Pistons-Sixers Game 3

by | Apr 25, 2008 | 84 comments

You know the drill…
The series is tied one all with tonight’s game in Philly. You can expect the joint to be rocking with Philadelphia’s Sixers back at home after shocking Detroit in game one.
I’m looking for Detroit to throw some blows early, and keep the Sixers off their game, especially hometown boys Rasheed and Rip.

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It’s not the Sixers, but you get the picture. Poor Walter.

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  1. Richie

    Hah, sorry, Walter- but someone has to take one for the team!

  2. The Fluidics

    Watch for the Sixers to hold the ball after they score, preventing any chances for a Pistons run down the floor.
    Delay of game anyone?

  3. Bobby


    nuff said

  4. The Fluidics

    yep, sloppy turnovers are ugly.
    Let’s see them come out with fire in the 2nd half.

  5. Natalie Sitto

    I would like to see Sheed or Dyess catch fire.

  6. Junior

    Somebody show some damn emotion!! Oh and btw..Chauncey is a punk. Andre Miller is making him look weak.

    Maybe Dyess getting smacked will wake these guys up. They look like they are in slow motion.


  7. K-Han

    damn we really need to get it goin quick. hope dyess is ight

  8. jessi

    dycess has a broken nose… not good news…

    detroit stop turning the ball over… 17 turnovers

  9. Natalie Sitto

    They better do a complete 360 or this it’s over.

  10. jessi

    this is the game we figured that pistons would lose when the series started but detroit lost game one so they had to win this one.. wow if I could take back my wish for us to play philly and not tornoto, the sayings becareful what you wish for and well it fits… I am not counting out the pistons but they do need to step it up and everyone needs to play like we know they can… The pistons can still wim this one they just need to get back to detroit basketball, philly is reminding me of the pistons when they were the underdogs back in 04… yets just hope it does not end the same, well it wont becuase this is detroit

  11. OIG

    i tell u what no matter if they come back in the 4th and win it i dont wanna hear them talk about championchips any more i mean they won one game at home and now they plake like its a friendly game i cant believe this!!!
    Stop talkin about dem rings do your homnework Pistons!!!

  12. Junior

    Agreed oig…this is NOT a championship caliber ball club..And we definatly don’t have a coach to take us over the hump.

    Changes are coming..oh yes people… Changes are coming..

    F*&KING PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!

  13. The Fluidics

    If the Pistons want to get something started, get inside and score in the paint, and quit jacking up 3’s. The fans all know this, it’s been what the stones have been doing for the last few years. Get in the paint, jumpstart the offense.

  14. The Fluidics

    Don’t get ahead of yourselves folks. This is still just game 3. Don’t start taking the club apart until after a series lost. NBA doesn’t do best of 5’s anymore.

  15. Ashley

    Looks like we let this one go. That is, unless we make a serious run. It could happen, but with the way they’ve been playing tonight I’m really iffy about it.

  16. Robert

    Good to see they learned their lesson from that Game 1 loss…oh, wait. Here we go again.

  17. Natalie Sitto

    I’m with FLU, they once again think they can come back by jacking up threes. Wheres the swarming defense from game 2. Get in the paint.

  18. The Fluidics

    Drive the paint, it’s easier to score from there, plus you draw some fouls.

  19. OIG


    Im not sayin they gone loose this series but im sayin they got no shot to win a championchip with that kind of mindset they need to play 48min of Detroit Basketball like we know they can but they are not showin it and this is Philly not Boston!!
    I still hope they will turn it on and bring it but we know what happend the last 2 years and this is round 1 buddy!

  20. Natalie Sitto

    Who is this team?

  21. missxshanna

    Well I think I’m going to watch my Tivo recordings now

    Ridiculous.. Since I’ve started watching they haven’t made a field goal. It’s been what? Fifteen minutes already?

  22. lavinius

    Very, very sad to watch. Very real possibility we don’t get out of this series. 14 straight missed FGs to end the 3rd qtr…not to Boston, mind you, but to Philly. That’s very troubling and shows something fundamentally wrong.

  23. Nate

    I keep waiting for the Pistons to make a run, but it looks like it won’t happen. Where is the energy? The defense is lazy and the offense is happening all behind the 3 point line. The broadcaster said it best…What is wrong with this Detroit team?

    Fortunately first rounders are now seven game series.

