Team Need4Sheed Podcast #17: Tayshaun Prince – The Eastern Conference Finals Boston or Cleveland?

by | May 16, 2008 | 29 comments

Need4Sheed Podcast
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Now that the Pistons are on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals Bennie and Jeff talk about Tayshaun Prince’s performance in the playoffs as well as posing the question “Boston or Cleveland?”

Don’t forget you can e-mail Bennie and Jeff at or as always you can leave them your thoughts in the comments.
Team Need4Sheed Podcast #17


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  1. rbaaan

    lol, hoenstly i cant believe anyone would say we want boston over cleveland. I can say i wouldnt mind seeing Bosotn/Detroit because it would be a classic series, but the Cavs are just not as good, plus your forgetting one thing, WE WOULD HAVE HOME COURT AGAINST THE CAVS!!!. You can say we had that alst year but this sint the same team in the Cavs Larry hughes took Cahuncey out of his game last year, Gooden always played big aganst us. Gibson is out for 2 weeks with a seperated shoulder, we obviously should want to play Cleveland, Lebron will be so worn out to.

  2. rbaaan

    plus we have a way better benc and 3 guards, Billups, Hamilton, and Stuckey who i think can beat down the Cleveland guards, west, wally, a hurt gibson.

  3. claire

    it doesn’t matter who we meet, both are really tough teams w/ superstars and capable players, so we just gotta be ourselves and play our best games, the rest will take care of itself.

  4. mannie32

    i want boston… not so much because we have a better chance (though I have to agree, we match up great with them, i really think so)… BUT because at the end of the day we want to be entertained and we want to feel like we’ve earned it… i want the final 4 this year to actually be the best 4 teams in the nba (hasnt been the case in last several years)… but we’re talking about the possibility of the final 4 being boston, detroit, san antonio, and LA… that’s huge talent righ there, that’s great team chemistry right there… the winner of those last 4 will truly feel like they won the best championship in recent years

  5. rbaaan

    I’m fine with either one, I really feel we arent there to let this one slip away, the guys rmemeber last season, they are going to rbing it in the ECF.

  6. rbaaan

    I just read them, both well deserving. Im lovin Stuckey it feels great again to have those youg fresh leagues making a splash in the league. I see big things for Rodney, remmeber he missed the first half of the seaosn basically, just wait till he gets a training camp into him, hes going to be really good in a couple of years.

  7. ric

    rbaaan, no question about stuck…his learning a lot of things on the fly and under pressure. i can’t wait for the ecf, when billups gets his rest during the game, stuck will be punishing every opposing guards, rondo, too bad gibson won’t get a taste of that.

  8. The Fluidics

    I think Cleveland is a better playoff team than Boston, so as to which would have a better chance against the Pistons, I’d have to sat the Cavs do, clearly they can beat Detroit.
    I also figure that the Cavs have a better chance of taking one in Boston, than Boston does in Cleveland.

    That being said, the Cavs without Gibson doesn’t look too good, and I think Detroit could take either of them.

    The only team in the playoffs that can match up to Detroit is Utah.

  9. Dominic

    Hey flip Saunders is on Jim Rome right now

  10. ric

    you know fluidics, everything u said, i was thinking that exact same thing except utah. theres no doubt they do match with pistons, but why in the heck are they loosing to the lakers…they’re not even a physical team, all they have is kobe to carry them…and plz whoever thinks gasol and odom are physical player, you’ve got to be delusional.

  11. Dominic

    Whether Gasol or Odom are physical or not is besides the point, the fact is they are prolific stars in this league and can fill a stat sheet

  12. BabyBen

    Me personally; I’ll want to see Cleveland again. Not because it might be a bit easier to slow them down, it’s because that were still a bit sour from last time they beat us, or should I say, LeBrownie beat us. If we see Boston in the ECF that’s perfectly fine, but I would want to see Cleveland; just to show that last time was a fluke.

  13. pistons4life122

    Whoever wants to play Boston is crazy!!!!!!!!!

    We are really good, but they’re better. Hate to say it, though.

    I would MUCH rather play cleavland.

