Today We Fight – Game 4 Pistons Sixers

by | Apr 27, 2008 | 163 comments

I think we all need to stop getting upset and blowing up this team. It was a monumentally bad game, but we have a task at hand and instead of sitting back and criticizing we need to get behind this team. Today we Fight…

No matter the date or series, the goal is the same.

Hand picked by Jason Muhme

I’m leaving this post as the game thread.

Dyess is back in Philly and will dress for the game, but whether he’s going to play is still a game time decision.

Tip off is at 7:00 PM and will be Nationally broadcast on TNT and locally on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at And remember there are the Pistons Viewing Parties.

Today tomorrow and from here on out WE FIGHT.

From Team Need4Sheed member Dominic in the Comments:

It’s time
Time for Defense
Time for Energy
Time for Tenacity
Time for Readiness
Time for Offense
Time for Ibuprofen (if we lose)
Time for Toughness


Hustle Heart Confidence

This is Detroit Basketball

Let’s go to work


  1. Boian

    I say we lay egg #3, and 1 more to go, it would be mission accomplished!

  2. mobius909

    all we need is 10 from everyone… that’s all i ask. Billups is DUE!

  3. Anonymous

    The road to the top is never easy. Today we fight, because WE BELIEVE!!

  4. Paranoid

    Well, I said that maybe I’m gonna coma back and apologize, and here I’m doing it.

    I apologize to all you fans for my emotional over-response after miserable game 3. I still consider myself a Piston Fan, despite my insane vents.

    To Nate:
    I disagree that the Pistons got nothing to learn from teams like the SUNS in the west. And there is no debate with me about the fact that the evil empire (The Spurs) is a better team with a resolve of true champs.

    I agree with you that the SUNS got many things to improve in their game (and many that can not be fixed with the current group, like the danger of Shaq’s annoying abilities from the line, among others) but I don’t think the SUNS looked even remotely pathetic as the Pistons did, despite the fact they trail 0-3 and most def will have a very short post season.

    When I finished seeing the games of the PHX-SAS games, despite the fact I was rooting for the losing team, I didn’t get the feeling I’m watching an ugly presentation of the sport. Even when parker gone berserk and crushed the SUNS on game 3 and the SUNS were losing heart. The problem of the SUNS is not resolve, it is technical problems of their game as a team and missing skill of some of their players (yes, that includes Nash). They really need to improve their defense skills and find real solutions to the “Hack A Shack” tactics. They didn’t look good on game 3 (and not remotely pathetic on the previous two losses), but they didn’t look pathetic and uninterested as the Pistons did on their game 3.

    The thing that angered me about the Pistons is: their problem is not lack of skill, inexperience, tactics or problems in the game plan. This team can truly take it all (with no roster changes and the current coach).

    Their real problem is not understanding what sports is all about: trying to win – always. One game at a time and screw irrelevant facts like, the skills of your opponents or your current record in the series. Mean business when you step on the court and respect the other team. This is the NBA PO for basketball’s sake. If that is your mind set and you loose the game none the less, you still deserve the love of your fans.

    Tabula Rasa Detroit. Rethink you goals. Kick some ass. Go Pistons!!!

  5. Dominic

    It’s time
    Time for Defense
    Time for Energy
    Time for Tenacity
    Time for Readiness
    Time for Offense
    Time for Ibuprofen (if we lose)
    Time for Toughness


    Hustle Heart Confidence

    This is Detroit Basketball

    Let’s go to work

    (it’s not to corny is it?)

  6. Paranoid

    Screw it Dominic. Pistons winning is not original or new. It been done before again and again. Even taking it all has happened in the past.

    Time for being corny!
    Time for corny good old fashioned Det Basketball!

    Go Pistons!

  7. Jess


  8. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Im on my way to the game, Ill try to hold it down for the Pistons better this time.

  9. ric

    Agreed Nat. regardless of what were feeling from the previous we must unite as one. pistons, its time!!!! its time to show the passion, heart and soul of this team.

  10. uyen

    Today we have to stand behind them no matter what. This is our team, these are our boys and this is DETROIT BASKETBALL. I’m going to wear Sheed’s jersey tonight. I believe wholehearted that we WILL win this series and they will bring the ship back to the Detroit.

