2008 Detroit Pistons Eastern Conference Finals Introductions

by | May 24, 2008 | 11 comments

The only good thing to come out of Game Three besides the play of Rodney Stuckey. The Pistons Player Introductions.


  1. Jess

    Nat, thank you for putting the introductions on here. I didnt get home from work til the end of the second quarter so I missed them.

    NOBODY can top Mason’s intros. NOBODY!

  2. Richie

    Hah, those were some nice intros! I especially liked ‘Sheed’s “we’re baaaaaack!”

  3. The Fluidics

    A few things I wanted to point out for the superstitious.

    Last season, during the Conference finals, they changed the intros from a classical style song to the Kid Rock song, and they lost.
    In particular, in the brutal game five, there were no fireballs at all. Notice in this intro, which they changed from 50 seasons to we’re back, that only one of the fireballs lit, and the team lost.


    That being said, if the Pistons played a full game last night, they could have pulled it out. Instead, they played a good first, and a good fourth, and all Boston had to do is put their hands on the Pistons collective foreheads and hold them back.
    Shame on the Boobirds, I’m more disappointed in them than the team effort in game 3. If you are going to boo the home team, stay home and do it.

  4. Wolf Blitzer

    Nat, I love the vid embed- I was at the game, and definitely missed Sheed’s, “We’re baaaack” moment; great that he had a sense of humor when initially approached for the video.

    On a secondary note, when I arrived in Auburn Hills 2 hours prior to tip-off we all had to look for a resturant for dinner; we passed an Applebees and I told my ride that, “There will be something better closer.” Well, that ‘something closer’ ended up being a restaurant called ‘McDonalds’ where I was approached in my pistons get-up by a fan decked out in Red Sox gear/shit who said, “Hey, so who did the Lions draft this year?”

    Dude seriously? Are you that big of a dick bavetta? I don’t know who they drafted, probably a receiver or two, maybe 3, who the hell cares?

    The lesson of course being, a pistons pre-game meal shall foreshadow a Pistons team effort. I chose Mcdonalds, thus @ the Palace I got served a half-assed mailed-in pistons effort.

    Monday night I’ll make my own dinner because, apparently, if you want something done right you gotta go on and do that sh!t yourself.

  5. Jess

    Wolf Blitzer, I LOVE this quote!

    “if you want something done right you gotta go on and do that sh!t yourself.”

    Imagine if our whole Pistons team had that mentality. That’d be a BLOW-OUT game indeed!

  6. godshocker

    Billups needs to get his shit staright I’m sorry I know he’s hurting but there is no way of getting out of this series with boston without him I know stuckey is doing his thing I smile watching him but we need billups other wise boston is moving on


    I really wish we had consistent players on our team. You know ones that you know what you’ll get every time they step on the court. Why are we such a Jekyll and Hyde team. It’s so frustrating as a fan. Everybody is entitled to bad games but not like every other game. Come on guys lets get it together.

  8. Danafesto

    I was completely disappointed in game 3, like everyone else. From the boo-ing, to Chauncey’s non-existent game, to the announcers up Boston’s butt, etc. And I want them to win the most for Dyess. Antonio wants and deserves it so much.

    BUT, don’t you think we’re being a little ridiculous to get so mad at them for a bad game? I know they are getting paid mad dollars, but these are heavy, big time games, and they have to play every other day. They get one day to recoup (or get on a plane) and then get on the court again with best players in the world, people in national tv commercials. Do any of us understand that level?

    They have to SAY “I don’t know why you think we’re afraid of those cats. We ain’t afraid.” But our players aren’t robots, or made of stone. It’s not that I think they ARE afraid, but I think the pressure and the expectation are just a lot to manage. Yes, it’s a big deal, and that’s why there is a big payoff, but we’re acting like it was going to be a sweep or something.

    I mean, when we have a great game in the playoffs, we say the other team gave 100%, or if they couldn’t play to their potential, it was because we squashed their game with our talent, our heat, our domination. We beat them down. Isn’t is possible for the shoe to be on the other foot? But when WE have a bad game, and the other team wins, we say we didn’t fight back at all, we were jeckyll and hyde. As if there was good no reason for us to lose. As if it’s not possible at all for the other team to take us off our game.

    p.s. sorry so long–nat you don’t have to let this one through. 🙂

  9. Richie

    I think Danafesto has very valid points. Not only should we take it easier on the players, but we should be more objective with our view on things. I don’t even believe in the whole “switch” factor myself. Detroit is a team who’s offense is mostly based on getting open jump shots. The fact is that the open shot doesn’t always fall, and when it doesn’t we look for something to blame it on.

  10. amer-ican prince

    I think one problem is that they could rely on their bench to get them out of trouble in the regular season, and now that they are not there, the starters realize they have to do it theamselves and they can’t because they were too busy sleeping for most of the season. They’ve brought the bad habits of the regular season with them, with no bench this time to bail them out. I really thought Flip would go into the bench more at home, especially with the starters struggling. But I guess not

    danfesto in regard to the “they need rest” comment. I’ll go to something Avery Johnson said while commentating on ESPN, in game 1 or 2. “This is the Eastern conference Finals. being tired plays no part in this” They got a lot of rest during the season, this isn’t tired, this is not trying. But I do agree with your “they aint robots” comment, they just need to stop saying, “we’ve done it all.” Then look all scared out there. I think Sheed’s a little afraid of going at KG. Because I know Sheed can dominate KG if he wanted to, but the on;y time I really saw him aggressive was when KG was out with the two fouls. I don’t get it

    Even though I’m sad about the loss, I can’t stop smiling thinking about Sheed saying WE’RREEEEE BACCCKKKK.
    But let’s have a different outcome we need to play hard for the next 144 minutes of game time, no breaks. They can’t be happy with one win at a time.
    This kind of reminds me of last season playing Golden State, they played “Warriors, come out and play” from the movie before the game, then the Pistons got blown out.

    PS that story about the fans really bothers me, because I don’t think they realize just how lucky they are to even be at a game.

  11. Danafesto

    amer-ican–I never said “they need rest.” All I said was that playing literally every other day at such a high level is something that takes a lot out of the best performers, and that none of us (ameteur ballers) understand what it takes to play at that level, with that frequency. I think that’s part of what makes the glory of it so huge.

    I think Chauncey had plenty of rest all year, and especially after we won two games without him before this series.

    Anyway, I don’t want to fight about any ticky-tack details. I just want to throw the idea up there that maybe they are doing the best they can, and remind everyone that it’s easy to be on the outside of the ring and criticize the man actually inside the fight. I know I’m mixing my sports metaphors.

    Go game 4!


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