Pistons – Magic Game 3

by | May 7, 2008 | 90 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Magic
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The Pistons will try to keep digging that hole tonight in Orlando. Up two games to none on The Magic a win tonight from the Pistons and Orlando will be in deep trouble. Orlando should come out strong and try to right what went wrong in Game Two, so Detroit needs to be on their toes from the tip.

I know there is a huge contingent of Pistons fans in the Florida area, so I expect to hear some cheer for the red, white and blue from the crowd. Detroit Bad Boys had a brilliant idea for all out of town Pistons fans. Matt is compiling a list from Pistons fans like yourself to see where you gather to watch games . So if you’re not from Detroit and want to watch Pistons games with fellow fans, head on over to DBB’s to see where to gather or make a suggestion.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM and will be Nationally televised on TNT. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

I can’t wait to see how many fans in Orlando actually print out a Sheed mask and wear it to the game, Sheed will just love it, in fact if he ever uttered the word he’d say it was SHEEDTastic. This one should be good, leave ’em in the comments.


  1. westmichigan2bham

    haha I can’t wait.. let’s see if Orlando trys to “punk” Sheed as that editor says. That article made me even more defensive for Sheed.. “weak link?”
    he is one of the leaders of the team.. come on now. I think he feeds off shit talkers to be quite honest.

  2. Natalie Sitto

    Sheed will eat that up…they don’t know who they’re messing with.

  3. Ben Q. Rock

    I almost emailed you that article when it first popped-up in my RSS reader at 2 this morning. It seems like exactly the WRONG thing to do to a guy like ‘Sheed.

    Prince is still the guy I worry about the most. I figured he’d shut-down Turk, like he has, but the scoring he added in Game Two makes me nervous.

  4. ric

    pistons need to come out focus on this one, like the closing game in philly. its a mistake what they try to do to sheed, it just gives him motivation….don’t they know thats what we do to sheed to get him going!!!? its almost like hes a pistons fan. lets put another hole to orlando to get this series virtually lock in! ECF games celebration needs to happen in LA!

  5. The Fluidics

    If the Magic is anything like their fans, than they are done, because the fans are straight shook up.

    Said it a miilion times, they just don’t match up well with Detroit, and the Pistons have an answer for pretty much whatever the mickey mascots throw at them.

  6. Natalie Sitto

    I can’t really blame all the fans because I know that Detroit would be crying clock too.

    Your right Fluidics, you did call this from the go.

    I always worry about game three’s.

  7. K-Han

    Orlando thinks there so great
    The guy states “win or lose, you gotta go back to detroit”. If thats a rip on detroit…then thats just straight up bowg

  8. The Fluidics

    difference is, Detroit would have found a way to win that game, so we wouldn’t have anything to complain about, lol.

  9. O-town General

    Just to start things off right J.G.(editor) is quite funny and sarcastic. Listening to the radio here you can tell majic media types are alllll negative, talkin about we need this and we need this by the time they were done they needed a new team. Should be lots of fun, I cannot wait. These cats still don’t get it Maxiell Eats Babies and they are whining too much down here bout a call at the end of the 3rd. 22,076 can’t be wrong!!!! Love, peace, and hair grease!

  10. The Fluidics

    Ugly start both ways. lets hope Chauncey can walk it off.

  11. T. Kinslow

    We’re gonna be in big trouble if Big Shot misses more than just tonight.

    Brings me back to 03 when he rolled his ankle vs. Philly

  12. Eric

    Steve should be banned from these commenting pages. Offensive and uncalled for. Get out of here.

    Meanwhile, we’re going to lose more than this game if Billups is out for more than a couple of nights.

  13. Natalie Sitto

    Steve…I have put up with a lot from you but your racist inappropriate comments and foul language will not be tolerated.

    Please be respectful.

  14. Eric

    Nice pass by Rip. If we can just build a little run, we’ll be right back into this game.

    If we’re to win this one, it’s going to be an all-out hustle victory. Afflalo is trying his best, now we just need to get the rest of our guys going.

    Could have been a lot worse, but we put together some points near the end there.

  15. The Fluidics

    Well, it’s bad, but not insurmountable. (however that’s spelled.)

    But the Pistons have to get some rebounds, they have to calm down and play with purpose, and the have to clamp down on D.
    They are down 14, and they’ve been there before and won, so don’t count this one out yet.

  16. Tom

    Man… worst start of the game you could possibly think of. Let’s hope Billups injury isn’t too serious. Hopefully they can find some momentum in the 2nd.

  17. Natalie Sitto

    Let’s ride RIP…Well miss Dixon and Hunter right now.

