Game Four – 2008 Eastern Conference Finals

by | May 26, 2008 | 48 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. Boston Celtics ECF
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Don’t kid yourself Pistons fans, down 2-1 in the series after their loss at home Saturday, Detroit needs to win game four. We haven’t received a Guaransheed, but if I had to put money on something, I would lay it down on seeing a Detroit Pistons team that knows what’s at stake and one that will play like it.

Chauncey Billups is the key to the series and after his performance in Game Three, his injury may still be a huge factor, Arnie or not. The thing that may do us in is the fact that Billups and ultimately Saunders may have a struggling Billups out on the court rather than Rodney Stuckey. From what I have read today it seems the two are on opposite sites of the argument.

I was thinking about the whole situation during game three when Saunders substituted Stuckey for Billups late in the game when Rodney was clearly sparking the team. I’m not the only one who hopes Billups gets shut down if he plays the same in Game 4 as he did in Game 3.

I’m planning on being tied 2-2 by morning, but we still have a game to play confidence or not.

Tip off is at 8:30 PM and will be Nationally televised on ESPN. If you can’t catch it on the tube you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, or stream it live through your computer at .

The whole White Out deal threw off the mojo I had with my red Sheed jersey, so for support the new playoff gear (until we lose) is my throwback Chauncey Billups jersey. If you need to get pumped before the game, there is nothing better than watching this, let’s truly hope They’re Back……

The rest Pistons fans is up to you, leave ’em in the comments.


  1. uyen

    I usually wear Sheed’s jersey on game night but tonight I think if you’re going to the Palace or not we all should wear Chauncey’s jersey to support our boys. Why Chauncey’s jersey you ask? Because he is the captain of team also his number is 1 and we need to unite as 1 and stand behind them.

  2. ayjay009

    i juz got RIPS throwback jersey and i wish it will bring luck on todays game..


  3. mannie32

    BIG NITE tonight… this is what makes the playoffs exciting… great competition like the celtics… the ship means so much more when u had to go through adversity to get it!

  4. ric

    ok lets get this one done with a win!!! i expect an agressive chauncey and rip from the get go to give our team a spark…ball movement on the offensive end, and quick coverage on the defensive end. we play like this, there’s no reason not to win!

  5. Renee

    Exactly…we should wiin tonight and we will….I also expect chauncey to be aggressive from the beginning….Lets goooo DETROIIT BASKKETBALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Likke SHEED saiid WERE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT CELTIICS!!!!!!!

  6. OIG


    Couldnt write it better!!
    Im gettin excited more and more….
    Lets kick some Green Ass and get a W


  7. Nate

    We need more than just a win…..we need to destroy these green chumps. Let’s send a message tonight!

  8. hermus11

    I’m lovin this start!
    Dice is red hotttt!

  9. mannie32

    great start guys, 8-0 run 🙂

  10. Dominic

    Ugh I need a Tums. This up and down play is so naseuating. But I’m glad we’re playing excellently today Now keep it up

  11. Danafesto

    This is fantasic, and what we always wanted.

    But step back a minute and imagine you are a Celtics fan–doesn’t this feel like a roller coaster ride for them too? Couldn’t you say the same thing for the Celtics in this game as we said about the Pistons in game 3? That they just aren’t performing?

    Doc is upset about the energy level of his team.

    Why do have to act like it’s only the Pistons who have extreme motivation swings? It’s obviously not!

    Pass the tums and get ready for a win.

  12. OIG

    too early to compare the celtics today with the pistons in game 3!!
    But i love Dyess he set the tone early and he is constant the hole series long!!

  13. Danafesto

    Take it to the Max!

  14. OIG

    ok now u can compare the Celtics with the game3 pistons!!!

  15. Dominic

    Jeff Van Gundy: He (Kendrick Perkins) may not be pretty but he gets it done

    LMFAOOOOO Van Gundy called him UGLY
    I wholeheartedly agree

  16. Dominic

    I forgot which was the official that doesn’t like the Pistons.
    Was it Joey Crawford or Dan Crawford. If it is Joey we won’t have to deal with him the rest of the playoffs, he’s been suspended indefinitely

  17. Aviv Israel

    I’m sorry to say, but comparing the Celtics in this game with the game3 pistons is the definition of the word exaggeration.

    The people who don’t understand the booing in game 3, don’t really understand what the booing was all about. It wasn’t about Det loosing a game or not playing their A game.