    Go Pistons.


  24. lavinius

    Just think how ugly this game would be had Rip and Tay not carried us in the 1st half. It was unrealistic to think Rip was gonna continue to hit shots at that rate.

  25. Junior

    I know it’s only round one..But don’t kid yourself. Joe Dumars is sitting back wathcing this..and it’s just crazy if you think he is going to allow this group to underachive another year…

    I hate to bring up this talk so early…But I’ve had it with this pathetic play..Dump Flip first, then go doen the list.

  26. mobius909

    is it just me or is everyone else effin sick of chauncey billups’ woes in the playoffs. wtf is going on? 1-9, 1-8… etc, etc, etc. good god.

  27. ric

    okay, now im convince that complacency exist in the blood of these pistons players, especially the starters! so to all the people who said there isn’t any complacency in this team such as keith langlois, matt watson, and to others, obviously they were in complete in denial and wanted to make the pistons in disbelief.

  28. lavinius


    He’s still living off his success in the ’04 Finals.

  29. Nate

    They’re pouting out there. You can see it clear as day. They are letting, emphasis letting, Philly score now. Sheed made no attempt to stop the alley-oop and Billups looks like he just doesn’t care.

    I hate to be harping on these guys so much, but they have me so frustrated. How many wake-up calls do you need before you just hit the snooze button again?


  30. ric

    and by the way whoever is gna say or keep using “they (pistons) been there” F*** THAT!!!! THAT IS WHAT’S MAKING THEM LOSE GAMES, WHENEVER THEY THINK THAT WAY!!!

  31. Marek

    Detroit niggaz are going the get blown out. end of detroit era. no more titles for the old men. fire all the overpaid losers like billups and start rebuilding…they’re all just fucking jokes on the floor.

  32. mobius909

    amen ric. every year you gotta earn that ish…

  33. Natalie Sitto

    “He’s still living off his success in the ’04 Finals.” AMEN Lavinus

    They looked like a bunch of fakers out there tonight.

  34. ric

    im still with our pistons win or lose in this series coz im a true fan, but joe needs to start thinking about the trading 1-2 starter for next season. dyes, sheed, prince, rip and billups. 1-2 of these players has this complacency and this contagious!!!!

  35. ric

    nat, what do u mean faker? that they’re just relaxing not playing within their energy? well thats a big sign of complacency….seriouly, i wouldn’t be surprise that joe is thinking about that this team has no sense of urgency and its time to listen to other teams offer. im so disappointed with the starters because what the hell kind of example are they setting for the zoo crew!!!!

  36. OIG


    yeah true but u know what they gonna say in the press…………
    cause u know they been there and……
    i mean im doin my best here in Germany to convince my friends that not the Mavs are the best Team but they are playin against Chris Paul and da Hornets not against Philly and still it seems like they gonna win at home but whatever lets just hope this is the last ugly game cause if not this offseason is gonna be over very soon!
    And i always believe what Sheed says but he also looked emotionless from the beginning of that game!
    This really hurts Pistons fans worldwide i dont know if i get to sleep but no problem its almost morning and Dirk is playin great against Paul and Kidd is puttin up another triple double………

  37. lavinius


    It eats me up to see them playing like this. But honestly, a lot of us (fans) have seen this coming since about the ’06 ECFs.

    Only thing good about a potential first round loss (trying to be PC) is Dumars will be forced to make wholesale changes. He couldn’t possibly bring all these guys back again on the heels of that.

    I could go on, but I’ll let the rest of the series play out as I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

  38. Natalie Sitto

    No Ric, they looked like the seventh seed not the second. I have never seen a contender drop a game like this in the Playoffs after losing the first game at home like they did.

    I still beleive they take this series but they will never get out of the East playing like this.

    They waited for the “real” season to start but they sure haven’t shown us they have what it takes.

  39. lavinius


    All of us here are “with the team.” We wouldn’t be posting in here if we weren’t.

  40. ric

    oh and by the way…whoevers gonna blame flip saunders for this is a f****** complete idiot!!!! flip doesn’t need to have control and tell them what they need to do with double digit turnover after the half (even though he should) the f***** players should know already on what to do!!!!!

  41. olivejz28

    I don’t know what team that was out there on the floor, but it wasn’t the Pistons. What? Those were the Pistons? Well, then I am ashamed at this moment.

