Game Two – 2008 Eastern Conference Finals

by | May 22, 2008 | 162 comments

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You know the drill, Boston One – Pistons None. We need a team with fire tonight to get things done. We need a Mr. Big Shot, not that guy who played on Tuesday, we need a hot Rip Hamilton, we need a Tayshaun that dominates on the defensive end and isn’t afraid to take control, we need at least one demoralizing block and dunk from Jason Maxiell, we need a fervent McDyess and we NEED SHEED, not Mr. Rashid Abdul Wallace.
We have even a couple of those things and…..


Tip off is at 8:30 PM and will be Nationally televised on ESPN. If you can’t catch it on the tube you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, or stream it live through your computer at

Oh, and I think we could do without Sheed in tights.
Leave ’em in the comments.

UPDATE: Thanks to Team Need4Sheed Member TaeTae83 for reminding us that ESPN360 is streaming the game live for those of you who don’t have cable.


  1. Richie

    Amen, Nat!

  2. mannie32

    chris webber on espn radio said a couple things:

    – flip saunders is a great coach, and he gets unfairly criticized… in fact he thinks saunders is the key to this series, cuz of his offensive genius – he’ll find the pistons ways to score against the boston defense
    – he misses the game, and really wishes he was on the pistons right now
    – he thinks pistons will win the series despite the game 1 loss
    – and of course, he thinks barkley is hilarious

  3. ric

    this is it!!! its time!!!! and i have to say im getting into this superticious thing, hey whatever it takes to win! with that said, im not having wine during the game, instead ill have beer! so we we’ll definitely win, i never had a beer without winning! i expect or hope that chauncey we’ll continue his aggresiveness from where he left off in 4th quarter game 1. sheed, tay and rip, will surprise boston nation….by the way, if they think stuckey was aggresive in game one, they got it all wrong, they haven’t seen $#%! yet! by the way, did you guys know that celtics and their fans are so scared/worry if they lose game 2, why? for simple fact, they are going to the palace with a split win!!!!

  4. The Fluidics

    Yes, no Arroyo tights tonight, please.

    I have faith in this team, and I do believe they get it done tonight.

    Either way, all the pressure is on Boston and game 3. How much greater will that pressure be if they go home split?

  5. TaeTae83

    just a quick note… espn360 is streaming the game live for free again tonight in case some ppl don’t have cable.

  6. illmatic774

    i understand that you love Dyess for his heart and drive, but i’m for not starting him.

    hes a stiff on defense, and looking back it was him leaving KG open shot after shot, not Sheed. Whenever KG posts him up Dice gets the fouls because of his lack of agility. hes easily the worst starting defender if for his shot knees alone.

    we have too many jumpshooters in the starting lineup. we need an energy guy to give us some sort of balance.

  7. Jess

    I just hope to see some kind of light or victory today.

    After being at the hospital for what seemed like forever (7 hours to be exact)… I just need a smile.

    I can barely move right now but Im gonna go put on my 2004 NBA CHAMPS shirt!

  8. claire

    Hope you get better soon, Jess.

    I’m gonna do my part in this whole “superstitious” thing by banning my dad from watching this game. For some reasons, every time he watches, the Pistons lose, so thinks that the Pistons are bad. So he will be no where within 500 cm radius of me and my TV tonight!

    Plus, I’ll even watch on my non-HD TV as well(we almost always win when I watch on this TV).

    I felt like we were gonna lose game 1 before it even started, but right now, i’m so effing pumped! All the signs are here, WE WILL WIN GAME 2!

  9. The Fluidics

    Seriously, lets get this thing going.
    Whole world is against us.

  10. The Fluidics

    no tights tonight.

  11. Jason

    so what the hell was that tech on sheed for? It was just OB off Boston so what would have been arguing about to get a tech? As usual ESPN’s god awful coverage didnt mention why they just kept bableing about pointless crap.

  12. Jason

    Also I seen Blaha at the scorers table…is this being broadcast locally? If so I cant seem to find it.

  13. T. Kinslow

    I don’t mind those two blocks by Perkins and Pierce. At least we’re going to the rim.

  14. The Fluidics

    Blaha is doing the radio call on DFN.

  15. ric

    good start…not bad!

  16. Jessi

    we need tay to start fitting his shots… the tay we have seen in the last two series needs to come out.

  17. ric

    t.kinslow….i agree…no matter how many times u get block, just keep going to the rim, besides, u can either make play and finish it.