  11. pistons4life122

    In my opinion, I think if we win tonights game, we will win the series.

    But if we lose tonights game, we lose the series.

    If we get out of this whole and advance, i think we will be fine through round 2 and even round 3.

    play for a reason….to win it all

  12. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    I’m Nervous ass hell!!!!!!!!

  13. The Fluidics

    I don’t get nervous until they are up against elimination.
    I’ve seen this team pull out some miracles, and I’ve seen a lot of stuff just in these first round matchups.
    I think the Pistons will be just fine.

  14. downtown

    I predict Sheed will be a monster tonight and they’ll win comfortably.

  15. Junior

    It almost seems as if Chauncey is trying to play like shit…Thats how bad he looks. Sit his punk ass down if he can’t bring it!!!!!!

  16. uyen

    We are starting flat again. What is up Chauncey? He is making poor decisions. On that last play why didnt he just go for the layup, if he missed he goes to the stripe and earn the two points but instead turn the ball over. FUCK

  17. jessi

    the pistons were given their wake up call after game one but I think the may have forgotten to wake up but instead just hit the snooze button. The odds are against the pistons winning this series now that they are down. I know just as every pistons fan out there that the pistons can win this series but I think someone needs to tell the pistons this. philly is showing they are a good team however the pistons are better and need to show these young guys up…

  18. The Fluidics

    Dyess is looking good. So is Prince.
    There is certainly hope, just lock down on D and enough with the turnovers.

  19. Natalie Sitto

    Just give it to Dyess. Who is that guy out there wearing the number one?

  20. Eric

    There’s gotta be some logical explanation for Chauncey’s poor play…my god..

  21. Danafesto

    They look sad, scared, and slow. And the philly crowd–it looks like their raucus noise is getting to our guys. I thought we were a good road team.

    in a word, turnover.

  22. Amber

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve certainly given up. I think we’ve basically proven we can’t come back from any deficit and with the way we’re playing–it’s over. We started this game playing as poorly as we did the last game. Unless everything about this game changes, there’s no chance that we can win.

  23. Natalie Sitto

    I agree they really do looked scared. I noticed it from the tip..

  24. Junior

    this would be almost comical if it wasn’t soo sad…

  25. Jason

    I don’t think the score is accurate right now. Detroit does not deserve to be this close, they have no heart in this game or in this series. It’s disgusting really. I am not giving up on the them but its getting hard to root for a team that shows no drive or motivation to win. It’s the god damn playoffs and there playing with the intensity of the preseason.

    Note: I started writing this when they were only down 6 and now there down by 14 WTF!?

  26. jessi

    the pistons look like they have never played in a playoff game before. Flip just looks like he doesn’t know what to do.

  27. toclark77

    Everyone giving up on this team and this postseason don’t even post when we come back and win this. I root for the lions. I’m not going to slit my wrists just yet. Have faith.

  28. Arica

    It’s so over. We’ve been relying on false hopes since game 1. Chauncey Billups is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen…
    Mr. Big Contract can’t seem to find his Shot. I wonder who’s paying him to throw the game?

    At this point I am thrilled that they will lose Tuesday so I can save my money on playoff tickets.
    The Detroit Pistons are by far the biggest disappointment and they haven’t backed up their talk in years. I can’t wait to hear their excuses for this game.
    I’ll end this with–
    The 2008-2009 Detroit Pistons
    Head Coach: Michael Curry
    Starting point guard: Rodney Stuckey

  29. downtown

    Tay is red hot.. but chancey 2 for 7 and rip 1 for 9, trailing by 10 2 mins to the half!!

  30. Danafesto

    Sorry to post negative comments. I know we’re supposed to be behind them no matter what. And I am.

    Just one more gripe: I wish it looked like Flip had the heart to fire them up. He looks intimidated too.

    I still have to believe they’ll win this series, though.

  31. jessi

    I am not givin up on the pistons I know that can win, they need to get back to detroit basketball

  32. jessi

    the pistons can not touch the 76ers, we seen it in every game… I am not getting on the refs case but come on, there is a dif in the fouls called.

