Pistons – Sixers: Let The Games Begin

by | Apr 20, 2008 | 39 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Sixers Round 1
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50 Season, One Reason and it kicks off today. Detroit will face The Philadelphia Seventy Sixers in the first round of the 2008 NBA playoffs in their quest for another NBA Championship. Tip off is at 6:00 PM and will be Nationally broadcast on TNT and locally on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

As a special bonus Brian Ward of Depressed Fan answered a few of my questions before the series tipped off to give Pistons fan a true sense of the Philly perspective of the series.

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I suggest you take an in depth look at Depressed Fan, Brian’s player by player matchups are top notch. Before I get to the questions, let me quote Brian from his Sheed – Reggie Evans matchup, “Let’s just get this out of the way right now, Wallace completely outclasses Reggie. In fact, he may be the most talented player on the Pistons’ roster, and that’s saying quite a bit.”

Need4Sheed: What needs to go right for The Sixers to upset Detroit?

Depressed Fan: Wow, this is a pretty long list. How about bullet points?

  • The Sixers need to steal one of the first two and go home no worse than even
  • Andre Miller needs to outplay Chauncey in at least 2 games, play him even in a couple more
  • Iguodala, Rodney Carney and Thad Young need to knock down their open jumpers
  • Dalembert needs to own the glass AND be able to stick with Rasheed inside and outside
  • Most importantly, the Sixers need to make the Pistons starters run. Even if they don’t score transition baskets, push the ball up the floor and make the Pistons sprint back. Age is definitely on the Sixers’ side
  • There are probably more, but that’s a good start.

Need4Sheed: Tell Pistons fans who we should watch out for.

Depressed Fan: Hands down, this is Thad Young. He’s played minutes against Detroit this year, but he hasn’t really contributed much (20 minutes/game, 4 points, 3 boards). He’s a much, much better player than that. A game-changer on both ends of the floor and I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t leave a huge imprint on this series. Definitely keep an eye out for his lefty baby hook in the lane and the advanced footwork to get it off.

Need4Sheed: Detroit has plenty of weapons, who is the one player the Sixers need to stop to be successful?

Depressed Fan: I’m going to say Rip Hamilton. Not necessarily because his scoring needs to be shut down, but because the Sixers need to create a size advantage for themselves with lineup changes so Rip’s defense will be exploited and Flip will have to limit his minutes. Meaning, Iguodala needs to spend some time at the 2 with Thad Young at the 3. This means Rip has to guard Andre Miller, Andre Iguodala or Thad Young. Any one of those three can go to work on him in the low post. Put simply, every minute Willie Green is on the floor is a minute where Rip has a huge advantage on the offensive side of the ball and doesn’t have to expend much energy on defense.

Need4Sheed: We know Philly has taken 2 games from Detroit this season, but do you honestly think The Sixers can take down The Pistons? If so, what % chance do they have?

Depressed Fan: You had to know the answer to this question before you even asked. Yes, the Sixers have a chance. Granted, the second win didn’t mean much (not many minutes for the Pistons starters), but the win at the Palace was an eye opener because the Sixers beat the Pistons at their own game. It was a half-court, defensive battle. I’m going to say 30% chance the Sixers win the series, but they’d probably have to get it done in 6.

You can check out my answers to Brian’s questions on the Sixers-Pistons series over at Depressed Fan.

Here’s to the start of a deep, deep playoff run for Detroit. Please leave your comments, thoughts and anything notable from the broadcast, on both TNT and myTV20. Here’s to Piston red, white and blue.


  1. akhalil101

    I AM SO PUMPED! I’ll be at the game with my Need4Sheed poster. PIstons in 5. Lets hope for a big game from SHEED as always. THIS IS Our year.

    “What you do is much louder than what you say”

  2. Tom G. Shea

    saw some of the sixers assistants in birmingham today. looked like they were sweating bullets. well, not really but they were enjoying a nice Cosi sandwich, which is the universal sign for ‘i hope sheed doesn’t dump on us’

  3. Richie

    I think it’s kind of funny how underrated Rip’s defence is. I’m okay with it though. The scorebaord will tell the real tale.

  4. joejoejoe

    Is Rip’s defense an issue? He’s a tireless skinny two with length. By all means, go at Rip!

    If I was another team playing the Pistons I’d try to take away that little McDyess (and sometimes Maxiell) jumper, which seems to be Plan B on so many of the Pistons plays. By taking away Plan B you may make Plan A a bit easier but you are also trying to push the Pistons into making individual plays when their strength is their play as a unit.

