Pistons Sixers – Game Six

by | May 1, 2008 | 59 comments

Philly had Rocky and Detroit has Rip.

Nothing else needs to be said.

Here’s to Detroit closing this one out strong tonight.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM in Philly and will be Nationally broadcast on TNT and locally on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

It’s Time!


  1. Steve


  2. Natalie Sitto

    Agreed Steve

  3. Steve


  4. ric

    its time!!! we only have 1 reason why were playing in philly tonight. to escort these youngster to their early summer vacation!!! FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS “ELIMINATE THE SIXERS TONIGHT”

  5. mannie32

    man i love that punching routine… it always makes me smile, never gets old

  6. Dominic

    ESPN has a new segment they’re doing called Titletown USA. Basically people submit either an essay or a video proclaiming your city as the “Titletown” if anyone has writing skills we should try nominating Detroit. Nat u could even do a video

  7. Jess

    As much as I love listening to Blaha and Kelser, I kinda want to know what the TNT crew has to say.

    I’ll be watching most of this one on TNT.

  8. Paranoid

    The 76ers are a young team and I’m sure they know how to use the google earth application. This is the only way they should be able too see D palace until next season.


  9. jessi

    looks like the detroit pistons we all know showd up tonight…

  10. Jason

    We’re off to a good start, Pistons up 7 to 0!!!

  11. Jason

    Rip is kiilin’ em. Looks like he wants to put on a good show for the hometown fans since it will be their last chance to see him in Philly this season!

  12. Paranoid


  13. jessi

    Rip scored more than the whole philly team, with a strong first quater we should get to see some bench playing time.

  14. The Fluidics

    Good, strong start from the boys in blue.
    Clamping down on D, getting O rebounds, looking good.

    And apparently, Sheed doesn’t want to hear it.

  15. Steve

    why the fuck did flip pull everyone? fuckin fire flip fuckin saunders goddamnit im sick of flip saunders! even the annoucers said why is he puttin the bench in?

  16. jessi

    well it could because both chauncey and rip had two fouls and we had a nice lead, also we do need to get the bench playing some.. I don’t think the move will cost us the game..

  17. Steve

    whatever flip is a douche if i was dumars id already be talkin to avery..

  18. Steve in OH


    Sorry, gotta disagree there.

  19. Jess


    “I can almost taste it… I just want to accomplish that dream before this journey is over.”

  20. Steve in OH


  21. jessi

    Mr Big Shot… Now lets come out for in the second and keep the lead and end this series… I don;t think Avery would be a good pick for the pistons we need a hard a** coach not a stuff one, Avery would be the same type coach as flip. I wouldn’t mind a coach like Mo, I like how he gets involved in the crowd no wonder him and sheed get a long, they kinda remind me of each other in a way

  22. claire

    rasheed’s face in the beginning of the clip is too funny haha. He should wear 2 headbands during the game as well 😉

  23. Paranoid

    Did Buh-Buh just touch the roof with that jump shot at the buzzer?

  24. claire

    OMG…charles freaking barkley just made my day: “Star..she’s a cougar…praying on the young Dwayne Wade.”

  25. jessi

    I know they were taking about it during the pre show as well… I couldn’t stop laughing, I kinda feel sorry for wade, I mean its Star Jones sje is a cougar,

  26. claire

    “Why are you in a towel and taking a picture with a man?”

    WOW, the TNT crew just keeps it coming.

  27. mannie32

    hahah u know it’s eating dwayne wade up inside to be on tv analyzing a first round series of detroit (of all teams he’d have to analyze) instead of playing out there in the first round

  28. mannie32

    bah bah bah bah bahhhh… im lovin it

  29. Four Apples

    “you look like wesley snipes in blade runner.”

  30. jessi

    I love how tough dycess is, mask falls off tosses it away and keeps playing and them takes a charge at the other end you go dycess…

  31. Paranoid

    That one was a definite knockout. Q4 is pure G time (but the good kind).

  32. jessi

    well this series went to one more game then I though it would but ggod to see that the pistons woke up in the second half during game four and have not looked back this series even better getting our starters some rest…

  33. claire

    when I saw Dyess tossing that mask away, I was like “the man’s a stud!”

  34. jessi

    wow I have so much respect for phillys fans, they could have bood this team which would not have been the right thing to do. They instead game them the resepct the deserved. And they are hanging around to show it wow…

  35. Steve in OH

    TNT rules all that is basketball television.

