Pistons Do Things The Right Way

by | Apr 23, 2008 | 9 comments

The Pistons did what we all expected them to do in the opening game of the series with The Sixers, dominate. Detroit jumped out of the gate and never looked back letting the Sixers have just one lead in the game at 2-0. That Sixers lead quickly turned into a 8-0 run by Detroit on their way to a convincing win at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Detroit’s 105-88 victory evened things up with the Sixers. The series heads to Philadelphia on Friday for game three.

The Pistons made a very loud statement that everyone could hear.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit

Key Points:

  • Five Pistons in double figures.
  • Rodney Stuckey scored his first 12 playoff points and boy did he get to them quick. As soon as he entered the game he went coast to coast for a sweet and quite acrobatic layup. Then he followed with another.
  • Tayshaun Prince shut down Andre Iguodala forcing him into a 1-for-9 shooting night for just 4 points.
  • I truly get a kick out of Mason purposely mispronouncing opponents names when announcing them, but none struck me as funny as his IG UUUU DAYLA.
  • Sheed looked like a man possessed. When Ra hit his fist shot with ease, then his second and then his third you just knew all things were going to go right for Detroit. Sheed finished with 16 points, 7 boards and 3 blocked shots. He was almost sitting on Rick Mahorn’s Lap when he knocked down his three pointer before the half.
  • The Palace Crowd was truly rocking.
  • Dyess hit the first shot of the game and just kept hitting. Diggity put up a double-double and had that “look” on his face. McDyess scored 16 with 12 boards but the shot he hit after trailing a play trying to put his shoe back on just epitomized the kind of night he had. He strolled up after the Pistons were in their offense for about 15 seconds and knocked the shot down like it was nothing. This was pretty nice too.
Antonio McDyess
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  • This was just what I had hoped for…Detroit put the stranglehold on and never lost their grip.
  • It’s not like we don’t know McDyess takes things hard, but Chauncey confirmed it. “I don’t get on him too much because he beats himself up too much,” Billups said. “He’s mad when he doesn’t come out and put together a good performance. When he has slip-ups he’s really mad and angry. Me knowing that, I just let him do what he has to do. He came out tonight and played an unbelievable game.” Via MLive
  • Detroit’s defense was swarming all over Philly from start to finish. It reminded me of the good old days.
  • Detroit shot 59% in the first quarter and 54.9% for the game.
  • Chauncey Billups finished with 9 points all of which came in the second half. If fact it was Chauncey who stepped up in the third to bust open the lead and send the starters to the bench.
  • “Game 1 was a big wake-up call for us,” Billups said. “We learned from it. We know that team can beat us if we’re not playing the right way.” Via MLive
  • Has Flip learned to make adjustments? It sure looked like it.
  • Prince, Wallace, Dyess and Billups didn’t step on the floor in the fourth.
  • Rip led the Pistons with 20 points along with 7 boards and 7 assists. Rip was the lone starter on the floor with the Crew for most of the third quarter and some of the fourth.
Richard Hamilton
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Photo/Getty Images

  • All Detroit starters shot at least 50% from the floor.
  • Great job shutting down Andre Miller who really gave the Pistons a tough time on Sunday. Detroit had bodies around him all night and he still finished with 14.
  • NBA.com Highlights of The Game.
  • Nice shot clock violation that robbed Detroit of a possession. I didn’t get to see the replay well but from what was said in the comments it was obvious that the clock started before the ball was inbounded.
  • As soon as Amir stepped on the court the Palace crowd went wild. How can you not appreciate him? Amir logged 15 minutes putting up 8 points with 4 boards and an assist.
  • It’s truly not a Pistons experience without one of Jason Maxiell’s signature blocks.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit
  • Maxiell’s scored just 2 points, but they came with an authority that brought the house down.
  • Though the Pistons won by 17, the game wasn’t really even that close. The Crew let the Sixers bench back into it late in the fourth.
  • 26 assists for Detroit.
  • “After the disappointing loss, like last game, we just wanted to come out and make a statement tonight,” McDyess said. Via MLive
  • Walter Herrmann’s suit was…well…shiny.
  • Jarvis Hayes 3-for-7 for 6 points. Is it just me or does he look so excite to jack up a shot he barely ever sets himself?
  • Huge night for Tay who really set the tone on defense. He was hot when the Pistons needed him, especially in the paint. Tayshaun scored 15 with 4 boards, 3 assists and a steal.
Tayshaun Prince
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Photo/Getty Images
  • DNP’s for Lindsey Hunter and Theo Ratliff.
  • Depressed Fan thinks the Sixers folded too early.
  • Rebound war won 42-34.
  • Louis William played well for the Sixers and led the team with 17 points. Most of which came at the stripe.
  • “Detroit is clearly superior to Philly, but the Pistons also remain their own worst enemy. And although Saunders said he doesn’t want to see any more letdowns, it has become clear over the years that another one is coming; it’s simply a matter of when — and how — the Pistons will respond after it happens. This time, they responded like the Pistons we’ve come to know — decisively, assertively, forcefully. So it becomes a question of how many more times they’re going to go to that resiliency well, because there’s going to come a time — maybe not this year, but sometime down the road — when that spring is going to run dry. “ Via Chris Sheridan ESPN
  • To Philly on Friday.


  1. xXxRiPHammyxXx

    Finally a playoff victory, a great game to enjoy, and to bet on. I can’t wait until Friday, It’ll be the first playoff game Ive ever been to.

  2. DetroitGirl4Ever

    I love it. McDyess was like okay you sat me out yesterday. I get the point and Maxiell isn’t going to get all my minutes tonight. I wan’t him to have a great game because they’re playing to win, but we all know if we win this thing it’s for Dyess. No question about it.

  3. The Fluidics

    Chauncey said it best in the post game yesterday, it ain’t about collecting stats, it’s about collecting wins.

    This was a good win.

  4. Bigdee36

    That’s what I needed another pistons style beatdown to wash the taste of gameone out of my mouth. Go Pistons!!! We believe in you, even if no one else does.

  5. Nate

    48 minutes of domination. I hope Boston was watching.

    Go Pistons.


  6. David

    Only 5 comments so far? What’s the deal ? Great recap Natalie.
    Great game Pistons! Let’s hope they can stay focused and finish these guys out without any more hiccups.
    Nice to see the pistons get some easy buckets in the paint. especially by the guards. good aggressiveness, if they play like that they can beat boston.

  7. sauce1977

    Detroit’s gotta prove it every game. I think we want our team to stomp the competition so we can feel safe in whooping it up about them.

  8. Natalie Sitto

    Sauce1977 I must admit I am one of “those”fans. I just want to see beatdowns. And the whooping it up, well thats just icing on the cake.

  9. Goéland en chef

    Great response from the Pistons. Collective, determined, winning basketball! Amir and the young ones were given more playing time, and they responded, as well as the team in general. Game 3 will be amazing, I am sure of it.


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