Cheikh Samb Back To The D

by | Mar 21, 2008 | 9 comments

Boy the Pistons are overflowing with bodies right now. He may even get some burn at the tail end of the regular season to make sure everyone is well rested for the Playoffs.

“Less than 48 hours after leading the Mad Ants to their second straight NBA D-League win, 7-foot-1 center Cheikh Samb was recalled by the Detroit Pistons. Samb, who scored 16 points, had 10 rebounds and five blocked shots in a 114-96 victory over Iowa on Tuesday.” Via Journal


  1. Mark P

    Good to hear. It will be amazing if we can him and Amir out on the court at the same time. Another block party? I think so.

  2. krmagley

    is it possible he’s being brought on as someone who can muscle into lebron and knock him on his ass in the playoffs? could we even include him on the playoff roster without losing someone significant?

  3. jessi

    wow do we lose to bring him back on the roster, I am sure teh pistons re called him on so he can get some playing time with the pistons the best thing for him jst as they did last season with amir and the season before… I hope this will give him some playing time and give some bigs rest however we still have a few big games before the playoffs, we still have to play a few times who are going to be in the playoffs, the cavs twice, suns, raptors twice, washington twice, and philly, I know we are not going to play most of theses teams and probably only philly in the playoffs but the pistons have games coming up that they can’t over look…

    I do hope the pistons can put games away so our starters can rest, I have a feeling our starters are not going to be as tired as tehy were last year so there should not be anything liek last year, WEll I really hope

  4. RedWhite_N_Awesome

    I have a couple of concerns with this move. Mainly that this will confuse Flip Saunders even more than he already seems to be. He comes up with some screwy rotations as it is — my opinion is that he is overwhelmed with the talent he is faced with and has no clue how to utilize it. He is supposed to be trying to figure out a rotation for the playoffs — trying to see which players work best on the court together at the same time. I already have a hard time trying to figure out what the heck he is doing with the rotation sometimes and I think him having another option is really going to blow my mind. I think Flip needs more practice coaching a playoff team, and having Samb in the lineup right now is only going to be a distraction from that. Don’t get me wrong, I like Samb and was sad to see him go earlier in the season, but I doubt he will see any pt in the playoffs so I don’t see the point of bringing him back right now. I know the same thing happened with Amir last season and I was happy about that, but it seems to me that we are in a little different situation this time around. We already have the depth we need to allow for rest.

    Another thing I am worried about is the fact that someone is already going to have to sit down when L. Hunter comes back into the rotation, so who else is going to sit down in order to fit Samb in? I am not against Samb coming back, I just don’t understand it I guess. Does anyone really think he is going to be on the floor (or even in a uniform) for the playoffs? Hmmm… I guess I just don’t get it but here’s to hoping it all works out for the best when it counts…

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  5. Jess

    I need to watch a game! NOW! I think we all do 🙂 There seems to be a LONG moment of silence on the site 😀 LOL!

    You guys notice how Ben always shows up against his former team?

    Nat, I think a lot of people are upset they cant leave comments without an account.. I know I was for a minute but I just made me one and I understand why you did it so Im not complaining.

    For those of you who want to continue leaving comments and cant right now, MAKE YOU AN ACCOUNT! It took me no more than 2 minutes. The “comments'” section looks kind of naked without all the other fans who loved leaving comments!

  6. Steve

    I just hope people dont jump on the SAMB BANDWAGON like everyone did amirs..cuz amir isnt that good and people on this site talk about him like hes jermaine oneal at his postition..i think all the people wanna see the new people play n they get infatuated with that one person and over rate them..afflalo and jonson and samb r good trade bait tho..

  7. claire

    so does that mean Samb’s gonna play this sunday against the Wizards? The playoffs is only a month away, get excited!

  8. akhalil101

    I am so excited for Samb. Do you guys remeber when we had Amir and Samb at the same time in a Laker game this year. IT WAS A BLOCK PARTY. Cant wait.


  9. khitz01

    Amir? Overrated? Nah, i dont think so. I think that Amir has proven his worth through his hustle and hardwork on the court.

    Furthermore, this is a fan site, we are all detroit pistons fans. that is why we see there potentials much more than i think you see them!


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