    Tayshaun is the MVP of the series. He shot 66% for the entire series and 78% over the last 4 games. That’s ridiculous.

    Dyess, without any question, is the AMVH of the series.

    (Absolutely Most Valuable Heart)

  36. jessi

    I have to agree with you 100% three points steve in oh… tay was great and if he has not played so well to keep things close during game things could have been different and we could have been going to seven or worst lost. TNT guys are great I love watching them… Dycess has so much heart him and tay are the reason for this series… I think Olrando will be a better series, will be a little over confident with being the only team inthe east to win in 5 however tehy had the easiest series Toronto was the only team in teh east to makethe plaoff who were not playing well at the end of the season.

  37. The Fluidics

    Great win, congrats Pistons and Pistons fans.
    Head in the game and focus, game one is just a couple of days away…

  38. olivejz28

    Didn’t get a chance to post about the last couple games, but the only thing I really have to say is that it was great to finally see the Pistons get it together. After being disheartened and a little scared with how rocky the series started, I’m relieved and happy that they finished strong.

    I picked this series to go six, and I have to give Philly credit. They were tough cookies. And while I’m happy, I’m not celebrating just yet. Orlando is not the same team from last year, and there’s still lots of work to do. Hopefully, the Pistons will keep the foot on the gas and keep rolling! 🙂

    Mad props to Tayshaun Prince for being Da Man this series. And all the love for McDyess for having the biggest heart. <3

    On other related sports notes, congrats also to the Tigers for taking the series against the Yankees, and here’s hoping the Red Wings can close out tonight too. It’s a great time to be a sports fan in Detroit!

  39. jessi

    TNT crew and wade pick pistons to win next series… do you notice that when ever erine trys to talk about tay the conversation changes, why can’t he get the respect he deserves… Chuck gave him some props for his D but come on give him some love he played well this series.. 77% shoting in the last 3 games and 66% in the series that is great. I loves Kenny gone fishing

  40. lavinius

    I think it’s clear now all the rest the starters got down the stretch hurt this team at the start of the series. It took till the 2nd half of game 4 for them to finally find their rhythm. They dominated the series from that point forward.

    Next up is an Orlando team that won’t soon forget the Pistons sweeping them out of the playoffs last year. They’ve been resting which will make it tough to win both our home games.

    Also want to commend the 6er fans on their class gesture at the end of the game tonight. If I had a hat on, I would take it off.

  41. weyxiang

    question..how does sheed make 2/5 3 pointers and 2/8 FGs and finishes with 6 points?(according to nba.com and yahoo)

  42. claire

    oh man, the TNT crew is just too much hahaha

  43. jessi

    the 2/8 is his total it means out of 8 shots he took 5 threes and 3 shots and only made 2 which both were threes so he has 6 points…

    I was laughing the whole time listening to chuck kenny erine and wade they are so funny..

  44. Steve in OH

    That Paula Abdul comment to Chuck was friggin hilarious.

  45. Steve in OH

    Holy Red Wings, up 5-1 in the 2nd… look like we’ve got the complete Trifecta for Detroit sports tonight, everyone.

    Franzen has 7, yes SEVEN, goals in this series – and this is only the 4th game!

  46. Steve in OH

    ^ Make that EIGHT … holy hockey!

  47. olivejz28

    The world revolves around Detroit Sports! 😀

    Wow, Wings. 6-1 and it’s still only the 2nd period. lol The Pistons should take a cue from their hockey counterparts and apply it to their series with Orlando. 😀

  48. Steve in OH

    My god this is a complete clinic in how to pass on the power play right now. Amazing!

    This reminds me of the “Au Rev Roy” game back in 2002, except it’s only Game 4 and this series hasn’t had an ounce of competition.

  49. el patron himself, Raúl A. Mora

    Greetings to all the fans of DEETROIT BASKETBALL!

    I loved watching the ‘Stons going to work tonight! That’s the Detroit I was craving to see this series. I turned the TV on and I first saw, Detroit 24, Philly 9… I knew that Mo Cheeks would have to wait to get his Mo Hawk till next season…

    The Pistons looked focused, down to business… I wonder how much of that is backlash effect of seeing the Celtics seem to wake up from their month long hibernation? We know Detroit sometimes is as good as its competition so seeing the other step it up a notch made them turn the switch on!

