Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Pistons – Sixers

by | Apr 22, 2008 | 20 comments

Need4Sheed Podcast
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Bennie and Jeff gave us a little time to deal with Game One. The guys not only recap this one, but get into quite a discussion. Looks like Bennie thinks The Pistons are in deep trouble, Jeff on the other hand has no worries.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast: Pistons – Sixers Game One


I’m with Jeff, what about you?

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  1. Amber

    I’m with Bennie, lol.

  2. blaze5611

    i always get excited when i see a new post on this website… then every so often my excitement is ruined by something by those two idiots… BORING and BOOOORING

  3. illmatic774

    i think trouble, but not necessarily this series.

    they are playing the same song and most likely it will end the same way. ECF exit.

    Boston is the best, and that really hurts saying as many of the world’s most annoying people come from there.

  4. illmatic774

    i disagreed with everything Jeff said, and agreed with Bennie said. I think Jeff has the same exact mindset as the Pistons right now: “Don’t worry about it.”

    Bennie you are not alone; i am killing myself over this loss for the same reason, and its not because ei think we’ll actually lose the series against Philly. They coast through the regular season, pissing fans off and telling us to wait for the postseason where it really matters.

    In Game 1, nothing changed.

  5. palaceprince

    Im with Bennie and Jeff. I am worried that the Pistons have being lacksidazical but at the same time I feel that they can pull out 4 straight wins and move on farther. another reason why im worried is because they let a 15 point lead go away. We should never let a big lead slip away ecspecially in a playoff game against a 7 seed. Im confident that the Pistons can caome out and there is no worry unless we get beat in game 2.

  6. Richie

    A. Back off, Blaze5611.
    B. I’m on Jeff’s side. Granted, it’s a loss, but come on, Bennie- you’re overreacting with a single loss. Chauncey missed a couple of free throws; get over it! We should be celebrating the fact that we have a player on our team who conjours up that kind of disbelieve when he misses a couple of FT’s. It’s just a single game, and if you let a single loss tear you apart, you’re in for a gruesome playoff run, because Jeff’s right- they play 7 games for a reason.

  7. Richie

    Another thing, Bennie, and this goes for everyone:
    When you start asking questions like “When’s the last time Chauncey made a ‘big shot’?” your fanhood should begin to be questioned. That’s like asking when the last time Tayshaun had a flying block from behind, or Rpi & Tay had an alley-oop. These are things that we spoiled fans see very often, and begin to expect rather than to apreciate. We recognize these things as regular occurances for a reason, and that’s because they happen often.
    To not answer, but address this insulting question, Bennie- maybe we haven’t seen many “big shot” from Mr. Big shot in a while is that:
    A. he’s been sitting out in the 4th quarter for the the last month becuase we had the 2nd spot in the playoffs rapped up and where giving the bench quality minutes/resting the starters.
    B. We won 30+ games this season by 10+points, meaning there wasn’t nearly the same demand for “big shots” as you’ve seen before, assuming that you only consider a big shot to be one that comes at the final buzzer.
    No let’s give the boys some room to breath, okay?

  8. Richie

    Hah, I’d like to appologize for the typos in my last post- but I guess that’s what happens when you think faster than you type!

  9. Serbia Pistons

    I agree with Richie. I think we shouldn’t panic and be so upset about this loss. I think the Pistons will come out big at the end of this series with 76ers. Still i will always be a Pistons fan, doesn’t matter if the team is wining or losing.
    P.S. I’m sorry for my english but I hope you will understand it. 😉
    And Nathalie i want to thank you for doing a good job with this site and that the fans from all over the world can be informed about Detroit Pistons!

    Greetings from Serbia

  10. Jayesh

    I agree with both Bennie and Jeff….I agree with Jeff in that it is the first game of the first round and this set back, if anything, will hopefully light a fire under the Pistons’ collective asses and make for a good playoff run. The Pistons will beat Philly and move on to the second round!

    However, I also agree with Bennie, in that there is reason for concern with the WAY in which the game was lost. A 15 point lead was blown in the 4th quarter, at critical play stoppages, several of the Piston starters were joking around with Flip Murray who was sitting in the first row and Sheed was joking around with the 76ers jumping into their huddle. That kind of attitude is the definition of complacency and it is the reason the Pistons haven’t made it out of the east in the last two years….that attitude comes from the top, ie, Flip Saunders and it has to be him who takes control of his players in situations like that and get them back on track.

    After last year’s disappointing loss to LeBron James, Joe D stated that complacency would NOT be tolerated…..I wonder what he’ll have to say about all of this?



