Could Andre Miller Look Less Interested?

by | Mar 12, 2008 | 17 comments

With all that has been said about Andre Miller’s “excitement” to be playing in Philly, you can certainly gauge his enthusiasm during the player introductions before Sixers win over the Pistons at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Check out how much time it takes him to walk on court to huddle up with his teammates after he’s announced. The best part has to be the priceless look on his face when he finally does.


  1. jessi

    thats funny, I was thinking when they were introducing the starting line up for the 76ers that they did not look very impressed or interested in being there..

  2. Anonymous

    pistons suck..GO TIGERS GET THAT WORLD SERIES!!!

  3. Junior

    I have issues with that loss like you wouldn’t believe…

    That is NOT the veteran team I have watched over the past 5 years.

    And now is not the time to be playing like that and this funky smell in the air is all too familiar.

    That was about as ugly as a 4th quarter I have seen. Poor coaching, poor decicions, poor shot selection, movement and leadership.

    I know we added new pieces…and we are getting our playoff rotation figured out…but that is no excuse for our main 5 guys to miss free throws…and take STUPID SHOTS—CHAUNCEY!!

    That being said….I know we have at least 10 more games to get that sence of urgency. However….if they still look like this in 2-3 weeks…it is going to be Deja Vu all over again….and I don’t mean the strip club.

  4. MC Welk

    Andre say SCOREBOARD.

  5. Anonymous

    i can’t believe we loss this game….we could’ve won this….i don’t know what chauncey was thinking right before the final buzzer. rip and prince were clearly open while he was being double team. WHATS UP WITH THAT!!!? he should’ve known that at least one is open, but rip and prince weren’t even that far away for him to see them. obviously he already made up his mind to take the shot no matter what. im not really upset we loss this one but im really disappointed with chaunce, knowing as a savvy point guard and making the right decision was a complete opposite of who he was in the final seconds. very dissapointing…..but what can we do, people make mistakes, just hope he’ll learn from this.

  6. Anonymous

    dude y don’t u go to the need4tigers website and just gtf out of this plz

  7. y0lorenzo

    chauncey is on crack is swear… what happened to mr big shot?

    it shouldnt have been a last shot situation for goodness sake in the first place.

    but on the last shot with 3.2 seconds left… why did he jab step spin move pump fake then try to jump into the defender? why didn’t he just, level up, raise, take a contested shot and hope he gets lucky. i hate it when he LOOOOOOOOOOOKS for a bailout call… reminds me of the new jersey playoff game few years back.

  8. twalch

    I only watched the second half, but the game pretty much bugged me. They played like they should play (aside from the crappy free throw shooting) in the third quarter. Once they got up by 6 or 8 it seemed like they thought they had it in the bag. I watched the highlights on ESPN and you can see Tayshaun and Rip wide open (already mentioned) but what was telling to me is watching Tayshaun watch the play unfold with his hands up signaling ‘I’m frigging WIDE OPEN over here’. He and Rip are watching Chauncey do his thing and when his shot goes up, Tayshaun looks like he just throws his hands down in disgust. If I had to put a caption on that picture it would be ‘What the hell are you…damn it….did you not just see me ‘Mr. Big Shot’? How about introducing us the ‘Mr. Big Pass It To One Of Your Wide Open Teamates’?

  9. Anonymous

    yeah i agree with what every1 else is saying, i only watched the first quater and i was disguisted the pistons are the 2nd best team in the NBA and they are barly winning games aganist teams under 500 (new york, miluakee) this is sad. Definatly not what we expect from a championship caliber team.

  10. TDP

    I’m just glad that it’s only early March. I hope they light a fire under their asses for an April-May-JUNE run.

  11. Anonymous

    y0lorenzo i guess we can officially say that’s one of billups’ signature move. it could win games (with boston’s first game of season), and sometimes not. just like some people, i didnt even see the whole entire game but i watched the highlight so i guess i couldn’t really judge on the lack of energy, but the last buzzer was clearly a bad execution. not really blaming this on chaunce but he didnt have to make the shot to win if we were up by more than 4. i was expecting pistons were gonna be comfortable with this game given the fact they compete with boston and won games among the western beast (spurs, lakers, suns, nuggets). what u guys think of saunders thinking they might go big? wallace on sf, amir and theo on frontcourt.

  12. Anonymous

    NATALIE, couple of question about SHEED. (1) IF flip suggested to sheed that he should take more shot in the post more on the 3s does sheed even acknowledge that by at least trying? it seems to me that flip has lose hope for sheed going on the post more based on his suggestion of going bigs by putting sheed on small forward (sf) and letting him shoot 3s — see keith langlois recap of the philly game. (2)does sheed even know (other than what many people are saying) that hes virtually impossible to guard in the post? if so, why wouldn’t he take shot in the post? please don’t tell that he likes challenges (which he does) and he rather take more difficult shots than easier shots.

  13. dave

    you all can blame chauncey for the loss, but it was only one play. he made one bad decision at the end. but chauncey is still the rock of the pistons and we need to count on him for the playoffs. chauncey wasn’t the one who shot 1-7 on 3’s. rasheed coulda scored 30 points if he took it to dalembert all game long.

  14. Anonymous

    When there is 3.9 seconds left the other team most certainly knows whoever gets the ball is taking the shot…yes Chauncey had Rip open but there was never enough time…Chauncey should have known that whoever was guarding the inbounder was going to double down, so fading back into that double team was a mistake…a player guarding is more likely to just contest the original shot instead of aggresively guarding fearing the foul.

    ~Danny Noonan

  15. Anonymous

    chauncy isnt the only reason why they lost, sure dumb shot it happens. he never wouldve had to take the shot if they played better the rest of the game.

  16. Anonymous

    anon. 10: 48 (aka tigers lover)

    i am going to re-post it:

    seriously, the more I think about it, the more I think you are one of those trolls. I doubt you are a Pistons fan to begin with since everytime the Pistons lose you say that they suck, go Boston, and that you can’t wait about this darn baseball season and the Tigers. I have nothing against baseball (I just don’t watch follow it much) but come on now, I am getting sick of reading on a PISTONS/NBA blog your Tigers lovefest everytime the Pistons lose…and sorry, but why should the Tigers be the pride of detroit? they didn’t even make the playoffs last season and, even if they are one of the favorites this year, they still have to play one single regular season game)…the Pistons, on the other hand, still have the 2nd best record in the league, made 5 straight conference finals in the past 5 years, made 2 NBA Finals and won a title in 2004 so they aren’t bad.

    You honestly sound like a bandwagoner Pistons fan. I already can see you are about to jump off the bandwagon even if they still have the 2nd best record in the entire league.

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Justin

    So they finally let a WNBA player play in the NBA. Who was that Rebecca Lobo? No she has black hair I think. Who was that WNBA player with her back turned toward the camera?


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