Make a Wish – Pistons vs. Spurs

by | Mar 14, 2008 | 44 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Spurs
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The Pistons host a 44-20 NBA Champion Spurs tonight at The Palace. Look for a big game from Rasheed, who is has been SHEEDtastic in his last four games against the Spurs, averaging 21 points and 9.8 rebounds. He had 23 points and 15 boards in their first meeting this season, a 90-80 Detroit victory.

More important than the game is The Pistons Telethon for The Make A Wish Foundation. It’s a very worthy cause so if it’s just a dollar, a hundred or a thousand help Make A Wish if you are able.

Tip off is at 8:00 and will be locally broadcast on WDIV Detroit and Nationally on NBA TV. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at

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  1. Anonymous

    bowen won’t play tonite, got suspended for kicking chris paul. also..ime udoka is out too. good news for the pistons…but I can already hear the complaining, if the pistons win.

  2. jessi

    I think what the pistons are doing is a great thing, I am going to give what I can…

    with bowen suspended does this mean he ends his games played adn started streak at 500, or does it not count? I think it ends it and hope it does because that means tay can catch up over the next few seasons and pass him if he keeps playing and starting every game until them…

  3. Anonymous

    im soooo happy…… bowen wont get to kik rip tonigh 😉

  4. claire

    haha I was thinking the same thing too…the Pistons are relatively safe from kicking and elbowing tonight.

  5. jessi

    this is a long time coming, I was begining to think they would never do anything about his dirty ways, I guess it took an up and coming star for something to be done.. anyway heres to a good game, I so want to be at this game but I couldn;t get out of work in time to drive the 4 hours it takes me to get to the palaces, I will be there on sunday however

  6. Anonymous

    I am having to watch this on NBA TV with Spurs announcers. While they are nowhere near as bad as Boston’s, I am getting SO sick of them going on and on about how, despite admitted fouls against their team, the refs usually do not make certain calls. That along with them going on and on about how they are at such a disadvantage without Bowen. Stop making excuses for your boys and call the dang game!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Kneeing Nash in the nads didn’t get him suspended, but striking Paul with his leg did? I would sure rather have the later happen to me.

    His streak is now ended. Prince moves up to having the second longest streak, behind Andre Miller. Maybe Miller can do us a favor and take out Heinrich tonight, just because, so Tay can move up to #1.

  8. Kyle

    theo enters the game, we’re tied.

    by the time he leaves, we’re down five.

    amir… oh wait, don’t know. didn’t play.

    hey, at least theo didn’t get called for any fouls. phew!

  9. jessi

    you can tell how much respect these two teams have for each other they are laughing and talking well the play is stopped, detroit needs to play the way they are tonihgt against every team…

  10. Anonymous

    Who do you guys think will win tonight? I hope the piistons! Comment please!!!!!!!

  11. ED

    anybody notice the playful shove between pop and flip? it’s nice to see the camaraderie even between the coaches.

  12. jessi

    one thing I am glad about this year is besides the fact that are bench is getting playing time is that Joe D finally realized that Tayshaun is no good in the playoffs when he plays heavy minutes during reg season. Last year he would have played 40 plus minutes where this year he is down to 30 plus…

  13. Kyle

    theo turned it up in the second half. maybe amir should get the first half back and theo can keep the 2nd.

  14. Anonymous

    Why can’t the Pistons hold a lead against a good team. If they loose this, I am going to be so pissed. They HAD THIS!!!

    Come on Guys!!!

  15. Anonymous

    We have a 12 point lead then SA goes on a 13-0 before Flip calls a time out, this is why so many people criticize Flip’s coaching abilities.

  16. Anonymous

    Whew!!! I can sleep tonight now.

    Go Pistons!!!

    And Boston got their butts handed to them tonight to make things even sweeter.

  17. mannie32

    ahhhh crap!! looks like a missed a hell of a game! i just got back from work 🙁

    ive always loved the detroit-spurs close-battle low-scoring games… and wow, did i read right? dyess with 17 rebounds? we killed the rebounding war

  18. mjp656

    YESSSS SIRRRR!!!! Great win, I was worried during most of the fourth until Rip and Sheed got it going.

    Oh and were not the only ones who struggled against Utah, Boston lost by I believe 18!

  19. jessi

    I am happy with this game tonight, our guys played well, tay played an all around great game, shhed came up big, hamilton came big at the end and well dyess was a rebounding machine out there tonight… This is the type of game I think from these to teams, I can say even know it was a close one I never had my doubts that the pistons would not come out with the win… this was a good game, if the pistons play like this for the rest of the season I think we will be just fine the thing is they have to keep it up…. one more thing I don’t like how arron and amir seem to be the ones who will be wrote off and I think come the playoffs it will be arron not playing when lindsay is in.. I don;t think it is right cause when stuckey was out aaron played well then one stuckey was back arron was but on the back burner, I kinda feel for the guys but I guess that is the thing about this team our bench is so deep someone has to sit there is not enough minutes in the game for everyone… well good win tonight, there are a things that could be improved but I am not even going to say anything we won the rebound war 51-39, the ast 23-15, we had one fewer turn over.. we even had less fouls even know at times it seemed we had more… good team basketball tonight..

