In Arnie We Trust

by | May 9, 2008 | 10 comments

If there is one thing we have learned throughout the years as Pistons fans it’s that we can always rely on one thing and that’s the fact that Arnie Kander will do whatever it takes short of Voodoo to get The Pistons ready for action as soon as possible.

Getting Chauncey ready for action is probably his most important task in recent years. Maybe we should cut our Arnie Masks and wear them to the game on Tuesday.

Arnie Says:
“When he can run, sprint, cut, jump, play basketball,” he’ll be back, Kander said. “Basically, we really base it on him being able to do everything. We don’t give numbers like 85 or 90% because there really is no way to classify that. When he can do what Chauncey Billups does … then we’ll give him the go.”

Billups didn’t have an MRI exam because Kander said it wouldn’t tell him much. He said he learns more simply by feeling the injury. And he liked what he felt on Billups.

“The fibers felt great,” Kander said. “They were together. He was walking normal as he left the arena. This morning, he was looking good. If he feels as good in the morning as he did last night, to me, that’s tremendous. Usually, in the morning, you feel like doo-doo.” Via Krista Jahnke of The Detroit Free Press


  1. Dave

    Keith Langlois isn’t quite as optimistic as Arnie is about Chauncey coming back (even for the rest of the series). I’m really starting to wonder whether Chauncey should even try for Saturday. I have no idea about hamstring pulls and the likelihood of re-injuring the hamstring (or injuring it further), but if it is an injury that needs time to heal, part of me thinks Chaunce should sit out Game 4 (or at least dress, but not start (which I don’t think he would ever do or would want to do. I think if he plays, he starts. I’m just saying it could make sense.)).

    I kinda feel like we should treat this game 4 the way we would treat a regular season game vs the Magic if Chaunce was hurt. We would gameplan around Stuckey starting the game, which changes his mindset completely. I really think that Stuckey will be more comfortable starting in the future (Obviously, he will be starting in the future, but I just mean he will be more comfortable starting rather than coming off the bench). Certain players, like Arron and Dice really seem to be comfortable letting the game begin and then immediately getting into a rhythm off of the bench. I think Stuckey will really get comfortable in the starting role. He’ll be able to really dictate his role in the game, rather than having to be the “spark” off of the bench.

    So, the first thing I think we need to do is to treat this as if it were a regular season game and Chaunce was out. The second thing we need to do (And this worries me) is that we do not need to panic or change everything. And this is a running problem with Flip. Look, we won 59 games this season, we won our division, we had 3 All Stars, were 2nd in our conference, and had the 2nd best record in the league. We did that with (essentially) a set rotation, a set mind-set, and set offensive and defensive schemes. There is no reason to change everything since it is the playoffs or because CB may be out. Again treat it as if it were a regular season game. If this was a regular season game, would would fans really be stressing over whether Juan Dixon or Amir dresses for the game? If this was a regular season game, would Flip be over-thinking his rotation, cutting out his primary scorer off the bench for the majority of the season? Would Maxiell and Dice combined for only 32 mins and 4 shot attempts? No, no, and of course not (Although it’s Flip, so the answers may very well yes, of course, and without a doubt.).

    Listen, it’s just basketball – not brain surgery. Even with Stuck in there, we still have matchups that we can exploit, if Flip stays smart. Jameer still can’t guard anyone; Rip has a size advantage over Dooling; Sheed/Dice have an advantage over Hedo/Lewis; Tay is playing great ball right now. It’s not as if the sky should be falling here. (And I’m half trying to calm my own nerves here). Yes Lewis is a tough matchup for Sheed, particularly way out at the 3 point line. And, yes D Howard is going to get 22/15/5 a game. But is Lewis going to shoot 5 of 6 from the 3 point for three more games? And are Sheed and Dice going to get into foul trouble in the 1st quarter of every game? No way.

    The last three years we’ve been furious over the “flip the switch” thing and blamed the Heat and Cavs losses to that. Any time we lose, it was our effort. And Flip’s defenders said that, while he might not be a great motivator, he was a great X’s and O’s guy and could out scheme other coaches. Well if last night’s effort showed anything, it’s that thet guys are tuned in and ready to go. If there was ever a time or an excuse to flip the switch, it was a last night. But they didn’t. However, I’m not saying it won’t happen again, I’m only saying the effort / focus is there – it’s time for Flip to step up. We have advantages we can exploit. Can he take advantage?

