Finished in Five – Pistons Take Down The Magic

by | May 14, 2008 | 22 comments

Detroit set a NBA playoff record Tuesday night in their 91-86 victory against Orlando by committing just three turnovers in the game, none of which came in a tight second half. Down to the wire it went again as the Pistons, minus Chauncey Billups, showed The Magic they know how to close out games. It took a signature Tayshaun Prince Block on Hedo Turkoglu and key free throws by Rip Hamilton to seal the series for The Pistons.

The Pistons are now on their way to a sixth consecutive trip to The Eastern Conference Finals, they await the winner of the Celtics – Cavaliers series to begin their goal of reaching the NBA Finals again.

Key Points:

  • Antonio McDyess a double-double with 17 points, 11 boards and a takeaway. McDyess was everywhere on the defensive end and it was Dyess that kept the Pistons in the game when they couldn’t knock down a shot.
  • Dyess played with so much heart, but that’s nothing unusual, little did we know that he found out his Grandmother passed away when he got to the Palace before the game. “She was my mother, basically,” McDyess said. “The most important thing for me is that she had an opportunity to see me play in the league and I had the opportunity to take away all of her worries financially.” Via . My prayers go out to Antonio and his family at this difficult time. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love Antonio McDyess.
Antonio McDyess
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  • Then there was his fury and determination that led to him to the foul line late in the game. It’s just too bad his buckets got waived off.
  • “It made me think she was looking down upon us, definitely, and I’ll definitely dedicate this win to her because she never missed a game,” McDyess said. “She always called me, always talking about the game. She loved the Pistons. To have the opportunity to win this game on such an important day of her passing brings tears to my eyes, pretty much. I tried not to think about it when I was on the court. She was definitely with me.” Via The Detroit News.
  • Just three turnovers in one game is an amazing feat. On the opposite end of that, the Magic were comically handing the ball over to Detroit all game long.
  • What is a Pistons game without a Richard Hamilton to Tayshaun Price Alley Oop?
  • Dyess post game interview.
  • If there was ever a time to do this for Dyess…this is it.
  • I don’t know what it is about broadcasts but they don’t quite capture the intensity or noise in the Palace. I can tell you with all honesty that I screamed, whistled and clapped so hard the entire game that I became dizzy. I am paying this morning with a headache and a voice that doesn’t register beyond a whisper.
  • So what if Dwight Howard put up a double-double, it was as if he wasn’t even on court. Had he knocked down his free throws things may have turned out better for his tea. He went 6-for-15 from the line. I don’t care what you tell me, the Pistons, the crowd and the pressure rattled him.
  • Could Rodney have done better in Chauncey’s absence? Stuck played like a vet putting up 15 points with 6 assists and 2 steals while running the floor like a pro. And how about this gem to Tayshaun Prince for the trey to put the Pistons up 76-70 in the fourth.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and TNT
  • I will admit it now, I was a bit worried that Stuckey was in the game late in the fourth quarter, but he soon gained my confidence. I just kept thinking, this kid isn’t turning the ball over. Little did I know until the post game recap by Blaha that not only didn’t he turn the ball over the entire game, but the Pistons set the playoff record.
  • The Pistons just 3 for 14 from downtown. Sheed himself was 0-for-6 and the entire crowd almost cringed in anticipation every time he put one up.
  • I don’t know what the broadcast showed, but Chauncey Billups was up on his feet barking orders to his team the entire second half.
  • What a defensive effort from Detroit. It didn’t matter that they could barely hit a shot, the D kept them in the game. As I was sitting in my seat in the fourth quarter I can remember the Magic being stuck at 70 points for an eternity.
  • Highlights of The Game.
  • Rip started the game cold, but boy did he do his part to heat the game up. He led the Pistons with 31 points in 41 minutes, surpassing Isiah’s record and leading Detroit to another trip to the ECF. Something must be said for his gritty defensive effort on Lewis while diving for loose balls and pickpocketing the ball 4 times. Rip made it a point to get to the line all game long, it was his late game free throws that clinched it for The Pistons. Mr. Hamilton was a perfect 16-for-16 from the line.
Rip Hamilton
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Rip didn’t even see who blocked the shot late in the game, he just saw some flexin.
  • Five Pistons in double figures.
  • Rebound war lost 46-38.
  • I always enjoy my ride home from the Palace by listening to Matt Dery on WDFN’s post game coverage, but last night I got a chance to talk to him before he went on air. Long and short of our conversation….the Magic choked.
  • Surprisingly Dwight Howard walked off court as Rasheed Wallace was walking over to shake his hand after the game. Turkoglu bolted too.
  • Team Need4Sheed is calling for Tayshaun’s MVP trophy already.
  • The entire bench saw time on the floor, but Detroit got just 4 points from the bench. Three came from Lindsey and Maxiell’s single point game from a free throw.
  • How about Maxiell’s block on Rashard Lewis that sent him tumbling to the ground.
  • Stuckey’s late game layup over Dwight Howard was HUGE. I swear to you I could just hear Blaha saying “Stuckey off the high glass and he hits it” in my head after the play. I don’t care if you are Superman….Rodney isn’t afraid of anyone.
Rodney Stuckey
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  • “(Stuckey’s) never going to back away,” Saunders said. “I remember when he first started playing, I yelled at him about something and he came over and said, ‘Why do you always yell at me and you never yell at Chauncey?’ I said, ‘I yelled at Chauncey a long time ago.’ And the reason I am on him is because I think he can be a special player in this league.” Via The Detroit News
  • The Pistons didn’t let the Magic score in fourth for the first 8:19 minutes of the quarter. Now that’s some serious D.
  • Stuckey named to the All Rookie second team.
  • Though Theo played just 4 minutes, he had 3 key boards in that stretch.
  • “It’s an awesome feeling, but playing in the conference finals is something we feel we’re supposed to do,” he said. “That’s just our confidence. We feel we have to make it to the Finals, the NBA Finals. That’s our goal.” Via The Detroit News
  • Yes the Magic stepped out of bounds and kept posses ion, but the Pistons got their share of breaks this series so lets call it even.
  • I have criticized Flip Saunders for years about his lack of adjustments, but did a heck of a job making adjustments this series and frustrating the hell out of Dwight Howard.
  • Both Sheed and Rip were 7-for-20 from the floor.
  • Credit Joe Dumars for the job he’s done with this team. Thanks to Team Need4Sheed Captain Steve for the link.
  • “Just because I went to a small school doesn’t mean nothing,” Stuckey said. “I believe in myself when I step out there. This is why Joe [Dumars] drafted me.” Via ESPN
  • Happy to be done with this guy, his team who talked too much and the hacks in the Orlando media. Hope your fishing trip is rewarding, our team had business to take care of.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and TNT
  • Dumars talks to Chad Ford of ESPN about the potential preference between Boston and Cleveland.
  • Who do you want to see Cleveland or Boston?