  33. Danafesto

    If Sheed gets kicked out of this game, I’ll scream. Unless THAT can somehow Apollo Creed us into having some Eye of the Tiger.

    btw–this site is awesome and deserves all the credit it’s been getting lately.

  34. downtown

    11 TOs at half time. This is just a continuation of Friday. Hard to see who’s gonna turn it around in the second half isn’t it.

  35. yelsew1928

    talk aint shit sheed, do something

  36. Arica

    I want to believe in these guys but watching them is just painful… Unless Chauncey magically finds his talent, we are in for a rough game 5 and most likely the end of this era. If the Pistons can prove me wrong I would be the happiest person in the world. But in all of my years as a Pistons fan, which is a lot of years, I have never seen a team with this much talent, look this horrible against such a lesser team. It’s halftime and all I can say is let’s hope they prove me wrong and come out in the 3rd and blow everyone away.
    Go Pistons.

  37. Amber

    Downtown–my thoughts exactly. At least during game 3, they started out okay. They were trying it seemed like. However, with this game, they didn’t start out with any initiative. It has merely been a continuation of game 3.

  38. Danafesto

    I love Special K, but I can hear the voice of Bill Laimbeer saying about Philly, “Well, everything’s going their way right now.”

    So the tides can turn. They can start missing some. And Flip can one-up their offense, for God’s sake, isn’t that what he’s supposed to be so good at?

  39. Junior

    NOPE…sorry to all you glass half full people, but arika is correct. Are you guys not seeing the same collapse we had last year? Poor play, bitchin, offensive and defensive lapses.

    I am done with this group win or lose. call me a bandwagoner or whatever…I just happen to know what time it is, thats all.

  40. Natalie Sitto

    Im not blaming Flip but the regular stuff inst working let Porter run the show right now it couldn’t hurt.

    Hell try putting Hunter in…I would even go for some Amir.

  41. palaceprince

    at the half the story is turnovers. 11 is just way too mcuh. Sheed may play better in the second half after that tech. Chauncey HAS to play better or we will loose for sure. STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER DETROIT!!!

  42. Amber

    Arica–it’s pointless to believe in them right now. They aren’t playing to their ability. They won’t magically win. I’ll have faith when they start playing Detroit basketball—play together, take care of the ball, have defense, and play with some damn passion. Right now though, don’t get your hopes up.

  43. Junior

    did anybody catch what Webber said on TNT halftime show?

  44. Danafesto

    If we lose I’ll feel the worst for Dyess–in surgery after the last game and now playing with a swollen face, and making the most of anything good out there…it seems like he wants to do the right thing and win so badly.

    And I’m not in the mood for Bob Seger, either, if you know what I mean.

  45. Amber

    Natalie–It would be great for Flip to try something different, but I would never expect it to happen. 3rd quarter, it’ll be all of the starters, like usual–and they’ll let our deficit grow larger. Philly will come out trying hard, we’ll play the same as we have al game. Exactly how it was last time. At least Flip will be fired soon enough. I’m rather sick of his rotations, lack of time-outs, lack of passion, and inability to try anything new.

  46. Jason

    @ my negitive comments,

    I think they are justified. This just simply shouldn’t be happening. The Piston’s SHOULD be the better team, they SHOULD be the best team in the league and they are when they want to focus and get it done and thats just not happening now.

    It’s not the refs fault, its not Flips fault, its the teams fault they are in this hole.

  47. Tom

    I hope C Webb is

  48. Natalie Sitto

    what did CWebb Say?

  49. mobius909

    joe d needs to come down to the locker room and put the fear in them. play with some urgency. not even max looks energized. post tay, put in theo for some rebounds and for god sake, get amir some good hustle minutes with lindsey.

  50. Tom

    Woops, Anyways I was saying I hope that what C Webb said about Joe D in the locker room scolding these guys is what would really be happening. No offense to Flip but it just kinda seems at this point he just can’t seem to fire these guys up. They need something. Let’s hope for the first few minutes of the second half to look like a different game.

  51. toclark77


  52. Dominic

    ugh ugly first half I wish I could be in that locker room right now to talk some sense into these Pistons hopefully Dyess is already doin it for me if not then Lindsey

    Thanks alot for posting my comment Natalie let’s hope I don’t have to break out the advil by the time the game is over

  53. downtown

    See that interview with Cowens just now? Talk about being out of ideas and livin on hope.