  11. khajatiger

    Look I am going to be like all the other Pistons fans and be pissed at the team for losing this game. But I also agree with both of them about the team, part of me feels like we are done, and part of me feels like it’s a fluke and we will wake up.
    I feel like we are done in a way because:
    1. This team does play down to the level of the other team, and I feel like it’s going to get us in trouble when we go up against the Celtics in the finals, we as a team will have played down to the other team for two rounds, Boston comes out with the kind of energy that I saw in this team when we won the championship.
    2. I must say that we haven’t seen Billups hit a BIG SHOT in awhile (granted we have won 37 games by 10 or more, and 48 games by 5 or more.) But the last big shot I remember him hitting was in the first game against Boston.
    3. This team always talks about how they want another championship but everytime I watch this team it seems like they don’t care if they win a championship, all they talk about is the postseason. The last time we saw this team in the finals was in 05 against the Spurs. I hate the Spurs but I must say everytime I watch them play they remind me of the Pistons except for the fact that when the playoffs come they play with the type of energy that we saw when we won it, and this team hasn’t played like that since.
    4. When is this team going to look like they have a sense of urgency in that last minute of the game? I can understand Sheed in the other teams huddle, because that’s who Sheed is, he likes to have fun that’s who he is. But joking around with Flip who’s sitting there watching the game with the game on the line, theres no reason for that. You guys got all the time in the world after the game to talk and joke around with him after the game!!! Focus on your damn task at hand!
    Now I also feel like it isn’t over because:
    1. If this lose had been in the second game or at Philly we wouldn’t be making such a big deal out of it. But since it was the first game and it was at home we feel like this team just didn’t care. I mean how many times is Billups going to miss 3 ft down the stretch and one of the worst ft shooters on the other team is going to sink 2 going to happen?
    2. Like they said we as fans have become somewhat spoiled by Billups hitting big shots down the stretch to win games. We have seen it time and again from this team where they lose a game they should have won and go on to win the series.

  12. mr_miyagi

    “i always get excited when i see a new post on this website… then every so often my excitement is ruined by something by those two idiots… BORING and BOOOORING”

    I agree, but I don’t want to call them idiots, just pedestrian. They don’t add much to the site (although the same could be be said for most of the posters, yours truly included LOL).

    I’d MUCH rather Natalie do her own pods.

  13. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    First of all I have no doubt that the Pistons will get out of the first round. They are a better team than the Sixers and that will show at the end of round one. Beyond that… I hate to say it, but I do have some doubts. Those doubts are based on the first game against Philly and the attitude on display. I have watched at least some of every other playoff game that has been played by other teams and the attitude is quite obviously different than the one the Pistons are currently donning.

    The Spurs aren’t playing like they are owed a championship just because they are the champs right now. The Lakers aren’t playing like they have it in the bag just because they came out of the west as the #1 seed. Boston sure as hell isn’t playing like they don’t have to work hard to win it just because they are up against a far less superior team. The only team that is playing like it’s their God given right to win and they don’t need to bust their ass to get it done is Detroit. THAT is what pisses me off! If we have to lose… fine, but dammit at least give it all you got and go down swinging. I want to see some passion! I want to see some urgency!! I want to see these guys show us that they really want it this time around instead of just talking about it. They did not look like they wanted it on Sunday night to me. Come on! Just give 100% all the time no matter who the other team is… what the hell are you saving it for?? EVERY game is important right now so get it done and get it done right!

    It shouldn’t come down to someone having to make a “big shot” against the Sixers! We HAD that game and gave it away and as much as I love my Pistons, that is something I just can’t deal with. I just want to see this team find some heart and desire. I want them to win it all but if they don’t then damn it at least be able to say that they got beat by a better team! If Boston is better then so be it, but everyone knows that the Sixers aren’t better. Everyone knows that the Magic, the Raptors, and the Godforsaken Cavs aren’t better!! If we go down it damn well better be to Boston because we all know that they are the only team in the East that is even close to equal to the Pistons as far as talents goes. I don’t think we can beat all the teams in the playoffs and win a championship… I KNOW we can!! and IT’S TIME to put this machine in gear and do this thing. Leave it all on the court… have no regrets… show some pride… give yourself a reason to walk away with your head held high no matter what the final score is.


  14. Visionary1919

    I got you Bennie. This was S%$*. Enough excuses. Play… stop messing around. They are RESTED with limited minutes. Come on, they came out flat and unprepared. Get it together.

    Thanks Bennie for bring this perspective.

  15. David

    I agree with Jeff, we’ll beat the sixers.
    I agree with Bennie, we’re in trouble in the next two rounds.

    Maybe these guys don’t have the best podcast in the world, but it’s a million times better than ESPN’s Sports Guy Podcast … that is the suckiest NBA podcast in the world.

  16. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    Billups was interviewed by TNT and he said that “game 2 is not a must win because he believes that even if they went down 0-2 they could still win the series”. Kenny Smith later said that the Pistons have a superiority complex, and it would come back to bite the Pistons. I WOULD HAVE TO AGREE !!!!!!!!!!
    GAME 2 IS A MUST WIN……….

  17. lavinius

    Pistons will probably get by Philly, and possibly Orlando in the next round, but I’ve seen nothing to lead me to believe they’ll get by Boston.

    Cleveland last year wasn’t as good as Boston is this year and they were able to beat the Pistons in 6 without home court advantage. Only thing that’s changed is our bench is better, but I’m not sure it’ll be enough of a factor to overcome a superior Boston team.

  18. David

    I agree Lavinus.
    Although, to make things worse I think our starting 5 is worse than it was last season. I don’t see any way we beat Boston in a 7 game series. Not as long as they have Garnett.

  19. ric

    guys, all these commenting/whinning/complaining/comparing is all gonna come down after tonights game. so if i were u, i would kinda’ hold on to it.

  20. Richie

    Yeah, you guys are right, we’ll never beat Boston. Why bother caring? Let’s just trade in out red white and blue gear for something in a nice shade of bandwagon green.
    Remember a few years ago when Nobody was going to beat the Kobe/Shaq/Malone Lakers in the finals? Yeeeeeeah.


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