  1. arrow

    I definately want to see Cleveland. We have home court against them, and we need some revenge from last year. Plus, if Boston ever “wakes up,” I think they’re still the favorites for the title.

  2. khajatiger

    i don’t know if you saw it but Joe D and Jason were both on espn first take this morning. Joe D talking about going to the ecf for 6 straight years and who we would rather see there. And Jason talking about the game and who we would rather see. All in all they were both good interviews.

  3. claire

    now that we’re done with the distractions that are round 1 and 2, let’s get on with the real business: the ECF. I only have one thing to say about the conference finals, regardless of who we’re playing, if the Pistons show with focus, they will win. I think that’s the biggest thing for this team. We have plenty of talents, experience, and coaching (yes, Flip is below Larry Brown and above twenty-something other coaches out there), all we need is FOCUS!

    So where is that delusional Magic fan who proclaimed that the Magic will win because of Superman and all that crap?

  4. The Fluidics

    I think the ECF will be against Cleveland. They have the experience to get past Boston. If they take tonights game in Boston, forget about it, they close it out at home on thursday. I really don’t think the Celtics can win in Cleveland, so it’s up to the Cav’s to steal one.

    I know we’ve faired well against the cavs all season, but watch out, that would be a very gritty series. That said, I think the Pistons have it to go all the way. They are playing with determination, and if one of their tools aren’t working, they just grab another out of the shed and use it.

  5. vayama

    I’d rather see Boston, personally. Getting revenge against Cleveland would be nice but I really can’t stand their style of basketball, not to mention some of their key players. I’d much prefer a shot at Stern’s golden boys so the Pistons can foil his obvious plan.

  6. amer-ican prince

    has anyone else noticed that we have beaten up on young inexperienced teams to get to the ecf the last couple years. Then we have one big challanging team in the conference and we fold.
    05-06 Bucks(W), Cavs(W), Miami(L)
    06-07 Magic(W), Bulls(W), Cavs(L)
    07-08 76ers(W), Magic(W), ?

    And the Pistons haven’t put up 2 good games in a row all playoffs. A lot of times they don’t even put up good games, they put up good halves. I’m a little worried but if they’re serious about this team being different than before now is when it is going to show.

    If all those guys come ready to play for 2 more series for at least 4 games each, then there is no one who can stop this team. But they gotta want it.

    And I’m not putting this up to attack them, it’s like what Flip said about Stuckey, He yells at him because he believes he could be great. I’m not yelling but I believe in this team and I’m hoping Amir (who better play in the next couple series by the way, now that Magic’s series is over with) or someone on the the team will read this and remind his team that they gotta bring it harder than the past two series, and they can’t blame being tired this time, cause they’re getting a lot of rest, especially Chauncey.