  14. Danafesto

    Boston is more, MUCH more entertaining to me than Cleveland. I don’t know why I hate on the Cavs so much–but Ilgouskas and Varojao (sp?) annoy me every time I see them on the court. I wouldn’t even watch the finals if they won in the East.

    But, the Celtics are scarier, I have to admit, from my lowly spectator perspective. Should it go to Game 7–I don’t think my nerves would handle us playing in Boston.

    Right now, I’m just hoping they play seven games and beat each other up a lot.

  15. ric

    they can fill stat sheet? ahh, u mean based on denver, worst defensive team in the playoffs, and utah’s inconsistency on both sides of the floor. the only consistent guy who can fill up the sheet in the lakers is kobe bryant. tell me that after they play san antonio.

  16. mannie32

    haha i think im the only one on this site that likes varejao… but im still pretty sure that we’d all like him if he was on our team, he’s just one of those guys… he’s been solid in the boston series in terms of defending KG as well… his one knock against him is the flopping (but other good players do too like manu, and rip, yes… rip)… i never like flopping, but in moderation i wont hold it against a player… but d-wade just took it to a whole new level and i hate that guy

  17. mannie32

    ric… odom is generally a crappy second option (i.e. he shouldnt be ur second best player)… BUT as ur third option, the guy is amazing… he knows how to play the third option SO well that if u look at his stats u could be convinced he was their best or at least second best player… he’s just so good (better than average) at being a role player, he knows how to take advantage of people placing so much attention to gasol and kobe that he makes them pay… big time

  18. mannie32

    wtf? i THINK i just saw kid rock at the boston game
    haha if it is him, im guessing he’s scouting the celtics on the pistons behalf? lol

  19. The Fluidics

    Varachokes flops look so much more dramatic because his hair reacts so violently to it.

  20. ric

    or hes bored mannie. no celebrity/musician would go on the road to do a scouting, with the exception of jack nicholson, can’t think of a laker game without a jack. ur right about odom, would i pick odom coming off the bench? offcourse, would i expect consistency from him? no way in hell. as much as i don’t the lakers, i all for it if we go to the finals and play them instead of spurs, hornets or jazz. although kobe is the mvp this year mainly because he’s carrying his team not only with his scoring ability but on running the offense, at the end of the day, its him who has to produce a lot of scoring. lakers’ roster this year is still a one superstar team. just like what people say, can’t beat a full house with a king.

  21. The Fluidics

    Well Cleveland just gave Chauncey an extra 2 days rest.

    What is up with the Celtics, are they really this bad in the playoffs?

  22. SPCneedle

    Dead even poll, hilarious.

  23. mannie32

    are u kidding me about the lakers being a one star team??? man, i dunno what team ur talking about.. they probably have the deepest bench of the nba… odom as u just admitted plays GREAT (not good) as a role player surrouned by two superstars… and as pau has shown tonight, he’s a superstar.. dont get me wrong, kobe is what makes them go, if he was ever to get injured and had to miss games they’d be screwed (unlike the pistons who could play without chauncey).. but as long as he does play, and commands attention, his team is great… the best team other than the pistons in my opinion

  24. mannie32

    ps: change of topic… but ben wallace played awesome tonight… looked like his former pistons self when he was out there… which was more so in the first half… he was reminding me of mcdyess as of late, grabbing all the big rebounds and defending well… the big difference tho, he wasnt knocking down 15 footers lol

  25. Nate

    We can beat either team. I’d like to see the Pistons destroy the Cavs to make up for last year, however, I can’t stand much of the Cavs team let alone their fans. Watching games in Cleveland is painful for their announcer tries so hard to top Mason that it’s just ridiculous. A whole round of watching Varajeo……..ahhhhhhh. Either way, Detroit is better than both of these teams.

    Let’s not forget…we have home court advantage with Cleveland. Neither they nor Boston has shown they can win on the road. We have.


  26. The Fluidics

    Here’s to the Pistons winning on the road!

  27. Danafesto

    I hope hope hope we get at least one of the first two. Any arena that can scream “bullshit” in unison on every call that doesn’t go their way is an arena to avoid in game 7. Please please please win by 6. I pray. ha.

    Adios, Varejao! Hello, Paul!

  28. The Fluidics

    You stay classy Boston.


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