Game Two Streak Still Going Strong

by | May 22, 2008 | 36 comments

So much for Boston not having to win a game on the road in the Playoffs to win the Championship, the Detroit Pistons proved that they know what it takes to win in Boston and don’t have to do it again to reach The NBA Finals. Detroit evened up the series with their 103-97 Game 2 victory. Detroit has now won nine straight Game 2’s in the post-season.

Key Points:

  • I know it was mentioned on the ESPN broadcast, but we were all thinking it when it was happening. Nobody can silence a road crowd like our Detroit Pistons. Wasn’t it nice?
Antonio McDyess
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  • As a Piston fan you had to be worried when Rasheed picked up a quick tech early in the game, he’s now 2 away from a suspension. I actually was listening to Blaha do the call and let me just say he was more than a little upset. He said something like…”Yes this whole crowd came to see Sean Corbin.”
  • Forget the fact the Pistons shot 49% from the floor, it was their patented defense that set the tone for the game. They didn’t miss an assignment, they helped when needed, they went after the ball and they made it as difficult as they could for the Celtics to knock down their shots.
  • 12 second Arron Afflalo sighting.
  • If Rodney Stuckey keeps playing like this, he’s going to become a Detroit legend. Stuckey was huge off the bench for the Pistons scoring 13 points on 5-for-8 shooting with 3 assists and 2 steals in just 17 minutes on the floor. How about Stuck taking it right at the much larger Glen Davis and fracturing a little ankle, the kid is fearless. Then there was his “Wade” impression.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and ESPN
  • Lindsey Hunter 10 minutes, 4 (big) points, 2 assists and a steal. Say what you will about how old Hunter is, he’s doing exactly what we need him to do. This is your answer to why we kept him on the roster. It’s all about the post season.
  • Yahoo.Com highlights of the game.
  • Detroit had a clear advantage at the line, they went 28-for-32, while The Celtics were 22-of-25. The shots were a big advantage for Detroit, but I don’t necessarily blame the refs, Bostons did commit some silly fouls.
  • Thankfully it was a tightless Detroit Piston team. We still don’t know why Sheed was rocking the tights and I dare anyone to ask. Maybe it’s because he’s a fan of Axle Rose. He’s known for his ability to pull off the tights and Rasheed seems to be a big fan of his music.
  • The Pistons need to do a better job on the boards, they were out rebounded again 31-39. How do you let Rondo pull down 9?
  • Huge game for Richard Hamilton who led the Pistons with 25 points and hit some big shots and free throws down the stretch. He was a pest on defense with 2 takeaways and 2 blocked shots. Rip got Detroit off to a great start in the first half and really set the tone and don’t forget his big shot with the clock winding down late in the game.
Richard Hamilton
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  • Richard Hamilton and Rodney Stuckey’s post game press conference with highlights.
  • Nice to see Rip make reference to coming home to play in front of the best fans in the league.
  • Tayshaun was solid and his shot late in the game helped seal the deal. Tayshaun had 14 points and 8 boards and a wide open dunk. He did a much better job defensively even though Pierce scored a ton.
  • Doc is blaming on fatigue: “There’s nothing wrong,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “I said that the games I was fearful of with the fatigue factor was today. The adrenaline from Game 7 (against Cleveland) took us through Game 1. We were a step or two behind. You know, we’ll get some rest and be ready for Game 3.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Fatigue or not, The Big Three scored 75 points between them and they couldn’t pull out the win at home. In order for The Celtics to take a game at The Palace their bench needs to step up.
  • Detroit played calm and poised, their swagger and experience was evident at the wire.
  • Game One – Game Two, it makes no difference. A split in Bostons is just what Detroit needed.
  • Mr. Big Shot was in the house running the floor and knocking down shots. Smooth put up 19, with 7 assists , 2 steals, going 2-for-2 from downtown to quite the crowd, with no turnovers. Key play..18 seconds left out of a timeout for an easy layup for Billups.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and ESPN
  • Rip just missed a suspension after his Game One foul.
  • Antonio McDyess probably couldn’t do more on the court, he is truly bringing it from the opening tip. Dyess 15 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, no mask and a heck of a putback.
  • Stuckey sure doesn’t look like a rookie.
  • I was happy to see the Pistons play with emotion all game long, you could just see that they wanted it bad.
  • 6 Pistons in double figures.
  • Great Blaha quote sent in from Kurt B. on the quite arena, “It’s like a church in here tonight with 2:18 to go!”
  • It’s nice not to have to watch a game filled with chest pounding…thanks Detroit.
  • A little quiet to start the game, but Rasheed was a huge reason the Pistons pulled this one out. Not only did he finally knock down a couple of threes, but he was solid from the paint knocking down shots right over Garnett and Brown late in the game to seal it. Sheed put up a double-double with 13 points and 10 boards.
Rasheed Wallace
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  • Chauncey Billups: “Rasheed was huge. He didn’t miss a lot of defensive coverages tonight, he was locked in mentally, you know he is always gonna be there to hit the big shots when he has the opportunity. He was huge, he was stuck, he was great, he was cool.” Via
  • MIA-Jason Maxiell who logged just 4 minutes. No burn for Maxiell this series, Flip seems to favor Theo.
  • Rasheed Wallace: “It is even, we don’t sit back and say “oh look they are undefeated at home” or “they didn’t win a game on the road” this is a good ball club, so we just go out there and do what we need to do to win.” “We’re not afraid of them, they are a good ball club, a lot of the teams they played in the post season and the regular season were scared of them, as far as KG and ray and Paul. They are good players but we have good players also.” Via
  • He’s learned to make adjustments that work.
  • Pistons must take the next 2, it’s as simple as that.


