Down To The Wire – Pistons Up 3-1

by | May 11, 2008 | 21 comments

Despite having their All Star point guard on the sidelines in dress clothes, The Pistons took care of business to go up 3-1 on the Orlando Magic with their 90-89 win on the road. In a game that had 20 lead changes with Detroit down by as much as 15 and was tied 26 times, the Pistons made it clear why they have been to five consecutive Eastern Conference Finals. They know how to get it done down the wire.

Key Points:

  • Tayrific Win!
Tayshaun Prince
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Photo/Getty Images
  • With seconds left a Rasheed Wallace missed jumper and a HUGE rebound from Antonio McDyess, Tayshaun Prince hit a floating lay in with 8.9 second left in the game that ended up being the game winner.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and FSN Detroit

  • Here is the whole play in it’s entirety. Love Chauncey’s reaction from the sidelines.
  • Speaking of Chauncey’s reaction, he looked like I do during games. The guy looked like his stomach was in knots from the third quarter on.
  • How about the job Detroit (Rasheed) did on Dwight Howard. The Pistons took Dwight out of the game keeping him away from the rim and only allowing him to score 8.
  • Iron man Prince logged almost 46 minutes on the floor.
  • Detroit now has a chance to seal a trip to their sixth straight Eastern Conference Finals with a win at home on Tuesday.
  • Dyess, who played with so much heart, was back in the starting lineup for Game Four.
  • Richard Hamilton led the Pistons with 32 points on 12-for-24 shooting, with 6 boards, 3 assists and 2 steals. Credit Rip’s hot hand for one of the reason why the Pistons came back from a 15 point deficit.
Richard Hamilton
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Photo/Getty Images
  • All hail Lindsey Hunter who came in and disrupted The Magic’s offensive flow. Not to mention the key three pointer to give the Pistons the lead during their 15-0 run.
  • Dwight Howard did not make a basket after the first quarter.
  • “If you look, he got shots today,” Van Gundy said. “Our shots were pretty balanced across the board. He got a dozen shots, he just couldn’t get them in the basket. They were physical with him, and how the game is called is a huge thing.” Via MLive Is that Van Gundy complaining about calls?
  • Jameer Nelson is making a Guarantee. (Thanks to Umar R. for the link) “I’m not trying to be arrogant or cocky or anything like that,” said Nelson after the Magic fell to the Pistons 90-89 Saturday in Game 4. “But tonight, we let it slip out of our hands. Game 2 we let slip out of our hands. “We’re going to win this game in Detroit.” Via The Orlando Sentinel Doesn’t he know he’s not Sheed? Silly little man.
  • Rodney Stuckey started in place of Chauncey Billups, but early foul trouble limited his getting into the flow of the game. Stuckey finished with 6 points and 4 assists while still looking like a rookie at times.
  • I just don’t like Dooling, who fouled out and was given a technical foul late in the game after a hard foul on Rip.
  • Surprised to see Jarvis dressed instead of Amir and even more surprised to see Hayes get time on court. Jarvis knocked down his first shot, a three pointer, but missed his next two and was soon pulled and didn’t return. He played just four minutes.
  • Tay was fantastic again finishing with 17 points, 5 boards and 5 assists and this signature block. If Tayshaun Prince plays the way he has been in the post season, it’s going to be pretty hard to stop this team.
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and FSN Detroit
  • I knew you would want to see the block again and again and again. You have to love how excited my man Blaha gets when he squashes this one.
  • Gutsy win by the fellas who didn’t give up. It’s nice to be up 3-1 going home.
  • More rest for Chauncey along with a cushion.
  • Ben Q Rock from Third Quarter Collapse, who’s much classier than any of the Orlando Media, says this series is a wrap.
  • “We’ve been through so much,” Lindsey Hunter said. “We’ve let a couple of years slip away when we thought we had a chance to win another championship. This year, the only thing that’s on our mind is getting back to the NBA Finals and not let another opportunity slip away. That’s what this was about tonight.” Via The Detroit News
  • FSN Detroit Highlights of the game.
  • The Magic led by as much as 15, The Pistons 7.
  • Rebound war won 39-35 thanks to the 14 Antonio McDyess pulled down. Dyess was the key many times in the game giving Detroit second chances, but none bigger than the final play of the game. McDyess was just as responsible for the final bucket as Tayshaun was. And boy was he happy. A smiling Dyess can light up The Palace.
Antonio McDyess
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Photo/Getty Images
  • The old dog had a little bite left in him, but Lindsey Hunter still couldn’t avoid the trappings of advancing basketball age. It was a “three-bagger” for him Saturday. Three ice bags, that is – one on each knee and another wrapped around his right ankle.Even worse, he couldn’t get up from his seat at his locker room cubicle. “I’m as stiff as a board,” he said with a wince, “but it’s still worth it when you can show the young fellas around here that there’s still some game underneath there.” It was there, hiding behind cobwebs and dust, waiting to finally see the light of that inevitable day when the aging warrior is called upon for that final battle.” From Drew Sharp of The Detroit Free Press
  • Not a huge offensive game from Sheed. His 16 points and 8 boards weren’t as important as his disruptive defensive game.
  • Big minutes from both teams starters.
  • Maxiell another zero in his 14 minutes on the floor.
  • 11 points from the Pistons bench, 8 from Hunter and 3 from Hayes.
  • I called it right before the end of the game, I knew if it was close at the end the Pistons were going to win. My confidence however didn’t slow down my erratic heartbeat.
  • Seems as though we aren’t the only ones questioning Hedo’s gamble on holding the ball and taking the last shot. “It was his one-on-one play,” Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said. “I don’t know why he held the ball as long as he did, but it was his play.” Via The Detroit News
  • Chauncey couldn’t have been more excited when the buzzer sounded.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and FSN Detroit
  • Tayshaun Prince’s post game interview.
  • Tons of Pistons fans in the crowd.
  • Lindsey Hunter got the best of Jameer Nelson when he was on court.
  • The Magic missed eight straight shots and committed two turnovers when Detroit was on their 15-0 run to get back in the game.
  • Double techs for Howard and Dyess. Looked like a pretty hard pull down of Dyess by Howard if you ask me.
  • Detroit’s experience was evident.
  • The Orlando Sentinel keeps stooping lower and lower! This sign is bad enough, but how do you print this picture on your website? I know for a fact that that sign wouldn’t get into The Palace under any circumstances.
  • I would love a convincing win on Tuesday at The Palace.
  • The Movement is spreading.
  • As always I would like to hear what the ESPN broadcasting had to say about the game since I was watching the FSN broadcast with Blaha and Kelser with delight.


