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by | May 20, 2008 | 54 comments

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  • Jason Maxiell and Chris McCosky talk to WDFN’s Jamie Samuelsen before Game One. Both Podcast’s are on Jamie’s Podcast Page as well as the direct links to the interviews with Jason and Chris.
  • I did an interview with Ryan over at Hoops Addict yesterday along with Matt over at DBB. Among other things, I think it’s Pistons in 6. Yeah I said it. Look for the Podcast later today.
  • You want great Celtics coverage without all the nonsense? Celtics Blog is the place to be.
  • I answered a few questions about the series at Sports On My Mind.
  • The Boston Herald is pretty solid on their Matchups for the series.
  • I am really sick of every person outside Detroit using the same comment that Rasheed’s success in the series depends on his ability to keep his cool and not blow up. There are so many links I’m not giving you one…it’s just old already.
  • As Sheed mentioned before, the Pistons know that their window is closing. That my friend may be motivation enough.
  • Everyone wanted Pistons vs. Celtics.
  • Go Wings, pretty upsetting that so many Pistons – Red Wings games overlap.
  • Empty the Bench preview.
  • The Pistons are Relaxed, The Celtics….not so much.
  • I have to agree, Prince is the Key.
  • Pistons Official Viewing Parties.
  • The Birth of The Bad Boys.
  • I am a little bummed that The Pistons are doing a White Out on Saturday. I just think it’s unoriginal and quite frankly our fans represent all year long. What do I do my red Sheed Jersey is 5-o in the Playoffs thus far, do I go with the White Out shirt over the Sheed or roll with what works? Help me decide.
  • A look back at Pistons – Celtics in pictures.
  • Want to cause a bit of trouble? Go vote for The Pistons on the Boston Herald’s Poll (left side of the page at the bottom.) As of right now the Pistons are winning the series according to the poll. Link sent by Team Need4Sheed member Gretchen


  1. K-Lo

    I’d be wearing the red Maxiell Jersey that i wore during every win against the magic and forgot to wear during the one loss. the pistons are not johnny-come-latelys, we deserve better than to rip off gimmicks from lesser teams. didn’t we as a whole mock other teams doing this?

  2. mannie32

    we definitely agree on this one natalie… i was sad to see the palace finally caved on the white shirts thing… it’s been done, not original… and the pistons crowd is great the way it is w/o that gimmick

    ah well

  3. Amber

    Natalie, I said the exact same thing about the whiteout! I was so annoyed when I read at that they were going to have a whiteout. Throughout the series I’ve been thankful we didn’t have to copy everyone else and do the idiotic matching thing. But now….they’re doing it. Very disappointing.

  4. The Fluidics

    I wouldn’t do it.
    Detroit has along sports history, and the best fans in the country (that goes for the 3 pro sports played here, Lions aren’t pros).
    Crap like the white belongs in hack arenas south of the Mason-Dixon line, and Winnepeg.

    Rep that red Sheed, it’s been nothing but wins so far.

  5. The Fluidics

    OH, I sent them an email too, I hate these gimicks.

  6. Bubbles

    Hey Natalie. I was going to say that we are supposed to support our team no matter what and do what they ask of us, blah blah blah…however, after reading the other comments, i dont wanna catch a beat down (like the celtix will) for telling to go in white…I love the red jerseys, so rock it out…It’ll be cool to see the red “dots” in the crowd!

    Pistons in 6!

  7. Paul

    I’d rock the jersey over a white tee and a white cap if you have one.

  8. ric

    this is it!!!! the moment that we’ve been waiting for, cetics and pistons, the last two teams standing as expected by almost everybody! i don’t wanna be too over confident about pistons, but my theory is based on the games that boston had in their previous 14games….so im gonna go with pistons in 5!!! thats right!!! boston are not playing within’ a chapm level like detroit, even when they’re home….most of the reason why they won all their games at home is because their opponent were playing worst than boston were….atlanta were too nervous to play playoff games on the road and cleveland’s supporting cast are not confident enough to play on the road, with the exception of west….what about boston on the road? FORGET IT!!!! kevin garnett is the only player i see who can perform on the road.

  9. lyndakay

    I like Paul’s suggestion. And if I lived in Detroit I’d have the same problem, since I’ve been wearing my blue Tayshaun jersey for the last 5 games.

  10. amer-ican prince

    I’m with you guys, I was really annoyed by the whole white out and how unoriginal it was I mean not even changing the color from other areanas and calling it the same thing?. And I do think the fans would be loud with or without them against Boston. But I’m assuming this has something to do with the lack of enthusiasm through the first three quarters of game 5 against Orlando where the crowd was practically dead, until the four quarter. I think it’s an overreaction, but let’s see what happens. I just hope it doesn’t throw the Pistons off seeing the Palace like this.

    And I agree with the articles that the KG SHEED matchup is going to be huge. Although the others are just as big.

  11. The Fluidics

    Prince, I was at game 5, the Palace was loud the whole time, although it didn’t seem like it on TV.
    It was loud enough that you couldn’t hear the work whistle over the crowd, and the noise meter pegged at loudest all game long.

    To me, this seems more like rock finacial getting people to wear their ads on t-shirts.

  12. Sable

    Yeah, I don’t really want to see the Pistons copying the white out thing. Go with the red Sheed jersey. Leave the white shirts and home and just bring the noise!

  13. lavinius


    Under no circumstances do you wear a white out shirt. Karma is not something to be f’d with. Wear the red Sheed jersey and wear it proudly.

  14. Natalie Sitto

    SHEED IT IS! I was thinking of wearing the white over the Sheed but you all have made me see that I shouldn’t mess with success. I knew what I needed to do but I just wanted the teams input.