    I still said Pistons in six games, but this is just getting ridiculous. Same old story: No fire, no passion, no urgency, no adjustments, no respecting the opponent. I’m sick of hearing all the talking heads say, “Now would be a good time to flip the switch.” And that’s the trouble with the Pistons. The switch isn’t there to be played around with. Turn it on and leave it on.

    I’m angry as hell at the players, but I’m even more annoyed at the coaching. After almost three years and Flip still hasn’t learned to make adjustments. He’s a nice guy and all that, but he isn’t cut out for a ‘ship. Whether we get out of this round or not, Saunders is fired after this season. I would be surprised if he isn’t. But I mean, we all thought Rick Carlisle was doing great and he got canned. I just can’t see Flip being allowed to stick around. As for the rest of the lineup, if we get eliminated now, Joe D will be forced to do something about them too. That makes me sad, because they’re a great group, but comfort and familiarity has bred complacency and under-achievement.

    WAKE UP, PISTONS! Please.

  42. Natalie Sitto

    I feel you and though you know I need to vent sometimes what’s the use after this one. Seriously if they can’t take something away from game one and get beat like this then what’s next.

    I know I’m the only one who wanted to see some changes after last season.

    Ahhh….I’ll chill till I can figure this one out.


  43. Paranoid

    In one word:

    I decided today that I don’t care if Detroit looses the first round or win it all and even takes the championship. I watch sports (like many others) for inspiration. I thought this during the regular season after watching each and every pistons game and now I came to the conclusion that my intuition was right: there is nothing inspiring about the pistons. It is a good team with great players and a deep bench – but it lacks soul.

    The pistons were my Fav team in the east for seven years now, and today was the last straw. If they manage to win this series – well, good for them, have a celebration with a one fan less. I’m bailing out.

    Don’t get me wrong. This is not about loosing two games in the first round. That can happen to the best teams out there. It is about what the pistons lack: a fighting spirit even when loosing a hard fought game. The pistons had it. The pistons lost it.

    My fav team in the west is PHX SUNS. Despite the fact that they had troubles during game two and despite the fact that they are down 2-0 in the series, they never looked pathetic like this. Even when they loose they look like they are fighters.

    I just don’t care anymore. It seems like the pistons don’t care either.

  44. ric

    paranoid, ur a classic bandwagoner……if u really think there’s nothing inspiring about the pistons….then what heck are you doing in this blog????? that supports the pistons???please stop being a hypocrite…u know ur gut that they still are based on the time u just spend commenting/blogging.joe has provided what this team needs to be energize in the playoffs….less minute in the reg season, amazing supporting cast…what else can he do for these starters to play better…its time to shop around the league!!!!!

  45. The Fluidics

    There is a big problem with blowing it up. First of all, there are some solid contracts in place, and nobody blows it up and then comes back stronger.
    If you are looking to blow the team up, be prepared for some 35-40 win seasons.

    I’m not scared. Philly has been a thorn in Detroits side all season. This series will be tougher than whatever comes in round two. If Detroit comes out with a split in Philly, look for a win in 5 and 6.
    If not, PRAY for a win in 5-6-7.
    If any team can pull out a come from behind series win, it’s this team.
    Philly is riding high on emotion now, but do you really think they can beat the Pistons 4 times? Do you think the pistons will lose 4 times?

    Maybe, but I doubt it.

  46. Paranoid

    I understand where you are coming from when you say I’m a bandwagoner.

    Even if I would have accepted your criticism that I’m a victim of the the bandwagon effect (and I don’t: I rooted for the pistons before and after 04), I only want to say this: I don’t really care about jumping on the wagon that wins games. I’m about jumping on wagons that show spunk, soul and inspiration (even if they loose games).

    There was even more soul in how the D-League Miami heat players played at the end of the season, than there was soul in the pistons team since the all-stars weekend break.

    Maybe I’m just over venting and I will need to come back here and apologize. But this is how I feel right now. I don’t remember a game that made me feel so disappointed and emotional compared to this one (and I’ve experienced bigger losses with bigger deficits).

  47. jessi

    one question why not make plays for tay when he had a hot hand, the one time he got a shot he hot a three, I mean a few times tay was open and chancey throws up a three and misses, stuckey passes to the man being covered I mean when someones hot feed them, tay missed one shot.. I know that is not the reason for the lost but come on stop throwing up shots adn keep control of the ball..

