Top 10 Detroit Piston Playoff Performances

by | May 17, 2008 | 12 comments

Wondering how Tayshaun’s recent playoff domination stacks up against the Pistons all time Playoff performances? Well wait no longer, the Pistons put together a Top 10 List.

I have a soft spot for #6 myself.


  1. rep

    Wow, we had some great players back in the day. That’s an especially nice video for a young’n like myself. Thanks Natalie

  2. pistons4life122

    Chauncey got interviewed during halftime of the cleavland-boston game.

  3. Richie

    Bring on the green guys. I knew that our full house would beat one king, but it also beats three of kind.

  4. Whatabout87

    Celts beat the Cavs. The Pistons first goal is to steal game one while they have fresh legs and make the celts win at the palace.

  5. pistons4life122

    whatabout87: I agree. Attack them early.

    I’m sure their legs are tired considering they’ve played 14 playoff games and we’ve played 11.

    These are the matchups, and who has advantage:

    Chauncey vs. Rondo: Chauncey

    Rip vs. Ray allen: Rip (he’s been in a slump lately)

    KG vs. Sheed: about a tie. Kg has an edge

    Tay vs. Pierce: Pierce

    Dyess/Maxi vs:Perkins: Dyess/maxi

    Pistons bench vs. boston bench: boston

  6. The Fluidics

    It’s not just that they’ve played 14, they’ve played 14 with no break at all.
    Will Boston have the legs to keep up with Detroit?

    I think when you get this far into the playoffs, all bets are off.
    However, I like Detroits chances. I don’t believe that the Celtics can shut the Pistons out in Boston. Can the Celtica win in te Palace? Their road record in the playoffs speaks for itself.

  7. BigMck

    Hope Pistons fans are ready for some real competition. Celtics ain’t pussies like the Sixers and Magic. Boston in 6.

    Red’s Army

  8. Dominic

    how is Bostons bench better than ours?

    Cassell vs. Stuckey This could go either way more often Stuckey You jus can’t do what you used to at 38 years old

    Eddie House vs. Arron Afflalo both will rarely face each other so irrelevant

    Posey vs. Hayes both have similar games a slight push towards Posey

    Big Baby vs. Dyess/Maxi Definitely Dyess/Maxi

    Leon Powe vs. Ratliff Powe

    We’re about even. Our Big men dominate their reserve big men

  9. amer-ican prince

    dang bigmack, i can’t tell if that was a rallying cry or you came on a Detroit site to crack on Philly and Orlando. I mean we played them and I wouldn’t call either of those teams what you did.

    They played hard, and Detroit is always ready for some competition. You got a good team on your hands in Boston and so do we.

    So let me say to Boston fans

    I Welcome you to Detroit City
    I said welcome to Detroit City

    Man we deep everywhere we roll.

    There’s a reason trick trick is wearing a Joe Dumars jersey. Man’s a legend and don’t slack on the team Joe D has put together.

    (And that prediction thing you got going is impressive, you should work for the psychic friends network. )just messin’ with ya, welcome to the site)

    And btw I think we got the deeper roster, but the thing that will determine who wins will be who wants it more out of the starters.

    Blue collar grind it out is what we do.

  10. The Fluidics

    Detroit isn’t ATL or the Cavs either.
    And both of those teams took Boston to 7.
    No way Detroit gets swept in Boston, and if the Celtics are going to beat the Pistons, they better play better than they have, and will have o win one in the Palace, because the Pistons WILL win one at the Garden.

    Celtics legs are going to be TIRED, and I think the Pistons want it more, they have more to prove.

  11. World of Isaac

    I can’t respect this list if the 1988 Game 6 performance is not #1. Not only was it greatest performance in Piston Playoff History, its one of the greatest playoff moments in NBA history

  12. Honkymagic

    Forget the scoring streak, that Dumars block is amazing. The man blocks the shot, catches his own block as it soars out of bounds, and (AND!) makes the perfect pass to keep the play alive.



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