  18. ric

    jessi, ur right. lets hope he gets a crack at him before the end of
    2nd quarter…..for the pistons credit, they did play way better in game 2 first quarter compare to game 1 first quarter.

  19. uyen

    Nice dunk by Tay

  20. mannie32


  21. Jess

    Thanks Claire!

  22. mannie32

    i cant say enough about stuckey… not just attacking the rim, but making plays… doesnt seem like a rookie out there at all… cant wait for his sophomore season.. no way he doesnt play in the all-star rookie game next year unless he gets injured again

  23. downtown

    Sheed still doesn’t look himself.

  24. The Fluidics

    I like the aggression

  25. downtown

    Garnett is unstoppable

  26. mannie32

    rip is finally sticking to his game… running and causing them to foul not with faking shots but by the opponent trying to chase him on screens

  27. Paranoid

    I’m a pistons fan, and I’m cheering for our boys in blue, but I must admit – KG is amazing. I love that guy.

    But with all the love to an obviously great bball player, GO PISTONS! Kick KG ass on his own home court.

  28. Jessi

    detroit is playing much better this game, tay has made his last two shots hope this is a good sign from him..

  29. Jessi

    rip has been on his A game tonight

  30. downtown

    It’s nice to have our back court back.

  31. The Fluidics

    I like what I’m seeing so far.

    Maybe they will recall the Tech after the game.

  32. downtown

    Rip To Michelle: YESSIR!

  33. Paranoid

    Great Q2. Good energy. Good back court. So needed extra passes that were missing in game 1.

    Just keep it up and we are going home with a comfortable 1-1.

    Go Pistons!

  34. mannie32

    im SLIGHTLY disappointed in sheed’s game right now, going against garnett thought he’d play better… BUT honestly, if we’re winning im not complaining… and his presence out there definitely makes us better even when he’s not a dominating defensively

  35. Tom

    Wow. That was an amazing 2nd quarter. Loving the intensity especially on the defensive end. Everybody’s staying in front of their man and contesting shots. It’s really nice to see that Mr. Big Shot is finally back from his injury. Hopefully they can maintain the intensity through the 3rd quarter.

  36. ric

    downtown…yeah michelle started laughing…….hilarious…i like what i saw from the pistons….if i have to sum up it in one word itll be, agressiveness. both ends of the floor….it would be nice to see pistons go for the kill in the 3rd quarter which is what they are known for. lets get this win before heading to the palace!!

  37. mannie32

    haha downtown, i caught that too… her little laugh after… funny cuz of that espn interview, they mentioned before she was confused when he says yessir to her

  38. ric

    mannie, if sheed exploded like ripa and chaunce in the 1st half, it’ll be a massacre by now. but theres still an upside to it, he got more rest than kevin garnett, so thats a good thing going to the 2nd half.

  39. Jason

    Great efforts tonight. Dyess and Rip are playing great, the Chauncey we all know and love is peeking his head into this game and Tay hasn’t been bad either. If Sheed can heat up and stay hot there should be no problems for Detroit. There intensity and focus looks to be at the highest its been all playoff’s, especially in that second quarter. And yes KG is a monster.

    Nat I hate to call you out on this but you misspelled Conference in your graphics on the home page.

  40. Anonymous

    Anyone else catch the ESPN announcers refer to Stuckey as the “poor man’s Dewayne Wade.”

  41. ric

    downtown…yeah michelle started laughing…….hilarious…i like what i saw from the pistons….if i have to sum up it in one word itll be, agressiveness. both ends of the floor….it would be nice to see pistons go for the kill in the 3rd quarter which is what they are known for. lets get this win before heading to the palace!!

  42. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Keep up the intensity for another 24 minutes and this game is ours!! They can’t get too comfortable or let up in the least just because they have a little lead right now. You know the greenies are going to come out of the locker room on a mission – we have to make it clear that it’s mission impossible for them.


  43. downtown

    The question is can Sheed start to have some impact on KG.

  44. The Fluidics

    I love that tay floater.

  45. downtown

    Awful start to the 2nd. Silly mistakes.

  46. mannie32

    didnt take long for it to be a tie game again haha… but i still feel confident, cuz pistons are still playing aggressive… they just missed shots and boston made them… but they’re continuing to play the same way… and that’s good to see

  47. ric

    opening 3rd….were playing too fast, were getting it done on the defense, but we can’t keep running on transition…they need to set their offense after a stop or/and a defensive rebound.

