Game Three – 2008 Eastern Conference Finals

by | May 24, 2008 | 83 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. Boston Celtics ECF
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With the Series tied at on a piece, Detroit needs to win both games at home to secure the home court advantage they gained by taking Game Two in Boston. I know I will do my best to live up to Rip’s confidence in the fans tonight at The Palace.

Tip off is at 8:30 PM and will be Nationally televised on ABC. If you can’t catch it on the tube you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, or stream it live through your computer at .

As you all know I am having a hard time not going with my Sheed Red Jersey since Detroit hasn’t lost a game when I have been in the building with it on. It actually dates back to one of the last home games against Toronto. In the playoffs the jersey is 5-0, so I will be heading to the game in it and am still thinking about whether or not to put on the white over top. Sounds crazy, but I do my part to keep my routines going when they work. I am not a fan of the WHITE OUT, in fact I think it has been done to death and Pistons fans represent well enough all season. So if you see someone in a red Sheed jersey sticking out like a sore thumb, it’s me.

I’ll do my part, the rest my fellow Pistons fans is up to you. Leave ’em in the comments, and again thanks for those of you keeping me up to speed in the comments on things I miss during the broadcast (I read the comments as you send them from my seat.) How did I live without a Blackberry for so long?

It’s TIME!


  1. uyen

    I have to go to a wedding but will have blackberry attached to my hips. For those who are going to the Palace please extra loud and support our boys!!! GO PISTON!!!

  2. uyen

    Meant to say GO PISTONS!!!

  3. The Fluidics

    Yep, Go Pistons!!
    Can’t hardly wait to get this thing going.

  4. The Fluidics

    And Happy Birthday Mr. Dumars!

    Let’s hope the team gives you a hell of a birthday present.

  5. Bigdee36

    Tonight is sheed and Tay’s night. We’ve got this thing. Go Pistons!!!!!

  6. The Fluidics

    I’m curious to see how fair ABC is, will they show the Palace intros?

    It’s bad enough they are showing KG interviewing Bill Russell at halftime. I love the legends of the game as much as anyone, but come on, that’s a whole lotta green.

  7. Baby Jesse

    The red jersey is extra necessary. I don’t know why Detroit is doing a white-out anyways, its not like our fans don’t already support the hell out of this team.

    And maybe Sheed will see the jersey and be reminded that he needs to be on good behavior from here on out, because if he sits out another game in the finals I’m going to be very upset.

  8. ric

    go pistons!!!! by the way guys…im having beer again!! lets take care of this, its our home!

  9. Danafesto

    ABC showed the Pistons intro–they even cut the coverage from the lakers game 2 to show it. So far so fair.

    6-0 start though.

    Go Pistons! We want game 3!

  10. Danafesto

    Are they really gonna let him play with one shoe? That’s kinda cruel…

  11. The Fluidics

    Alright, here we go.

  12. The Fluidics

    There’s that MAXI-BLOCK!

    Gotta like what I’m seeing so far, that start was a lack of hits, not a lack of shots.

    Keep playing like this.

  13. chris22cowan17


  14. chris22cowan17


  15. ric

    fucking pistons are playing like shit….they deserve to get massacred if they play like this…what the fuck!!!!!! just because their home!!!???? do they really think boston can’t win at home???? what the fuck are the fans gonna do if they’re down this much, fans are not gonna score and play defense on them!!!!???? fucking slackers!!!!! rip needs to fucking stop forcing shot and needs to be in constant motion and prince…? c’mon!!! how bad can u fucking miss???? all ur shot!!!!

  16. Bobby


  17. ric

    i mean, do they really think boston can’t win on the road…fucking pistons are delusional!!!! play the way u play in game 2 like ur on the road!!!! fucking slackers!!!!

  18. The Fluidics

    game over? It’s halftime, lots of ball left to play, and the Pistons have been there before and got it done. Let’s see what the second half brings.

  19. missxshanna


    I know they are better than that…

  20. uyen

    they need to come out in the 3rd like they did in game 5 of philly. this fucking bullshit.

  21. Ben

    Is it me or are the ABC announcers in bed with KG and the Celtics? It is very frustrating when you can tell that all the announcers are thinking about is a Celtics-Lakers finals.

  22. Ben

    Flip Saunders knows what he is talking about, even though the defense isn’t looking so hot, it’s really the missed shots offensively that is killing the Pistons. If Detroit can get their shots to drop, I think we could see a huge shift of momentum.

