Tayshaun Prince Blocks Hedo Turkoglu

by | May 13, 2008 | 31 comments

Tayshaun keeps saving the day! Tayshaun Prince’s block on Hedo Turkoglu.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and TNT

With seconds left and the game on the line, Royalty takes over. And don’t think for one second Prince’s Kingdom wasn’t rocking. Tayriffic!


  1. Steve in OH

    Don’t mess with the Prince.

  2. Vars4

    Yes sirrr! Rip 16/16 from the FT line. Tay with the block. Stuckey filling in nicely for Billups. Rasheed’s D. And, in my opinion, the MVP of the series is Antonio with his tough rebounding games and playing well after the death of his grandmother.

  3. amer-ican prince

    Go get it!

    That’s how you play d.

  4. Junior

    You would think by now Van Gundy learned NOT to let Hedo take the “Clutch shot”. But I guess not….I couldn’t believe he was leaving it up to Turk again to come through for the Magic.

    Everyone doggs Reggie Miller for not dunking that time Tay blocked him. Now, I am not so sure that it would have made a difference.

    You really CANNOT play better defense than that.

  5. Goéland en chef

    Tayshaun has been outstanding in these playoffs. Now, the fact that he has managed to be clutch and prolific offensively amazes me and gives me tremendous hope, but what gives me more pride is seeing him continue to defend masterfully. This block caps it all. Our Tay-tay´s ascension has been meteoric and a sight for the ages.

  6. The Fluidics

    The Pistons defense was unreal tonight. Seriously. The score was 71-70, and I said they got it. No way, from that point, were they going to lose the game.
    Tay is the playoff MVP no question.

    Let’s get them Cav’s now!

  7. Bart

    when im watching a pistons game its like watchin the lord of the rings, they all have some sort of superpowers
    with dyess definitely being gandalf, so humble yet powerful although herrmann looks more like gandalf, but then again he has huge inhuman hands.
    anyways that was a great game. i just feel sorry for walters trademark drive, which shouldve gone in, its just magic that it hadnt.
    if they keep their mental and physical attitude for whoever they meet in the ecf it should make it an exciting series.
    sometimes i just sit there and think of my reaction to detroit winning it all.. i mean that would be awesome

  8. bianca-wonka

    GOD’s amazing grace!!!!!!!1

  9. ric

    woo hoo!!! we are heading to the eastern conference finals!!!!

  10. Justin

    That is in my opinion his 2nd greatest block in his career. Just behind the one on Reggie Miller.

    You guys are right. You can not possibly play any better defense than that.

    Tayshaun is the MVP so far in these playoffs.

  11. claire

    Though the game was tight at times, and the Pistons’ lead was never large, I didn’t feel that the Magic could take over this game. They didn’t look like they believe that they could win this game.

    But then again, it wouldn’t have mattered what the Magic believe, because the Pistons would impose their will on the opponents anyways.

    6th straight ECF, baby! Where are all the haters who claimed that the Pistons will get beaten by younger, and more athletic teams in the opening rounds?

    A great game by everyone.

  12. paulyd0021

    hey is there anyway to copy these types of motion pictures so I can post them else where, like on my myspace page. Tay’s block is awesome. But I really like the slow mo’s and the graphics Need4sheed has. 🙂

  13. Da BiG HalF

    Natalie – you should get a clip of Tay flexing after he got up after that block. That’s the most I’ve ever seen him celebrate one of his great plays…

  14. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    ANTONIO MCDYESS!! ALL FRICKEN DAY LONG!!! This guy … there are no words to even do justice to what he brings to this team. He gets everyone going back in the right direction when things start to go down hill. I LOVE THIS GUY!

    TAYSHAUN!!! Hope he can keep this up all the way through to the end because he has been huge so far — HUGE!! Loved the flexing of the muscles after that block. Great stuff =D

    Don’t know who I want in the ecf. Would love another shot at Lebron (payback time), but given the fact that we’ve all had the Celtics shoved down our throats all season, I’d love a shot at them also. I really don’t think I care who we play because we go to the finals either way. No it isn’t going to be a cakewalk to the finals no matter who we meet but I have all the faith in the world that we will be there when all is said & done!!


  15. ChiDetrings

    Natalie, please give us some info on what those nasty bloggers are saying now!
    With a solid core of Tay,Stuck,Amir,Max and Joe DeGenious mastermind, this team’s future seems quite bright…:)

  16. amer-ican prince

    just heard about Dyess finding out his grandma died while arriving to the game.

    My condolences to him and his family.
    But she must be proud of what she saw Dyess do tonight. This man’s all heart. And to play like that when that happens speaks a lot to his character and how much he wants that championship.

    The team better not let him down. They gotta play the full 48 for every game of Dyess is gonna win that championship.

    And the fans better come harder than that for Dyess, even the announcers noticed how quite the crowd was. Let’s take it to another level people. Do whatever you gotta do to get hyped.

  17. The Fluidics

    I don’t know how it came off on tv, but the crowd was LOUD in the Palace.

    I’ll never say the refs are against a team, but those national announcers HATE the Pistons, for whatever reason. Maybe the palace is just well insulated, so it’s not so loud on TV.

