Can The Pistons Actually Take A Game From The Bulls?

by | Mar 9, 2008 | 34 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Bulls
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The Pistons will try NOT to get swept by The 25-37 Chicago Bulls tonight at The Palace. The Bulls, who were pre-season darlings, haven’t lived up to any of the expectations that many had placed on them prior to the seasons start. One thing is for sure though, they know how to beat The Pistons. If Chicago pulls off the sweep of the regular season tonight, it will be the first time they accomplished the feat in 12 years.

It looks like the decision to play Sheed won’t happen until tip off, but A Sherrod Blakely thinks he won’t.
“With no games on Monday and Tuesday, I suspect Detroit will try to use as much time as possible in an effort to ensure his sprained left ankle has had enough healing time. I suspect he’ll be back for Wednesday’s game against Philadelphia or Friday’s against San Antonio.”
Sounds like a good idea if you ask me.

Tip off is at 8:00 and will be locally broadcast on FSN Detroit and nationally on ESPN. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at

Oh…and as for this nonsense about Marbury coming here……I take it as just that, nonsense. For goodness sake it came from the NY Post.

Since Mr. Davidson is on the ticket today, let’s hope Mr. D inspires an impressive win.
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  1. Anonymous

    Oh God, please no.
    Marbury is poison. Hey Zeke, stop having your cronies put out fake bullshit. Only place Marbury may go to is back to Brooklyn playgrounds.

  2. mobius909

    i dunno… they said the same thing about sheed. they are two different animals, but who can doubt joe… cept for the delfino thing… and the darko thing… and… well, lets just hope he’s no on that same wavelength. GOOOO JOE!!!

  3. uyen

    I hate when they start out like this, missing shots. Pick up it Detroit

  4. mannie32

    hahahah yea i saw that marbur report too… when i first saw the headlined i cringed…. but then i read the report and saw the source, etc. and realized it had to be a stupid rumour based on nothing.. and all i can say is thank god… i hate that guy

  5. Anonymous

    McDyess is really pissing me off.

    He’s at the point where he is doing NOTHING right. As opposed to Ratliff who looks like a God and actually plays in the post.

  6. mannie32

    what a luxury it is to have ratliff wow… as i said before, hugely impressed

    as for dyess, he’s in a slump… he’ll come out of it… we prolly just need to rest him a lot more for the rest of the season, so he’ll be well rested and back in form by the playoffs

  7. Anonymous

    oh shit .. tay went down

  8. mannie32

    prince BETTER be okay.. he looks really hurt
    damn u hughes!

  9. Anonymous

    As much as Tay baffles us, you can’t question his toughness.

  10. mannie32

    haha i love the cheering when he took of his shirt.. so jokes… man i love this team

  11. mannie32

    tay just posterized gooden (pretty sure it was gooden if my memory serves me correct)… his arm definitely seems fine out there!

  12. Anonymous


  13. Anonymous

    Flip Saunders cluelessly watches GB abuse this team and surprisingly makes no adjustments.

    I hate Flip. Grow a pair and take control of your team.

  14. mannie32

    yea it’s flip saunders fault that ben gordan is hot and can’t miss a shot…. right…

  15. Mike

    I sure hope you were one of the girls screaming for Tay when he took his shirt off Nat, that was hilarious.

  16. Anonymous

    uhh yeah, its called adjustment to the ONLY PLAYER THATS HURTING YOU.

    apparently there are still some Flip apologists.

  17. mannie32

    yea cuz the players themselves are never accuntable… ALWAYS the coaches fault

  18. jess

    Anonymous @ 9:47, speak for yourself. Tay may baffel you but not all of “us.”

    Why are the refs trying their damn hardest to keep these pesky ass bulls in the game? Its been a foul call on almost every possesion.

  19. jess

    ^^in the 4th quarter.

  20. Anonymous

    thats why Boston wanted Doc fired last year. and now all of sudden hes the best coach ever. Obviously the coaching skills is going to make or break a team, but the coach is the easiest person to blame things on when shit gets tough. Get over it. flips not helping Gordon hit shots. And for all we know he is making plays to stop him. Its not Flip who gets the final say as to what play is going to be made.

