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by | Mar 18, 2008 | 18 comments

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There are no Kings in Cleveland….


  1. Jay R

    WAY TO GO SHEED!!! Way to call out the league. 5 of a kind always beats 1 King.

  2. dave

    well except last year in the playoffs …

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you sheed! finally someone said it!!!!! jeez hes not king james god he’s just Lebron James, yea he may be good, but that does not make him a king!!! I am sorry but i juz hate lebron and the cavs and now i hate ben wallace for being a cav! trader! well it does not matter because we are going to beat them anyways! GO PIISTONSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Yea Ben Wallace Is A traitor considering the pistons traded him in the first place. Show a little class to one of the men who will always remian in piston history.

  5. Anonymous

    i dont think the pistons traded him… put that in ur piston history

  6. Grant

    I’ve never understood this venom towards Ben. The man played his heart and soul out for Detroit and won a championship here. Chicago overpayed for a role player on the decline (yes, he was a role player, albeit an excellent one). The Bulls offered him way more than Dumars (smartly) did and he would have been foolish to turn it down. I would certainly hope that one day the Pistons would raise a #3 banner with his name on it.

  7. RJ

    ben’s my dude, but last i checked, stuckey wears the 3

  8. Anonymous

    not sure calling out lebron is the best thing to do, i know sheed gave him props at the end but this will still end up being bulletin board material for lebron and after the way he torched us last year i think we should just save the talk and show it on the court.

  9. Anonymous

    As much as we all love to think of the Pistons as one big happy family (myself included) it really is a job to these fellas, and I agree Ben would have been crazy to turn down the deal that the bulls threw at him. I know the guys and their families try to put down roots in their cities, and they form lasting friendships with their teammates, but they have a certain window of oppourtunity to earn their cash before their bodies betray them and don’t allow them to play at the same level anymore. They are pretty likely to go where they can get the best deal and do the best they can for themselves and their families. It’s obvious to me that Big Ben doesn’t play with the same heart as he did when he was in Detroit, and he is still good friends with all the guys. I don’t think any of the current Pistons hold a grudge against him for doing what he did — unless we happen to be playing against him. Anyway…

    Lebron is no king… he isn’t even close and he showed it when he missed all those games after Nazi bumped his finger. Let his team fall way behind because he’s a big puss. Kobe has a way worse finger injury (on his shooting hand) and he isn’t sitting on the bench in a turtle neck! Not that I am a big Kobe fan (really don’t like the guy at all in fact) but I have respect for the fact that he isn’t going to leave his team in the lurch unless he has no choice. Glad Rasheed spoke his mind on the “king” James BS. I would expect nothing less from Rasheed. I love his honesty.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  10. Anonymous


  11. Sports Tsar

    “one of the better players in the league” – is he trying to give them quotes to pin up in the locker room or just looking to get onto the business end of a poster?


  12. Anonymous

    Go Sheed!!

    A full house beats 1 ace every time.. thats why I’ve been a Pistons fan since the Bad Boys of the 80’s/early 90’s… Team work and hard work!

  13. Anonymous

    Get over it Bron lovers,sheed has never been shy about stating the obvious.

    It’s a game,just because some people get hooked into the hype and NBA hoopla doesn’t mean everyone does.

    Some of us actually enjoy watching a well played ballgame.Win or lose!

  14. Anonymous

    lebron is gonna eat u pistons up like hmmm… oh yeah last yr in the playoffs we KILLED you!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    lol go on NBA.COM and watch the steal of the night chauncey billups.. and listen to denvers announcers and hear how un-ammused they were by the end of this game it sounds so funny!

  16. Roger


    damon jones, is that you?!?

  17. The Fluidics

    Gotta love Cavs fans…


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