  54. Junior

    Webber was asked was was going on in the locker room right now. He answered with, Nobody is talking, everybody is angry, and nobody is listening to Flip. He said the main 5 all answer to Dumars anyway. Then he said they better watch it because Dumars will trade them all in a heartbeat..

    Barkley then said something to the point of…Well they won’t have to wait long before that happends.

  55. Amber

    No assists…no free throws….can’t make any 3’s…Sad to hear Joe didn’t bitch them out

  56. Natalie Sitto

    Daym….Thanks Junior and Tom

  57. Skank

    They need to get Hunter in the game for Ball pressure and to raise the energy level out there.

  58. Tom

    They’re looking better already. Nice hustle by Maxiell. Let’s hope they keep it up.

  59. Tom

    Woohoo! They’re back! Let’s go guys, keep it up.

  60. Dominic

    We just shouldn’t be playing like this WE look like the 7th seed and as I say that Chauncey drains a 3 and it’s only 4 pts lol and now sheed just hit a 3 lmfaooo I love this team

  61. Danafesto

    Do you think Chauncey and Sheed are just getting old? Maybe they just don’t have the speed and turnaround power they used to.

    Remember when Ben Wallace used to turn a game around and carry the game and the team on his shoulders–and then there came a day when he just couldn’t anymore.

    Ha! They must have heard me. They both just made 3-balls and we’re within 1. Sweet Mother of God, keep it up, boys.

  62. OIG

    Thats why i waited till know to comment this!
    Get this tech before halftime and now play with passion and hard know i believe we gon win it!!

  63. Dominic

    Ok now let’s keep that lead

  64. Natalie Sitto

    Thank the Lord for Joe Dumars! It’s not over yet but it’s a start.

  65. toclark77

    everyone still giving up on this team?

  66. Dominic

    I’m still not losing hope my feet are firmly planted on the Pistons not bandwagon that’s too short term more like our yacht on it’s 50year cruise let’s pull this one out

  67. Tom

    Actually the sideline reporter stated after halftime that Joe D actually didn’t appear in the locker room to talk to the guys during halftime, but as long as they’re playing good, it’s all good. First lead of the night! Let’s see some D!

  68. Dominic


  69. downtown

    I swear they are playing about 25% faster than the first half.

  70. jessi

    now that last play is waht I call detroit basketball every player touched the play before prince drives it in…

  71. Dominic

    I tip my hat to someone’s (hopefully it was Flip’s) halftime adjustments

    BS FOUL just called

  72. toclark77


  73. uyen

    Please keep it up!!! Nice run by Pistons!!! oijvoi

  74. Amber

    Yeah, downtown, how the hell was Flip saying they had energy earlier?! THIS is energy!

  75. Natalie Sitto

    I need a tums…..

  76. Amber

    Toclark–stop getting so ahead of yourself. You’re acting like Detroit.

  77. Dominic


  78. Dominic

    Is anyone in the chat room?

  79. Danafesto

    Jason’s big play! I love how he finishes.

  80. Dominic

    Another baby bites the dust….

  81. OIG

    SHEEEEEEEED frow way Downtown

  82. Natalie Sitto

    This is the Fire we needed fire we needed a week ago

  83. Dominic

    Ok I’m sure we can play like this on every possesion unfortunately they choose to play like this only when the switch is on

    SHEEED FOR THREE lol everytime I cricize they score!

  84. Amber

    WOW…..entirely different team…finally playing like themselves!

  85. toclark77

    im not saying this game or series is over i just hate seeing people hate on us saying this game is over or we should trade away everyone. you have to show some faith in this team.

  86. Dominic


  87. Danafesto

    Finally! Shut that fucking crowd up!

  88. Junior

    Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde

  89. Dominic

    I love how all the guys who said the Pistons are finished are nowhere to be seen kind of like Philly’s playoff chances 🙂

  90. jessi

    tay has been big this series for everyone wanted tay traded thsi is why he stays on this team,

  91. Tom

    Man this team drives me nuts! Come on, every possession counts.