  48. Paranoid

    Sheed really needs to wake up!!! He looks lazy and clumsy.

  49. downtown

    Finally Sheed gets a 3 at 5:50 in the 3rd. First field goal.

  50. T. Kinslow

    There’s Roscoe with a big three.

  51. mannie32

    for some reason i KNEW that sheed 3 was going in

  52. The Fluidics

    4 on allen
    maybe he’ll cool off now.

  53. downtown

    Chauncey playing great.. a 3 and then draws 4th foul on Allen. cool.

  54. Natalie Sitto

    No Mask for Dyess and he’s playing out of this world. It’s about time Sheed made a three.

  55. The Fluidics

    that foul looked hard because sheed is huge amd rondo is dinky.

  56. Natalie Sitto

    Van Gundy is starting to be as annoying as Walton if that’s humanly possible.

  57. downtown

    Rip puts Ray Allen on 5 fouls with 3:09 left in the 3rd.

  58. Natalie Sitto

    Even though the starters are playing well I would like to see a bit more of Stuck and Maxie out there, I liked the dynamic.

  59. T. Kinslow

    There’s 5 fouls on Jesus Shuttlesworth.

  60. The Fluidics

    looking back on dyess without the mask, that was like a month ago, maybe he really doesn’t need it anymore.

  61. Tom

    Haha, I was thinking the the same thing about Van Gundy Nat. I think I’ve had enough of him.

  62. downtown

    Brilliant rebound by Tay. Rondo is a dork.

  63. Natalie Sitto


  64. Dominic

    ooh Stuckey with the stop and pop that’s just nasty

  65. downtown

    Stuckey comes on and gets excellent jump, then a steal and draws foul. He’s bench player of the night, what little we’ve seen of either rbench!

  66. Natalie Sitto

    BTW where have you been Downtown? I think your bringing us luck.

    Davis is overrated.

  67. Dominic

    Can you say bullshit? Is it just me or is this series just full of bullshit calls? Keep your cool Roscoe

  68. Jessi

    love it sheed “who fouled him”

  69. downtown

    SWEET triple from sheed at the end of 3rd

  70. Natalie Sitto


  71. The Fluidics

    Keep playing like this. keep your cool Detroit, cuz Boston has lost theirs.

  72. downtown

    haha thanks Nat. I’m wearing my Billups shirt.. and my 3 y.o. is too.

  73. Jessi

    we keep this up for 12 more mintues and the pistons go home with getting the job done.

  74. mannie32

    so far, through the downs and the ups… even when boston goes on their runs, it just seems like detroit is controlling this game… has boston been down after the half and after the 3rd at home in the playoffs yet? wow… im luvin this… rip has played his part, he’s doing what he’s suppose to… and i love it… please stick to what ur good at rip ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Natalie Sitto

    Jess, hope you are feeling better!

  76. T. Kinslow

    Roscoe with one more for good measure.

    Gotta get Sheed more touches in the fourth.

  77. downtown

    This game is a classic example of Pistons basketball.. executing the game plan nice and steady regardless of the situation and the other team. Just gotta keep it up.

  78. The Fluidics

    mannie, I think they were down in game 7 cleveland. But they werent this shook up.

  79. mannie32

    haha yea we could all hear sheed say “who fouled him?”… i was wondering the same thing…

    but i maintain that this series has been called great… some suspect calls on BOTH sides, so i dont see bias… just great great basketball between two very talented teams that win with defense

  80. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    STAY STRONG DETROIT!!!!!!!!!! We can do this!

  81. Jessi

    nice more by stuckey, could have been a turn over but its a jump ball..

  82. Dominic

    Lol Stuckey vs. Glen Davis???

  83. downtown

    Anyone else getting annoyed by that one camera ESPN are using that has the lens aberration problem? OK. Maybe I need to get out more.

  84. downtown

    Finally sheed playing with back to the basket!!

  85. Dominic

    PUSH THE LEAD DETROIT DON’T LET UP!!!….Think they can here me? Lol STUCKEY CAN!!!

  86. mannie32

    stuckey for presidenty?????

  87. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    It’s time for Sheed to make PJ Brown his biotch!!

  88. Jess

    Thanks Nat. I told the doctors I needed to get home before the game starts so I could put on my shirt LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

    SHEEED is back baby!

    And Im LOVIN’ Stuck rite now.