  48. mannie32

    i’ll admit it… im scared… to add insult to injury, mcdyess has a broken nose… even if they get past this round, i dunno anymore… for the first time in 6 years i actually have doubts… maybe they’ve been together for too long? maybe billups has lost his magic in the meaningful games??? i dunno… i hope i get over this doubt, not a good feeling… looks more like lakers vs. boston in the finals? who knows… cant believe im saying that… urgh

  49. mobius909

    i’m sick of CB trying to draw a foul on every play and shooting way off balance. Go up strong and shoot the ball!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE GONNA MISS YOUR FREE THROWS.

  50. Natalie Sitto

    Dejected…all I can say right now.

  51. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ride home tonight. I think I was 1 of 3 people in Pistons stuff at the stadium tonight, got heckled the entire time. I can not believe that that just happened.

  52. sauce1977

    We have just lost cabin pressure.

    Dear Chauncey, 2004 might as well be 100 years ago. You live for today, or you go out this way.

    You said the Pistons were “the better team” than the 2007 Eastern Conference Champion Cavaliers. Right now, the Pistons are not better than a .500 club.

    The mouth doesn’t balance with the results.

  53. illmatic774

    The goose is cooked is all i have to say.

    Was Sheed actually taking a nap in halftime? I love the guy but What. The. Eff. Did. I. Just. Watch? The WORST i have EVER seen Rasheed Wallace. He looked apathetic and broken.

    Chauncey looked McGrady-esque. There may be no bigger fraud in the league. Remember the MVP talk of 2005? All a byproduct of Ben Wallace.

    Stuckey looked like someone with zero bball IQ. He’s still young but under this coaching staff i question his development.

    Everyone else was irrelevant other than Tayshaun and Rip. I still see hunger in them. I think both of their games are somewhat limited but i see at least some hunger.

    Nat: Don’t take too much credit, lol; many of us wanted to see huge change after last year. It didn’t happen, and once it didn’t happen it wasn’t anger that i felt, it was dejection.

    (long paragraph ahead)

    Frankly, I got over my dejection and disappointment after Game 1, which told me that that team had no chance against a real team like Boston. The writing was on the wall as early as that. After today I don’t feel angry, but I was irritated that i wasted two hours of TV time when I could have been working on a paper. Sportswriters and Pistons enthusiasts want to know why the Pistons are perhaps the 3rd/4th fiddle in the city? This is why. Maybe there was Pistons mania when Ben/LB/Carlisle were in town but this squad we have here is nothing more than a facade.
    Flip cannot be completely blamed but there is some relief knowing that he wont be here nextyear. Personally I am never against the possibility of an exorcism. We need a youth movement, a true youth movement, not just a few players. The window is getting smaller year by year as the years go on, with Boston looking to have the East on lock for about 2 more years. Meanwhile the Pistons are stagnated.

    Remember those lean years in between The Hill era and this one? That is what we need right now, as it is where a team can recreate an identity. The Pistons organization needs to stop living in the past or we will continue to be pretenders.

    Failure to move on will result in prolonged years of failure. The smart thing to do would be to get a head start and rebuild

  54. lavinius

    illmatic, great post!

  55. illmatic774

    much appriciated, lavinus! 😉

  56. Natalie Sitto

    I second that…Lavinius. On point Illmatic.

  57. Recliner GM

    Sixers went to town on the Piston’s tonight. Do you guys believe this series could be lost now? The Sixers won this game nothing given to them, but you gotta be fed up with the lack of effort and emotion on the Piston’s part right?

  58. amer-ican prince


    if you guys are really surprised at the Pistons performance, then on either espn or espn2, record the national broadcast game. The replay is on at like 1 am. They showed Flip talking to the players in the lockerroom before the game. And I knew they were gonna lose when I saw it. The players WERE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO LISTINING TO FLIP. You could tell they see Flip as someone they have to put up with rather than someone that they want to listen to. They were looking around rolling their eyes and everything.

  59. Steve


  60. The Fluidics

    Every playoff game I’ve been to this season the Pistons have won.
    Coincidence? I think not.

