Pistons Host The Sixers

by | Mar 12, 2008 | 29 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Sixers
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The Pistons host a Philadelphia team that has won 12 of their last 16 games as they battle for their first playoff spot since the 2004-05 season. The 30-34 Sixers will be without Detroit native Willie Green, who always has big games against his hometown team. No official word yet on the Rasheed, but it looks like Tayshaun is fine and will be in the lineup for the Pistons tonight.

Tip off is at 7:30 and will be locally broadcast on FSN Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

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  1. jessi

    first thanks for telling us about the change in the game time on sunday, I probably won’t ahve known it and would have went to the game for 6:00, I am much happier that hte game is at 1:00 because now I will get home a nice time instead of 12:00.

    Well anyway I figured tay was going to play even if hurt a little he always play when he is a little banged up thats what I like about tay… this is going to be a good game I wish I was going to the game but well I will get to see if on tv so thats alright

  2. Anonymous

    guess who’s going down tonight …. if you said 76ers you are right !!

  3. the fluidics

    Herrmann’s in a suit again.

  4. jay uno

    damn, stop AI and AM

  5. mannie32

    i knew energy would be a factor… this is a dangerous game, sixers are playing well and at the same time pistons often play down to their competition as we’ve seen so many times in the past… but im hopeful they lock down defensively in the second half and take better care of the ball

    i really wish i could see them go back to playing well in the first half tho, like they did during that first 10 game winning streak

  6. ayjay009

    hey nat..just to let you know=
    sundays game against new orleans changed time to 1:00 p.m. EST!!

    go pistons!!!

  7. mannie32

    u know what i just realized??? remember how the pistons had that one 11-game winning sreak? the heat only have 11 wins on the season… haha i just thought about that! puts things in perspective… just how badly the heat have been this season

    and urggh, im frustrated with the pistons tonite… i hate to see them get out-hustled… losing is one thing, but when one team looks like they’re playing harder and want it more… it’s frustrating

  8. jessi

    someone tell me why didn’t sheed call a time out right away before passing the ball and allowing time to go off the court.

  9. rbaan

    i really think when stuckey is int hey should let him penetrate more, hes good and driving and hooking people up, and hes one of the only guys they have who can penetrate

  10. Anonymous

    yeahhh mr.big shot cant make the game winner what an all star..they will get knocked out first round of playoffs..go tigers! they r the pride of detroit now since this team has been flushed down the toilet by flip the faggot saunders..im sick of this team time to break them up..oh yea u will all cry wahh wahhh they r brothers..bullshit they r in it for the money and they cant get the job done..and i hope we trade amir johnson so u will all cry..dumars sucks too cant even draft carmelo or wade or bosh what a joke dumars is hahaha go boston

  11. Anonymous

    cuz rasheed sucks and hes garnetts bitch.

  12. jessi

    wow this was a bad loss, I figured it was going to be a good game but this was not one… pistons didn’t look like they really wanted this one… also why did flip take sheed out so soon in the first when he wasn’t even in foul trouble? tay off tonight thought be would have had a better night he usually plays well against the 76ers… I figured the pistons would play a little better against the team they could be facing int he first round

  13. TDP

    When is Rip going to pull his head out? He’s been awful the last couple weeks. Yeah, 20 against Chicago, but he is making poor (poor, poor, poor) decisions.

  14. Jonathan

    I’d like to see some statistics on last second shots when the Pistons are down or tied. They almost always go to Chauncey and it seems like everytime he runs down the clock and gets off a bad shot that misses.

    I can recall a few Rip gamewinners. They should go to him more. I know Chauncey can draw fouls on occasion, and he’s money from the stripe, but the Pistons’ last-shot scenario is way too predictable and almost never works!

  15. jessi

    anon 10:09 the reason why he did not draft bosh, melo or wade is because of what he like in tay and if you ask me I don’t think we would have won in 04 had joe have drafted them so I say that the draft ya we got darko but we also got a champson out of it which I really believe we would have had he of drafted them…

  16. Anonymous

    yeah ur right..we would probably have 2 or 3 ships right now if we took wade..but hey go darko and gay shaun..

  17. mannie32

    i think prince had a fine game, and finally so did mcdyess… i was diappointed with their effort… but i find it funny ppl question why sheed was taken out in teh first quarter, when u bitch at saunders for not playing the bench… today he did a perfect job of playing the bench, both early and late in the game… the coching staff is trying 2 figure out combinations of players, and who will get PT come playoffs… look at the big picture… u cant complain when starters log lots of minutes and win, and then go complain when we go to the bench early and lose… when u go to the bench, they get experience, but u also have the opprtunity for more tunrovers, etc… growing pains… it should pay off

  18. Anonymous

    I think the Pistons tried to do that “just play hard enough to get by” thing, but lost the gamble tonight. I was really disappointed in their sense of urgency. They have a habit of doing this with teams they think they are significantly better than, and it sometimes backfires. I expect them to come out and play serious against San Antonio on Friday, they shouldn’t underestimate them.

    I actually don’t want them to be too impressive going into the playoffs. I think the whole underdog thing is to their advantage. They need to be beaten down a bit towards the end of the season to take the playoffs seriously.

  19. Anonymous

    I was hoping they wouldn’t go to Chauncey at the end. I didn’t feel he was on his game tonight. And if they did go to him, I was hoping he would drive – just didn’t happen. Probably somewhat the result of them double-teaming him.

    Chauncey has pulled out game winners though. There is a reason they call him Mr. Big Shot. Tonight was just not his night.

    I would have liked to see them put it in Tay’s hands. Tay has been playing smart lately. I am really trusting his decisions on the floor.