  92. uyen

    This is what I need to see from them. Natalie, I need some tums too.

  93. Danafesto

    (I meant the Philly crowd)

  94. Paranoid

    Continue in that vector.

    Go pistons!

  95. Natalie Sitto

    Amen Amber

  96. Dominic

    Wow Tayshaun should be MVP he’s playing amazingly

  97. Dominic

    ugh Stuck u had 24 seconds use em!!! but nice Rebound

  98. Tom

    Nice rebound by Stuckey.

  99. Dominic

    Wow 34-16 in the third

    Great job Detroit

    You bandwagon fans can get back on now

  100. downtown

    What’d I’d give to see a video of the ‘discussion’ in the Pistons locker room.

  101. Dominic

    Downtown: It probably went a little like this

    Flip: Win or I’ll shoot ya
    Have a good 2nd Half!!!

  102. Dominic

    These offensive rebounds are giving us this huge lead

  103. Tom

    The Wachovia Center crowd is stunned.

  104. jessi

    Tayshaun wants the ball every possession, I say give it to him…

  105. downtown

    Three in a row for Rip after 1 for 13 beforehand.. If he gets going too, its all over.

  106. jessi

    rips hot now, I love this team.. they keep us on our seats but I love them

  107. mobius909

    here we go! starting to finally look like our boys! rip is catching fire.

  108. Eric

    Tayshaun Prince isn’t getting his due. He’s bailed us out, shut down Iggy, and distributed beautifully. Through all of the ups and downs, he’s been great this post-season.

    Let’s close this one out!

  109. Tom

    Well actually I take that back. Maybe they’re not stunned, after all this is the Pistons… disappointed seems more appropriate.

  110. downtown

    Joe D: If they don’t wake up in the 2nd, I want them DEAD! I want their families DEAD! I want their houses burned to the GROUND!

  111. Dominic

    WOW 18 for 20 for Tay

    Yea guys lets trade him [/sarcasm]

  112. Dominic

    Lol somehow I can’t imagine Joe D saying that

  113. Amber

    For some reason I can imagine him saying that…lol

  114. toclark77

    the passion is back

  115. mobius909

    chauncey pulls up 4 on two and shoots a 3?

    it’s also nice to see guys stepping in front of a player and taking a charge for a change. starting to play “the right way” again.

  116. Arica

    Well, I still stand by my anger earlier. This team was playing horribly. Now that they are playing better I am thrilled but I think we had a right to be frustrated earlier… it looked like it was going to be the end.
    This team continues to feed on the negative attention they get. Being a Pistons fan is all about ups and downs… let’s just hope this 2nd half surge is the beginning of a lot more ups.

  117. OIG

    ok i think we got it!!
    Please everbody dont get too excited now!
    Our boys should do their homework first but damn i love it when Sheed gets a tech and turns it on after it!

  118. toclark77

    Amber said…

    “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve certainly given up. I think we’ve basically proven we can’t come back from any deficit and with the way we’re playing–it’s over.”

    who was getting ahead of themselves???

  119. Dominic

    Finish it Detroit I want to sleep tonite

  120. Amber

    I think it’s more frustrating than anything, knowing that they can play this well, yet they don’t always ‘care’ enough to. Wouldn’t it have been so much easier to start the game playing as they started in the 3rd? I mean, come on…..I’m still touchy from last year. We can’t just expect to turn it on like this all the time!–Though we are playing Philly so it’s easy to, but may not always be so easy with other teams.

  121. downtown

    Completely wrong call there .. IA lost the ball.

  122. jessi

    I wonder if Kenny and charles would pick philly noe for the win? One thing people have to remember don’t count the pistons put, they may scare us a little but they know how to win,

    Now chanucey don;t get to ahead of yourself, with that shot..

  123. Amber

    I wasn’t getting ahead of anything–toclark. I was saying exactly how we were playing, and I wasn’t expecting anything. Unlike you–you expected automatically for us to win this game..the next game, and so forth. You cannot do that with this team in particular.

  124. Dominic

    WEll Amber also said:
    “I’ll have faith when they start playing Detroit basketball—play together, take care of the ball, have defense, and play with some damn passion”

    I would call this Detroit basketball wouldnt you?