    One play I saw that made me realize The D meant business was somewhere in the 3rd quarter when Chauncey went for a 3 and missed… he went for the rebound right away and then he reminded everybody why he still is MR. BIG SHOT!

    One last thing: Natalie, I loved watching the Rip boxing video… I in fact love watching the Pistons on the bench or at practice, etc… they seem to GENUINELY LIKE EACH OTHER and HAVE FUN TOGETHER… it just looks for real not like the ESPN-prefabricated Boston Celtics lovefest… and quite frankly, I can’t think of another team that has as much fun together as a unit… maybe the New Orleans Hornets, I guess (sorry, I can’t think of Manu, Duncan, Freak Shot Bob and Tony Longoria as a fun bunch)… That’s another reason to love the Pistons I suppose!!!!

  50. The Fluidics

    this team has been together so long that they have built up a great rapport. It reminds me of the old days before free agency, when you signed for a team, and chances are, finished your career with that team. Thats why it bugs me so much when people talk about breaking this team up. Until the wheels fall off and they finish under 500, leave them together. They are still a great team, and make hoops in this town FUN.

    Pistons are going to be fierce in round two.
    I’m glad they have no break between rounds, because the stones are hot right now, and a break could really mess it up (remember the all star break.)
    I think they will put the Magic on their heels early.

  51. David

    the red wings could win 500-0 and i still wouldn’t give a shit.

    anyways, as the basketball, i agree with the previous comments… awesome game, the backcourt is back to playing great, TNT does a super job.
    kinda makes me annoyed that everyone was calling for billups and saunders to get run out of town after two losses, and now we embrace buh-buh-buh. still no one’s crazy about flip i’m guessing. especially steve from 8:46 pm. come on steve, stuckey deserves some playing time, he’s doing well. at least jarvis saw almost no minutes in the past two games. i also liked working the rattler in at the end, to get him up and ready … we’re going to need his big body against dwight howard on saturday. that’s the reason we got him.
    the TNT guys were arguing about whether or not detroit will double howard. charles said yes, kenny said no.
    i say no. sheed can defend him with his length, and his intelligence (he will pull the chair on dwight 2-3 times in the first game, then mess with his head), and ratliff can guard him with sheer power and experience. sure, man-to-man howard will probably get 25+ points, but he’ll turn the ball over, he wont find wide open shooters out of the doubleteam (and that team can freaking shoot), and best of all, he’s a horrible FT shooter, so single-team him with amir, ratliff and maxiell, and hack his ass when he’s about to dunk.
    i think we can figure orlando out more easily than philly. i really do. chauncey should be able to slice jameer nelson up like a zuchini. let’s just hope he don’t play down to the level of competition.

  52. The Fluidics

    Can the playoff roster be changed between series?
    If so, I’d say hello to Dixon, buh bye to Jarvis.

    And I love Jarvis.

  53. mannie32

    yea one thing i love about detroit, even when they were down in this series and some of their own fans turned their backs and/or at least questioned the team… they still went out and had fun… sheed still danced and clowned around, they still joked on the bench, rip continued to do the punching routine… they’re like a fam, and thats what makes them good… win lose or draw, they have fun out there… and hey, they do know how to win

    ps: i too was smiling when i saw philly fans giving them a standing ovation… thats a great city right there, great fans… wow, thats probably the best any team can feel after being eliminated

  54. mannie32

    hey “The Fluidics”… roster changes can actually be made game to game

    only thing i know of u cant change during a series is ur away and road jerseys… if u start with the alternate, u cant go to ur original road jersey (or in lakers case, they cant switch between their yellow and white home jerseys)… random rule

  55. The Fluidics

    Well win or lose tonight, the sixers had exceded there expectations for the year.
    I too say bravo to the fortyeight 76ers fans left in the building who were clapping.
    It’s tough to beat the traffic when 20,000 other people leave early.

  56. The Fluidics

    I don’t know mannie, the Bullets started with some nasty looking gold and black jerseys, but were rocking the blue the other night (thankfully).

    I was thinking your playoff roster was set at the begining of each series.

  57. mannie32

    oh yea? maybe they changed the rule on uniforms – the rule was in effect as early as last year… but yea, the roster is game to game, that i know


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