  20. Anonymous

    Great game. I was glad to see rip come through at the end, he has went 0-2 at the line quiet a few times lately and that jumper towards the end was just beautiful.

    As much as I don’t like the Spurs, I love watching them play the Pistons, it always makes for a good game. This one was no exception. For awhile I thought the Spurs were getting away with a lot of fouls, like they usually do, but the refs were just letting both teams play the game making it that more fun to watch.

  21. Kyle

    well of course we were going to win. i read on espn there was a five minute stretch in the spurs’ last game that they weren’t truly striving for excellence. that’ll come back to bite you every time.

    sorry. had to.

  22. mobius909

    got it!!! nice. we still look slow, and shaky but the spurs will do that to any team. let’s put on a stretch against these next tough match-ups and show people we’re not gonna fold.

  23. mjp656

    I hate being the one to say it but Chauncey struggled tonight. It’s okay though because Duncan did as well. We also went 2-13 from behind the arc. But hey they played a great game and finshed strong. Glad to see this game result in a win. And seriously does George Blaha and Greg Kelser always wear a bowtie’s?? Haha.

  24. Anonymous

    I will take the win. It was a great game given that two great teams almost took it down to the wire (and we WON). The fact that the Pistons squandered a meaningful lead worries me though. I wonder – if the last minute went south for us, would the whole comment section of this blog would be about firing Flip again?

    Beating the Spurs somewhat makes up for some of the silly losses we have had. I thought we were in good shape before, and I still think we are in good shape – at least to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

    Better yet: Boston and the Lakers got spanked!!!

  25. Anonymous

    For all the former criticism on Tay’s inconsistency, he seems pretty consistent of late. He has become more of a key part of this team than in the past, probably because he has had to step up for others. What do we think – Tayshaun Prince – finals MVP?

    I do give this game to Rip, but Tay made a heck of a contribution – again.

  26. the fluidics

    Loved the game today, Pistons had to win it, for the kids.
    Tons of heart from the team, nice comeback. You know waht, I’d want Jarvis to hang out too.

  27. Anonymous

    Greg and George were wearing the bow ties for the Make A Wish telethon. They were looking pretty spiffy, I think.

  28. DetroitGirl4life

    i thought this was a great game for the bench starters (despite the heavy minutes) and for Mr. Philip ‘Flip’ Saunders. I was first excited about this game when i saw Stuckey in that interview on channel 4 that almost made me pass out (Hey nat are u still going to post that 24 second with Rodney Stuckey, i’m not trying to rush u i’ll e patient) But yeah i thought Flip explained himself really well when asked about amir and afflalo, and he simply said that he is trying to establish theo and dixon in the system, and he hates the fact that they are digging in the youngster minutes, but he said he wants them to get use to the system. Plus he threw in that he knew what Amir and Afflalo can do so he is jsut establishing theo and dixon. My only problem with Dixon is that he is so small so it makes it harder for him to do things against bigger teams (like San Antonio). What Flip said was fine with me because he came out and gave an explanation, a good explanation in a matter of fact. San Antonio is a great team and i thought Sheed did an excellent job not losing his focus on the game with the refs(because when i saw Crawford i was like OH CRAP!) But the refs did a great job tonight not calling soo many calls, and just letting them duking it out which i thought it was fun to watch despite what the critics say 😀 I think San Antonio and Detroit were meant to play against each other. Chemistry, Teamwork, Hard work are what Detroit and San Antonio have, and I give a lot of respect to San Antonio

    p.s Congrats to Houston for their 21 winning streak….THAT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Anonymous

    anyone who thinks afflalo and amir should get playoff minutes over the rattler and dixon are smoking crack u people seem to make me laugh everytime im on here with ur little infatuations and “i feel bad for the guy” the fuckin dude is gettin paid mad loot to sit on his ass courtside hes not crying why the fuck r u?! we want another banner on the ceiling not worry bout the rookies minutes damn some of u people make me sick..and thats real talk..

  30. Anonymous

    dixon can shoot the ball unlike afflalo and theo can muscle in the paint unlike ur little bean pole quit crying bout their minutes and let the pros decide who plays and who doesnt u jus sit back and watch the games wit ur little dunhams and dicks sports peel on letter jerseys and watch the damn luv

  31. vyvee

    Natalie, where is the video of garnett making fun at sheed all dressed up at the all-star game?
    I can’t find it.

  32. mjp656

    Sounds like Hunter will be coming back into the lineup starting against the Cavs (Yahoo Rumors). I wonder how all the minutes will be spreaded out.

  33. Anonymous

    San Antonio’s media is all about making excuses. From the commentators on NBA TV, to the local news articles, as all they talk about is how short-handed the team was in the loss. In all fairness, I don’t know that the team is making the same excuses.

