Pistons – Nuggets

by | Mar 18, 2008 | 51 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Nuggets
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The Pistons will take on the Nuggets tonight at the Palace. Detroit will have to stop the offensive firepower of a Nuggets team who just put 168 points on Seattle two days ago. I’m off to the game early tonight so head on over to The Nugg Doctor for some game time perspective.

Tip off is at 7:30 and will be locally broadcast on FSN Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

Personally I’m hoping for a little of the magic that happened the last time Denver was in town.

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  1. jess

    I watch that shot almost everyday!
    I LOVE IT!


  2. ED

    that clip will never get old, blaha and special k losing their minds, nene’s reaction, classic

  3. Anonymous

    i was at that game if u werent there u have NO IDEA

  4. Anonymous

    that clip gives me goosebumps.

  5. desiplayaai

    Go Denver!!! they need this win way more than detroit.

  6. Anonymous

    this year will be the first time ever i will be rooting for Lebron James. My reason for this horrible Sin: I want him to kick the boston Celtics asses out of the playoffs

  7. Anonymous

    never knew this many people liked the sport of african handball

  8. jess

    LMAO!!!! @ Blaha and Kelser after RIP’s 3 (first quarter)!

    They said something like this:

    GK: “He was able to toe the line, get a cup of coffee, toe the line again and than shoot it.”

    GB: “I think he put a little bit of sugar and creame in it too!”


  9. Anonymous

    wasnt that funny but if u find G rated comedy humorous then..i guess that one set u over the edge..

  10. Anonymous

    yeah jess u def overreacted on that one..

  11. jess

    Sorry guys it was funny to me at the moment.. I always laugh at their corny jokes. LOL

  12. Ahmed

    SHUT UP! LMAO. That was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. LOL!

  13. Ahmed

    It was so stupid it was funny

  14. ED

    i think the nuggs may be the most tattooed team in the NBA

  15. mannie32

    haha i love how the pistons and celtics shrug off the west… like “u guys think ur so tough?”… we continue to dominate the west! pistons for the championship

    and yes, i know it’s a little early to be talking like we have this game wrapped up… but even if we do lose, i stand by that statement.. we’ve played the west great this year (as have the celtics)

  16. mannie32

    man its been a while since ive seen a game where we’ve taken over in the first half… i like this! makes me proud… we just gotta keep it up

  17. jess

    I hear you Mannie32!

  18. Ahmed


  19. jessi

    hey we might give the nuggets a 168 point game, 73 in the first half… 36 bench points and the game is only half over, I see some heavy minutes for the bench and the starters resting in the forth… everyone who has played has scored… also playing good D AI and melo only have 4 points each.. I wonder if the pistons are finally thinking lets put this away we have another game tomorrow against the cavs and ben.. either away good to see a nice lead the scores seems liek we should be in the third…

    Jess I found that funny as well, I wonder why den. let rip get set up no one came out to him at all..

  20. claire

    Jess, I found those comments funny too.

    I hope the Zoo Crew continues working in the 2nd half.

  21. jessi

    tau has more ast then he has points, he has been come a play maker forsure.. he has 4 more than billups, latley he has had around the same as cb, I’d like to see him with come more boards but either way he has been great lately

  22. K-Dot

    the nuggets are a very heavely tattooed team.. except for kleiza and najara

  23. Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA! Greg and George are hilarious! I actually lol-ed when I read that… somehow I missed it while watching the game. Sometimes the corny jokes are the funniest. Especially when it’s Greg and George.

  24. Anonymous

    Hey anon 7:49 correct me if i’m wrong and I am sure you will…

    But wasn’t bball first thought up by a canuck? Seems to me I read that somewhere many moons ago.

    What the h that have to do with africa?

  25. kc

    The “…get a cup of coffee…” quote was good, but I laughed harder when George said, “that was a Roy Orbison blue bayou (blew by you) for sure’ better. That one was classic! Love George & Special K!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  26. Anonymous

    Looks like Jarvis ate his Wheaties again today — yee-ha!

  27. jay_uno

    damn, that airballed 3 by sheed hurt, i thought it would be extra sweet for backing up that trash talk when he let it fly

  28. jessi

    yes basketball was invented by a canadian his name was James A Naismith…

  29. Anonymous

    blowin big lead typical pistons which is why they will get owned by the celtics

  30. Anonymous

    that joke was STUPID for the record

  31. mannie32

    i love it when the lakers and pistons play on the same day and they both play good… im all smiles

    well except when they play the same day and against each other… of course then im just cheering for the pistons

  32. mannie32

    “blowin big lead typical pistons which is why they will get owned by the celtics”

    well uh the fact that they even got that big of a lead was impressive… it’s hard to keep AI and melo nearly scoreless at halftime… of course those two are gonna come out gunning after… but if pistons can weather the storm and get a win, their third straight (all over western playoff contendors) then hey, can u really complain??

  33. jessi

    good to see amir get playing time tonight before theo…

  34. mjp656

    Blowin the lead????? Hmmmm…..yet the pistons retook the lead. And now have pretty much won this game.

  35. mjp656

    Edit: We didn’t retake the lead, we never gave up that huge lead lol.

  36. Ahmed

    anon 9:31. LMAO!

  37. claire

    lol looks like somebody forgot to spellcheck Rip’s jersey. It says that he changed jersey during a time out, was it anything like Tay’s jersey change?

  38. mannie32

    hahaha how does that happen?? haha misspelling his name

  39. jess

    Im glad you guys found it funny too!! hehe 🙂

  40. Anonymous

    this is Jacqueline………this was a fun game to watch, I love BLOWOUTS!!!! Did anyone hear Rasheed’s comments at the end of the game? The commentator was like, “are you ready for “KING JAMES tomorrow?” Rasheed was like ” that’s what yall (meaning the media) named him, he is not a king”. It was so classic, the look on his face was like, “please”. You gotta go look for that interview and put it here, Nataliem true Pistons would just love it!!!!

  41. the fluidics

    I had a feeling after Denvers game the other night that they would slump tonight. They simply didn’t play D at all.
    However, Pistons D wasn’t so hot either tonight. In the end though, all that didn’t matter. Pistons bombed them into the stone age.

  42. the fluidics

    aww man, I was at that game last year. It was the only time I’ve ever had floor seats, and we were just next to the Nuggets bench, right behind the basket. We exploded. It was funny watching the people on their way out file back into their seats. Was a blast.

  43. Liv

    What really impressed me about this game was the 42 assists for the Pistons. That’s just amazing; when they’re sharing and helping it starts clicking. And it was refreshing that the three-point shooting carried over from Sunday. Detroit had 12 today, five of them from Sheed alone. I hope they keep the momentum going in Cleveland tomorrow. 🙂

  44. Anonymous


  45. Spiderman

    weird. justin that’s a little bit creepy.

  46. Anonymous

    u all suck theo is better than amir and dixon is better than afflalo if u dont think so u should kill urself

  47. Anonymous

    ^^ :S ???

  48. Justin

    Uhhh…spiderman. Having re-read my comments from last night/this morning I would have to agree with you. Which is why I deleted it. I blame the lack of tack to a lack of sleep on mulitple days. I would extend my apologies for all of those that read that. lol. And I would recommend that before you post a comment make sire that you (a) have NOT consumed too much alcohol and (b) make sure you have plenty of sleep.

  49. Natalie

    Justin… It wasn’t meant for you I swear.


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