  89. Whatabout87

    Are they comparing Stucky to Dwane Wade! They better be have you been watching him? Chauncy has.

  90. Tom

    Say Hello to Rodney Stuckey America!

  91. The Fluidics

    I might have to get a stuckey jersey.

  92. mannie32

    is everyone else as giddy as i am about stuck right now?????? omg… it’s like tay’s rookie playoff debut all over again… jeez… it’s like stuckey in nba 2k8!!

  93. mannie32

    really downtown? both my friends i the other day were talking about how we REALLY liked that ESPN cinematic camera replay… i think it’s awesome… are others annoyed by it as well??? just curious, cuz thats a shock

  94. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    I must confess that sometimes Stuckey scares the hell out of me and makes me damn nervous, but right now I am in love with him… GO STUCKEY GO!!!!

  95. downtown

    Yeah. the slo mo and everything else is great.. but use one camera they are using for the cross-court shots of the bench has yellow fringing going on on the highlights. It’s great what you can see in HD.

  96. The Fluidics

    I love those replays, they remind me of NFL films.

  97. downtown

    Theo having a tough night.

  98. Paranoid

    Put CB back in!

  99. Dominic

    ahhh shit…

  100. downtown

    Dyess is making critical plays all night

  101. downtown

    Boston are really playing on the limit of their shooting ability right now just to stay in the game.

  102. Dominic

    Dyess or Tay for MVP when (not if)we get that far?

  103. The Fluidics

    Detroit is in their heads.

  104. Jessi

    tays made a few good plays hes coming alive, everyone is playing well and builing the lead…

  105. mannie32

    just when u thought it’d be easy… bostons makes it interesting… boston gets u nervous… but so far, pistons fire right back… g’damn… this is why i LOVE ppppplayoff basketball… ECF baby!!!!!!!!

  106. Jessi

    way to rebound sheed…

  107. downtown


  108. Dominic


  109. The Fluidics

    As my aunt would say “RICKYYYY”

  110. mannie32

    yea big rebound for sheed… he might not have had a KG night, but he still ends off with a double-double and a win… pistons has had a much more balanced scoring effort… the starting 6 (i include stuckey in there for now haha) all have double digit games offensively

  111. Whatabout87

    This isint the team that faces Boston at home durring September. This is a different team of Pistons. They can make plays and win games in the clutch. Rip Hamilton your not trash!

  112. mannie32

    now boston knows how we fel last year when boobie gibson broke out before our eyes… say hello to stuckey!! this is what i call a coming out party… 4 point game, our ball, and time is running down… not impossible for boston, but im lovin our chances

  113. mannie32

    as chris webber said on espn today, flip saunders will help the pistons win with his offense… we just witnessed his genius coming out of the timeout… that was the dagger i believe

  114. downtown

    That was a brilliant play by Flip out of the timeout. Totally threw Boston.

  115. Dominic

    I think it’s safe to say…

  116. T. Kinslow

    Way to go Doc Rivers to get your team ready for the inbounds.

  117. The Fluidics

    Ray allen, wow.

  118. downtown

    Good old Ray Allen 3s at the end.

  119. The Fluidics

    sheed singing guns, lol

  120. mannie32

    hahahahah love sheed

  121. downtown

    Sheed has to make these 2.

  122. Jessi

    pistons have done something no one else could do this playoff series agasint boston win on the road. Now with boston not being able to win at home detroit needs to go home and take care of home court.

  123. downtown

    No one knows how to stretch 10 seconds like the Pistons.

  124. The Fluidics

    aint over yet jess.
    Close, but 10 seconds is a looooong time.

  125. downtown

    After all that KG loses it for Boston.

  126. mannie32

    it’s no longer “i THINK boston needs to win on the road to win the ship”… it is now “boston MUST win on the road to get out of the ECF”… gotta love that pressure eh boston?

  127. Jessi

    oh it is now, I knew at the begining of this game the pistons were going to win no questions at all

  128. mannie32

    kg and sheed yet again hug and kiss after the game… i think they’re in love

  129. downtown

    Will rip Yessir Michelle again..?

  130. The Fluidics

    ALL the pressure is on Boston now. All they’ve had was winning at home, now they have to get it done on the road, and the A: havent done it and B: are looking shook.

    Great game. can’t hardly wait till saturday now. The legs are going to start catching up with Boston, they’ve played every other day for quite some time now, and nobody knows like Detroit what that will do to a team.

