Do it for Isiah?

by | May 22, 2008 | 7 comments

If the Pistons are going to “do it” for anyone I’m sure most of us would think they would do it for themselves. Then I’m guessing….do it for Dyess. There is the legend of Will Robinson to think of.

Well all Isiah Thomas wants is the Pistons do it for his undying hatred of The Boston Celtics.


  1. Scott

    Celtics fan… but I really like your site. You do a good job of demanding a lot out of your team, admitting when they struggle, while not getting too bent out of shape or emotional when they do. A lot of bloggers (Bostonians especially) don’t do these things so well. I like your even-keeled, objective point-of-view. Refreshing. I think this will be a great series.

  2. K-Lo

    i’m done with isiah thomas. knowing he hates the celtics just reminds me that he feels similarly about women, the cba, the new york knicks, class and integrity.

    i’m well aware that this is not a healthy reaction, but if isiah wants us to in some way win it for him, a (very) small part of me wants us to lose.

    i don’t want isiah to start becoming a fixture at the palace or at piston’s games and events. if i see his face, i want to see it in old footage of him as an amazing basketball player, not as a pariah, desperate to reclaim his glory years instead of rightfully disappearing from the public landscape long enough for us to forget what a spectacular failure and terrible human being he turned out to be.

    sorry to be harsh, but when i think of little me in my blue satin pistons jacket watching and idolizing the man i thought to be the best point guard in the game, it makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. claire

    i don’t care who the Pistons win it for, as long as they win it. Shoot, they can even win this series for the cavs if they wanted to.

    Bottom line: just win the damn series! Go Pistons!

    I hope your city gets both the NBA and NHL trophies this year by the way.

  4. ric

    scott….is it true that a lot of the celtics fan who were in game 1 were “un-classy” (not sure if there’s a word exist) but one of our need4sheed member reported to us that him and his gf were there and they were being treated horrible, calling names. if its, somehow were as pistons nation are disappointed because we expect more from bostons nation to be classy since you guys are title contenders, aren’t ya?

    nat, so whats the truth behind that link i sent u about kevin garnett. let me know. thanks!
    for those of you who are curious about garnett’s behind the scene, check it out, again im not sure if these are all true.

  5. Scott

    Boston fans can be a little obnoxious… I can only hope they didn’t step over the line in playfully berating Pistons fans. Anyone who claims that these type of fans don’t exist everywhere is just casting a blind eye.

    That blog posting about KG makes me shudder… it’s clearly quite biased. I did hear about KG’ss indiscretion as a kid, but I’ve also heard him talk about it and he’s clearly remorseful. Holding that against him would be like bringing up the time one of your co-workers pissed their pants in preschool. It’s just not relevant.

    Who knows what happened between KG and Wally? I find it hard to believe that the modern media didn’t find out about this. Even if it did get swept under the rug, Wally is widely accepted to be one of the most arrogant, obnoxious and artificial people in the NBA.

  6. Natalie Sitto

    Thank you for coming here with kind words, it isn’t often or ever that I find Boston fans or bloggers for that matter that would be so kind.

    You do have a top notch blogger at Jeff does great work without obsenity or a narrow mind.

    I have to agree with you on the KG situation….he was a kid, get over it.

    Do we like it when everyone has to bring of Sheed’s indiscretions in the past?

    I say LET THEM PLAY and forget about the nonsense.


  7. sauce1977

    Wow, people dogging Isiah Thomas here, what a wonderful set of fans we’ve cultivated.

    Isiah’s right, and you’re idiots.


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