Team Need4Sheed Podcast #15 – Top 5 reasons why Piston fans should have mixed feelings about Detroit’s Game 4 victory

by | Apr 28, 2008 | 13 comments

Need4Sheed Podcast
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After the Pistons abysmal Game 3 and come from behind victory in Game 4 against The Sixers Bennie and Jeff give us the Top 5 reasons why Piston fans should have mixed feelings about t Detroit’s Game 4 victory.

Don’t forget you can e-mail Bennie and Jeff at or as always you can leave them your thoughts in the comments.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast #15

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  1. blaze5611

    soooo boring damn i hate when you put these two on your site… natalie just make the podcasts yourself you would sound more knowledgeable and i’m sure everyone would actually respect your opinion… not to put these guys down to bad but me and my friends have more relevant conversations than them… with that said love the site and love the pistons

  2. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    What’s up with Boston ?????

  3. Amanda

    ^ lol Who cares?

    This is completely off the topic of the thread and is old news at that, but I just read the article on Yahoo! Sports about Josh Howard’s confession to using marijuana and I was shocked to learn that suspensions are not handed out for testing positive for that drug until the player’s third offense.

    All I can say is “WHAT?!”

    Didn’t Lindsey get suspended from 10 f-ing games for taking a diet pill? What the hell is wrong with this league?

  4. The Fluidics

    Uh Oh, Celtics just lost number 2, time to terminate KG, time to fire Doc Rivers, time to blow up the team.[/sarcasm]

    Do I doubt Boston wins this series? nope.

    Do I doubt the Pistons win their series? NOT AT ALL.

  5. Natalie Sitto

    Is it wrong to be smiling because Boston lost? As at Pistons fan….of course not.

    Tomorrow we Fight!

  6. Jeff


    I respect your opinion. What area do you live in?? If you are in the Grand Rapids area, we can have you and your friend do Podcast #17.

    Dead serious. If not, we can set up something over the phone, but I would like to have you on whenever you can do it.

    Let me know.

    P.S. I don’t know if it got cut, but I did say Atlanta wouldn’t win more then 1 more game. I was wrong and Bennie was right.

    P.P.S. Thank you everyone for your support.

  7. The Fluidics

    I wouldn’t smile too much about Boston, the more they are tested, the better they become.
    But yeah, it’s still nice to see.

  8. it's

    still off topic but, comparing marijuana to anything which could be remotely considered a performance enhancing drug [Lindsey tested positive for something pretty much like speed(wonder where all his energy comes from???)] is ridiculous. That would be like suspending someone for smoking cigarettes or eating twinkies. I don’t think it was less responsible than athletes endorsing alcohol or viagra or any of that shit. I just cant believe josh howard telling a crack head on a radio show he smokes ganja should lead to a bunch of spewing ignorance and propaganda. So get your facts straight and dont take my word for it the internet is obviously at your fingertips.

    On topic (or more on topic) how appropriate was it that rips oop to tay was for the first lead of the game. loved it!

  9. Amber

    Flip allegedly told Tay to step it up. In an interview I watched earlier, Flip was talking about the need for Tay to really play his best, and he told him about the need for him to. Perhaps the starters actually listen to Flip after all?! (Despite C Webb’s comments.)

    Yeah, there’s no doubt we’re a much better team. After the last game, especially with Flip’s comments, I’m going to start blaming poor play on not having fun. I definitely like the excuse better than “we’re too cocky.” Besides, even Chauncey mentioned he doesn’t like getting into uncomfortable positions–so perhaps he isn’t that arrogant after all. They just need to relax, play smart, and focus on their D. It is a bit unnerving that I have to even think about what they need to be doing, as it should have been simple. I just hope that the game we play tonight consists of the “good Pistons team” rather than the unpleasant one.

  10. jessi

    well it looks like its not just detroit that is having trouble with there seed either, whats up with that. Magic and Cavs seem to be able to get it done in the first round well not the cavs yet but they are onyl one game away. I think what these two young teams have shown is heart and the two teams who should ahve sweep then have not come to play. I love for a long series but not in the first round and not when the next team has time to rest. Lets hope detroit can get it done these next to games.

  11. David

    I live in the Grand Rapids area. Northeast up by the east beltline.
    My brother and I would love to help you and Bennie with the podcast, we are two of the biggest pistons fans alive and have lots of insight. He is always the optimist, I am sometimes the devil’s advocate. Anyway, I have to agree a little bit with Blaze in that your podcasts are a little bit “pedestrian” or predictable. I feel that you guys should talk about topics a little outside the box. Yeah, we all know that this has been a tough series and Chauncey has played poorly. Let’s talk about why. Give me some real insight.

  12. Jeff

    Great feedback David. We will see what we can do and start digging deeper.

  13. amer-ican prince

    In regards to Boston, I personally don’t like it when players are ejected or suspended, cause I’m like Sheed in that I think you should just throw the rock up and ball. But when that fight with KG and Zaza broke out. Kg pushed a ref trying to restrain him. All I know is that if Sheed had done that he would be suspended. And the commisioner was in the crowd when it happened and apparantly just gave an interview about cleaning up the league’s image.

    And Jessi I think the reason the Pistons and Celtics are having trouble is that their opponents are a lot more athletic AND they are playing some good half court defense. Those are not exactly Washington’s and Toronto’s strong suits. I just hope the Pistons add to their momentum and don’t start flat again.

    Come on Pistons let’s be sailing on a Ship and not fishing on a boat


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