Adrian Dantley’s Time In Detroit

by | Mar 18, 2008 | 8 comments

Adrian Dantley will be at the Palace tonight, but not for anything Detroit related. Dantley, an assistant coach for The Nuggets, will try to help his team add to their three game winning streak and continue their offensive attack on all opposing reams in their way. Dantley, who took over the head coaching job in George Karl’s absence (I’m sure some people wish it was a permanent leave) the last time the two team met, has some memories in Detroit he would love to remember and some that I am sure have taken a lot to forget, if he even has.

I have fond memories of A.D.’s time in Detroit and was one of those people who felt bad that he missed his ring, even though I loved Aguirre. I was young when it all went down, and inside stories didn’t always make it to fans, so this video did a nice job of refreshing some memories and putting things into perspective.

He’s in there for a couple of seconds, so make sure you don’t miss the ageless Blaha? And yes, he was “Counting That Baby and a Foul” back then too.


  1. Anonymous

    i dont even know why the season is even being played? they should just give the rings to boston already!! no one can stop the three party! ITS OUR TIME BOSTON ALL THE WAY BABY! PISTONS WERE NOW THE BEAST FROM THE EAST AND COME PLAYOFF TIME ULL BE OUR FEAST…

  2. Blaine

    Classy Boston Fans…we are not even playing them.

    I always enjoyed AD but Isiah and him just didn’t get along. Feel kinda bad for him but I really don’t know the history he had before he got to Detroit. Sounds like he wasn’t very well liked but he sure could play.

  3. Nathan

    …Wow Nat.. I had no idea that Isiah was the reason AD was traded for Mark Agguire. Thats pretty interesting. WHen I was younger Isiah Thomas was my favorite player… But now that I’m older (he is still my ALL time favorite player) i’m beginning to wonder about his preception from his peers while he was a player. I read Michael Jordan’s book ‘Driven from Within’, and while he never singled Isiah out he DEFINITELY highlighted the incident when the pistons walked off the floor and said no words after the ’91 conference finals as one of the times in his career when he felt very disrespected. Till this day I believe thats why Isiah was not asked to be on the original Dream Team in ’92. Michael told the committee if Isiah was selected he wouldn’t play. I think that MJ and Zeke eventually settled that beef but if you ask me AD still has not gotten over that Isiah had him traded… especially since he never got that ring that he worked so hard for.


  4. Mark T

    I loved Isiah as a basketball player was my alltime favotite growning up but I agree, as fans we didnt really get to see what goes on behind the scense back then.

    Come to find out, he was a HOF player but really a first class jerk. Love his grit, wisdom and skills but off the court he’s less than desired.


    Great vid

  5. World of Isaac

    AD was a good player but he didn’t fit in Detroit….Its no surprise that the Pistons won back to back titles when he left…

    He slowed down the offense to a crawl and was a crappy defensive player…..the move was perfect for the Pistons because they could match Aguirre for offense and Rodman for defense

  6. World of Isaac

    wow…after watching that video, AD comes off as a huge whiner…yeah, they got Zeke’s boyhood friend and they won too…

    so it was a good move…

    you can’t argue with results like that

  7. JJJ

    wow now i really dont like Isiah Thomas…thats really messed up….although like someone else said “cant argue with the results”


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