  18. ChiDetrings

    I bet Orlando media will talk about how the Magic beat themselves cause of all those turnovers (which were mostly steals from that DETROIT D!!!) but hand it to DWIGHT HOWARD for giving respect to the Pistons, talkin about how the Magic want to model themselves after Detroit and he even said, “Hope for the best out of Detroit.” Hey maybe Rasheed can lure him to Detroit!

  19. Jessi

    great block, I think the miller one and some if the ohers were better only becuase tay somes form no where to block them but this one is great for the timing.

    This block and play show two thinks

    1. Stan Van Gundy has a lot of conf. in Hedo since this is the same play which lead to the pistons win in game 4 when he drove to the basket and tay staned with him.

    2. its shows that Van Gundy feels that Hedo beat tay off the drive.

    I give tay props for staying on hedo right to the end and not dropping back and letting a big come over to defend. One on One basketball what the pistons love best.

    This probably was the best play since he does in both cases have a clear path to teh basket but he forgets on thing in his way TAYSHAUN the come from no where blocking King.

    Nat wasn’t able to make it to the game but was the palaces as quite as the annourcers said they were until the forth?

  20. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    Ok… so, Tay’s block on Reggie is known as “THE BLOCK”… Should this be then “THE BLOCK STRIKES BACK”????

    McDiggity played tough while mourning a relative… can we officially declare that Antonio McDyess has BALLS made of BRASS????

    Rip City… YESSIR!!!!

    One last thing: Doesn’t ANY OF YOU find it funny when they show Kevin Garnett in those League of Clutch commercials from Gatorade? I mean, the only player that goes more David Copperfield than KG in the clutch is Dirk Nowitzki… it’s a FACT that KG is not that clutch after all…

    And, who would you rather give the ball to with the game on the line: The Big Ticket… or MR. BIG SHOT?

    My thoughts exactly!!!!

  21. John

    Well done, truly a deserving moment for the Detroit Pistons.

    Sixth consecutive appearance in the Eastern Conference Final, now that must be something. Who would dare to argue that?

    I’ve always said only the Pistons can stop the Boston Celtics in the East.

    KG is no match for Need4Sheed, Chauncey & Hamilton are top class and McDyess is awesome.

    I’m also happy that Walter Herrmann is slowly getting into the Pistons rhythm.

    Please check out my recap. Any comments from you will be highly appreciated…


  22. lyndakay

    Oh c’mon now people…we didn’t beat them – they just made too many mistakes. You didn’t hear that proclamation from Rashard Lewis? I was beyond irritated when he said it after Game 4, but he made the same stupid statement after this LOSS. Whatever, dude. Enjoy your summer.

  23. JoJo67

    Which team do you think is better to meet in the Eastern Final.
    Cavs or Celtics, Boston has home court advantage but Cavs has Lebron and we know what he did last year.
    My pick is Boston, for me Lebron is a nightmare, we match up better with a team oriented squad rather then one man show, remember also Wade, he eliminated us alone 2 years ago

  24. JoJo67

    On Tay block. Look at Turkoglu left hand, it was also a foul, he extended the arm on Tay face, but Prince was able to blok th shot anyway. Amazing

  25. khajatiger

    Thanks alot Nat!!!!! I loved this block so much, it’s right up there with his block on Reggie!!!! If we win the Ship I really think that Tay would deserve the MVP trophy, he’s been the reason we made it out of both rounds, especially in the first round. In this round everyone woke up but Tay was always there cleaning up for us on defense.
    TAY FOR MVP!!!!!!!!

  26. Natalie Sitto


    That’s TayRiffic..

    The Palace didn’t fill up right away, the 7 pm start is hard for people not to mention the fact that a ton of people got stuck on 75 in traffic.

    By Halftime the Place was filled and rocking.

  27. Richie

    I would like to take this time to remind everyone of the raging suggestions at the end of last season and the start of this season about trading Tay. I’ve always discounted it as rediculous, in part because of his ability to give us plays like this.
    Furthermore, I would like us to learn from those silly suggestions so that if this season doesn’t end the way we’d like it to, or if in the future when there are small losing streaks during the season- it’s NOT the end of the world. In Joe Dumars I trust.

  28. Mr. Piston45

    Charles Barkley said durring the season that Sheed could be the MVP bc of his abilities, but he does not have the mental indset to do it. I think that only a Pistons fan could answer that bc Barkley dosent realise that Rasheed is not about winning the MVP he is about winning a championship and to do that you need a different mind set.

  29. Mr. Piston45

    My teacher said last season that the Pistons should get a whole new team and build around Max and Tayshaun (he is a big fan) i didnt really know what he was talking about bc of the chemistry with the Pistons but i think that he is just a critic. Just goes to show you in this series that the vets can out smart and maybe outplay the rookies and young guys any day.

  30. Mr. Piston45

    My friend lives in Indian Village and he always gets on the press about how they treat Detroit sports teams. (we win and its about what the other team did wrong not what we did right) but lately all i have been hearing about on Around the Horn and PTI is good things for the Pistons and Wings.

  31. balldontlie20

    This game really had me outta my seat. All Ive gotta say is DEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL! I cant wait for the Pistons vs Celetics matchup. My guess Pistons in 6… by the way the only person I respect on the Cavs is Big ben.


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