    Unless you hear otherwise I’m rocking my Red Sheed with my Pistons sneakers like I have been for the last 5 Home Playoff wins….

    That’s how we roll, white out or not.

  15. mannie32

    i agree, it’s clearly a financial reason for doing this… but not rock financial, mentioned it was a t-mobile thing if i remember correctly

    not gonna lie, im overreacting but it’s really pissing me off… i think it has 0 impact on the game, and so in the end ill get over it… biut it’s the principle… we held off for so long… ughh… i even think the idea was cool for warriors last year, it worked great… but we’re not the warriors (or the million other teams that copied that concept… that i believe the heat actually started *puke*)… we’re the pistons… ah well, what can u do

    feels like a sellout to me

  16. ric

    ummmm….is this all were going to talk about? what color to wear at the game? i guess fashion is what pistons fans are specializing, no offense or disrespet but thats what im seeing…or am i in the wrong room?

  17. The Fluidics

    Ric, to me it’s not about fashion.
    To me, I go to the games, I cheer my heart out. The white out is a gimmick reserved for not the best fans.
    I don’t doubt the team, they shouldn’t doubt the fans.

    That and sports is a superstitious thing. Pistons have it going right now, don’t mess with the MOJO.

    On a personal level, I’ve yet to get a shirt that fits from te palace, so I’m not that concerned about it. (That and I’m going to game 4, not 3.)

  18. The Fluidics

    As for the game, my only concern is that the Pistons come out flat, due to the layoff. They should be hyped, they know it’s their time. This is the game to steal. Boston has just played two 7 game sets with one game between, they have lost 3 of their last 5, and have not been playing good basketball. Cleveland LOST that game more than Boston winning. Tonight’s Detroits best chance for the road win, which will put all of the pressure on the Celtics.

  19. Malkool52

    anyone know a site that will have a feed of the game i am in illinois and only get locals. need a good feed.

  20. Natalie Sitto

    ^^ Don’t know of a feed…

    As for my Game thread, well blogger looks like it’s being finicky again so it may pop up and it may not.

  21. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Rock the Red… refuse to conform… do not support this atrocity.

    That being said…

    Let’s go get this one tonight guys. Come out of the gates strong and shut them damn leprechauns down. We need ENERGY AND FOCUS. NO MERCY FOR THE GREEN WEENIES!!


  22. pistonsbaby01

    Dave Bing came and talked to the juniors at our school because it was career day

    Go Pistons!!

    Beat the Celtics!!

  23. The Fluidics

    Carlos Wallace?
    Rasheed Arroyo?

  24. Natalie Sitto

    and Billups…what’s the deal?

  25. The Fluidics

    Billups must be to support his leg, maybe sheed is to support billups leg.

    Either way, slow start.

  26. Jess

    Nat and Flu, Im not sure what you guys are talking about. Did I miss something?… I seen the intros maybe I just wasnt listening carefully.

  27. Natalie Sitto

    Jess…they have the lonnnnnnnnnnnng black socks on.

  28. Natalie Sitto

    Tayshaun can take Perkins off the dribble. Go for it Tay

  29. Jess

    OOH LOL! I seen that. I didnt see them on Sheed til just now, but as for Billups I thought maybe it had something to do with his hamstring?

  30. The Fluidics

    In Tay we trust.

  31. uyen

    I’m glad they are starting to pick up their game. When i first turned on the game and saw 8-0 almost made me sick. Go Pistons!!!

  32. K-Han

    yeahh baby kill em wit dat under armor….and i want lindsay in the game!

  33. Robert

    I hate PJ Brown. Always have, always will.

  34. Jess


  35. Natalie Sitto

    They really need to take it to them, don’t let the crowd get in it, keep it close and stop the chest pounding.

    If it comes down to the wire, the Pistons experience will take over.

  36. The Fluidics

    It’s good to see max still has that jumper.

    close game, a lot of in and outs for rip. Once he hits a solid shot, he’ll be good to go.

  37. Jess

    From the start I was kinda expecting a good game from JMAX and I think hes gonna give it to me 🙂

  38. Robert

    What’s with the invisible defense in the paint?

  39. Danafesto

    I don’t know why we’re turning the ball over–but we look pretty good otherwise, for not having the lead–good jumpers, calm, not scared. The Celtics look like they are running on fumes. They’re tilting.

    Pistons in 6!

  40. Natalie Sitto


  41. The Fluidics

    that was an angry dunk.

  42. The Fluidics

    You stay classy Boston.

    Stern complains about the noise because there are babies at the game. What about the “Bullshit” chants from the Garden?

  43. Jess

    Is that what they were chanting? WOW! So not classy.

  44. uyen

    Kevin Garret just missed a free throw

  45. Jess

    YAY TAY!!!

  46. Robert

    The boys are just getting started.

  47. uyen

    I feel like they are pacing themselves while Boston is giving their all and don’t have much in the tank. Am I the only feeling or seeing that? Let me know.

  48. The Fluidics

    You are not alone in that.
    I pretty happy that the stones aren’t all that rusty.

  49. Natalie Sitto

    I have to agree too. We didn’t play all that well and just down by one. I can live with that.

  50. Jess

    Well just hand the ball to them why dont you?

  51. uyen

    Why all the turnovers? Protect the ball and play some D.

  52. Robert

    This is starting to suck…

  53. The Fluidics

    Two fouls on this possesion, we needed that.

  54. ric

    nat, i just realize on that video clip of chauncey’s reverse lay up, off of 3 sec shot clock, i notice kevin garnett picked rip to guard….that lead to chauncey’s play….guarding one of the pistons starters is like picking your poison, all 5 players can make plays.


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