Jason Maxiell Blocks Kevin Garnett – Game Four ECF – The Big Denial

by | May 26, 2008 | 21 comments

Get that out of here….Jason has been taking lessons from Tayshaun. Full version for your enjoyment, yes it was that good.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and ESPN

This Block has been dubbed “The Big Denial” by El Patron Himself, Raul A. Mora from the comments and I like it.


  1. The Fluidics

    I wouldn’t want to play against him, lol.

    Max is a BEAST, he had a great game tonight, good to see him back in charge tonight.

    The block was on the top 5 for sportscenter.

    Game replay at 3:00 am, I’ll probably watch it again.

  2. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    OK, Natalie and everybody else: WE NEED A NAME FOR THIS BLOCK…

    If Tay’s block against Reggie is “THE BLOCK” and Tay’s block against Turkoglu is “THE BLOCK II”…

    Can’t we just call this block “THE BIG DENIAL?????” Being that it was against the Big Ticket, it’s more than appropriate….

    NATALIE… I loved your post of THE BIG DENIAL!!! THANKS!!!!!!

  3. uyen

    Natalie, was the Palace loud tonight because watching on TV it didn’t seem that loud?

  4. Natalie Sitto

    As loud as it was in the 2004 Finals…The tv broadcast doesn’t do that building justice. The fans came to play, just like Detroit did.

  5. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    Natalie, as a fan of Need4Sheed… THANKS!!! This is the highlight of my life as a Pistons fan… Glad you liked the name!!!!!

  6. The Fluidics

    Palace was LOUD tonight. Loud enough that my ears are ringing.

  7. "Ernest"

    Max can really pump up the team… had a good game. There are some unsung heroes like lindsey hunter.. he was poking the ball at every celtic possession

  8. pablo alejandro

    hello I am of paraguay believe to be the first fan of the pistons in my country here today saw the match in my job and seeing that incredible blockade of jason wonder as I feel being in the palace at that time and to come to see that need4sheed many of you were in the palace today do not know how I envy them that give my life to see only a game of the pistons not asking for anything more just a game in the palace is the biggest desire I have in my life greetings to all Fans of the pistons! we will win the series 4 to 2.

  9. palaceprince

    this was a huge block. I screamed soo loud people in California could of heard it…. and I live in Hawaii.
    Maxie is the man.

  10. BIG Poppa RYE

    I call this block…


  11. Mustafa

    The Palace was LOUD. I heard nothing but the palace crowd ROARING on tv!

    Good stuff!

  12. vayama

    “REALITY CHECK!” That’s a great nickname for Maxiell. He has no problem playing hyper-aggressive defense on the biggest stars in the league. It doesn’t even phase him in the slightest.

  13. Dave

    I’m not sure if anybody else noticed this, but late in the 4th, when Chauncey hit that big 3 off a pass by Tayshaun…. it looked like Tayshaun was a bit pissed off at Chauncey.

    Not sure if anybody tivo’d ESPN, but the Celtics took a quick timeout, and the camera cut to Tay arguing with Chauncey, and when it came back from commercial, you see Chauncey telling a what looks to be unhappy Tayshaun “Don’t worry about it”. Was it just me?

  14. claire

    Dave, I thought they were arguing about something too. But the Palace was really loud, so they probably just had to yell on top of their lungs to talk to each other.

    well, max was doing it all: blocking, dunking, jumpshooting, making free throws. the man is simply a joy to watch. Even my dad (the anti-Pistons) was like “how is that humanly possible?”

    Thank you,Maxiell, cuz when i saw KG rising up, I was like “oh hell no!”

  15. Jess

    Dave I noticed that too. Wonder what that was about?!?!

  16. sam


    I became a Pistons fan the season when they lost to SA in Game 7 of the Finals. That was the year McDyess came in to this team, and until now, I have not appreciated him as much as I do now. That guy is all gentleman off the court, and on, he’s all heart and passion.. and so humble! What a character. When this team got casual and over confident, became complacent and fell apart, no one’s heart broke more than Dice.

    I want him to finally get his due recognition and the ring he so very much deserves.. I think Game 4 calls for a post just to give tribute to McDyess and his passion.

    Let’s go Detroit !

    PS. Does anyone know where I could buy a McDyess shirt? I’ve been looking online, but theyve only got shirts for the other 4 starters.. talk about your underappreciation !

  17. 4Eva-Nda-Game...

    ^ SAM,
    that’s REAL TALK!! (about McDyess).
    And about THE BIG DENIAL!!! (nuff said, lol).

    GO DETROIT!!!!

  18. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    Things I liked about Game 4:

    1. THE BIG DENIAL, of course!
    2. Watching McDiggity… he’s just amazing, showing as I said once that he’s really got brass balls… PISTONS FANS IN DETROIT: ARE WE LONG OVERDUE FOR A McDYESS FOR PRESIDENT POSTER OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES??? He’s the unsung hero of this series and he deserves all the love we can give him. Do I hear an Amen?
    3. Rip City: He’s putting on a clinic on how to move off screens and get your shot. I don’t know you, but if the title for the Head Husky In Charge is at stake (and I think it is), Rip got a lot more bite in this series!
    I think coaches around the world should show Rip’s highlights to their players about how to move without the ball. Reggie Miller can rest easy now. His legacy remains thanks to Rip.
    4. Mr. Big Shot: He only scored one three… and that was enough. It was a huge dagger that deflated the C’s. I think he did a good job and Flip should definitely keep exploiting the Billups/Stuckey tag team: Boston got nothing to counter it. Rajon Rondo/Eddie House? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    5. Maxiell: Aside from The Big Denial (which believe me, if we win this series, it’s gonna haunt KG for the rest of his life… See Miller, Reggie and Block, The for further reference), I loved his energy. Now, Doc Rivers… didn’t you get the memo that JASON MAXIELL EATS BABIES? And you’re sending Big Baby Glen Davies to cover him? What do you think is gonna happen? Jason Maxiell has been eating Big Baby alive!!!!!
    6. Welcome back Jarvis: If he gets his shot groove back, we’re gonna have the perfect counter for the annoying James Posey and his 3.

    One thing I hated:
    THE REFS!!!! Some of the calls were too lopsided for the C’s… makes you wonder what’s gonna happen tomorrow?

  19. ladyPiston

    Sam, you can get a customized Pistons jersey at cbssportsstore.com. On the site, go to nba –> jerseys –> view all. You’ll see the customizable jerseys in the middle of the page.

    I got my McDyess jersey a few weeks ago and I love it.

  20. deeetroitbasketball

    i think this block should be called something like the ticket puncher, because kg is the big ticket and Maxie just punched his ticket badly

  21. Mustafa

    Watching Maxiell SPRINT all the way to the other side of the court and get that block. I would nick name Maxiel… The FLASH!!! But of course they call wade took that name awhile back.

    I like what majority of pistons fans call maxiell!



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