  1. The Fluidics

    I could seriously watch that Billups imbound layup all day.

    Bring on game 3.

  2. Steve in OH

    Direct from Düsseldorf I say… Go Pistons!

    (and just switch my Game 1 & 2 predictions around and keep the rest the same… it’s us in 6!)

  3. justsayno5526105

    I’m glad some other guys stepped up game 2, but Tay has been our rock. If we do anything more substantial this postseason, it’s because of what he’s done already. I love that kid. He and Dyess are the most underrated players on a consistently overlooked team. Oh, and while I’m on the subject: ANOTHER MCDYECIOUS GAME (use it, Natalie. you know you want to!)

  4. claire

    that 3 seconds inbound was fantastic.I thought they were gonna pass it to Rip to shoot a jumper, and obviously, the celtics thought so too. Good job, Flip!

    you said it best Natalie. Thank you Pistons, for not pounding your chest and popping your jerseys.

    It’s nice to see stuckey getting lots of love from the espn crew, especially from jeff van gundy. he made a comment about how detroit fans always abuse him about his suits haha.

    and lastly, stuart scott is a fool, don’t pay attention to him. he thinks he’s denzel washington or something.

  5. claire

    i forgot to say something, did they just start broadcasting the introduction? because i don’t think they did it last season.

    i’m super excited to see our intro on saturday, i hope it features our drumline instead of the kid rock song.

    btw, does anyone find it kinda…interesting that the celtics played “the final countdown” right after their intro?

  6. justsayno5526105

    Claire: actually in the postgame quotes, Flip said that particular play was set for Rip. Detroit just penetrated the defense in an unexpected way and Tay recognized Chauncey’s break. That play was all Tay’s savy and Chauncey’s speed (and savy, of course.) Oh, and I’m always a fan of “The Final Countdown” if it’s a reference to Arrested Development!

    Natalie, I want to give you a hats -off for running such a great site. You are very fair, even in the face of losses, and you’re sooooo insightful.I’ve actually been following NEED4SHEED for a few years, but haven’t really commented till this season because i don’t really have a blog/chat thing going on. But i will say that during losses, you are to me what Tay has been to Detroit these playoffs. You are my rock, and I look to your blog for solace and inspiration. Keep up the good, GOOD work!

  7. khajatiger

    HOLLY CRAP THAT WAS A GREAT GAME!!! But I was a bit nervous when Ray Ray found that sweet sweet J of his! But Sheed found that 3 of his so it was all good!! Everyone is talking about the CB inbounds play but the one I loved was CB contested three pointer with no time on the shot clock!!
    I am officially sick of Theo!!! I am sorry but he sucks, he is just out there for his length and he doesn’t do jack squat for us, he was out there picking up these stupid ticky tacky fouls for us also! Flip your doing a good job BUT PLEASE PLAY MAD MAX!!!!
    I also can’t figure out who I hate listening to more, Jeff Van Gundy or Reggie Miller. Jeff is just an idiot sometimes it seems, and can anyone really blame Pistons fans for laughing at his suits!?! And Reggie he just seems to say the stupidest things ever.

  8. lavinius

    Drinking game: Everybody takes a shot every time Rip says “you know” in a press conference.

  9. Natalie Sitto

    Thank You JustSayNo.

    Lavinus..add “you know what I’m saying” by Chauncey and nobody would be conscience after that game.

  10. claire

    haha, lavinus, i agree! I was reading the post game interview on line, and i thought if i got a quarter for every time rip says “like i said” or “you know”, i’d be rich haha but as long as we win, “you know” would be just as special as “yes sir.”

  11. lavinius

    A dollar for every time Rip says “you know” + a dollar for every time Chauncey says “you know what I’m saying” = a down payment on a house. You know what I’m saying?

    Now let’s go get these two home games.