  18. mannie32

    not bad… we played well… at the end of the day, we wanted the pistons to play hard, and they’ve done that… boston has come back in this game with free throws, nothing we can do about that unless we want to play less aggressively defensively? NO, that’s what we hate when they dont play with aggression

    so the free throws for the celtics have come along with the great defensive effort of the pistons… i’ll take it, and i’ll take a win tonight 🙂

  19. OIG

    its really weird cause Detroit is playin great and Boston is strugglin
    but its just 4points but if our guys keep on playin like this no way the celtics can win it!!

  20. ric

    great energy and aggresiveness in the beginning of half and most of the half….we just need to finish it. i hope they play full 24minutes the way they play the first 2minutes of the 1st quarter.

  21. WLM1one1

    Detroit didn’t stand a chance this year…not because they aren’t good enough to win, but because they won’t get any calls and will be playing uphill in what is already a tough enough series to begin with. The Celtics had 11 field goals in that first half, none 3’s, accounting for 22 points. 17 off of free throws with 20 attempts total. It doesn’t take an intuitive person to realize that they’re gettting hosed by the refs. As well as they played that first half, to only be up 4 spells huge trouble for the Pistons. I’d like to see them catch fire and pull this one out just to give Mr. Stern and his Zebra squad the good ol’ middle finger…but…

  22. ric

    oig…the score could sometime be deceiving, but the answer to your question based on the stat, its celtics’ free throws…thats why, part of it, the other part is on pistons closing out, and not being able to go back on their defense again…….those were mentioned by dyess in the half interview, so he’d definitely bring it up to everybody’s attention. lets finish the 2nd half with energy from start to end!

  23. ric

    WLM1one1 save the conspiracy for the right time, this isn’t one of them.

  24. mannie32

    anyone who booes a team that has made it to the conference finals 6 straight times, to the finals twice, and won one championship is spoiled… im sorry… uncalled for… a team that plays with no effort? well i dunno how u do all that without working ur butt off…. good thing u guys dont live in cities like miami, chicago, indiana, etc…. has-been eastern forces that do well one season and doesnt try the next

  25. mannie32

    they’re doing what i said… forget about the fouls, and continue to play hard… and good things will happen (haha stealing a typical mark jackson line right there)

  26. mannie32

    mcdyess = the old ben wallace but with a killer jumpshot…. daaaaaaaaaaaamn

  27. WLM1one1

    Sorry Ric, but shit is frustrating…

  28. OIG

    He is playin a hell of a game and we really need it with Rip and Sheed on the bench with 4fouls!!

  29. mannie32

    i have a heterosexual man crush on mcdyess right now.. i cant say it enough

  30. WLM1one1

    …and it’s not as much a conspiracy theory as it is good business on the league’s part to push for a Lakers/Celtics finals…but when a team has scored 50 with over half of them coming at the line, on the road no less, I’m left scratching my head thinking, “Really? Do the Celtics really need the 3-1 lead that badly?”. Just a thought…

  31. Richie

    NAT, if and when the Pistons close this thing out, Dyess deserves to get the lava ball for this performance!

  32. Jess

    I just got home around the 8 minute mark of the thrid and all I can say is DYESS!!! AMAZING!!! He is playing with so much passion its unbelievable. At one point I seen him literally calling for the ball and CB passed it to him and it was a wonderful shot.

    Please do it for Dyess!

    Do it for the fans!

    And do it for yourselves cause I know you all want it too!! Lets go Pistons! Get this done!

  33. WLM1one1

    I’m going to play Negative Nancy by going out on a limb and say that even though they’re up 7 going into the fourth quarter, this one appears to be influenced. I’ve seen it happens too many times before to fall for it again. Hurts to say it, but I’ve got a bad feeling Detroit is going back to Boston down 3-1. NBA is hard on your health sometimes…

  34. mannie32

    holy crap… 32 of the 62 boston points have come at the line… more than 50%, is that a new record? haha they must be playing super aggressively offensively

