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by | May 11, 2008 | 12 comments

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I threw him to the ground. Get it right,” quipped McDyess. “I felt that he was trying to bully me, so I saw him trying to throw me down. So I said, ‘I’m not falling by myself. He gotta come with me.’ So I kind of grabbed him along with me when I was falling backwards.” Via MLive

Some of you need to be reminded that as mild mannered and sweet as Antonio is, he can hold his own.

Think Dyess had something to deal with, well Chris McCosky of The Detroit News got into a bit of a scuffle with a member of the Orlando media because of an earlier incident while appearing on an Orlando radio show.

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions during this series, Orlando’s media is acting childish and offensive.

Thank You Chris!


  1. Steve in OH

    Pardon my French, but…

    Don’t f*** with Dyess!

  2. Amber

    Hahahaha, wow. I keep telling people lately that Dice is acting more and more like Sheed….
    Ever since he had his nose broken, he’s definitely not one to be messed with.
    Lol I love Blaha, “That was mostly Howard there!” I haven’t heard Blaha all playoffs–I miss him.

  3. claire

    here’s an article that also notices the Orlando media’s stupidity:


    I didn’t know that newspapers are allowed to be THAT unprofessional. I can’t wait for the Pistons to shut down their season for good.

    And this is kinda off-topic but D. Howard doesn’t deserve the nickname “Superman” because he never made that dunk. He freaking threw the ball in the basket (hands were no where near or on the rim).

  4. Erin

    I have seen the websites that are linked in this little article, and I must say I was appalled. So much so, that I sent a letter to the editor, and I feel others should do the same. let them know that this kind of behavior is not called for, especially by adults, more than likely grown men.
    Just in case, here’s a copy of my email, and then the email address.
    Dear Editors,
    I’m writing in regards to a page I saw on your paper’s website. (And I gave the link)
    I just want to know if you actually signed off on something so immature that it degrades the credibility of your newspaper? A friend of mine pointed this out to me, and as a non biased spectator of this series, I find it very offensive that as adults, you believe this kind of thing to be newspaper quality? Also, the E-mail this to another Magic fan (or better yet, a Pistons fan) comment, shows that this is just as childish as sending a note to someone telling them they have cooties. (Yes I did just go there)
    I hope that you have received other letters from people about this link and hope that there is a drastic change in the future. This is not how adults should behave, after all, this is just a game. Shouldn’t we be the one’s setting a good example for our young kids?
    And just for the record, I do not think this letter is an overreaction. This kind of blatant disrespect for someone, is uncalled for, and it is a form of hate. And as you should all be aware, Hate is not a message that should be spread.
    Concerned Reader.
    email address insight@orlandosentinel.com

  5. The Fluidics

    Between Dyess’s heart, and Princes determination, I really don’t see how this team can lose.

    What’s the gameplan? Hold Chauncey down? Sheed beats you.
    Stop Rip? Prince beats you.
    Lock down on Sheed? Dyess beats you.

    The only team that can beat the Pistons, is the Pistons.

  6. Justin

    Erin very nicely written. Let us know if you get ANY response to that email. Somehow I doubt it.

    Seems to me any time there is an altercation and Kevin Garnett is around all he does is back pedal his way out of it. I believe there are a few choice words to describe that. One would be soft. But we all knew that.

    Paul Pierce – softer than charmin

    Kevin Garnett – as soft as soft serve ice cream

    But onto the topic of the Orlando media. Who knew that this group of people had these issues? Wow. Good for Chris for sticking up for himself. I don’t remember at any time during any series that any of the media (Albom excluded) in this area have acted like this. Even when the Wings and Avs went through their rivalry back in the day and it seemed like every day Woody Page (I think it was him) writing for some paper in Denver went to the Detroit thug city/bums argument. What is it with these media types? I know the key thing in any type of media is to get noticed. The more your name is out there the more money you make for your newspaper in terms increases readership or viewership in the case of TV people. But this is just dumb. I hope, and I am crossing my fingers that someone in that press room had their cell phone and recorded that altercation. That would be awesome.

  7. The Fluidics

    These media types take the cheap shots at Detroit because it’s the easy thing to do. Much easier than to actually do their jobs.
    It’s pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    Good for Chris. Good for the Pistons fans sticking up for Detroit on lame Orlando blogs.
    Good for te Pistons who never listen when everybody says they are not good enough or too old.

  8. Arjun

    Forget Clinton, Obama, and McCain – Dyess for President 08!!

    His campaign should be based on his offensive rebound at the end of the game.

    McDyess stopped givin a f**k like…six weeks ago

  9. funksteady

    Took me a long time to appreciate Dyess as a Pistons starter cause I was a huge Ben fan n just couldn’t get over his departure. But after watchin him play his heart out even with the broken nose in these playoffs, n seein him throw “supaman” around I’m really startin to dig.

  10. Natalie Sitto

    Great Email Erin, I followed suit. Let’s hope we get some reaction.

  11. Mustafa

    Superman got bullied around by BATMAN ( THE MAN WITH MASK ) AKA DYESS!


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