    And Steve, I noticed you stopped talking hype about the Tigers which you couldn’t shut the fuck up about a month ago. Bandwagon…

  61. Bobby

    It has nothing to do with the players…

    LOSE FLIP. He obviously just cannot coach a playoff game, plain and simple. I knew from the 1st couple possessions of the first quarter that we were going to lose. Flip has NO IDEA how to fire up a team and get them back in a groove. Unless we are in the lead from the start, chances are we won’t win.

  62. David

    American Prince, you’re exactly right. I DVRed the game, started watching it at the begining, and as soon as they showed Flip’s little “speech”, I knew it wasn’t gonna be good. You could see Tay and Chauncey staring off in to space, the young guys pretending to pay attention, Flip stuttering and just trying to get out complete sentences about something about energy and getting off to a quick start.. all of a sudden theyre down 6-0 or whatever and i knew it was done .. so i fast forward to the 4th and see them down by 20 and jogging around like assholes … chauncey had it written all over his face that he didnt give a shit … lazy, old, slow, over-confident, cocky, the pistons looked pathetic in the few minutes i watched.
    guys, we’re gonna lose this first round series.
    What the hell are we gonna do next year? we’re not getting back to the finals for a long, long time.


  63. David


    How do we get blown out by freaking Lou WIlliams and Thadeus Young?!?!?!?!?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING CHAUNCEY????!?!??

  64. ric

    everybody about flip…i couldn’t agree with you more….but what makes u guys think that any of the starting line up, with the exception of dyess…would listen to a new coach (other than larry brown). if you guys think they will, u must be delusional. the starting line up must be broken down….how will we know which one joe should let go…..based on the last few games of this series, or the coming series, with a big IF.

  65. Jess


    “Don’t get ahead of yourselves folks. This is still just game 3.”

    Honestly when are we going to stop making excuses? I mean Im with them to the end and and still KNOW they will make it out of this series, but why do we always have to make excuses. These are the playoffs now its not the regular season anymore. Things have got to change quick.

    On the other hand..

    LMAO @ “And Steve, I noticed you stopped talking hype about the Tigers which you couldn’t shut the fuck up about a month ago. Bandwagon…”

    I noticed him being a bandwagon jumper from the get go cause he kept on going back and forth with shit. I hate it when he leaves stupid ass comments.

  66. Nate

    I have to comment on paranoids last post about how the Pistons should take lessons from the Phoenix Suns. I quote….

    “My fav team in the west is PHX SUNS. Despite the fact that they had troubles during game two and despite the fact that they are down 2-0 in the series, they never looked pathetic like this. Even when they loose they look like they are fighters”

    Did you see tonight’s game? Amare and Shaq were absolutley pathetic. They looked like the Pistons for they pouted the entire fourth quarter and refused to play defense. So I disagree with you when you say the Pistons need to fight like the Suns, a team that belives they can win by simply outscoring teams. Both the Suns and the Pistons need to take a long hard look at the Spurs and how they believe every game must be fought for if you want to win it all.

    Where’s the blue collar work ethic that symbolized us in the 04 finals? It seems as if after we wong the finals that year, our mindset changed for the worse. We have become the Laker team that we beat in 04, the Laker team that thought they were superior to every other team in the NBA. Ironic isn’t it?

    I truly hope the Pistons make me eat my words and smash the Sixers for here on out. In the mean time, I can longer say with confidence we can beat Boston, let alone Philly.

    Prove me wong Detroit. Please.


  67. Ludacris0525

    Dont overreact David… The Pistons will still win the series, but wont win the championship. I think Chauncey is the key to this whole series. When he starts playing like we know he can, we will be fine. But to me he is the ring leader for complacency. His cocky attitude spreads throughout the lockerroom like a cancer and its sickening. Andre Miller is out playing him in EVERY game… He isnt the better pointguard. They are about dead even. If you ask me, Andre Miller is a better passer. Anyway, Pistons will win this series, there isnt question. I just feel this lack of concentration will affect them down the road and will not get by the Hungrier Celtics or EVEN the Magic.


  68. sauce1977

    Lakers get to playoffs something like 55 of 60 seasons, if I’m not mistaken.

    This is a tale of two franchises. The one that Davidson purchased in the 1970s was pretty weak. When McCloskey drafted Isiah, Detroit turned the page, and the franchise, overall, has been a big time winner. Just ask Phoenix, Dallas, or Utah how it feels to win a championship. You can’t, since those franchises havn’t won one.

