Pistons – Magic Game Five

by | May 13, 2008 | 51 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Magic Round 2
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The Pistons have the chance to end their second round matchup tonight at home against Orlando. Up 3-1 Detroit would love to wrap this one up tonight and wait on the winner of the Celtics – Cavs series for their sixth consecutive trip to The Eastern Conference Finals.

Chauncey will likely be a game time decision again today, though feeling a bit better he’ll only play if he’s close to 100%. Joe Dumars seems to think he may give it a go.

Rip is on the verge of becoming the franchise’s all-time leading scorer in the playoffs. He needs just 11 points to pass Isiah Thomas, who holds the record at 2,261. Crazy thing is it only has took Rip six seasons to do it.

I’m expecting a fight from both teams tonight, so this one should be good (not that they haven’t been thus far.)

Tip off is at 7:00 PM and will be Nationally televised on TNT. If you can’t catch it on the tube you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

Just in case you were wondering, my playoff Palace ensemble of the Red Sheed and Pistons Kicks is 4-0. See, I do my part.

I am hoping The MOVEMENT travels to The Palace tonight, since it’s clearly growing.

The rest Pistons Fans is up to you in the comments.


  1. Retrokidz201

    Letssssss Goooooo Piiiiiisssttttonnnsssssss

  2. nofreechili

    Hold on to your first born children Magic fans, Maxiell is going to have a big night!

  3. mobius909

    i’ll tell you what, if i told my momma to sit her #$$ down, she would have back handed me in front of 40,000 fans.

  4. Jess

    LOL Mobius909. My mom would have too. And Im sure it wasnt 40,000…

  5. Steve

    horrible idea not to play him we got LUCKY in game 4, could go to 7 games now..Hope they win if not o well..

  6. Jess

    Here’s another good limk everyone should look at.


    It headlines consist of:
    -Chauncey: No go for Game 5
    -Hamilton 10 points behind Isiah for No. 1
    -Stuckey makes 2nd team All-Rookie
    -Billups: ‘I’m very encouraged’
    -Prince makes 2nd team All-Defense
    -Thank Hawks for needed days off

    But of course we knew most of that.

  7. Livedrupo

    Anyone else catch Hamilton’s flop? That was funny.

    Good game so far.

  8. Phil

    Yeah that was weak, come on RIP!

    Who else heard Fratello and thought “what an a$$hole!”, when he said the series easily could have been 3-1 with the Magic on top because of the clock malfunction and the no-call on Turk-o-glue? I used to like Mike Fratello. No more!

  9. Steve in OH

    Rip’s broken Isiah’s record!

  10. xxeredxx

    Rodney Stuckey made the all rookie second team!

  11. Phil

    Considering the way we played for most of the first half, I’m quite pleased we’re leading at half time. At least it looks like Rip’s shots are starting to fall.

  12. Jason

    Not closing the 3rd quarter well…

  13. Jason

    We need a run to start this 4th quarter.

  14. Jason

    McDyess is playing like a mad man!

  15. mannie32

    stuckey has come a LONG ways!!! wow… just a solid, solid game… making all the right decisions

  16. mannie32

    wow just as i say that, stuckey had that SWEET behind the back while in the air assist to tay for the 3!!!

  17. Jason

    This is what I’m talkin’ about!

  18. Steve in OH

    This recap needs only one bullet point…


  19. mannie32

    oh and i remember a couple people said “let’s face it, mcdyess is washed up” when pistons were down 2-1 to philly… wow they must be eating their words… he and tay have been our best players in this year’s playoffs

  20. Jason

    Dyess does not want to go back to Orlando! Unless he goes to Disney world after we win the title…

  21. Dominic

    Wow Dyess has made all the Hustle Plays this game I love it. Tay, while not performing well on the stat sheet, is still making important extra passes and playing rock solid D on Jerkoglu This is still his playoff run with Dyess directly behind him.

    Where’s Cheikh Samb?

    ^Had to say it lol

  22. Jason

    I’m so sick of Keith Bogans

  23. Jason

    I also hate Turkoglu

  24. Jason

    Will somebody please T up that used car salesman (AKA Stan VanGundy)

  25. Jason

    no 3’s!!!!!!!!

  26. Jason

    TAY! TAY! TAY!

  27. Steve in OH

    That was a bad-ass block, Mr. Prince.

  28. Nate

    Trying to dunk on Tay in the final seconds??? Get that sh** out!!!

  29. Jessi

    play of the game tays block, he has come up big when we needed him to. I say MVP this year for him if he keeps it up..

    Pistons will get to rest something they did not get last year. We had our test first round well maybe not test but wake up call. The pistons are the only team who will not have to play at least six. and if boston plays seven we will be rested. One big key in the next series is going to be Tayshaun, he is a little off with his shot this game but he has been on everythign else. if he can keep it up and every one else with him the pistons will win. The two games the boston beat detroit tay did nto play well so heres to detroit getting rest and being ready for the ECF.