  12. Julius

    The jokes about Stuckey being a mini wade, hah, I’m sure he’s all about being his own person and all, but that play that ESPN was calling wade like that Nat has a video of.. During the play we were joking that when ESPN announcers said the bit about him even finishing like wade, they didn’t mean the basket, they meant the falling on the ground at the end of the play. Hah, so very wade like indeed.

  13. "Ernest"

    Found this in youtube… Mcdyess and Garnett (wolves) fight

    Pistons really showed how to play team basketball. The Big (overrated) 3 had good games but still lost.

  14. khajatiger

    Hey Nat Lindsey was on ESPN First Take this morning taking about the game last night if you can find the link for that and post it for everyone else.

  15. ric

    nat, how did rondo get all those rebounds u mentioned? simple, no box-out on him after boston’s shot…that was the only flaw on pistons defense.

  16. Steve

    Man that was a good game, i agree less chest pounding and no jersey pumpin makes a better game they need to grow up, Stuckey is gonna be here for awhile and that draft pick was the best Do-over from the Darko pick which i still get pissed about knowin melo or wade would be in a pistons jersey, but anyways steal 2 at home, probably lose on the road come back n win game 6, pistons in 6 was my original prediction i didnt know which game 1 or 2 they would win but i knew it was gonna be either or..and another thing i got a friend who lives in boston and says every fan there are bandwagon fans he said the last few yrs u would never see a celtics jersey now u cant walk down the street without seeing one and he said everyone there is scared shitless of the pistons and are very insecure so that gives me a peice of mind knowing they be scurrred lol.. now i can sleep easy tonight .. Have a good weekend everyone!

  17. Ruben

    What up all? I’m that Pistons fan from Brooklyn. I read N4S everyday and the detriot newspapers and i got ask, why do i feel that detriot don’t love Rip. What’s wrong wiht Rip? He’s not he flashy NBA 2 guard, I get that , but Rip scores for us and is clutch .

    We gotta be Max involved at home and I’d love to see Affalo get a shot a Pierce for a few minutes. Keep Pierce away form the foul line extended, that’s where all his pints are coming from

  18. claire

    ruben, i’m sorry if we give you the impression that rip gets no love here, but trust me, if there’s one person who could get away with almost everything, it’d be Rip. (the elbow to Garnet? come on, that’s a playoff foul, that’s no flagrant foul! The Tyrus-Thomas-ankle-pull in the beginning of the season? pfft please, thomas deserved that)

    i guess what i’m trying to say is that though we make fun of them sometimes (rip and chauncey’s word choice, sheed’s tights, etc.)the majority of the fans here love our players and we wouldn’t want anybody else to be our starting 5 (unless he’s on the pistons bench).

  19. jen

    hey all!!!!!!!!!!! what a game!!!! just wanted to share something my mom wrote yesterday afternoon….


    something my mom wrote……

    Come out, come out wherever you are
    Its time to get busy, You’ve come way too far!

    Who’s the Boston 3 party? Their not that equipped.
    Were throwin em over, And takin that ship!!!

    Just play from your heart, And the pact that’s within.
    And never look back, Cuz your destined to win!

    Stay true to the game, And back one another.
    You’re in this together, You’re more than just brothers.

    Stay focused, stay proud, We can win there’s no doubt!
    Stay committed and driven, They’ll find no way out.

    With Chauncey, Rip, Prince, Dice, -n- Sheed, What else could we ask for? What else do we need?

    We have it all, The bench plus 5
    Just keep it together, And keep it alive

    One by one, We’ll knock em down
    That ship will be ours…
    Back in D town.

    LOVE FOR DETROIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    connie from toledo

  20. twalch

    Random thoughts:

    Stuckey = Wade?
    Good Comparison? Yes: Fearless driver, confident, creative, can make shots after contact, strong.

    Bad Comparison? Yes: Stuckey doesn’t whine like a baby when there is contact, he doesn’t wear tights (they are not the ‘required uniform’ for basketball), doesn’t do annoying t-mobile commercials, looks like 50 Cent.

    The Bench
    – Maxiell seems to have disappeared from the rotation. His height might be the issue, but he seems like he could guard Garnett for a bit and possibly bother his shot. Who knows….block his shot a time or two and that might make him think. He probably could only block it on help defense, not one-on-one. Rattlif has been doing a good job on Garnett, but Maxie could be a change of pace.
    – Amir seems like he could some damage somehow…
    – Walter – defense on Pierce could be a help to get him off his rhythym a little. He is in street clothes, so I am not sure he can be activated between games.
    – Dixon – put him in when House is in there – he could hit a few threes because House doesn’t play D. Not my best idea ever, just trying to mix it up a little

    I am not a coach and Flip has been doing a good job with adjustments so it feels like I am reaching a bit. I like the switch of Rip on Rondo on D early on. That gave Chauncey a chance to warm up the hammy without having to sprint after the speedy Rondo right out of the gate.