    I just watched an old Metalocalypse episode. The one where the band does a movie, “Blood Ocean,” and it’s terrible. The big executive leans in over Deathklok and tells ’em, “REMEMBER, SHII SAMMICH, TASTES GREAT!”

    That’s probably good advice for Joe Dumars, if Detroit loses two more games this series.

  69. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Know what was thinking when I saw the starters on the bench toward the end of the game? At first I thought maybe they we pouting, but then I realized that they were more likely trying to think of what they were going to say in their post-game interviews. They were wondering how they should respond if any members of the media have the balls to ask them the tough questions… what excuses they had left to throw out there….

    They can’t make excuses because they don’t have any excuses. They have a deep and talented bench… they have not played excessive minutes… they have chemistry… the core has been together for a long time… MUCHO playoff experience on this team… OK, their coach is a complete idiot, but these guys are capable of playing above that — or should be capable of that… NO EXCUSE FOR THIS SHIT!!

    Game one a wake up call??? How about Lebron James taking them out of the show last season all by himself… THAT wasn’t a wake up call?? Miami taking them out the year before that… THAT wasn’t a wake up call?? You can only ignore so many wake up calls before you figure out something has to change. I was against busting up the core players after the playoff fiasco last season but about half way through the 3rd tonight (maybe sooner than that) I decided… what have we got to lose? Go out and find some guys that really want to win instead of just talking about winning. I know Dyess wants to win. He’s my favorite player and I love his heart but I am not above saying that he might be past his prime… the rest of these guys have got to get it together and keep it together…

    Never mind it’s too late for that. Even if by some friggin’ miracle they manage to get to the finals this year… hell, even if they win a championship, it won’t be the same team on the floor at the Palace next season. JoeD said he wasn’t going to put up with this shit, and I believe him so bye-bye somebody… maybe even more than one somebody. I am anti-stupid star, but maybe it’s time we get one. Nah, Philly doesn’t need one to win we shouldn’t either. We just need to stop acting (and playing) like we deserve to win no matter what. Need to play like they are STARVING for victory (I hesitate to even say it but…) like the Celtics and the Lakers and Spurs — I hate them all, but damned if they aren’t playing like they want to win it all and I have got to respect that.

    Granted I am pissed off and frustrated as holy hell right now (as well as more than slightly intoxicated) and I may regret every thought I am having but I am sure I am not alone in anything I am thinking. Sorry so long-winded but I am not feeling any sympathy from anyone else around me right now and I guess I was hoping for some here… needed to vent some… seems as though I am not alone in that here.


    for the love of GOD….

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  70. xoxslk

    This reminds me of the Miami heat of 2007….

    I honestly think if somehow we can win this series, we will do well in round 2 and get to the ECF again. But thats only IF we manage to win 3 more games against philli.

  71. pistons4life122

    Does anyone think were going to win this series?

    I don’t know what to say.

    and xoxslk, your right…

    The heat won the ship in 06 and the next year, they got swept in the 1st round vs. the bulls


    HE SAID in front of 22,076 people AND in front of isiah,joe, etc, aka all the legends that this is going to be a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG postseason…

    he should be ashamed of himself to say that playing like this. If he was playing well I wouldn’t mind that comment if he could make a few shots per game!!

  72. Steve

    ay yo say what u want u dont know me or what i do..but if u got a real problem with me let me know we can handle it not here in real life ill give u my address.. im right in hazel park get ya pull

  73. DetroitGirl4Ever

    Steve, that is really silly to promote a fight online. That’s just silly to let a basketball game and a few comments make you go crazy to the brink that you want to fight someone online that you don’t know and they don’t know you. Calm down it ain’t that serious,lol.

    Horrible Horrible game last night, and I can’t allow myself to get so dissappointed with this team. I love this team ride or die, but I can’t watch the arrogance and half stepping of this team much longer. I’ll always be a Pistons fan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find something else to watch if their playing horrible basketball. They need to get it together and play like we all know they can. No more arrogant comments(especially you Chauncey) and no more sleeping on the court. They don’t seem to realize that their playing for more than themeselves. What about the thousands of fans who watch, support and love them every single night despite their shortcomings. I want to see a hungry Detroit on Sunday. If not then they may as well pack it up and be the Dallas Mavericks of last year.