  1. Ryan

    WOW! Wubble-U – O – Wubble-U! I really this game would be tight from the start. I never thought the ‘Stones would be rallying towards this win. It’s over in 5. Orlando is done!

    They’re Orlan-DONE!!!


  2. Dominic

    Forget Chauncey look at Jarvis’s reaction!
    Great win horrible first half but I’m glad we stuck it through. If Tay keeps it up with the 4th quarter plays I’m gonna start calling him Mr. Clutch. (something I’ve considered doing since his block on Reggie, now that’s clutch)

  3. Dominic

    RICHARD HAMILTON: “I don’t want it like that (playing without Billups) – that’s like my brother and we’ve been here since the beginning. I just had to step up, but be patient. Don’t be out of control and let the game come to me.”

    That kind of stuff makes me hope this team never gets broken up. This team is a family

  4. iloveblaha01

    Can you post Sheeds reaction to that foul?? I heard it was hilarious!

  5. Gabe

    As for ESPN’s coverage of the game, I must give Dorris Burke credit. She’s no Hubie Brown(who is?) but she has the same steady deminor and she knows a hell of a lot about the game. Whats more she never sunk to rehashing the same platitudes regarding the Pistons “flippimg the switch”, but did point out that the pistons ellicit frustration from their fans because they either look unbeatable or listless. We’ve heard this kind of thing before, but she just seems to have more dignity than most of these hacks. She knows the game, she has a great understated demenor, and she was very complimentary of the pistons, particularly prince(before he hit “the shot”) recognizing, as we all are, that Tayshaun playing at his highest level is our X factor that puts us over the top. I hope Chauncy gets well soon, because by then we’ll be ready for all comers. This is the team my friends, they have what it takes.

  6. Eric

    Agreed. Hubie is my favorite color commentator, and I feel like in general TNT completely outclasses ESPN’s crew, besides Coach Brown.

    With that said, Doris Burke was fair, both Orlando and Detroit got a lot of praise, and they were pretty fair all around. I would have much rather seen a Kevin Harlan/Doug Collins broadcast, but this wasn’t so bad, I just wish Dan Shulman would go ballistic from time to time like Harlan or Marv Albert does.


  7. nofreechili

    Great game. Is it just me or does it feel like we have only lost big and won big this playoff season? Nice to see it gutted out. Couple points:

    1) Chauncey know how to dress. He looked like Jay-Z on the bench.
    2) Though Howard started the little double tech throw down, Dice most definitely finished it. I don’t care what anyone says, if you watch the end of the tussle, you clearly see Dice try to toss Howard into the hardwood. Love it.
    3) I know I shouldn’t complain because it has been benefiting us, but Rip has been flopping around a bit. Couple times during the game I had to double check that we hadn’t made a trade for Manu Ginobli.
    4) I was watching the ESPN broadcast, but swear I could hear a loud Blaha “No free chili folks” after the Tay block.