    Does anyone have a sound clip of Rip saying ‘Yessssir’?

  21. mr_miyagi

    Even though we had leads most of the game they were slim ones. These games can be so nerve racking LOL.

    What’s with the ESPN crew talking about Ray Allen like it’s the feel good story of the year every time he does what he’s supposed to?

    Sitto, you’re really fixated on Rasheed’s tights from game one huh?

  22. Steve

    lol the Orlando sentinal fans r still bashing detroit routing for the celtics.. sayin detroit sucks, obviously not cuz they kicked the shit out of ur lame team 3 times in 5 yrs lol, sour fans in florida must be all the citrus lol

  23. downtown

    Will be interesting to see if Amir gets any minutes.. but remember when they put him in in the reg season Boston game, KG totally abused him.

    I guess the Boston fans are probably thinking about Stuckey now the way we were thinking about Baby Davis back on Jan 5..

    It sure looks like Boston need more than the ‘three’ to beat the Pistons. What we don’t want to see is letting one of the other guys like Rondo or House get going at the same time.. but we really should be able to manage that.

  24. missxshanna

    Everyone needs to remember their superstitions and routines.
    We need this win too!
    My Detroit cap is staying on the table!

  25. Natalie Sitto

    Yes I did have a problem with the tights…they look ridiculous and you don’t but out with them in the fist game of the EFC unless it’s for medical reasons.

    You see both players aren’t wearing them now, I’m not the only superstitious one.

    Steve I can totally see the Orlando paper doing that after what I saw during the series. Classless (so they should root for Boston)

  26. nofreechili

    Wow. I puked on my cat when that lead started to dwindle and Ray Allen went off. The fellas put one together and hit timely shots. Stuckey was a grown man, now we just need Maxiell to put in a couple good games.

    What a way to start the long weekend. Now I just need to find a bar in Northern Michigan that will show the Pistons game over the Red Wings. Hoping for both! Go ‘Stons (and Wings).

  27. claire

    Natalie, maybe the Pistons read this site and said “hmmph…maybe she’s right…let’s ditch these hideous tights!”

    It’s not that big of a deal if Sheed abandons the tights, but even Chauncey? now, that’s big.

    So as long as there are no tights, no red jerseys, we’ll be okay. I’m definitely a lot more superstitious nowadays -_-;;

    I tried sitting at a different couch last night, and we were doing so freaking well, then I decided to walk around the house and the celtics made their big run…man, i have never jumped back to that couch so quickly in my life.

  28. Natalie Sitto

    Claire…I know the routine, keep it going. You are almost as bad as I am. I actually yelled at the people who sit next to me at the last home game because the Husband was sitting in the wife’s seat and vise versa.

    They thought I was nuts but they switched back……and we won.

  29. ric

    i know what u mean claire…i had to keep opening a bottle of beer, everytime i ran out, damn celtics keep making a run!

  30. Steve

    yeah i know orlando fans r childish as hell and def hold grudges like no other, but im so glad were not dealing with cleveland fans they r by far the worst other than chicagos, boston fans seem to be pretty good. o well they all cant be pistons fans i guess lol

  31. ric

    people, i just realize on that video clip of chauncey’s reverse lay up, off of 3 sec shot clock, i notice kevin garnett picked rip to guard….that lead to chauncey’s play….guarding one of the pistons starters is like picking your poison, all 5 players can make plays.

  32. ric

    damn nat!!! u did that!? thats funny and crazy at the same time….i think thats hilarious, u r worst than us in superstious…but hey, whatever makes us win the game.

  33. amer-ican prince

    Everyone definitely gave more effort on the defensive end. Lindsey played great as well as Dyess. I love that shhh picture of Dyess, Sheed has definitely rubbed off on him. And thank you for putting up that put back jam, I can’t believe it wasn’t replayed

    I agree with what you’re saying about the bench. I definitely wish Juan would have a bigger role and Maxiell can play. I think Walter might be able to give them good spurts, but there is no way he could guard Paul Pierce, and he often gets lost with his defensive assignments. Although we better start giving a lot of minutes to all our bigs because it seems we may lose Rasheed for at least one game, to a suspension. He has what 6 now and these aren’t even the big games.

    KG didn’t seem as aggressive this game, maybe it was fatigue, but we better be ready for him next game cause he’ll come harder, as well as Ray Allen now that he is in Jesus mode in he got game. I hope they know they have to take it to an even higher level, for these next games. Sheed has to dominate KG, and send a message

  34. claire

    wow, just read about billups’ “not 100%” health…erm…i will not leave that couch the entire game for sure now.

    we MUST win game 3 and 4. This is our house! We must protect it!


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