  5. Dominic

    If I was another team playing the Pistons I would just tell my team to chuck up some three pointers and hope we don’t get our babies eaten 😀

  6. Dominic

    LOL reading some of the comments at Depresesed fan’s site and this one made me laugh.

    “Willie does usually have good games against the Pistons. I think it’s a combination of going home for him and Rip Hamilton’s invisible defense.”

    Rip hamitlon’s invisible defense?
    So Lebron just pretended to score 13 against us? I love being underrated

  7. Dominic

    LOL reading some of the comments at Depresesed fan’s site and this one made me laugh.

    “Willie does usually have good games against the Pistons. I think it’s a combination of going home for him and Rip Hamilton’s invisible defense.”

    Rip hamitlon’s invisible defense?
    So Lebron just pretended to score 13 against us? I love being underrated

  8. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    IT’S TIME!!

  9. Steve in OH

    “In comes Rodney Stuckey out of Eastern Michigan” – Marv Albert

    He corrected himself, but I find that too amusing… nothing good comes out of Ypsilanti. 😉

  10. Amber

    I had to visit Need4Sheed after hearing everyone talk repeatedly about how great Sheed is, and how well he is playing tonight. Once again, Charles brought up the fact that he could easily be the best player in the WORLD if he simply focused. He’s certainly getting a lot of [well deserved] credit. This has definitely been a good game so far.

  11. TDP

    I really need to quit investing so much emotionally into this team… Pistons spells U-N-D-E-R-A-C-H-I-E-V-E-R-S.

  12. Steve


  13. Steve in OH


  14. Jess

    I am so pissed off right now. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR THIS! PERIOD. WOW!

    Though this has nothing to do with the pistons and this shity ass game they just played (other than wallace) and has absolutly nothing to do with how pissed off I am, this is still halarious and a must see!


  15. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    I knew this series wasn’t going to be a cakewalk, but DAMN!! What a disappointment. Let’s clean it up guys… no loafing on ANY TEAMS this year.


  16. mannie32

    unbelievable… i dont want to be remembered as the 2008 version of the dallas mavericks… no thank u… they better step up right now! same way spurs stepped up after losing game 1 to the nuggets last year

  17. TDP

    W-O-FUCKING WOW!!! This is probably the sickest I’ve felt since Game 7 against the Spurs in ’05. I REALLY hope this team’s shining moment wasn’t taking down the DRAMA-fied Lakers.

    On a night we lose, Boston’s going to win by 30… just wait and see.

    At least the Cubs won today.

  18. mr_miyagi

    Can up post the video of Sheed butting into the Sixers huddle. It was so funny LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Robert

    I’m sick and tired of this. This team does this to us every year. It’s gotten old and I’m tired of seeing it.

  20. akhalil101

    FUck this man. I really believed in pistons that they would win. What you do is much louder than what you say.

  21. Jason

    All the excitement I had for the Wings advancing has been deflated by this disappointment of a game. I wasn’t expecting the series to be a blowout like most but I at least hoped the Pistons would come out to night and make a statement putting this one down quick.

    Chauncey was a huge WTF though, seruiously 1/4 FT when the games on the line, tossing up the ball when you know your the best finisher on the team? Ugh, hurry up Wednesday.

  22. claire

    OUCH – that pretty much sums up my feelings about this game. Ugh…speechless at the moment (and that’s very rare).

  23. Nate

    Looks like we’re going to take the long road to Boston…they’ll be well rested for us. Lazy 2nd half play killed us the last two years in the playoffs and here it comes again.

  24. toclark77

    wow that sucked

  25. The Fluidics


  26. Dominic

    Man I swear half the people commenting are bandwagoners.
    So what we lost the first game, the starters haven’t played more than 25 minutes in weeks I know that’s no excuse but we’re not going to be the mavericks. Watch, as soon as we’re in the NBA Finals again everyone is going to be saying “I knew we could do it I never lost faith” goddamn

    This loss was ugly, I think it was half us half Philly. Even though we didn’t play our best game Philly’s defense was impressive and stifled us in the second half. They are no longer the doormats they used to be.

    GO ATLANTA Make us look better by not getting blown out

  27. The Fluidics

    I mean seriously, you lost the game on Chauncey free throws, how often is that going to happen?

    And everybody worrying about Boston, and how big is Boston going to win, and rested is Boston going to be: IT’S GAME ONE.
    Pistons have to play at least 8 more games before maybe playing Boston. Don’t get too ahead of yourselves. This is one game at a time. Pistons will be good in game two, and go from there. If you were calling Pistons in 5, then they have to lose one game. Tonight is that game.