  23. Tom

    I really wish Detroit would stop getting so relaxed when they get back home, thinking they will just win with so-so effort. How can we let James POSER and SCAM Cassell and the rest of the bench outplay us???? come on guess….detroit F***in’ basketball!!!!!!

    go pistons!!!!!!!

    lets have a strong second half!!!

  24. Tom


    come on guys….

  25. pistons4life122

    wtf are they doing? Do they realize this is a playoff game?

  26. ric

    no, they don’t fucking realize that….they think the fans we’ll win the games for them!

  27. Danafesto

    Maybe winning game 2 was more about proving to themselves that if it went to 7 in Boston, they’d be able to get it done, at the last minute, since they had already once in the series. But I thought we were over that “on/off switch” with the Pistons–I thought they were trying to be more consistent.

    And when we made that run in the first quarter and tied them for a couple minutes, the announcers were fair, talking up Stuckey and others. I think it’s just too easy for them to worship whoever is dominating.

  28. Jason

    By the looks of these comments and by looking at the box score it looks like I made the right choice sticking with the Wings opener tonight. Sucks to hear the stones are playing the way we are so unfortunately familiar with.

  29. jph1977

    I’m glad this team is getting booed… they deserve it… being a pistons fan can drive one crazy. I love when boston is winning… it’s their great defense, but when detroit won game 2, it was all about boston’s mistakes. I’ve lost all respect for this team tonight. Stern’s fix is in… Boston/LA, and I won’t be watching.

  30. ric

    whatever the reason for pistons to be playing the way they played, is unexcusable, no fucking logical reason whatsoever. this game will be decided for the next 5mins of fourth quarter along with the energy and effort detroit put in! rip, prince were the top 2 pistons that we didn’t see in this game, but overall, no team effort, and they are not passing it on the weakside! they are not following flip’s system. fucking pistons’ stubborness are being shown!

  31. jph1977

    I feel bad for McDyess… I hope he leaves the pistons and goes to a REAL contender so he actually has a chance to win a ‘ship.

  32. uyen

    This game is making me so sick right now that I can’t even have the TV on.

  33. jph1977

    Nice play by stuckey… he is playing better than all the starters (except Dice) himself.

    But guess what… you’re not going to make up 20 points in the 4th quarter, try playing a full game for once you cocky bastards

  34. The Fluidics

    I’m oddly enough, still holding out hope. I’ve seen stranger things.

    This game is ugly though.

  35. The Fluidics

    bad things happen when the headband goes.

  36. uyen

    Will someone tell me when the game is over and how much we lost by?

  37. Bobby

    The Fluidics said…

    game over? It’s halftime, lots of ball left to play, and the Pistons have been there before and got it done. Let’s see what the second half brings.

    That’s funny you mentioned that… go ahead and tell me the last time the pistons were down from the start and down big at half-time and made a comeback and won…?

    I’ll wait…

    I knew the game was over from 11-0. Plain and simple.

  38. The Fluidics

    Sorry Bobby, I’m a good fan, I don’t give up on my team until it’s over. they are down 9 with 3 minutes, it’s still possible.

  39. ric

    where the fuck is prince!!! hes playing again like hes playing lebron last year in the ecf

  40. jph1977

    try playing the whole 48 min next time… nice pass chauncey… i think his foot was going to catch it

  41. jph1977

    It looks like Gollum Cassell may get his precious ring after all.

  42. jph1977

    I fucking hate Paul Pierce… he is the most overrated athlete in pro sports. The truth my ass

  43. uyen

    Fucking unbelievable. To lose on your homecourt like that is unacceptable. Boston just return the favor by us giving their first road win of the playoffs

  44. jph1977

    I just hope all true NBA fans boycott watching the finals if it’s boston/LA.

    Pistons luck: we’ll have danny crawford officiating game 4

  45. missxshanna

    Agreed on Paul Pierce always hated him and his arrogance.

    They should’ve been playing with ‘desperation’ during the 3rd quarter when they were losing by ?24? Maybe then they could’ve had a chance to win the game.

  46. Ben

    What’s unacceptable, is Pistons fans who don’t stand by their team when they are struggling. In my mind, the fans are partially responsible for this loss. It kills me to say this about my fellow fans, but you can’t boo your team when they have performed so well in the season and in the playoffs. Have some faith in your team for goodness sake. I know it’s hard to cheer a team that is playing poorly, but at LEAST keep the boos to yourselves.

  47. jph1977

    No what’s unacceptable is a bunch of millionaires with a feeling of entitlement. If I only decided to show up to work and do a good job 70% of the time, I would get fired.