    Come on Detroit prove them wrong and make us all proud. 🙂

  74. ric

    jessi i know its only game 3 and that we shouldn’t make anymore excuses……..i know its not an excuse but that’s sounds like another excuse to me ITS ONLY GAME 3!!!! i seriously think its time to shop around for one or two of the starting line ups…..just like our new slogan for this year….ITS TIME…ITS TIME TO LET GO FEW OF THE PLAYERS!!! i would definitely build this team around stuckey, amir, maxiell and samb…and for the starting line up, we need to get like a big trade out of them…someone who can play defense and offense and most of all……with CONSISTENCY!!! hey nat, if sheed gets traded…are u still gonna call need4sheed or ur gonna change it?????

  75. Natalie Sitto

    Ric, I have answered that question about a thousand times.. There will always be a need4sheed, the name stays. I’m not talking trades or the future while we are still on a quest, even if they aren’t playing that way.

  76. Natalie Sitto

    amer-ican prince – I just saw the speech and yes that did look like a red flag.

  77. uyen

    I’m lost for words. Didn’t catch the game last night but was following it on my phone while at dinner with some friends. I still wholeheartedly believe that we will win this series but for sure we won’t be rested.

  78. olivejz28

    I quickly switched over to the Suns-Spurs game after watching the combustion of the Pistons. I like Spurs and what they’re about, which is why they’re my second favorite team.

    During the 4th quarter Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen said something that struck me:

    Van Gundy: “The greatest trait about the San Antonio Spurs organization is – from the owner, to the GM, to the head coach, to the best player – they are a humble organization. They never think they have it figured out; that’s why they stay sharp, that’s why they stay focused, and that’s why they stay selfless.”
    Breen: That’s why they’re going for their 5th championship in 10 years.”

    The reason it struck me is because, like the Pistons, they have essentially the same core of players after all this time. And I think that’s why I was attracted to the Spurs behind the Pistons, because they too, knew how to “play the right way.” And what Van Gundy said is true. Lookit Tony Parker, dropping 41 points, moving his feet and playing like he’s on his way to a second MVP. The Pistons could have translated that same success, had they not gotten so damn cocky.

    Kenny Smith said it a few nights ago, the Pistons “have a superiority complex.” The last time I saw the Pistons play with any meaning, any fire was the ’05 Finals, but even then they lost it in the last two minutes. I love the Pistons, but reality is starting to sink in. I pray that they go out there and prove me wrong, but I can’t help feeling dejected about what they’ve become.

  79. Bakary

    For f@@k sake.
    everytime i feel detroit has everything figured out, i abruptly have to face reality and realize that they seem not to learn. I hate seing them lose these past years but i must to admit that they deserve that beating. I must admit that i join the band wagon of those thinking that Joe D. must split that team and start from scratch…too manye years of heartache lead to this. i have nothing but respect for all of them but i came to a point to think the team as it is now will not win.
    I have heard it all about last year problem, Joe d addressed them all and the result is the same, so now there is no more excuses.
    Deep down inside i hope they will prove i am wrong, but it’s been a while since i know that dreams not always come true.
    the fact remains that detroit is its only enemy.

  80. David

    “I’m never doubting us at all,” Wallace said. “Never doubting us.”

    Maybe it’s time you start playing like it then, Sheed!! Instead of jacking up threes and playing lazy defense!
    If Mcdiggity misses the game, maybe it will actually help to get some new blood out there, maybe some Amir energy or at least Ratliff won’t have the superiority problems the rest of the starters have.

    Hey, at least Boston lost a game.

  81. David

    “I’m never doubting us at all,” Wallace said. “Never doubting us.”

    Maybe it’s time you start playing like it then, Sheed!! Instead of jacking up threes and playing lazy defense!
    If Mcdiggity misses the game, maybe it will actually help to get some new blood out there, maybe some Amir energy or at least Ratliff won’t have the superiority problems the rest of the starters have.

    Hey, at least Boston lost a game.

  82. Bakary

    It’s half time of Game 4. And i don’t see any change. it’s seem that the ghosts haunting detroit for the last three years now are back and they will stay.
    The game is just wrong and detroit stink. I switch off my tv as i do not want to witness that one.
    I hope half time will bring something new because we hardly need a change.
    detroit wake up, please.

  83. Bakary



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