  125. jessi

    I hear you Dominic after the last game I couldn’t tske it I had to go for a drive and found myslef shopping at shoppers drug mart becuase it was the only thing opened. I needed to releive some stress and the only way I know how to is shop or work out and the gym was closed… I will save some money tonight…

  126. toclark77

    i dont give up on this team. theyve been there. done that. i’m confident we will beat the sixers. sorry maybe im cocky but we won 59 games this year. this team isnt garbage. im not trying to fight you. you wouldnt be here if you werent a fan too, so i definitely respect that . just dont give me a hard time for always believing in this team, even when the shots aren’t dropping. go pistons!

  127. toclark77

    Rip is playing DIIIIIIRTY!!!!

  128. Amber

    Toclark–I never intended to give you a hard time. I’m glad you believe in them–I do too (when they play at their best-I’m certain they can win the championship) but I’m also aware that they’ve been far from dependable lately. It’s amazing they came back this half; we’ll just have to see what happens next game.

  129. Tom

    Haha, Sheeds’ down there talkin’. Can’t really tell what he’s saying though.

  130. Dominic

    Lol Jessi working out usually works for me and luckily I have a weight bench in my basement so I sat there taking out my agression on my arms. Today I can continue my non-active lifestyle 🙂

  131. downtown

    Philly look like they’ve thrown in the towel with 9 pts down and 1 minute still to play. The crowd are already clearing out too.

  132. jessi

    now the pistons take it back to detroit get the win and getting the job done in philly for game six.

    I also don’t think anyone here gives up on the pistons its just hard to watch detroit play the way they have this series when everyone knows they are better then their play. this team can win another ship we all know they can..

  133. Dominic

    wow they just showed some vintage Sheed he seemed alot more cocky and more superstarish than he is today maybe I’m imagining but I personally like this Sheed better

  134. toclark77

    yeah all good amber. deeetroit basketball!

  135. Tom

    Actually not sure if all that talking is a good thing. This is a good Sixers team. I hope they realize that this is a battle now.

  136. The Fluidics

    I told yall!
    NEVER give up hope on this team, they have been through too much, and shown us too much, to think they are unable to make a comeback.
    Have faith, even if they lose the plot, they know what they are doing.

  137. Dominic

    lol we broke 100 comments!!!

  138. downtown

    Triple double for Sheed.

    You could almost say Sheed had a monster game and the Pistons won comfortably 🙂

  139. K-Han

    Looked like at half time, Chauncey and Sheed figured out its the playoffs

  140. Dominic

    was it assists or Blocks that gave him the 3rd stat?

  141. jessi

    way to go detroit everyone showed up for the second half. tay has been there only missed two shots in the last two games was great to see…

  142. Steve

    sweet tied 2-2 with home court this time win one at home then take it on the road boom hello orlando… hope everyone had a fun safe weekend!

  143. Paranoid

    That’s much better but not perfect.

    The weak link is still Billups. He contributed in this game as a PG, but still some bad shot selections made by him. 4-16 and all those silly to deep 3pt attempts says the whole story.

    If only Billups will change his name from BIG SHOT to BIG PASS TO THE INSIDE MAN and let the other guys finish plays from inside out, the Pistons will crush the 76ers with bigger margins than tonight.

    Go Pistons!

  144. Dominic

    Hate to rain on the win but look at the starter minutes…

    Not Pretty
    Chauncey 41 mins
    Rip 44 mins
    Tay 45 mins (wow almost the whole game)
    Sheed 43 mins
    J-Maxxx 32 mins

    Still it was worth it but most of em are gonna be pretty sore in the morning. Bring on the ice bathes

  145. pistons4life122

    At halftime i was about to breakdown and cry

    Now, I have a huge grin on my face!

    I now feel really good about our chances. I don’t think we will give up game 5, and hopefully game 6.

    chauncey still isn’t playing well, he missed some layups.

    Remember when Tayshaun shot 16% in the ECF last year??

    he has missed 2 shots in the last 2 games.


  146. Jason

    Nice comeback but if they cannot play like they did in the third consistently they are not going anywhere this year. Lets just hope that fire under their ass stays hot enough to keep them on their game.