  131. ric

    WOO HOO!!!! its nice to be back in palace with a 1-1. so happy, congrats pistons!!!!

  132. Jessi

    the pistons could be up 2-0 I think had they came out in game one as they did in game 2 it would be 2-0… I thought they would win game one but they didn’t play well but its ok we needed to win one in bostons and now go home and get it done.

  133. Paranoid

    Sheeeeeed – The new American Idol.

    Important win! tons of pressure on KG now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats pistons.

  134. mannie32

    sooooooooooooooooo excited…. haha boston’s crowd was dead after the loss… even detroit’s crowd at least moaned after the game 1 loss in the first round… i swear, i heard nothing… not even moans… they were like deer struck by headlights, confused, pissed, in shock, didnt know what to say…. and i LOVE it

  135. ric

    jessi, i’d say the loss on game 1 is a blessing in disguise. that made the pistons be on their guard, just like the loss in game 1 in philly series.

  136. downtown

    Ya gotta love the Pistons when everyone is concentrating for the whole game.

    Boston brought their A game tonight and lost at home.

  137. The Fluidics

    thats the best part to me, Boston played a great game, and still came up short.

    Detroit lost on a bad game.

    Saturday is going to be very interesting.

    and I’ll say it, KUDOS FLIP!

  138. mannie32

    watching the post-game presser and boston seems nervous… kg is so pissed

    but pistons CANNOT in anyway exhale… they gotta play game 3 like they’re down 2-0, and forget boston hasnt won on the road.. the same way pistons beat boston for the first time at home in this playoffs, boston can just as easily come in and win on the road for the first time in the playoffs.. there’s always a first time for everything

  139. M

    dat’s what i am talking about, guys, that’s da true blue collar, man. let’s keep dis up n we will triumph.
    But just a few quick notes:
    the choker RAY seems to gain his rhythm back; dat’s the biggest concern that i have now. But, i think
    we are absolutely able to handle this. Hopefully, Flip will make some adjustments as well like what he did at the end of the game – placing RIp back on him.
    Ratliff, watching him play it’s like having a heartattack every 3 seconds, sry guys, but dat’s seem the truth for me.
    ANYWAY< DETROIT Basketball. GOOD game, n let's pick this up!

  140. Jess

    I knew they would win this one too. I had NO doubts at all. If they wouldve lost I would have been very surprised.

  141. missxshanna

    So happy and a great win after a game like that!

    I too, get nervous when Stuckey comes out.. but thank the lord he proved me wrong tonight!

    Dyess has been the most consistent player. Love it.

  142. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Pistons = first team in the league to beat Boston at the Garden this season.

    Pistons = first team in the league to beat Boston at the Garden… IN THE PLAYOFFS!! WHOOP-WHOOP!

    Dayum! I am beyond happy right now but we still got some bidness to take care of so let’s get it done!!

    Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!


  143. bianca-wonka

    Thank GOD!!! Thank GOD.

    I’m glad i kept praying and kept believing.
    So great to watch and not even feel worried.

  144. The Fluidics

    Check the ECF around the way for game two, Nat called it. PISTONS WILL WIN GAME TWO.

    Good call Nat.

  145. M

    dat’s what i am talking about, guys, that’s da true blue collar, man. let’s keep dis up n we will triumph.
    But just a few quick notes:
    the choker RAY seems to gain his rhythm back; dat’s the biggest concern that i have now. But, i think
    we are absolutely able to handle this. Hopefully, Flip will make some adjustments as well like what he did at the end of the game – placing RIp back on him.
    Ratliff, watching him play it’s like having a heartattack every 3 seconds, sry guys, but dat’s seem the truth for me.
    ANYWAY< DETROIT Basketball. GOOD game, n let's pick this up!

  146. mannie32


  147. Jess


    Somebody NEEDS to send them that message. What you said is so true and so on point. We need to wrap that up in an invelope and send it their way.

    “but pistons CANNOT in anyway exhale… they gotta play game 3 like they’re down 2-0, and forget boston hasnt won on the road.. the same way pistons beat boston for the first time at home in this playoffs, boston can just as easily come in and win on the road for the first time in the playoffs.. there’s always a first time for everything”

    also dont forget the fact that Allen seemed to have gotten his rythum back.

  148. ric

    i said before the game…if they think stuckey was looking pretty good in game one, they haven’t seen $#^!, the way he played on the road, in crunch time.. imagine how he would at HOME! i think its inevitable for him explode at home!