  18. claire

    what is wrong with Billups? Is he injured?

  19. Tom

    Really liking the intensity from Afflalo.

  20. Natalie Sitto

    Claire, looks like he pulled his hamstring. It happened early in the game. No news if he will return.

  21. Eric

    A few scrambled sets there. Rip needs to shoot right now. We’re getting nothing inside…

  22. claire

    I volunteer to donate my hamstring to Billups if it means we will win this game.

  23. Natalie Sitto

    That TNT sideline reporter (what’s her name?) sounds like she never watched a basketball game in her life. I would rather have Craig Sager out there…that’s saying alot.

  24. T. Kinslow

    The sideline reporter is Pam Oliver. Made her bones covering the NFL for Fox.

  25. Natalie Sitto

    FLU…you’re boy Jarvis was in for 2 seconds and already picked up a foul.

  26. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks T. Kinslow, she needs to stick to football.

  27. T. Kinslow

    @ Natalie: I agree. Although she’s not bad to look at.

  28. kangaroosterman

    perhaps the editor is a closeted Pistons fan.

  29. Danafesto

    Yeah, I’m not feeling the coverage by Pam O. either. Yuck. I hope we come back strong after the half.

  30. Danafesto

    Where are the Sheed masks? I’ve been looking forward to those.

    Of all the ex-pistons who are now Magic, I like Mo Evans the best.

  31. claire

    man, I hope Billups is a hell of a motivational speaker because his words will definitely fire up his teammates.

  32. Eric

    12 point deficit after being down huge and losing Chauncey…I’ll take it.

    We have to come out firing in the 3rd Q.

  33. Natalie Sitto

    I’m liking the intensity from the young guys and God Bless Herrmann for being there down low to try to corral rebounds away from Dwight.

    It’s not as bad at it had been, Sheed just needs to get his head into this, he looks like he did in game six against Cleveland.


  34. Jessi

    ok I just walk in the door turned the game on and I am glad I missed the first part of this game, now I tought the announcers where susposed not cheer for either team but that one who is with reggie is cheering for orlando wow. I hope the pistons come out strong and win this one.. I have had this bad feeling all day and when I have theses its when the pistons lose I don’t know how to explain it but I hope this one turns out wrong.

  35. Natalie Sitto

    I was looking for the SHeed masks too, didn’t see a single one. Weak!

  36. T. Kinslow

    Well Big Shot is out tonight. Let’s hope we can just get one good run.

  37. Natalie Sitto

    I know Chauncey isn’t coming back this game and that’s ok. Let him rest. Like Charles said we need him in the next round.

    Lindsey will be back.

  38. Jessi

    chauncey will not be back, I hope to see maybe dixon, now I understand why detroit is down with out chauncey I hope we can hind a way to win with out him… No hunter or chauncey really only point is stuckey and well tay can play the point as well. I hope chauncey will be ok.

  39. pistons4life122

    This was a year ago, but we were down by double digits by half up 2-0 in the series against chicago.

    WE WON! so don’t give up yet. Think of how great it would be if we only had to play 4/5 games against this team, so that give CB time to heal….

    only down by 12. We can do this.

  40. Jessi

    I know the pistons are going to win this one, I would love to a sweep for this series.

  41. O-town General

    Funny u say that I thought Pam called Sheed, Ben at the half of game two if you have it tevo’d go to the interview at the end of the 2nd in game 2. If we can pull this game off that will go along way for Flipper.

  42. The Fluidics

    Nat, I disowned Jarvis when he started crying about his minutes. That is NOT Detroit Basketball.

  43. Natalie Sitto

    She totally did O-Town, that was my first beef with her.

  44. Jessi

    tay is everyone where on the court

  45. T. Kinslow



  46. Eric

    Stuckey is growing.

  47. Natalie Sitto


  48. T. Kinslow

    If Orlando blows this game, no way they win on Saturday.

  49. Jessi

    wow it looks like howard pushed rip away..

  50. The Fluidics

    Never give up on this team.

  51. Natalie Sitto

    Second that Fluidics. Impressed with Stuckey, Tay is solid again and Rip is hot.

    Sheed needs to get a handle on things.

    I hope they keep Arroyo in there, he’s an instant win for us.

  52. Eric

    A lot of good things we’re seeing.

    In the face of adversity, we’ve stepped up. I’ll go ahead and say that if we had to play our bench from the 1st Q on last year, we would not have been able to get back like this.

    Stuckey’s a rookie, and he’s having near 10 point quarters in the playoffs!