  28. Jess

    the fluidics… THERE SHOULD BE NO EXCUSES FOR THIS! For real! they couldnt come out and just take “GAME ONE”? couldnt they just set the tone? ITS PHILI! arent they like under the .5 range? HONESTLY we brushed off all of those end of the reg season losses because “they’re just waiting for the playoffs,” “these games mean nothing to them, bring on the playoffs already.”

    SERIOUSLY… I might be over thinking it (though I dont feel like I am) but there are no excuses.

    I know they can bounce back but… WHY?!

  29. The Fluidics

    People get mad bent out of shape over a playoff loss. The playoffs are LONG. If they go down 2-0, start to worry. For right now, keep hope alive[/revjackson]

  30. Jess

    I got hope and I know they can beat them but WHY not take game 1???!

  31. ric

    first of all, lets separate the bandwagoners from the upset/disappointed fans. i for one is with our boys all the way to the end, win or lose, but that doesn’t mean i can’t be dissapointed. to whoever said there’s no excuse, well, there isn’t. first, rip is in the air in the first half. chauncey’s free throws was crucial, but not as crucial as rips lack of aggresiveness. theres some rust that needs to be dust off and it needs to happen almost overnight or by tuesday. if anybody is worry about this team in this series heres what i have to tell you ILL PUT SOME $$$ BET THAT PISTONS WILL WIN THIS SERIES…..ANY TAKERS?

  32. toclark77

    I love sheed more then anyone and he started off great, but he totally lost his focus tonight. he admitted that this loss was on him after the game. him joking around in their huddle before the last play of the game is totally inexcusable. hopefully he’s motivated to play out the entire rest of this series and playoffs.

  33. OIG

    I tell u people why u cant say its just a game relax people they gon be alright take it easy………
    Cause its exactly that talk that made the pistons loose before!
    Like if we want to we gone win no matter what thats ridicoulis this was game 1 so u gotta make sure the 76ers
    a talented but not a really good team dont start to believe they can really win this series so watch out if the Pistons dont win game 2 and come up big with a blow out its gone be a tough tough series!!
    But still I believe they gon win it but its not great to talk like every year we want dem rings and then loose against philli!!

  34. importracr7

    we all know its one game… but the Pistons cant take this team lightly or any team for that matter… we need to play the game with Determination Animation etc etc

  35. Nate

    I can see why fans are getting frustrated already even though it’s only one game. The Pistons will still take the series but it’s the inconsistent effort that is hurting the team and (for lack a better word) annoying the fans. We have seen so much of this inconsistent effort the last two years in the playoffs only to be followed by a “don’t worry about it,” it no longer holds true with many fans.

    So maybe we’re spoiled and just want to see a first round sweep so the Pistons make a bold statement? Or maybe some of us are nervous that we’re seeing the same Pistons mentality that got us out of the playoffs the last two years.

    Go Pistons.


  36. BiGAL2588

    Reasons For the lost

    1. Chauncey needs to wake up

    2. Rip needs to do the same as chauncey, maybe even more. Remember Rip is or leader in points per game average. However recently he seems to be sleeping.
    3.Rasheed had a brilliant game but in the end he messed up by losing focus,playing around with the 76ers and chatting with Pistons outcast Ronald Flip Murray. He needs to stay focused for the entire game.

    4. McDyess needs to become more involved.
    5.Flip saunders needs to know when to take off the bench

  37. vrich5710

    This has to be their wake up call..

    – Vin

  38. justsayno5526105

    This loss wouldn’t bother me nearly as much if I hadn’t watched the playoffs the last two years. Complacent and too comfortable for their own good. Tonight was more of the same, and that’s the problem. I’m not saying the Pistons won’t make it out of this series, but, after tonight, I don’t see any way they’ll make it out of the east. Everyone seems to like Boston to win it all. Well, guess who showed up to play tonight? Boston did. Guess who else: every other top-seeded team in the league. I’m afraid this is the beginning of the end. I don’t want to say it and hate to hear it, but I’ve got that feeling… Suddenly, depressedfan is sounding like a more appropriate website name (not cause I’m pro-philly, just because I’m depressed.) Here’s to Wednesday…

  39. justsayno5526105

    Yeah, so I didn’t mean that every other top-seeded team played TONIGHT, but they did all win game one while we were embarrased at home. And by a “losing” team on the first night of our playoff run. The feeling in my stomache was oddly familiar (the name Lebron pops into my head.)


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