Pistons Fall To The Raptors

by | Mar 27, 2008 | 14 comments

The Pistons failed to clinch the Central Division with a loss Wednesday night in Toronto. Detroit didn’t exactly play up to expectations in their 89-82 loss to the Raps, and I’m actually putting that mildly.

This is not going to be your typical Need4Sheed recap for the simple fact the my Tivo Loves me! I’m sure many of you know that real life sometimes gets in the way of watching every game. That’s why the the invention of Tivo or the trusty DVR is better than two ply toilet paper.

See, I have a system of watching games when I can’t actually see them live, which is not very often. I DVR and Tivo the game. Overkill? Maybe, but the system usually works for me. Well last night I forgot to set the Tivo (can’t use season pass or it will record every NBA game) to record the game. I’m golden right, I have the DVR backup in place. Thanks to a certain cable company and DVR box, that always seems to give me problems, when I got home the game looked like it had recorded just fine. So when I sat down to watch it, it was locked up with a black screen. I was spared!

Now if it was the Suns game you can imagine how pissed I would be, but something or someone was looking out for me last night, unlike the Pistons.

Rodney Stuckey
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From your comments and the post game recap it was another lackluster, uninspired outing from our boys in red, white and blue. Rip wasn’t in the lineup, they were one win away from clinching the Central, they came off probably the best performance all season against the Suns and they had a players only “family meeting” before the game. So what was up with last night’s game?

These last few games of the season really don’t matter all that much and the Pistons are playing like it. I’m not worried right now, in fact I don’t really care. Let the youngsters get some burn, the starters get some rest and have everyone healthy come playoff time. If you want to worry you can, but until they have a game like this in the playoffs I’m keeping a level head.

If you want to relive the game Team Need4Sheed member GMac made a highlight reel for us to enjoy, though I think Toronto fans would appreciate it more.

I’m waiting for tonights game against Miami for a smile (I hope).


  1. Richard

    likewise nat, not worry about anything for the rest of the regular season….let the second unit take care of it including hunter, he might need some dusting off.

  2. mr_miyagi

    Nat, u ever considered wrting out your recaps instead of just random commentary? I think it’d give us a better feel for the game personally.

  3. Natalie

    Mr. Miyagi
    It’s just the way I do it, the bullet points..I figure you can get the standard recap from the Freep or the News, so I just do a fun little run down. I think it just works better for me and people (I know not you) seem to enjoy it.

  4. Junior

    The problem is the starters didn’t get much of a rest with TAY, SHEED, AND CHAUNCEY all playing over 35 min.

    Stuck did get 31 but Afflalo and Max only 12? I think Theo had 5!!

    And is it just me…or has anyone else been wondering, “WHAT THE HELL KIND OF OFFENSE ARE WE RUNNING?

    I have a decent basketball sense, being a coaches son and coaching some myself. And I have NO IDEA what they are trying to accomplish on the offensive end.

    Sometimes…it looks like they don’t even know what they are running..Even fresh out of timeouts…its been weird like that for about 25 games now.

    Oh and Natalie…tivo is sweet…but never underestimate the two ply!!

  5. Jeremy!

    I agree with Junior. We’re not using these games to develop our bench. It seems like we’re running a playoff preparation style rotation, but they’re just not getting it done.

    To be honest, I’m really just tired of seeing them playing lazy basketball. I expect every team to have a game like that once in awhile, but I don’t know if any other team displays this disparity of passion/skill and half-hearted apathy.

    Can we figure out some other strategy for late in the fourth besides for jacking up three after three?

    Also, I’d really like to see some more Amir. He has trouble occasionally, but I don’t know if anyone brings as much energy to the floor as consistently as he does. Doesn’t it seem like he always makes at least one or two great plays every time he gets out there? I don’t care about foul trouble. Let him foul out if that’s the way it goes, we have plenty of bigs.

  6. Natalie

    Jeremy, I feel the same way about the three ball late in the game. Why is that our only strategy late in the game when we are down more than 6 is for Sheed an Cbill to start bombing threes. I could never understand that.

    Also didn’t realize that despite the score the youngsters didn’t get time. If we are going to drop some games at least let them play.

    Im with both of you on this one.

  7. Livedrupo

    Should we really be not worried that the Pistons are 11-8 since the all star break? Basketbawful brought this up in one of their recent posts and it disturbed me quite a bit.

  8. Steve

    just face it..i did..flip saunders ruined a dynasty he couldnt get it done in minnesota why the fuck did dumars trust this man? ive hated his since day 1..i even have friends who now hate this team and wont watch till hes gone..hes poison and we should have at least 2 more banners on the roof..but nope flip sucks and dumars needs to dump him..but too late this team has already peaked 2 yrs ago now they r on the decline..fuck it


  9. The Fluidics

    If the late three attempts continue on in the playoffs, I’ll be upset.
    As for right now, with a playoff spot on lock, I’m fine with the threes, even if it means a loss. The loss wouldn’t hurt the team nearly as much as say, Chauncey getting hurt in March driving the lane and taking a bunch of hard fouls from a team that REALY needs the win.
    Everybody being healthy going into the playoffs really is the top priority right now, wins I hate to say, are not.

  10. umair

    y do we have to know ur life recap? stick to the pistons recaps

  11. mr_miyagi

    Flip isn’t out there on the court. He affects the rotation granted but everything else is on the players. To blame a coach for a loaded team’s short comings is ignorant. I’m sure Flip is telling Sheed to jack up three’s late in the game to get back into it instead of moving the ball and executing.

  12. Steve

    then he should bench em miyagi! larry brown would have had this team 4 ships by now!..if u like flip, and dont think hes the problem u need to check nutz and grow a sack home boy and while ur at it learn the game..and thats some real shit

  13. mr_miyagi

    Real shit? LOL. Nevermind, I can see exactly where this is going. I should have considered the source before addressing your comments

    Have fun “checking nutz” homeboy.

  14. Steve

    ay man jus cuz u bitch out dont mean we hate u dog, keep lovin flip saunders and check nuts means be a man.. being an nba fan u should know that term or if u ever stepped foot on the hard wood “probably not im guessing” but before u call somone ingnorant u should watch what u say for for the record u can wax on wax off deeeez nutzzzzz


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