAXIELL BLOCKED KG and got that BIG DENIAL! I can just hear the palace erupt!

    When Maxiell got that DUNK OVER poseY!!! I heard the palace erupt!

    And when BILLUPS knocked down that three pointer… I can definitely hear frustrated fans CHEER off the top of their lungs probably saying “THANK GOD MR BIG SHOT IS BACK”.

    It was awesome.

    The Palace was BACK!!!

    Reminded me of the 2004 PISTONS!

    And for me it was a very emotional game to watch. Especially when I saw dyess play as hard as he played . It really was an emotional game.

    It was very emotional and I was hoping that we get this series tied and take one in boston and bring it back to the palace for DYESS to put an end to the celtics and go on a journey for his FIRST RING!


    We will get there!

  19. Mustafa

    The only foul that I did not agree with was the one called on STUCKEY!

    When RAJON RONDO went into the paint and tripped but got a lay-up off the glass. They called a foul on STUCKEY!

    Later they showed that play in slow-motion and STUCKEY played perfect defense. Rajon try to drag his right shoe in further but it bounced and he tripped.

    That was just a pathetic call!

    Other than that there were some questionable calls that went against the celtics too! therefore, I am not too concerned about the calls.

    But I can see why most of you feel that it seemed as if the refs did all they can to keep boston close!

    During half time… Boston were only close because 90% of the points that they score came from the freethrow line!

  20. webuiltthatcity

    Natalie I cant believe you thought that the palace was atually loud last night. It was like a funeral the whole game, I was there. Jesus, people didnt get out of their seats until 1:40 left in the 4th quarter. ITS A FREAKIN PLAYOFF GAME, GET OUT OF YOUR SEATS PEOPLE. Your just adding to the misconception that Pistons fans still have some sort of energy. I mean did you even go to any game pre 2005, now that was a real crowd. Back in those days we didnt even use our seats in any playoff game, with 5 mins left in EVERY QUARTER we would be standing up and cheering. It just ticks me off that people like you atually think that the palace is loud, try going to a Lakers, Suns or Celtics game, those are real fans.

    You are only part of the problem giving props to our lame ass fans that do nothing all game, boo when we are down by 10 points, then only stand up with 1 min left in the game. Be real and shame these lame ass bandwagoners who have no Piston pride.


  21. Natalie Sitto

    Justin, I have been a season ticket holder for going on 7 years now, noting comes close to the crowds in 03-04 but I was a loud as can be on Monday and I thought the crowd was too.

    It will never be like it was, but after Saturday’s game this one was a blessing. There will always be bandwagoners, it’s the true fans that do their best to make up for it.

    Sorry if you fell I’m part of the problem.

  22. Richie

    Wow, Justin. I think you’re coming off a little to abrassively to the wrong person here.


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