    Loved the win, wouldn’t have had it any other way. Jameer Nelson, you just got handled by Lindsey Hunter, save the predictions for your next tattoo.

  8. mannie32

    yea ive also noticed the flopping by rip… hope he doesnt do it too much tho

  9. amer-ican prince

    I have to wonder, did the pistons win despite not having Chauncey, or did they win because they didn’t have Chauncey? Lindsey hunter plays with his heart, Chauncey plays with his brain. Lindsey led by example.
    I almost feel bad because I wished for this. I was getting annoyed with Chauncey and Rodney’s arrogant attitudes, and hoped Chauncey would have a minor injury and Rodney would have a bad game so Lindsey and Juan could come in. and lead us to victory. Now to decide if I want to use my powers for good or for evil??? I know I’m definitely gonna wish nothing but good things for the Pistons from now on.

    I always thought Lindsey would play great with the starters and he did. I thought Flip did a bad job in taking Lindsey out and putting Rodney in the game in the forth, and that’s when the Magic made that run to take the lead.

    Tayshaun Reggie Miller Maurice Evans, we need more of those kinds of blocks. It showed the team’s commitment to defense this game.

  10. amer-ican prince

    I thought Jarvis making that 3 really boosted the team, even though he didn’t play great. That 3 played a psychological role.

    Dyess body slammed Howard. That was so cool, even though I do like Dwight. I like how he said “I threw him to the ground. Get it right” And that Dyess dunk in the first half made me think of the Denver Dyess, he really got up there!

    Overall the team was very quick closing out on defense and denying Howard the ball. Which I thought was great. And they made the extra pass, which was key for that last Tayshaun basket

    And I can’t comment without mentioning the great play by Sheed, he was playing his butt off all night

    Rip played great coming off screens rather than going one on one. He was so fast in the game.

    I tell ya if we have to call Dwight Howard Superman? Then we can go ahead and start call Rip Hamilton The Flash. His mask is kind of shaped like the Flash ‘s anyway

  11. gretch4mykids

    Hey Nat, how about the spectacular…..ooops, I mean SHEEDtastic pick that Sheed set so Tay was able to drive into the lane to make that game winning shot???? (Is that right, is that called a pick or was that a screen…I have no idea, LOL) Whatever, it was OUTSTANDINGLY SHEEDTASTIC!!!!!

  12. np4500

    the pistons are showing their type of caliber. you know, during the philly series, they were just cocky, thinking it’ll be over in four, but no..philly won game 1 shocking them
    that was their wake up call and that wake up call has gone with them into the second round
    yo if chauncey is bac for game 5, orlando is gonna get killed
    but remember jamir has a guaranttee of game 5…but forget that, the palace is gonna be bananas!
    go pistons

  13. np4500

    anyone think that chauncey shud be in street clothes if he’s not 100%?
    i mean wat if he’s 85% better, then shud he play?

    as NBA TV analyst says (i forgot his name) said that the hamstring is the “pop goes the weasel” muscle which can get re-harmed easily

    but chauncey is a warrior

  14. ric

    just like i mentioned before the game, this game is an opportunity to show nationally that pistons is built in teamwork, not by 1 or 2 all star, in reference to chauncey’s absence! lets wrap this up on tuesday.

  15. detpistonsfan

    “For some reason, I feel we’re still the better team,” Lewis told the Orlando Sentinel. “It was our mistakes, nothing they did. They’ve still got to beat us one more time.”
    -Please Pistons, blow them out so their players and especially their fans stop whining and making excuses.

  16. justsayno5526105

    Natalie: After last night’s game, I have a new adjective for you. McDyecious

  17. justsayno5526105

    Sorry, I meant MCDYECIOUS!!!!!!!

  18. tomo718

    What a great game, loved the way they came back. I just wish they did not do that so often, making me pop a blood vessel.

    Anybody heard about how cheap Le King is? $10 tip on a $800.00 check at a steakhouse in Cleveland.
    Just my 2 cents, I don’t care you are, but that’s how waiters and waitresses make their living, on your tips if they served you nice.
    I heard there’s alot of celebrities and sports stars who are cheap @%^@%$.
    Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, that cheapo from the Detroit Lions, also Sheed is rumored to be bad tipper too.


  19. DetroitGirl4Ever

    Dang Chauncey looked good in his street clothes. He really knows how to dress, and I loved his coaching from the bench.

  20. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks for the ESPN coverage update, I wanted to see what you guys were talking about so I watched a little of the recording of the ESPN game.

    Good call, they were pretty fair and I didn’t mind Doris at all.

    And MCDYECIOUS is pretty good!


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