    If you feel so entitled and deserving of a championship… go out and get it. I wouldn’t mind them losing to a good team like the celtics, but at least show up and play. It’s bad enough we lost to the pathetic cavs last year.

  48. amer-ican prince

    ric argree with your Tayshaun comment, he has a tendency to put up bad shots late in games, he needs to play more within the offense. I don’t know if Chauncey’s an idiot but his decision making late in games has become very suspect (he’s playing like he did against Cleveland hamstring or no hamstring.

    Where’s Rasheed’s head at? He’s just walking around the court

    REally thought Flip would use more of the bench at home, guess he doesn’t trust them as much as we were lead to believe.

    Hope the booing is something that can finally penetrate their thick heads and realize you don’t win with just your brain, you gotta play with your heart

    funny jph1997 “We have our precious” Although I still believe the Pistons can pull it out if they hold each other accountable,

    I think the White out may have thrown the Pistons out of wack as well, but that’s not an excuse if it’s true.

  49. T. Kinslow

    Rodney Stuckey: 17 points on 4 of 11 shooting and was 9 of 10 from the stripe.

    Prince, McDyess, and Billups 18 points on 7 of 24 shooting and were 3 for 4 from the stripe (all Billups)

    All you really need to know about the game.

  50. khajatiger

    The only major problem I had was sitting there watching them not take the ball at KG!!! How the hell do you let someone start off with 2 fouls in 5 minutes and then only draw one more foul on him!?! There is no explanation for that at all!!!!! And I know I said the only major problem I had was that but what I meant was other than the blowout.

  51. missxshanna

    Rodney Stuckey was awesome.
    The rest of the team, blahhhhhhhhhh.

  52. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    I had a big problem with the fact that KG was in foul trouble early in this game and no one seemed to want to keep him in foul trouble. Go at the dude when he starts to get in trouble – especially when he has been such a huge scoring threat so far. Put him on the bench. Same thing with the rest of them… Rondo, Pierce, Allen… take it to them when they pick up a couple fouls. If they try to play it safe chances are it will be an easy bucket, if they try to defend chances are they get in even deeper foul trouble it’s a win win situation. We need to be more aggressive with these guys when they catch a couple early fouls. Although when Allen and KG sat early in the game the Pistons didn’t take advantage of it anyway.

    Still love my Pistons. I disagree with them getting booed at the palace I think that’s pretty crappy. I know they can take this series if they want to and they can win the championship if they want to. I just hope they want to! I hate it when fans boo their own team – not very productive or helpful. I actually hate to even say that because I think VanGundy is a tool and he made some comments about the fans booing their own team… don’t really want to agree with the idiot but I do. Personally when the guys get down and have their backs against the wall in a big game like this one I’d like to hear a united PIS-TONS chant from the crowd — much like the ROC-KY chants at the end of almost every Rocky movie. Maybe a little corny but it would be better than booing them when they are down. I hate that even from other teams fans.

    Hopefully this will be the first and last white out for the palace… obviously it didn’t serve us well.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  53. The Fluidics

    Gotta agree redwhite. Pistons were strong early, KG and Allen were in early foul trouble, and the Pistons were playing great D, and pretty good O, came back and took the lead.

    Whatever happened in their heads after that we won’t know. It was a nice run in the 4th, but was that Detroit putting it down, or Boston letting up because they were up 20+?

    We said it all season, the only team that can beat the Pistons, is the Pistons. Pistons played ugly ball tonight, their heads weren’t in it.

    I blame whiteout, because I can, and Detroit is now officially 0-1 with the whiteout.

  54. Natalie Sitto

    I’m blaming the WHITE OUT…It’s not over people relax. As for the booing, I wasn’t one of those people and I’m ashamed at those who did.

    Just remember you get a different crowd during the playoffs, but that’s still no excuse.

    Both Teams did not play hard.

  55. illmatic774

    the pistons sucked, but the crowd sucked as well. this crowd has sucked for two years now.

    so much for keeping the foot on the throttle.

  56. The Fluidics

    I’m pretty ashamed of the boobirds as well, uncalled for, and in no way helps the home team, ESP after Rip just said you were the best fans in the league.

    Gotta give Boston credit though, they were quite pesky. Every time Detroit started getting something going for a comeback in the 4th, Boston would go down court, drain a 3. That is officially, one step forward, two steps back.

  57. Jess

    For some reason when the Pistons played the Celtics at their place, you could hear their crowd loud and proud (in game one, at least). In game two you could hear them as well, cheering their team on and trying to get them back in the game. Why is it that we can never seem to hear the Palace crowd (on TV)? I barely heard them booing until the announcers kept repeating it over and over and over again (nationally televised, may I remid you). It pissed me off that they kept bringing it up every time the “fans” did boo and I feel like its wrong that they did do it. You call yourself a fan, than you represent yourself like a fan.