  53. T. Kinslow

    Carlos Arroyo = The Anti-Clutch

  54. Natalie Sitto

    “Carlos Arroyo = The Anti-Clutch”

    Brilliant, never ever liked the dude. I actually hated myself for disliking someone on the Pistons.

    Let’s get it!

  55. Tom

    Come on guys! Step Up!

  56. Natalie Sitto

    Then need to get the ball to Sheed down low, we have NO inside game right now. Hell get Maxie down there.

  57. Jessi

    live and die by the three… what happened from the third to the forth, orlando hitting threes…

  58. Jess

    There 3’s are seriously killing me right now! I just wanna scream!!!!!

  59. mannie32

    i liked and still do like arroyo

    anywho this game is so up and down… and it’s driving me crazy haha… but billups injury could be a blessing in disguise (If and ONLY if he ends up not being hurt long term in these playoffs)… cuz wow this is huge, huge experience for stuckey – dude, he’s handling the ball for pretty much the whole game, making the big decisions… he should be more ready for the pressure of facing the celts in the next round

  60. ric

    its over…..pistons weren’t ready mentally of losing chauncey.

  61. claire

    dammit, bring on game 4 already! and mr. big shot, please get well soon…like real soon.

  62. Jessi

    I think the biggest problem is that chanucey got hurt and we really do not have the point, Stuckey is doing well but we are missing the points from billup this would be a diferent game had he not go t hurt, stuckey would dtill be big but we missed chaunceys first half points… Now I am not giving up on Detroit but Chauncey is big in the forth,,, to bad hayes had not of sat out and Dixon or hunter was suited up…

  63. ric

    nat…..or anyone…i know chaunceys injury, but how serious is it?

  64. O-town General

    So close and exciting yet leadership makes all the difference. Not worried though we can beat them with or without Mr. Bigshot. Get well! I am going to game 4 and personally I want C.B. to rest, I love the challenge! Defense cost us this game not the injury.

  65. mannie32

    it’s funny how billups impacted both games 2 and 3… people say we won game 2 because of billups’ 3-pointer that shouldnt have counted… and others will say we lost game 3 because he didnt play

    anywho, i hope we dont make that an excuse at all… we lost our finals mvp, but we didnt put our heads down… we kept fighting, we didnt think we couldnt win, we didnt look for excuses… we just lost… im happy with that

  66. np4500

    hey hey hey
    no jinxing here
    we’ll need him next round?
    um, we mite lose this round if billups is gone the whoel series
    now shud we be counting eggs b4 they hatch?but im praying rite now billups will be fine next game
    if we take game 4, boy i will be a happy man

  67. Jessi

    one more thing we are missing this game is maxiells points, the pistons just di not play there game, we had this one down to three at the end of the third but orlando came out and hit the three’s…. side note I really think reggie miller has something against detroit since we blow his chances of winning in 04. He is never happy when detroit wins and when they lose you can hear how happy is he is when they lose…

    Now I wonder if people will be sating Orland o won because chauncey was out, no it will be that they were the better team, I will be better than Orlandos fans and hat was said after last game we lost this game becuase he could not come out big in the forth when we were within three coming into the quater. Now we all know detroit was not going to take this one in 4 so lets get it done next game and win game five in detroit.

  68. ric

    its nice to think that jessi as a fan…but i hope pistons take it one game at a time….we need to focus really hard for game 4 and not think about game 5…..this is what i said from the get go, pistons need to focus on game 3 from the beginning of the game….they lost that focus after billups injury….and now we have to focus on winning without billups wheather he can play or not. we got 3 days off to make adjustments and longer time for chauncey’s recovery.

  69. The Fluidics

    Oh well, if you say Pistons in 5, they have to lose one. I’m not happy about it, but I’m not broken hearted either. We’ll get em next game.

  70. Jessi

    oh and dycess and theo no points, even with out chanucey had max and dycess and theo hit things would have been different. Well heres to game 4 and a better pistons game. I am not blaming them for the lost, I think what hurt us was the way the magic opened the forth, they were hitting the three and that is why we lost, we fought in this one and did not give up, we can’t win them all and I guess my stupid feeling was right, I hate when it happens they are never wrong, when it comes to the pistons and that is the only time i get them,

  71. Justin

    Hey Tigers have a good game going against Boston. 🙂

    That was a bad game tonight for the Pistons. But in the back of my mind I thought if there was a game that Orlando would win in this series it would be game 3. Hopefully this will make Orlando alittle too overconfident and make the Pistons get fired up. I still have a ton of confidence in Detroit pulling this one out. Even with CB’s injury. Just how bad is it?