    Along with Flip, the pressure’s gonna be on Stuckey. Rookie PG replacing Mr Big Shot. One thing is for sure, if he doesn’t step up or if he can’t play as well as he did last night, we’re in trouble. But in a way, these next few days will really tell us whether or not, we really have it in us. Championship teams also have to overcome obstacles to get to where they wanna be. Thats why they’re champions. And championship teams need role players to step up. You need your second-tier to make the big shots, hustle for boards, etc. Think Sam Cassell with the Rockets, Horry with the Rockets/Lakers/Spurs, Paxson / Kerr for Bulls, Derek Fisher on those Lakers teams, even Corliss / Lindsey / Mike James on our team. If this is ever gonna happen again for this group, the time is now. And if Stuckey is going to step up this postseason (like how a lot of us said that he was gonna be our “X” factor), then Game 4 couldn’t come soon enough. I, for one, and excited. GO STONS!

  2. ric

    dave, no offense but for someone whos half trying to calm your nerves and writing tons of comment isn’t pretty convincing, but i see some your point, some not. u r right, treat it like its a regular season, but to a certain degree, pistons needs to relax and they always have been, their composure is far more better than orlando. the possibility of flip changing the rotation a bit is an alternative, thats what joe provided for him. also, the pistons has the luxury to play 12 players a game, that said, if any of the players aren’t producing or/and committing too many mistakes, thats where pistons depth plays in the role. i wouldn’t be surprise if stuckey scores 30 or even 40pts a game, but that number is deceiving because u gotta check fg % similar to game 3 his points are pretty high, 19, but fg % is low. more importantly, since his playing as a pg, you gotta consider turnover to assist ratio and lastly, lets say he scores 40+ pts, how about getting everybody involve??? cb is a major reason how well balance this team in scoring, not mention his 3pt threat which stuck still lack. don’t get me wrong but i love the kid and im all for starting him on saturday if cb is not ready, but i would strongly recommend to get dixon AND hunter on uniform. i strongly believe that pistons flip the switch has been eliminated, i didn’t even consider that during phillys series given the fact our starters didn’t get to their rhythm due to lack of playing time during the end of reg season.

  3. Natalie Sitto

    Steve…because of your attitude and language. I asked you politely to be respectful towards other and act appropriately. If you can’t your comments will be deleted. Simple as that.

    It’s about the Pistons here night about fighting. The only fighting we want to see is a fight for a win on the hardwood.

  4. nofreechili

    At a game early this season I ran into Arnie Kander and shook his hand. In the next 24hrs I lost 20 pounds, grew a third arm, and published a best selling romance novel. If he can do that with one handshake, then Chauncey will be fine. Go ‘Stons.

  5. Natalie Sitto

    Oh by the way Steve, swearing in Spanish doesn’t cut it either.

  6. The Fluidics

    I’m a bit torn. I’d like to see Chauncey get the rest and recover for the playoff stretch, but if we don’t beat Orlando, there is no playoff stretch.

    It’s easy to say that it’s ok to come back from Orlando 2-2, and really it is. But wouldn’t you want to come back 3-1?

    If he can go, I say he goes. Even if it’s just as a 3 point threat.
    If not, it will be tougher to get around Orlando. Certainly not impossible, because I do think a Chaunceyless Pistons team is still better than Orlando.

  7. khajatiger

    I don’t know about everybody else but part of me feels that maybe we should think about sitting CB out for game 4 and just get him ready for game 5. I say this because I really feel that we can manage to win game 4 in Orlando even with Stuck running the point. I mean yeah he made some mistakes when he came in but what do you expect he is still a rookie and he did a fine job in game 3. I mean a hamstring injury isn’t something to take lightly but at the same time this is the playoffs and they say it feels fine. I say suit up LH or WD or both and start Stuck. Even if we don’t win game 4 it won’t be the end of the world sure it’s tied up 2-2 but it turns into a 3 game series and we still have homecourt advantage. We are looking for a deep playoff run and it’s not worth it to risk the chance of CB hurting it more and not being able to be Mr. Big Shot down the strecth. So I am all for sitting him tomorrow.
    Let me know if you agree or not.
    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!

  8. Natalie Sitto

    If he’s not 100% I don’t want him playing. Why risk it.

  9. Natalie Sitto

    Steve My apologies, had I seen Jess’s comment I would have deleted it, just like I deleted yours, but since yours stick out because of your track record and because I get complaints about yours you get a red flag.

    May I suggest the next time you want to fix a situation where you have been wronged it would help if you didn’t disrespect or berate anyone.

    This has nothing to do with race, it has to do with you and your langage as well as your threats.

  10. Ryan

    I say, even if CB is a little below 100%, let him dress up for the game. But, he should come off the bench, behind Stuck and say, Hunter.. This way, Flip could gauge if he’s well enough to play a considerable amount of minutes later on in the game, without putting much stress on his injury. Also this would keep van gundy guessing if CB will indeed see some playing time on Game 4.. And maybe, just maybe, it will raise the intensity and motivation of the other pistons just like what dyess did in round 1, playing despite having a broken nose. for this series, I think Flip should take out Hayes and let Herrmann see some heavy minutes. I didnt see game 3 but as what I have read, Herrmann did a good job on lewis defensively.



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