    Good luck Pistons.

  7. The Fluidics

    Top seeded teams play bottom seeded teams, that’s just the way the brackets work. For tougher playoff matchups, the Pistons would have to be much worse in the regular season, and nobody want’s to put up with that.
    I think Detroit is right where they want to be, under the radar, nobody (nationaly) expects much from them.

    If this was the regular season< I'd be worried about Boston, but these playoffs have shown that Boston is not mentally there. Cleveland would be a hard series, but quite winnable. These Pistons still believe they were the better team last season, and wouldn't let it happen again. As for the west, Detroit swept SA, swept NO, split with LA, and lost to Utah. I think this team has a real shot at the title this season, but lests take it one game at a time. We still don’t know when we are playing, who we are playing, or if it’s at home or the road. I know this much, if it is Boston, they will NOT shut the Pistons out in Boston. Pistons are a good road team.

  8. ric

    who do i want pistons to play next? unlike many, i prefer the boston, i think we have a better chance of winning if pistons plays them. for one good reason, boston is not built to win lots of games on the road during the playoffs, second, they are not as aggressive during the playoffs compare during the regular season. also, i rather see dyess/maxiel, sheed and tay guard garnett, perkins and pierce instead of z, ben and lebron….but the downside to it is we don’t get homecourt advantage which is favorable if we play clev instead…..but ultimately, either way, i think we match perfectly with clev or celts…the fact that i want to get our revenge against clev is what i want.

  9. Amanda

    I can’t decide who I’d rather see the Pistons face in the ECF. With Cleveland there would be the “revenge” subplot and the fact that Ben’s with the Cavs makes it that much more dramatic. And then with Boston you have the TRUE beasts of the East vs. the wannabes. I can’t stand a couple of Celtics players (mainly KG) and I hate pretty much every single Cavalier but it doesn’t matter who it is, all the analysts are going to be praising the other team. Whatever.

    Any idea if at least a game or two will be broadcasted on FSN or myTV20? I’m sick of watching them on TNT and ESPN. I need me some Blaha-Kelser commentary!

  10. Amanda

    P.S. I really wished I noticed Tay’s flexing after the block. Can’t beleive I missed it!

  11. ChiDetrings

    I want to see whichever team is going to prepare us most for the NBA Finals. The Pistons right now are saying that the Finals is their ultimate goal only because they have the healthy mentality that you need to take it one step at a time. We all know what this team really desires and I will respect whichever team, Boston or Cleveland that gives the Pistons a good challenge and prepares them for the West’s contender.

  12. justsayno5526105

    MCDYECIOUS GAME (I really want Natalie to start using that!) Definitely want to see Cleveland. I’ll take home court and a Pistons grudge any day of the week. Plus, like someone said, if Boston ever wakes up, they are a tough team. I’m still a little shocked at their play so far. Especially against Cleveland.

  13. ric

    the pistons doesn’t really have any referrence on who they want to play, practically, and i agree. there’s only one opponent that they worry about, which is what they should and that opponent is themselves! ever heard of rest vs. rust? i favor the rest in pistons situation mainly coz of chauncey, but like i said, pistons opponents are themselves, how well they prepare for the next round, and how well they focus during the game. if pistons comes fully prepare with intensity and focus, there’s no stopping them from getting all the win.

  14. Danafesto

    I think nothing could be wrong in the world, at least for a golden moment, if Tayshaun got MVP. OMG, that would be the best.

    I would must rather see the Pistons play Boston–I don’t like watching Cleveland play. BUT, not having home court advantage scares me. I guess that’s no different than what people have been saying.

  15. Richie

    I agree with Arrow for the same reasons. Our full house beats their king.

  16. rydiehl3

    You forgot to cross out another number!!!!

  17. samigator35


    okay so conference finals needs to be against cleveland.


    so everyone can shut up about THE BIG THREE and how good they are, and so the pistons can get their REVENGE.


  18. tomo718

    1) Win a “SHIP” for Granny McDyess!

    2) I can’t hate Stan Van Gundy, he really did a fine job getting his young team to the 2nd round. And he showed up that backstabbing Pat Riley whose team is played for pingpong balls.

    3) Awsome block by Tay!

  19. Enzo

    I’m just wondering, if we get Cleveland for the finals, do you think Ben Wallace will be their key in beating our team? I mean, in terms of his familiarity with some of our plays or playing style of our players?

  20. Steve in OH


    I think we need to get the brooms out if we get to the point that Ben is their key to beating us.

  21. the taints of new orleans

    Tay’s block was siick, gotta love the flex afterwards too, it’s always good to see Tay show swag, he only does occasionally but it’s always warranted. Unlike bron-bron always pounding his chest when he makes a 12 footer at the end of the first quarter against the heat in November. basically Tay > Leron haha.
    Bring on Bean town.


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