  35. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    No one can convince me that the refs aren’t the only reason the Celtics are still in this game. They ARE keeping the greenies in the game. Not saying they are ALL b.s. calls, but it’s pretty obvious that A LOT of the calls against the Pistons are b.s. and we ain’t getting the same calls on both ends. This should be a blow out right now — should’ve been a blow out from the beginnng and it’s still close. Win or lose I am saying the refs are a huge factor in this game. Why the hell do you think Boston (the players and the coach) is smiling almost every time the whistle blows? They know it’s going to be in their favor. The closer to the final buzzer this gets the worse the officiating becomes. Detroit is having to play at an even higher level just to overcome the lop-sided calls. That being said…

    My man Dyess!!! I can’t say enough about his play. He been my fav almost since he got here. He won my heart in the ECF against Miami. I felt so bad for him watching him sit on the bench after everyone else left. He looked so heart-broken and I want him to have a ring so bad. He sure as heck is doing his part to get there. He has taken his game to another level and he deserves to have his team mates follow suit.


  36. mannie32

    i KNEW it… i swear to god, i called it.. once allen missed the first free throw i knew he’d miss the second… i rem he did the same against the cavs in the regular season… at the end of the game, if he misses one free throw i think he panics on the second

  37. Dominic

    Well it pains me to say it but I was wearing my Carmelo Anthony jersey while watching the game. It looks like this one is in the books. So I guess I’m rocking my ‘Melo jersey until the Pistons lose. So much for wearing my Maxiell jersey the rest of the series 🙁 WE were winning so i didn’t change to put the Maxi jersey on. curse my choice of clothing! Oh well anything for a victory

  38. Jessi

    I will not be going to anymore playoff games at the palace. I was at game one against philly and was at game 3 of this series and well the pistons lost both so I have decided to watch the games at home and cheer on the pistons. I will still buy my season tickets and go to games however I will be staying away form playoff game.

    Anyway Detoit played well and if they can come out in boston as they did in game 2 and this game the pistons can take this in 6.

  39. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    They need to play like this every single game to get the trophy. Intensity and focus.

    Look to Dyess to lead you fellas… his head is in the right place and everybody needs to be there.

    No reason we can’t take the next 2.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

    and i still thought the refs SUCKED!!

  40. Richie

    Your sacrifice is appreciated, Jessi.

  41. Nate

    Okay, McDyess is a badass. He is scoring at will.

    And Maxiell’s block on Garnett….wicked, wicked, wicked. It was all over you tube shortly after it happened. He’s a freakin beast. That block alone made the statement we needed to make. McDyess, Stuckey and Maxiell have been carrying this team this series.

    Go Pistons (and wings!)

  42. ayjay009

    yup my throwback jersey is lucky on todays game.hehe
    lets steal another win from their home court guys and finish it by winning this east finals.


  43. The Fluidics

    JUST got back from the game, and I tell you, I’ve never been so upset at a Pistons win!
    Tonight should have been an absolute blast, but the Refs sucked all of the fun out of this one. There were 22000+ fans at he Palace tonight, and I bet if you ran a poll, 0% of them went to see the refs blow whistles all night.

    All of that being said, if the Pistons continue to play like that, there is no team in the league that can beat them.

    Come out on wednesday and BURY the Celtics, take no prisoners.

  44. The Fluidics

    BTW, my blue zeke is 3-0 in the playoffs.

  45. palaceprince

    Dyess was such a beast today. He played with the most heart out of everyone and had a huge double double. I knew when he started out hot he was going to have such a huge game. I just bought a Dyess jersey and a new hat. Maxie was huge with that HUGE block on KG and the HUGE dunk.
    Sheed had 5 blocks which was amazing and Rip got it going later too. I think Chauncey got some of his rythm back by hitting a three, getiing a jumpshot to fall and getiing a couple of free throws but he is not back to 100%. Overall nice game cant say enough about it. GO PISTONS!!

  46. missxshanna

    I’m flying out of the country tomorrow and Detroit’s one of my stops.. I was wondering if there was a Detroit Pistons store in the airport where I can get to before getting on my next flight. I know a lot of airports have stores like that but are outside of the area, which you can’t get to.

    On the other hand.. I’m so happy for a Win. Can’t wait until Game 5. Hopefully Detroit goes out like they did tonight. I’ll be watching it Thursday 8:30 in the morning though, due to time difference. Maybe they’ll give me a great start for the day!

  47. The Fluidics

    “You only have so many opportunities, and they’re limited,” said McDyess. “I’m at the end of my career, and I just feel like leaving everything on the floor. There won’t be no excuses.”

    Dyess is tired of excuses.
    Win this man a championship please.


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