  147. The Fluidics

    I just want to point out that Tay just said “thanks blaha”
    And I’m dying.

  148. Tom

    Game 5 is also a must win. Don’t want to go down 3-2 heading back to Philadelphia. Although I know they’ve been in that situation before, I’d prefer they didn’t go that route.

  149. claire

    I think I’m the X factor in this series you guys, I didn’t watch game 1 and 3, and we lost. I watched game 2, we won. I turned on the TV in the second half of game 4, and we took the lead for good. I’ll try to watch every single game here on out. So it’s either that I bring good luck to the team or the Pistons just regained their focus.

    lol all jokes asides, someone in the Pistons organization must take on the arduous job of writing memos to all the players that they are indeed in the Playoffs. Mr. Dumars, if you’re reading, consider this post my resume.

  150. Amber

    Claire–I’m with you. Everytime I speak to one particular person during the games, we lose. Game 2 I didn’t speak to him, and today I stopped speaking to him after the first half. I don’t think I’ll talk to him again during the rest of the playoffs, lol. And you better watch all of the games!

  151. Paranoid

    BIG DRIVES INSIDE AND FINISH IT WITH FREEBIES FROM THE LINE is also a good name selection. Billups, Just get the BIG SHOT out of your head. Please!

  152. Tom

    Lets just hope that fire under their ass stays hot enough to keep them on their game.

    Haha. Like that.

  153. bianca-wonka

    Thank JESUS!!!!

    I like the “Time for Ibuprofen” thing . My fav non-prescription drug…

    The Pistons have been humbled by GOD.
    I saw it on their faces when the game begin. They looked scared and felt that if they didn’t play well that they would lose…
    How ’bout them apples. This is how they Will go into every game from now on… Not only against BOston or San ANtonio.

    And yes, I am still praying no matter what you guys say!!!!
    Thank GOD!!!!!

  154. ric

    maybe many of you didn’t but i did like billups already in the first quarter….you can see it in his eyes that he’s was gonna play his heart out of this game…he wasn’t just converting it……when 2nd half came, his hardwork paid off. its hard to replicate a game but its sure not difficult to replicate the passion and committment on playing with urgency. lets be the first team in this series to win 2 straight games in a row!!!

  155. missxshanna

    They obviously realized the urgency during halftime..
    Thank God.
    Hope Game 5 will be more relaxing. =\

    Natalie – Did it feel good to finally put an X over the 15 on the home page? lol

  156. baggtara

    loll… this is hillarious.. have u guyz noticed, the first half of the comments are disses to the team and now the second of the comments, there are praises for the pistons team! lol


    they now gonna win two in ROW!

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

    PS* new user to the this site but have gone on it for almost a year! GREAT SITE good work Natalie! 🙂

  157. Natalie Sitto


  158. David

    i really liked reading the conflict resolution process between toclark and amber … very touching guys.
    dominic, as for the comment about all the starter minutes, who cares? come on, it’s the playoffs! they got the last month of the regular season off for a reason, and it’s not like we got a back-to-back tomorrow … if these guys can’t handle 40 minutes they wouldnt be in the nba. if flip played too much of the bench in the 2nd half, we might not have been able to hold the lead …
    jarvis hayes played really really bad tonight (fell down guarding iggy, 2 fouls on one play, selfish on offense) and im really glad he didnt play in the second half.
    What a comeback …

  159. jessi

    PRINCE: “We got off to a slow start once again – that’s something you can’t have in the playoffs. But still, tonight we were aggressive. We cut the lead to 10 right before the half and came out in the second half like it was desperation time. We made some shots, made some 3s, got the ball inside-out and started to play Piston basketball.”

    Tay quote after teh game, tells it all

  160. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Wow man, I was so nervous at halftime. I only got 1 death threat at the stadium tonight, lol. Antonio McHamilton played so nice, I like him off of the bench better than as a starter.

  161. Steve in OH

    I’ll keep it simple…

    Thank God!!!

  162. Nate

    To only hear what Joe D had to say during halftime…I know Rip stated that Joe did not visit the locker room during halftime, but I don’t believe it for a second. It was so good to see the team we know so well again, even if it was only for a half. But what a second half it was.

    Go Pistons!



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