    Do the Pistons media make these same excuses when they loose because someone is out? I recall losses in games without both Chauncey and Sheed this year. I don’t remember that being an emphasis in the news stories. I could be wrong though.

    Personally, I feel that you take a gamble with a variety of factors that lead up to teams being shorthanded – from the age of the players, to the likelihood of pulling off exciting, but ill-advised stunts, to tempers. When Sheed has to sit out for technicals, it is because the team allows him to run his mouth. They like his passion, but they are also willing to deal with the occasional consequence. For Bowen, who is known for playing hard and dirty, San Antonio should also figure this into their calculations – the league might just enforce rules against him from time to time too.

    I hate this the Pistons won, “But”… stuff.

  34. claire

    I saw the the clip of Bowen kicking Chris Paul..It reminds me of those scenes in the movies, where the good guy is lying hurt on the ground, trying to stop the bad guy, and the bad guy just mercilessly kicks the good guy and kills him.

    Point guards in the NBA should be aware of Bowen’s using of martial arts against them.

  35. Anonymous

    Seriously people, stop ripping on Tayshaun, Amir, and Afflalo. For one thing, the team would NOT be as good without Tayshaun. And everyone who has a brain can see that. And Amir and Afflalo are doing some great things. We want to see them play because they are the future of the team. What a lack of encouragement from you so-called fans.

  36. Dave

    11:04, your almost right, but there’s no way Herman is on the playoff roster over Afflalo. But it is crappy that Dixon and Ratliff are taking Amir and Arron’s playing time away, however I must say they’re playing very well. How is Amir going to ever develop if we leave him on the bench?

  37. Anonymous

    HERMANN IS BETTER THAN AFFLALO!!! Hermann was a starter on his old team and also a gold metalist!!! u people r dumb as shit! awwww poor poor afflalo and johnson making millions and not playing..shut the hell up..Dixon and ratliff r taking their minutes because umm maybe they r better players and we want a ship now and not in the future? idk that may seem really crazy to u.. but to people who have knowledge of sports like yours truley a ship this yr would be nice..and for the people sayin these kids r the future..FUTURE MY ASS! i will bet anything that all of them r traded within a few yrs no one stays with their original team.. grow up!!!

  38. Anonymous

    Someone didn’t get their hugs today…

    Your point is taken, and I agree with the overall idea – how it was communicated, not so much.

    We had a whole season to develop folks, and I think that was worked on. Now it is time to lock in for the playoffs and the finals. That explains some of the choices that we fans may disagree with. Flip needs to test what he has; and the position the team sits in affords that opportunity. Right now the games, at least those against non-elite teams, may be experiments to help figure out how things should be structured later on. It is more important to figure out what will work best before the playoffs than it is to get W’s and test our youngins. I definately would not expect a hug win streak at this point. If one resulted, that would be a plus.

  39. Kyle

    i agree with what you are all saying, and i understand that dixon and theo are vets and should absolutely get minutes in the playoffs.

    however, we played our best ball in february, when afflalo and amir were part of the regular rotation. remember all those blowouts? all that changed in the Nuggets game and we haven’t had a blowout since.

    this is the difference between good coaching and bad. bad coaches look at individuals and their stats. good coaches look at units, chemistry and their accumulative productivity. to claim afflalo and amir weren’t contributing heavily to big piston wins is being willfully ignorant. they were and they still can.

    i’m willing to accept flip’s talking point that he really is just working the new guys an and we’ll settle on something that includes the kids, but i’m doing so at the negation of my own instinct and pattern recognition skills.

  40. g

    This was my first game at the Palace, and I noticed some big differences from other arenas I’ve been in. I’m wondering if they’re the norm:
    • We were playing the Champion Spurs, and the crowd seemed eerily quiet in the first half. Pensive, maybe.
    • Part of that was that there was very little music or anything else being played over the speakers. I thought there might have been a malfunction or something.
    • The light seemed a little dimmer than other arenas.

    And I know this one wasn’t unusual:
    • The crowd booed the other team’s starters louder than I’ve ever heard.

    The flame throwers kick ass, btw.

  41. Natalie

    Hope you had a good time at the Palace.

    The Crowd, was the norm, but during the playoffs it’s about as loud as it was in the fourth quarter the whole game.

    We don’t funnel in much music, which is what we are known for. We let the crowd speak for them selfs.

    The lights…the norm.

    The Boos for the opposing team…every game.

    The intros Priceless

  42. g

    Thanks Natalie! It was a good time, even though my traveling companion (a Spurs fan!) couldn’t make it because of a last minute emergency and I had to swallow her ticket. Since I’m still here hopefully I can find a ticket to the Hornets game tomorrow.

    The lack of music made me think of this Mark Cuban blog post. I have seen 3 games in Dallas, 2 in Houston, and 4 in San Antonio, and they all think like Cuban, and unlike Davidson.


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