  21. Anonymous

    tay is HOT tonight.
    good to see him get into a groove.

  22. mannie32

    not a great defensive effort tho, we gave up the most points all season in this loss

  23. rbaan

    Overall i think this was a nice win, we are really trying to figure out rotations right now and wher eour new players fit in best, flip kept stuckey in there long tongiht and i think thats good in a game like this, let him get a feet for these moments, ratliff looked good, so what if he gets dunked on, its good to see some people going for it, 3 blocks ill take it, even beter when rasheeds around, i cant wait to see them play together, amirs dunk was amazing

  24. mobius909

    seeing how superstitious dyess is, dont you think we could put sheed back at pf and leave in ratliff at c, then get dyess his 15 and 10 off the bench again where he’s comfortable?

  25. mannie32

    yeaaa i really loved the fact they kept stuckey sooo long in a tight game with a team that’s had our number all season

  26. Natalie

    I was NOT one of those girls screaming when Tay took his jersey off. I love the Pistons but I don’t “love” them like that. Honestly, I could have cared less.

    Good win but was it just me or did the fourth quarter foul calls seem ridiculous?

  27. Anonymous

    I agree with natalie. I won’t love them screaming when Tay took his jersey off. I sonud like childish to me although Tay is my favorite player.

  28. el patron himself, Raul A. Mora

    All right everybody. I just read this quote by the NBA’s resident CLOWN, Joakim “Rich Man’s Vareijao” Noah… oh my God, this guy needs to get off that peyote he’s been smoking REAL FAST… listen:

    “I think Detroit’s a great team, but I still think we are better than them, really. I feel like we’re a better team.”

    Seriously, Joakim… this made me laugh, I almost fell off my bed!!! This guy is HILARIOUS! And I don’t mean Dane Cook funny… I’m talking about Chris Rock/Bernie Mac/Cedric The Entertainer/Richard Pryor HILARIOUS!!!!!

    What were you thinking Noah baby? True, you won the regular season series, but you guys now got NOTHING… Seriously, are you gonna tell me that your best offensive weapon is Gooden, who was just two days away from having LeBron open a can of whoopass on his bald head? Or maybe is it Larry Who-gues? And please, don’t even talk about Mr. Overrated himself, Luol Deng!!!! Chicago is where it’s supposed to be… for drafting clowns like you Joakim! Cuz don’t tell me that if Paxson could do it all over again, he wouldn’t take Stuckey over your sorry ass????

    Oh, and 21 games behind is nothing? Damn, Joakim… did they teach you ANYTHING at Florida? Guess you can’t count, eh? Joakim, is that French for Loser?

    Just glad to see the D to the P win another one… Sheed, get better from that ankle… we need you back and kickin’. Prince, you’re the EMPEROR of the Palace, baby, bar none!!!!! You Da Man!!!!!!

  29. mannie32

    quote of the night (and no doesn’t go to noah):

    RATLIFF: “It’s going to be real scary once I get my full health and get my legs up under me. I think it’s going to be a surprise to a lot of people in the league.”

    yezzzzirrrrr, he has quickly made me a huge fan

  30. mannie32

    i have to say though… i really do like some of the bulls players, suprised they’ve had such a bad season, they’re BIGGEST mistake was letting go of tyson chandler, he’s a beast!!!
    but deng is not overrated at all, he’s a great player, just had a bad year… and i like noah, i think over time he’ll be a very soid player, not an all-star, but the type of guy many coaches would want on their team… they just need a leader, and bad… too young of a team with a lot of immaturity

  31. mannie32

    their* not they’re

  32. Scott

    The Bulls played an impressive game. They are a very aggressive team and we always have trouble. It’s fine though, we won’t have to see them so whatever. Good to see Theo come in and play some good minutes!

  33. Rip

    we get ZERO love.. it seems like all people talk about is prince james…pisses me off

  34. Mike

    I know Nat, I just found the hole thing hilarious, I mean, even the players were laughing.


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