  72. Natalie Sitto

    Chauncey is Game to game right now, we don’t really know how serious it is. My guess is that we will know more tomorrow.

    I am ok with this game, we showed fight. What the hell happened to Maxie? He only played 18 minutes.

  73. Jessi

    ok I know I am writing a lot but I did not watch this game from the begining bit is and am just looking over the box score, is there a reason dycess did nto play much was he hurt?

  74. The Fluidics

    where was Dyess? where was Max? did they even play the second half.

  75. ric

    nat, plz give us an update on chauncey…ur the most resourceful pistons’ queen!!! hehehe!

  76. Natalie Sitto

    Ric..I know just as much as you do about Chauncey. We wait and see.

  77. The Fluidics

    I read online, Chauncey told flip he’d be back for Saturday.

  78. Natalie Sitto

    There you go Ric..Fluidics is on the ball.

    Lets hope so.

  79. ric

    thanks nat and fluidics…..claire ur right, lets get to game 4 already! i have confidence on chauncey playing for game 4, the question we have now is how bad the injury is or will he be 100%? we won’t really know until the game, will we?

  80. ric

    nat…u should make a live chat!

  81. ric

    i wouldn’t take this game as a big lost….im proud of stuckey tonight, he stepped up with 19points, thats huge, more importantly, hes comfort level of playing orlando is really high right now, considering he takes consideration of howard’s block shot ability in the basket, he made some adjustments on when/where to drive! if chauncey’s back with at least 80% recovery and stuckeys play the same way, we’ll win game 4. my question has never really been answer about lewis….who is the best pistons player who can guard him? i would really love to see amir guard him….is amir fast enough to not get beat down the dribble? i think sheed, dyess and max isn’t just fast enough.

  82. The Fluidics

    If Chauncey can’t go on Saturday, look for Lindsey for sure to be back, and a possible swap of Showtime for Dixon, for a scoring boost.

    Look at the series like this: Orlando has to beat Detroit 3 out of the next 4 games. How likely is that, Chauncey or not.

  83. ric

    here is some comforting remarks from keith langlois:
    The NBA had to put a few gaps in the schedule for this series when Atlanta took Boston to seven first-round games, delaying the start of the other Eastern Conference semifinal. That now plays to the Pistons’ advantage. They get two days off before Game 4 and then two more full days off before the series resumes at The Palace for Game 5 on Tuesday. Hamstrings are unpredictable, but if anybody can get Billups back near full strength in short order it’s Arnie Kander. If Billups can’t go, no question the Pistons are hurt. But Stuckey showed they won’t be powerless.

  84. The Fluidics

    There is also a difference between starting without Chauncey, and losing him after the start. Losing him like they did today leaves the team a man down, and throws off the game plan, throws them out of rythm (not that they had much going, but it was still very early.)

    No doubt in my mind if Chauncey is in the game, down 4 at the beggining of the 4th, Pistons win the game tonight.

  85. ric

    im confident chauncey’s presence wheather he plays well or not would be a factor. he may not be as physical but his 3pt shooting would be a threat.

  86. Steve

    no chauncy=no championship u can bet dat..

  87. The Fluidics

    I’m not claiming that losing Chauncey is why they lost the game. Pistons came out slow and Orlando came out strong, thats why they lost. It was nice seeing the comeback, but Orlando was in the groove, I give them all the credit in the world, they were raining threes.

    Lets see if they can keep that up though. I still think this series is all Pistons.

  88. Enzo

    Why is it when our team lose a game,the Media says a lot of nasty things about the Pistons, as a fan, when I read those stuff, it really pisses me off! But when we win, its like they could care less and doesnt have any much good thing to say. They all want our team to lose and pick on us! One example is when we won Game 2, its like they want to emphasize that we just won it due to the clock malfunction….for those who watch ESPN, Tim Ledger is simply being plainly sarcastic joking around about the time! grrrrr

  89. malkool52

    Enzo they have to talk about somthing ESPN is built on hype and any chance they get to put hype or disagreement on somthing they do it.

  90. illmatic774

    Well that mask.. uhh… sure made him stronger alright. Another awful performance from Sheed. He posted a -30, and i know its not popular to talk bad about him right here but when he came in in the beginning of the 4th they started forcing it to him and the team just deteriorated. Crashed and burned.

    We’d probably be better off without him in the 4th tonight. Plus, he couldn’t establish rhythm at anytime in the game.

    Rip was a goat as well in the second half. Name one time we had a good game whenever he thinks he’s Kobe.


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