A Cavalier Blowout

by | Mar 30, 2008 | 15 comments

The Pistons got their payback after last week’s loss in Cleveland, beating up on the Cavaliers from the opening tip. Richard Hamilton, and the rest of Detroits’ defensive efforts held LeBron James to his worst night of the entire season. James scored just 13 on a 4-for-17 shooting night. The 71-85 score indicates a closer game than it actually was.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons were ready for this one and it showed. Though the crowd essentially knew this game meant nothing, they were ready for some Ohio punishment.
  • After watching the broadcast I loved Special K’s comment that The Pistons were “Ready” Detroit is like “Joe Frazier.”
  • After wondering which Pistons team would show up before the game, it was clear after a minute had been played.
  • Detroit held the Cavaliers to 18 in the First, 15 points in the Second, 17 in the Third and 21 Fourth quarter points.
  • There isn’t one player on the Cavs that stood out other than Devon Brown. Does that tells the whole story?
  • Mr. Maxiell had another great night. Every time Maxiell went to the hole it was with so much force he could have powered a small village. Jason finished with 13 points, a blocked shot and 3 boards in 22 minutes.
Jason Maxiell
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Photo/Getty Images

  • Theo did a heck of a job on the defensive end all night. I know we all want to see Amir get more minutes, but having a guy like Ratliff, who defends the basket so well, is such a great thing to have. Theo blocked 2 shots, scored 2 points and grabbed 2 boards in 19 minutes.
  • Tayshaun had a few really nice drives to the basket. His putback on a Chauncey layup was especially nice. He spoke of Trader Jack giving The Pistons a pep talk before the game and wished our friend Mr. Blaha a Happy Birthday in his post game interview. Tay finished the night with 12 points, 7 boards, 4 assists and 2 takeaways.
  • Rebound war won 43-37.
  • NBA.com Highlights of the Game.
  • Ben Wallace went down in the third quarter after hurting his back on the offensive end of the floor. What you didn’t see on the broadcast was after he fouled Rip to stop the action he collapsed to the ground and then had to be carried off to the locker room by his teammates. I hate to see anyone go down, but what has been happening to Ben since he left the “D” is quite sad.
Rasheed Wallace
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Photo/Getty Images

  • Sheed scored the Pistons only three pointer of the night. Sheed blocked 3 shots on the night and finished the game with 9 points and 7 boards. He also caused Mike Brown and LeBron James to each pick up a technical foul after (for once in his career) James didn’t get a call on Sheed’s block. The Palace crowd went wild.
  • I was listening to the post game show on 1130 AM on the drive home and Matt Dery said that LeBron was so frustrated during the game that he kicked a water bottle, it flew over the bench and hit someone. If that was Sheed……10 game suspension.
  • Nice Amir….Get that *&^@ out of here.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and WDIV Detroit

  • You could actually see LeBron give up early in the third quarter when Detroit was up by more than 20.
  • The Jack McCloskey ceremony was quite touching.
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Blaha.
  • Detroit shot 45% on the night to Cleveland’s 36.
  • Chauncey had quite a night making sure he controlled the game flow. Mr. Big Shot finished with 13 points and four assists with a couple of pretty nice plays.
Chauncey Billups
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Photo/Getty Images

  • Antonio McDyess was the player of the game. Dyess had another double-double with 12 points, 10 boards and 2 assists. Dyess has his shot back and he’s been playing lights out lately. Credit Billups for making sure he gets Dyess the ball when he’s open and in his spot.
  • The Cavs never led, and Detroit’s biggest lead was 25.
  • Statistically it meant nothing, but boy was it nice to get the beat down.
  • Rip played through the cobwebs, going just 3-for-12, but leading the Pistons with 14 points. It was nice to see him back on the floor but he said he’s in a lot of pain during a post game interview.
  • Even when he’s wide open it’s impressive.
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and WDIV Detroit

  • Does this mean Detroit knows how to beat the Cavs?
  • Cleveland has lost six straight and eight of nine on the road.
  • When Trader Jack started his speech off by saying..”we sure are giving those Cavaliers a beating”, I smiled and was concerned all at the same time. Why wake sleeping dogs, right?
  • Afflalo did well defensively and Stuckey knocked down a great shot off the glass as the shot clock buzzer expired.
  • I’m going to have a happy Sunday, I hope you do too. Next game on Tuesday at Minnesota.