  20. Anonymous

    West teams are getting dangerously close to bumping the Pistons from having the second best record in the league.

  21. Anonymous

    A lot of what was said on Podcast#8 showed up here tonight. Wallace 1-7 from the 3 point stripe. Another lackadaisical start getting behind early in double digits. 18-28 from the free throws. And we lost by 1. Had the lead going into the 4th but lost it early in the 4th and never got it back. I know we are 46-18, but championship basketball is consistency. I keep hearing about urgency and we will be ready when the time comes, but good play becomes habit forming. Before all the naysayers start saying I have no confidence in my Pistons, I do–but it is annoying games like this one which we all know we should have won that we don’t lately makes me wonder can we really do it when the chips are down come playoffs? Boston is blowing people out and on a 10 game win streak. And we are struggling to lose to the 76ers by 1.

  22. Anonymous

    Sheed played terrific to get us back in the game, but YTF did he resort to 30 footers afterwards?

    This team truly doesn’t give a **** right now. you can tell they don’t when they stop moving the ball (13 assists tonight).

    I’d be pissed if i bought tickets to this game.

    PS Theo is showing us that he’s better than Dice.

  23. Anonymous

    theo has not proven that he is better than DYESS… he is trying to prove that he was a good pick up and can fit in… i like what he is showing, but he hasn’t really proven he is better than anyone yet. not knocking him – i like what i see – but not ready to admit he is better than dyess by any means.

    to the person who continues to bash the pistons… that would be you anon 10:09: if you are so sick of this team then why waste your time bitching about it so much? just find some other hobby to occupy yourself and stop being such a pain in the ass why don’t you?

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  24. Anonymous

    Flip finally learns the words “time out” and uses them at the absolute worst time. In those last minutes Chauncey was running to try and get the lead and he calls a time out.

    We need a new coach….he’s a liability.

  25. Anonymous

    anon 10:09pm, seriously, the more I think about it, the more I think you are one of those trolls. I doubt you are a Pistons fan to begin with since everytime the Pistons lose you say that they suck, go Boston, and that you can’t wait about this darn baseball season and the Tigers. I have nothing against baseball (I just don’t watch follow it much) but come on now, I am getting sick of reading on a PISTONS/NBA blog your Tigers lovefest everytime the Pistons lose…and sorry, but why should the Tigers be the pride of detroit? they didn’t even make the playoffs last season and, even if they are one of the favorites this year, they still have to play one single regular season game)…the Pistons, on the other hand, still have the 2nd best record in the league, made 5 straight conference finals in the past 5 years, made 2 NBA Finals and won a title in 2004 so they aren’t bad.

    You honestly sound like a bandwagoner Pistons fan. I already can see you are about to jump off the bandwagon even if they still have the 2nd best record in the entire league.

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just don’t comeback when the Pistons

  26. Anonymous

    well the tigers play with much more heart nowadays, and were ravaged by injuries from beginning to end. and for your information no one cares about ecf appearance anymore. but you’re right, this isn’t a tigers blog.

    The pride of the pistons left with larry brown and ben wallace. oh and flip did a great job at killing the pride as well.

    and first and foremost detroit is still a baseball town. what hurt it was when the went on a 20 year skid of terrible management and abandoning the fanbase. THATS when the Bad Boys stood up and picked up the slack. no one here is a bandwagoner but a lot of us don’t like what we are seeing, such as a team getting paid millions to slack off against teams like the sixers.

  27. Anonymous

    I’m disappointed too about last night’s game, but we are still the team with the 2nd best record in the league. A lot of teams would LOVE to be in the situation the Pistons are. And hey, like they say, you can’t win ’em all, especially in a 82-game regular season.

    I still have to lose my faith about THIS season. I will lose it only when (and IF) we’ll get eliminated.

  28. 808State

    Are you kidding me!? I don’t know who anonymous (who last posted at 5:21 pm, March 13) is but man you need to grow up. It’s great that we have a place to exchange healthy ideas and opinions about things that are important. And its people like you that ruin the experience. There are a lot of people who can express their ideas and not have to sound so unintelligent and rude. It makes no sense to talk stupid just to get a rise out of people but I guess that’s why you post as (Anonymous). If you don’t like the Pistons, fine. no problem. Don’t watch. Go on the Boston forums. Believe it or not, we don’t want you here anyway.

  29. 808State

    Now that that’s off my chest…..

    I think I’m going to have to disagree with some folks and defend Mr. Billups in regards to that last shot against the 76ers and the fact that he is the one that we typically inbound to in the closing seconds of the game.

    First of all it’s true that he didn’t get a good look and took a bad shot. I’m not going to try to say otherwise. But there are good reasons why we’d give him the ball again in the same situation.

    1. He is our point guard and best decision maker on the floor. He runs our team. He has the highest percentage of making the right call at the right time. He does it all game long and should be the one calling the shots on the floor in the last seconds.

    2. Although he looks to pass first he is a proven shooter. Think of it this way, if he would have made that shot, everybody today would be talking about how great he is and what a clutch player he is and how that was the right thing to do in the last seconds. Hey, all GOOD shooters miss the buzzer beater winning shot at times, but GREAT shooters (Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, etc.) ask for the ball again and want to take that last shot.

    I think the game was lost for lack of hustle and energy but we pulled some good things out of it. Filp got to see some different line up combinations and we welcomed back Dyess from that shooting slump he was in. We also tied our season high for block shots and played some good defense in the last couple of minutes. It can be daunting to watch our guys not play to their potential, but I applaud every fan who sticks with it through the good and bad.


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