    I will give it to the magic they put up a fight but I really think had chanucey not gotten hurt in game three, there would not have been a game five.

  30. Steve in OH

    Deeeeeeeeeetroit Basketballlllllll

  31. Nate

    Well done Mr Hamilton…..16-16 on free throws. And what can you say about McDyess, that guy is all heart. He wants a ring more than anyone else.

  32. Richie

    We love you, Tay!

  33. Steve in OH

    Am I correctly reading this box score? Turnovers were 21 to 3 in our favor (obviously)? Impressive.

    Dyess is to the Pistons what Yzerman was to the Wings – that’s my position and I’m stickin to it.

    Tay sure as hell has been HUUUUGE for us all playoffs as well.

  34. vrich5710


    – Vin

    =) =) =)

  35. mannie32

    wooooooooooooooo that might be one of my fave blocks of all time

  36. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    YESSIR!!!!!! We’re going to the conference finals for the SIXTH STRAIGHT YEAR!!!!

    To RasharDelusionaLewis: WHO’S THE BETTER TEAM NOW BEYATCH????


    To Dwight Howard: ‘Sheed is not just your mentor, he’s your Kryptonite, your Master of the Universe… and your DADDY… True dat!!!!!

    To Stan “Ron Jeremy” Van Gundy: What are you gonna bitch and moan about now, eh? Have a nice summer in Florida!!!!!

    Now to my boyz…

    Stuck: LOOKING GOOD BRO! Thanks for stepping up and giving Chauncey his much-needed rest!

    TAY: ‘Sheed was wrong… I DO know that there’s ONE KING… ALL HAIL KING TAY!!!!!

    Rip: Yessir… you did it again!!!!! Congrats on being the all-time leading scorer… Rip City lives on!!!!!

    McDiggity: Four games left and we’ll take YOU to the PROMISED LAND, Guaran’sheed!!!!!

    Lindsey: No matter what, you’re still the man, dog!!!!!

    Now, let’s sit down, relax and watch the Chokeltics and the LeBrons beat each other in 7 games… may the massacre begin… may the chaos, mayhem, and brawls begin… after all, that’s good news for us!!!!


  37. Jess


    Im so glad they knocked them out. Now they get to rest even though we usually like them continuously playing when they are winning but I think this rest will do them good and their momentum wasnt that great anyways. THEY NEED SOME REST!

    I rather them play Boston over Cleavland simply because when they play Cleavland, it actually seems like its Pistons against the refs. Not that they dont have stuperstars in Boston!

  38. Jess

    El patron himself, Raúl A. Mora,

    I couldnt have said it any better myself. Everything you said was so on point and LMAOO at “To Stan “Ron Jeremy” Van Gundy.”


  39. missxshanna

    Remember when everyone was saying “Let’s trade Prince”….

    So what’s the max of days we’re going to be resting?

  40. Jess

    Depending on how the Boston-Cleavland series goes, our earliest Game 1 could be Monday and if not Monday, than it’ll be Tuesday.

  41. Mr. Piston45

    Ive had fun watching the Wizards and the Celts beat up LB but if we go to face the Cavs again i think it would be worse then if we faced the Celtics bc of the clutch players the Cavs have like LB and Boobie. I think that the BEAT DETROIT thing get into LB’s head when he starts to shoot those half court 3’s

  42. Mr. Piston45

    Funny stuff with LB and his mom. I think someone needs a paddling bc LB’s mom is going to beat him b4 they beat detroit

  43. Mr. Piston45

    I lost a lot of respect for the Phili fans in that series when they started to chant “detroit sucks” . This isint the pistons year to win it all. The NBA is turning into a new game. The vets are getting ran out of the building like in New Orleans. It will take a focased Pistons team to keep tempo. But if we see new orleans in the finals the Lakers or Spurs would look a lot tastier even with a MVP. (Forget the Jazz; whens the last time we won there? 2001?)

  44. mannie32

    pistons set a new playoff record for least turnovers in a game – only 3!

  45. mannie32

    oh and that was without billups playing, that’s crazy impressive

  46. khajatiger

    hey Nat one request for tomorrow, can you please put up the TAYRIFFIC BLOCK from the end of the game if at all possible!?!

  47. Jess

    I know you’re probably not home yet Nat, but I am so ready to see an X over that 9!

  48. shaynuff

    That’s 5-0 with the Playoff Palace ensemble now!!

    Condolences to McDyess. He played a hell of a game after hearing that his grandmother passed.

  49. Phil

    Wow, these Magic players just can’t stop with their pathetic loser comments even after they’ve been eliminated! Yeah, keep believing this crap guys…

    “They didn’t do anything that beat us, we just made too many mistakes,” Turkoglu said.

    “We played them tough,” Nelson said. “If there’s anyone in their locker room who didn’t think this was tough, they don’t know what tough is.”


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