  149. ric

    mannie and jess, based on the past few years, its fair to think of the pistons like that but i think they’re on their guards…..thats the difference between winning game 2 in philly series after losing game one. they know they can’t treat boston like phyllis and their gonna take care of business at home.

  150. iloveblaha01

    YEAHHHHHHH! I am so excited!

    Stick with the beer Ric.

    And I agree: Stuckey for president! I love how Van Gundy (I believe it was him) was so shocked about Stuckey being compared to Dwayne Wade and then by the end of the game he said he was on the bandwagon. Just imagine how good Rodney will be a few years from now.

  151. ric

    does anybody know how many technical fouls does sheed has for the playoffs, and how many til a player gets suspended in the playoffs? that might be a concern for suspension

  152. The Fluidics

    Something I always look at through the season, is the record over the past 7 games, any 7 games, it’s a good measure for the playoffs.

    Detroit is 5-2 over the last 7, Boston is 3-4, and would be out if the last 7 was the series.

    ECF or not, Boston is struggling.

  153. The Fluidics

    Tonight was Sheeds 5th tech ric.

  154. ric

    iloveblah….i know!!!! hahahaha!!!! pistons always wins whenever i have beer during the game, intead of wine, always lost!!! i have plenty of wine at home and no beer today, but as my part of my share of support of our pistons, i bought some before the game!!!

  155. np4500

    i knew they wud get this win..i just knew it, rememher in 2004 against indiana, indiana had home court advantage and pistons accidnentlay let game 1 slip? but then won game 2, 3, 4? That’s wats gonna happen
    Paul Pierce sed after the game: ” Oh, this does not distrub our confidence at all, we’re extrememly confident on winning on the road” PSHHHHH wow they havent won on the road all post season and he’s confident?
    laugh at him

  156. ric

    what about the limit until u get suspended, isn’t it 7? thats my concern. but u know what!!! ill enjoy this moment for now.

  157. amer-ican prince

    I agree Dyess has been the most consistent, he probably won’t win MVP if the Pistons win, but I sure think he should. That putback dunk was sick, I was waiting for a replay but didn’t see one. Local tv always has more replays.

    But where’s our bench, I think they’ll play better at home if Flip plays them.

    Give a lot of credit to Flip for adjustments he made from last game.

    And I agree with you guys, KG is a beast, I think Sheed will play better at home too and match him. Didn’t the anouncer say them two and McDyess were the same players back in the day?

  158. Brian

    Natalie, we NEED a video of Sheed singing along to Paradise City during one of the timeouts late in the game! =D

  159. Steve

    Hey no one told me we drafted wade in 2003? oh wait it was STUCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. downtown

    Hey noticed this on ESPN:

    “After a review, the NBA upgraded a foul Hamilton committed on Garnett early in the fourth quarter of Game 1 to a flagrant foul, penalty one on Thursday. Hamilton appeared to throw an elbow at Garnett’s head while being picked.”

    Maybe they should downgrade Sheed’s Tech tonight while they are at it.

  161. palaceprince

    I was sooooo nervous when the Celtics started to make a run in the fourth but Stuck came through like a vet. Dyess played great again, Sheed got his 3’s, Rip is back, Tay’s solid and the most important..CHAUNCEY!! Im just glad we going back to Detroit with a chance to take the series lead. Maybe the fact that Chauncey and Sheed didn’t wear tights had something to do with this game. LETS GO!!!

  162. mannie32

    need a vid of stuckey as well in the post-game presser, it’s on… he’s smiling and saying “i’m never scared”… love it


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  • Greg Kelser
  • George Blaha
  • John Mason

Pistons Past

  • Chauncey Billups
  • Rodney Stuckey
  • Brandon Knight
  • Tayshaun Prince
  • Richard Hamilton
  • Jason Maxiell
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Will Bynum
  • Austin Daye
  • Chris Wilcox
  • Dajuan Summers
  • Peyton Siva
  • Kim English
  • Terrico White
  • Josh Harrellson
  • Charlie Villanueva
  • Vernon Macklin
  • Viacheslav Kravtsov
  • Ben Gordon
  • Ben Wallace
  • Isiah Thomas
  • Maurice Cheeks
  • Lawrence Frank
  • John Kuester
  • Chuck Daly
  • Bill Laimbeer
  • Joe Dumars