Pistons – Sixers Game 2

by | Apr 23, 2008 | 30 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Sixers Round 1
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The Pistons will try to even it up tonight at the Palace to take the series 1-1 to Philly. None of us could have guessed (not even Sixers fans) that Detroit would fall in the first game. Plenty of news worth quotes came out after the loss, but this one popped for me.

“I hope that this doesn’t happen, but if we were down 0-2, I still feel like we’d win the series,” Billups said. “But I don’t want to get there and have to prove you all of that.” Via The Detroit Free Press

I don’t mind what Chauncey said, but he always seem to come across arrogant. I love the guy, but to say the things he’s said in recent years you have to back it up and right now Chauncey hasn’t done that. You could even say that Billups tries a little too hard to be Mr. Big Shot on many occasions when all he needs to be his Chauncey. I would love to have the confidence in Chauncey like I have in the past, but until he proves himself this year in the playoffs I can’t. It’s just how I feel, and trust me I wish I didn’t.

I’m not putting this Chauncey either, but I do find it funny that the only guy that took the blame for Detroit’s loss on Sunday was Sheed, who we all know had a monster game.

I’m expecting to see The Pistons step on some necks tonight like we know they can. And if they don’t….well I don’t quite get worried, just really pissed off.

A little inspiration

Tip off is at 7:30 PM and will be Nationally broadcast on NBATV and locally on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

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  1. Darksideryda

    I will be the first to say , I am a bit concerned. I know we always do things the hard way , but this is kinda making me ill. We are the best team in the league , and as a fan I am saying that not just because I am a Piston fan. We can beat anyone , if we just put our heart into it and play DETROIT BASKETBALL. lets go guys….please wake up. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!!!


  2. OIG

    u know i love Chauncey but he should be completly focused to win game 2 and not talk that shit if we loose game 2 thats like ok cause we still would win it if i hear that kind of talk i get a bad bad feelin not that we gonna loose again that would be unreal but a bad feelin about the championchip run cause that talk wont get u anywhere!!
    Still lets take that game and show the world that Deeeetroit Basketball still is the elite in da NBA!


  3. Jess

    Amanda I forgot to mention that your poem you posted on the “New To The Blogging World – Rasheed Wallace” post!

    I on the other hand am SOOOO SICK! I can barely move. I have a sore throat, puffy eyes, nose as red as Rodolph, and my synesis are acting up so BAD! I cant even get out of bed. NO medicine is working for me. I NEED A DOSE OF PISTONS VICTORY!!

  4. Jess


    Amanda I forgot to mention that your poem you posted on the “New To The Blogging World – Rasheed Wallace” post IS GREAT!!!

  5. ric

    ok guys, lets do this! we need to see some scoring from the backcourts in the beginning of the first quarter. go detroit!!!

  6. ric

    for anyone whos watching the game whos out of state and doesn’t have nba tv or nba pass but have hd tv cable or satelite tune in to mojo channel where its televise.

  7. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    Obviously you have to believe you can win no matter what the odds are (if you go down 2-0 for example) but why put yourself in that position? Why not just go out there and take care of your business and not tempt fate? They need to quit screwing around and take this shit seriously. Get them down and keep them down. No mercy for the enemy. Be friends off the court — on the court… it’s a war so let’s fight for it like we want it damn it!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  8. Dominic

    LMFAOOO @ everyone who said the Pistons are getting complacent. I know it’s the first few minutes but are you watching the fire they are playing with now?

  9. Eric

    Does anyone else think that Philly should in reality, have like 10 points?

    They’ve made so many crazy shots, including Reggie Evans taking ‘Sheed in the post twice.

  10. Bigdee36

    I’m in georgia so I have to watch the fuckin hawks!!!!!! I don’t have any of those premium channels!!! I wan’t to see this victory sooo bad. Go detroit!!!!

  11. Dominic

    Eric I completely agree with you, the score is not a good representation of the way Detroit is outplaying Philly

    Let it be known that I was not one of the fans that said the Pistons were over when they play like they are tonight, they are IMPOSSIBLE to beat yes even Boston

  12. Eric

    Dom, I think the score is a little more accurate now at the half.

    With that said, I’m glad that you stayed level-headed after game 1, as did I.

    In the same vein, even if we win this one big, we’ve proven nothing. We’ve already given up our homecourt advantage regardless, so we will have a chip on our shoulder until we walk into Philly and take both with good solid play.

  13. ric

    good first half………were not reclaiming victory yet!!!! so hopefully no lapse.

  14. palaceprince

    a 17 point half time lead. lets hope is holds up unlike game 1.

    Dyess is playing great with only 3 rebounds away from a double double. I am a little concerned with Chauncey not having any points. I think he should try to be more agressive as the game goes on.

  15. claire

    I can’t watch this game, can someone tell me why Rip got a tech? t

  16. Eric

    Rip took the ball inside and got stripped, then he yelled “That’s Bullshit!” at the ref, so he got T’d.

    There wasn’t that much contact on the replay. I think Rip needs to just play. These are playoff games, fouls will be harder.

    Great third quarter effort. We’re hot on offense, but we’d no doubt be up big even if we weren’t, because our defense has been excellent this game. That first half was a beautiful thing to watch.

  17. Dominic

    Rip got a tech when I think Reggie Evans batted the ball out of his hands and it went out of bounds. Rip thought he was hacked and had some words for the referree

  18. Dominic

    By The way does anyone else notice how confident Rodney Stuckey seems out on the floor? He’s playing with poise and it’s impressive I hope it continues throughout the playoffs

  19. jessi

    now for everyone who counts the pistons out, this game is going to ahve everyone loving the pistons game, I was telling a firend today never count the pistons out, even when the pistons are down in a game I still think they will win until the last second. The way detroit played tonight is the detroit we all know. I have how our starters with the exception of rip sat out during the 4th, it shows how deep our bench is, the pistons did left a few qestionable calls get then down and that is what made this game right from the start, the refs were not going to let up and the pistons just played.

  20. jessi

    hats off to the pistons and great job by tay tonight

  21. K-Han

    great job by the blue colla boiss

  22. Richie

    I hate to say I told you so…

  23. missxshanna

    I can sleep tonight!
    Poor Mike Bibby getting boo-ed during every posession because he spoke the truth…

  24. Bigdee36

    Now that’s what i’m talkin about. squash tham like the insects they are.

  25. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    What did Bibby say?

  26. Eric

    Said that Boston’s fans were bandwagoners.

  27. The Fluidics

    Where are all the folks saying teh stoners were going to get bumped after one?

    Dyess is a monster, look for the Pistons too be STRONG in Philly (esp. Sheed)
    Great game tonight, the Palace was live for sure.

  28. mannie32

    yup, exactly what i expected… okay i lie… i did predict it would be a dog fight that ended in a win, even though i was hoping for a total rapeage… luckily we got the latter… made me smile… but i never doubted this series… as down as i was after the game 1 loss, i knew it would be more like the spurs game 1 loss last year (eventual champs) than the dallas game 1 loss last year (bumped in the first round by inferior opponent)

  29. The Fluidics

    I’m just re-watching the game now, and that shot clock violation in the first is enough to make me want to punch a ref in the throat.
    If this game came down to the wire, and that possesion made the difference in the game, I’d be super pissed. Right now, I’m just mildly miffed.

  30. bianca-wonka

    I told you guys prayer works!!:p


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