  1. The Fluidics

    I really think the league should look at the lebron bottle incident. No special treatment for the superstar, you simply can’t interact with the crowd in that manner, intentional or not. I seriously doubt he would get a 10 game, but he deserves at least two. At the minimum he should have gotten that 2nd tech and thrown out. It’s kind of funny that he was acting like a baby, and a bottle was involved, tee hee.

  2. Jason

    Nat, the sidebar of your page is in desperate need of an update=)

    Also nice recap.

  3. andyfrombrooklyn

    didn’t le bron take down chris webber in the playoffs last year and sort of get away with it? he is definitely a whiner. not liking le bron much.

  4. Honkymagic

    I love how Cleveland just leaves Max standing there for the dunk. His man comes off him to cover Tayshaun and no one else bothers to move.

  5. mannie32

    haha in fact they started walking away before he even dunked it, that’s what i thought it was hilarious… it’s like they said “why even bother anymore?”

  6. claire

    gmac, fantastic highlight, you should keep them coming because the NBA’s highlights suck compared to yours. I especially like how it’s almost 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds like on NBA.com. Thanks, man.

    For some reasons, when Blaha said “Chauncey against Damon Jones,” I just started cracking up.

  7. DetroitGirl4life

    okay i am going to point out some things that i saw on gmac wonderful recap and during the game 😀
    – did u guys notice how much Mike Brown reacted when Lebron fell or thought he should have been fould, but when the other players get foul and don’t get the call he just stands there.hmmm…………
    – When Afflalo made that aggressive play driving to the hole and Verejeo fell to the floor, and obviously it wasn’t an offensive foul. And if they did call an offensive foul i would have screamed, because Verejeo act like a dang car hit him. But great play by Afflalo
    – I hate to c the shape Ben is in now after leaving Detroit. HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN THAT WE STILL HAVE ARNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. DetroitGirl4life

    okay i don’t know if this is me but does anyone get scared when J-Max goes for that power dunk and Amir goes for that block and falls, because when they do that i get scared that J-Max might blow his knee out and Amir might break his leg because he is thin. I’m fine with them making those plays but i get scared when they land….for example last night when jason went for that dunk and missed and i thought he was hurt when he was on the ground

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Reece

    you know what, if you all look at our schedule, there is no reason why we shouldn’t have an 11 game win streak going into the playoffs.

  10. Dominic

    Natalie, any chance we could get that Jack McCloskey video? I thought it was a great moment and I would like to see it again.

  11. jessi

    I am not a fan of watching “king James” (hate when he is called that, hes not a king yet hell when he did make it to the playoffs his team couldn’t win) and “Sir Flops Alot” (ok don;t know if anyone has called him that when that is my name for him) just wants he not even want to watch the game. I did sttend the game and it was great to see the pistons come out with so much engery and drive I think Jack should talk to the pistons before every game. The best thing about this game well one of them was that the pistons held such a loarge lead all game, I was hating that turnover at the end allowing the cavs to hit the 3 and tehy getting 71 I really wanted to hold them to there lowest points this season either way this was a great game and it was the pistons we seem so many times when they were getting their blow outs… I hope to see this team play like this right to the end.

  12. gMac

    Charles Barkley said about Miami heat season goes something like this. ‘If Wade allows his team to lose like 50 some games regardless who they have, he’s not a superstar’

    How many times did Lebron score 40+ point and lose. Everytime that stuff happens I turn into ESPN. Coz they always try to get you with that line. “The king had 39pts, but is it enough to get them past the ____team” Stop calling him the king….

    But he’s nike commercials are funny.

  13. Natalie

    Dominic, I was planning on getting the McCloskey ceremony up here, you should see it soon.

  14. thereal

    cavs r a joke boston r wannabees stop crying piston fans we got the ship on lock


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