    I dont care how much the Pistons are down, YOU DONT BOO THEM! YOU ENCOURAGE THEM!

    That seriously pisses me off!

  58. ric

    nat, i completely diagree with u that both teams did not play hard… played their ass of like their backs is on the wall….pistons played like their fans or being home is in the court playing for them…..pistons over confidence somehow exist in their head tonight. what were they thinking, that they can pull a lakers/spurs game one run, or hawks/celts game 6 run? there is a big miscommunication around all the starters, majority on defense in the 1st half…were all concerned that our bench only consist of stuckey, like in game 2….now that maxiell/stuckey played their heart out, our starters freaking disappeared. im sorry to say but this lost is all the veterans fault, specifically, the starters!!! i’d love to see somebody give each of them a strong fist poke on their head….joe would be the perfect guy to do it!! yeah, ur right, technically its not over, my last prediction…whoever wins game 4, wins the series.

  59. Eric

    Tough loss, on to game 4. Win or go home now is basically our situation.

  60. The Fluidics

    Jess, for whatever reason, the Palace never sounds loud on TV. I can tell you though, it is quite loud in the building.
    Couldn’t tell you why it’s like that on TV though.

    Would the people who boo please stay home on monday?

  61. ric

    jess, the difference when boston fans cheer for them while they’re down, is because boston were playing their asses off, detroit were down because of reoccuring mistakes… can u encourage a team, when u feel like ur being ignored based on not trying to correct your mistakes.

  62. ric

    correction nat, not diagree..disagree i mean

  63. ric

    who cares about the boo, wheather its right or wrong…theres bigger issue than that, pistons starters needs to come up with a big turn around on game 4! if they do, the stupid useless boo issue would resolve itself.

  64. vrich5710

    One thing that i loved and pretty much the only good thing that came out of this game is that we have a future playmaker star in Stuckey.

    – Vin

  65. amer-ican prince

    the fluiducs, I watched on tv and thought the crowd was pretty loud, and I’m usually one of the ones commenting on the crowd not being hyped. But I thought they had good energy from the start, but they did get quite when the Pistons showed how they were gonna play for this game.

    And I agree with those of you commenting on how KG can get in foul trouble and you don’t go after him. I’m not saying it should be priority one but you should at least try to go at him.

    They can’t rely on McDyess yelling at them to get their motor reving

  66. ric

    ur right, we have a future with stuckey, but theres no guarantee we’ll be here again next year.

  67. ric

    by the way, did any pistons player talk to the nba presser?

  68. vrich5710

    Another thing.. this series is FAR from over ! I just wish the refs would stop with the ticky tack fouls ! ugh !

    – Vin

  69. Jess

    The whole booing thing did kinda get to me and still is, but what pissed me off more was those damn annoucers continuously repeating it. Thats not how our fans usually represent (like Nat said, its the playoffs and its a different crowd) and those damn announcers made it seem like thats the kind of love the fans give to our team when they are down, and in reality its really not. I can maybe recall them booing (in a regular season game) one time. They played horribly kinda like tonight, but worse. I just think it could be a different game when the crowd is into it. THATS WHY ITS CALLED HOMECOURT!

  70. Natalie Sitto

    Boston played…Detroit didn’t hence
    Both Teams Didn’t Play Hard. Enough said.

  71. ric

    my prediction before game 3…..if pistons made 20 assist, they’ll win…guess what!!! they have 15, while celts have 20. i guess im still right!

  72. Richie

    These national TV announcers are driving me insane. In addiiton to the fact that they absolutely love the Celtics, I’m REALLY sick of them talking aobut themselves all the time. In tonight’s game they even had a couple segments where they showed pictures of Jackson and Van Gundy juring their playing/coaching days. Then anotehr shot of Van Gundy when he had his picture in the paper. Then they got into an arguement about one another’s intellegence. Then they started talking about how great Jackson used to be during a fast break. Who the heck cares?! There’s a game being played. Why on earth can’t they jsut do their job and comment on it?

  73. Dave

    I agree with most of the others. I was at the game tonight, and I thought that those “fans” who decided to “boo” the Pistons tonight were a disgrace to real Pistons fans.

    Who are you to boo the team that has played their @#@ off this season (switch or no switch), given you 59 regular season wins, won 2 playoff series, and made it back to a 6th straight conference finals?

    Ohh wait, you spent your hard-earned money and paid for your ticket tonight and had one too many beers? So THAT gives you the right to BOO your team???

    Where is the loyalty? You don’t think that these get down after losses? You don’t think that they don’t feel terrible after playing an absolute horrendous game? Do you honestly feel that Chauncey, Tay, or anyone else was not giving 100% out there?

    The Pistons just played poorly tonight. It’s one game out of the 100+ that we play every year, and it’s one game out of the 7 that we will play in this series.

    There was absolutely no reason to boo the team tonight. You do not boo your team in the conference finals. If your team is losing, you try to support your team, and attempt to help them turn it around. You don’t boo them for a dissapointing effort. The crowd was pathetic tonight. Maybe it was because you get a “different” crowd during the playoffs, but I for one was shocked and disappointed at “our” performance tonight as fans.

    I’m sorry to get too emotional, but I was flat out embarrassed to be a Pistons fan at The Palace tonight because of the booing. I thought it was distasteful, unsupportive, and disloyal. Just ridiculous.

    I have many thoughts on the actual game, but I will end this by saying that most of us had the series going 6 or 7 games. We fully expected to lose 2 or 3 games. So, yes, we did in fact lose tonight. It’s not the end of the world. If we win game 4. all is right with the world again.

  74. ric

    ur right jess, it could’ve been a different game if the fans didn’t…but on what assumption? for sure we know it would’ve been a different game, if the starters played different, especially in the second half. jesus!!!! celtics reserves outscored pistons starters in the half time 19-18!!!! now thats pathetic!!!

  75. ric

    just to let u guys know, i didn’t boo the pistons. i was mad and disaapointed but didn’t boo! maybe i would if theres 110% guarantee we win the game! but regardless, in this particular game, i think pistons starters rely more on the fans, than the fans rely on the players……it should be the opposite. pistons starters should just have a mentality that they are on the road, period! somehow they didn’t channel the energy of the crowd in the right way.

  76. Jess

    Ric I understand where you are coming from. The Pistons lost today. They lost focus, they lost confidence, and they lost their fans. They didnt play to their ability and there was no sign of change “if the fans where in to it” but the least they couldve done was tried, the team and the fans.

    Like Mannie36 said (in the game thread of game 2)…

    “but pistons CANNOT in anyway exhale… they gotta play game 3 like they’re down 2-0, and forget boston hasnt won on the road.. the same way pistons beat boston for the first time at home in this playoffs, boston can just as easily come in and win on the road for the first time in the playoffs.. there’s always a first time for everything”

    I felt like that message was so important but what can we do now? Just sit back and wait for game 4. The Pistons WILL win! Ill gaurantee that before game 4 rolls around.

  77. ric

    i know jess…pistons should’ve came in the palace as if boston had never lose a game in the palace. i also know how u feel about the booing…..i would never do that to my team. in that situation, i was actually quiet and discourage…booing them isn’t gonna help them or make myself feel better, instead worst. i hope ur right about game 4. my prediction, whoever wins game 4 wins the series…..pistons could pull it off, they were down 2-1 to philly, they should keep in mind they could do it again.

  78. T. Kinslow

    I’m just shocked that suicide rates aren’t through the roof for Pistons fans. At one point I couldn’t even look. I was so disgusted I tossed my remote and I wanted to turn it off so bad but I couldn’t, then we make a comeback and we get it close and it just falls apart.

    I’m pretty sure there’s AA meetings just for Pistons fans.

  79. Natalie Sitto

    Imagine being there TK… Don’t worry I’ll be fine, I think.

  80. Natalie Sitto

    AMEN Dave,
    Clearly the Bandwagoners were in the crowd tonight.

  81. Richie

    Dave really hit the nail on the head. I feel especially bad about what I’m going to call the Ghost game (Transparent defence, all white shirts, and worst of all, the “boos”) since it happened right after Rip said that Detroit has the best fans in the world. I’m much more disapointed by the terrible fans than I am with the sub par performance of the players.

  82. Mark

    The Pistons still made a hell of a fourth quarter run at them and that should stick in their heads. It’s as simple as that. We need to get in their heads and not let them in ours. It is also worth noting that we had open shots and couldn’t make them fall while at the same time the Celts were getting every shot to drop. It’s frustrating, but I think we beat them in 7. Also, I still have the belief that the “STARS” get the benefit of the calls. I saw many times when Garnett drew the foul and one of our guys in the same situation didn’t. I will stick with this team and would never be in the Palace booing. I do curse at the TV though. Oops! Let’s get the next game and move on from there.
    GO PISTONES!!!!!!!!


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