Pistons at Knicks

by | Mar 7, 2008 | 30 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Knicks
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This Pistons are set to take on the 19-43 Knicks tonight at MSG to try to avenge the 89-65 beating they took the last time they were in The Big Apple. Sheed is questionable for tonight’s game after he tweaked his ankle in Wednesday’s game in Boston. Look for a possible Ratliff sighting, especially since it looks like Flip’s going to go with the vets come playoff time.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to get out there, get a few minutes in with the guys tonight,” Ratliff said. “That would be great.” Via MLive

Tip off is at 7:30 and will be locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

UPDATE: Theo Ratliff will start in place of Sheed.

I’m ready for a game that’s played the right way. Leave ’em in the comments.


  1. the fluidics

    Is this the last time the Pistons will see Zeke with the Knicks?

    Hopefully he’ll land on his feet, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see the stones get sweet payback tonight.

  2. Anonymous

    If the Pistons do anything less than slaughter NY after the disappointing loss to Boston, I may have to boycott some games. They need to come out mad and focused for this one – because of Boston and the last game against NY.

  3. Anonymous

    Ratliff is starting?? I want to know what Flip’s reasoning for this is.

  4. the fluidics

    Rip getting tossed is going to piss flip off.

  5. Tinny

    why is it that whenever the zoo crew comes in our intensity picks up but then the starters get back out there and show no hustle at all??

    really starting to piss me off. flip should start the reserves until the starters show that they can compete the whole time, not just the fourth quarter

  6. Natalie

    We should all be pissed Rip got tossed. No Sheed, not cool Mr. Hamilton, yes you were getting hassled out there but control your temper and your mouth.


  7. Tinny

    After the boston game, and the first half by the starters (esp. chauncey and rip), im not feeling too good about the playoffs

  8. Anonymous

    The camera On My Tv 20 SUCKS

  9. Anonymous

    what happened to rip?

  10. Tinny

    rip got t’d up twice

  11. Tinny

    i love how on the knick’s fastbreak we had 4 guys back guarding one person

  12. mannie32

    wow…. i have to say, i’m very, VERY impressed with ratliff… for a guy who had only played 10 games this season, and starts at centre in his first game on this team… he has fitted in very well… i like his play, i didnt realize at the time, but i think it was a big deal we got him as opposed to dale davis

  13. chris22cowan17

    I Dont Appreciate It When Other teams Play OUR! song. come on be original

  14. rbaan

    yeah i gotta say ratliff really impressed me, he looked like a force in there,

  15. Anonymous

    walter didn’t get to play. is he getting shoved to inactive when Sheed gets back? that sucks. 🙁

  16. Anonymous

    This one was messy. I was REALLU Not happy with Rip getting himself thrown out. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING RIP!

    I was glad to see some of the others step up though. I am very impressed by Ratliff’s first game. I thought Stuckey did very well. Tay also may not have been a factor in Boston, but he stepped up big in this one. In fact, he has stepped up quite a bit lately. He has led the team in three of the last four games in scoring. I know some hate on the guy from time to time, but I am liking what I see.

  17. mjp656

    You know Detroit is a completely different team when we are missing either Billups or Rasheed and I think it’s always difficult at first to adjust playing without them. To add to it, Rip gets himself T’d up and we have a guy starting who has never even played with these guys. So I wasn’t expecting a blowout with this game, especially when New York plays somewhat as a team. But I give a lot of credit to Ratliff, Prince, and Stuckey. I say Stuckey because he has been struggling but really showed up tonight and looked great. I’m also suprised with Maxiell getting only I think 1 or maybe 2 rebounds…..but he did show up offensively but he could have done better with the amount of time he was given out on the court tonight.

    Pretty good game altogether.

  18. Anonymous

    Now thats what i wanna see from Tay ! Great game for him, impressed with Theo also.. Will need him for the stretch run..

    Back to the playoffs baby !

    – Vin

  19. Anonymous

    I really have concern for this team and their mental focus,Sheed and Rip display temper that is not helpful.

    I don’t know with CB he is inconsistent at times ditto Tay.

    I really don’t see a finals run in this team’s future.

    Much as it pains me to say it,I believe it will be Boston or Cleveland`out of the east.

    So I am throwing my support to SA in the west,if any team deserves a fifth ring they do!

  20. Anonymous

    I like Rip as a player; he busts his ass to get open…

    but as a man he is a pissant. he bitches at the refs whenever he gets the chance. if hes getting under my skin then im sure he’s getting under the refs’.

  21. Anonymous

    I love how down on Detroit teams the hometown fans get.

    This team is the best it’s been in years, and have the second best record in the league, but to hear the fans talk, the Pistons are a bottom rung team with no future in sight.
    News falsh: Pistons are damn good, and are going to go DEEP into the playoffs. They just won a game missing two all-stars, and a guy playing his first game ever with this team as the starting center.

  22. mannie32

    haha way to put it into perspective anon.
    i can understand though, that’s why we’re fans… we’re hardcore, and we expect perfection =P … second best in the league in terms of record isn’t good enough… if the bench plays great for 9 games and plays crappy in the 10th, it’s not good enough… haha but hey we’re fans, it’s okay for us to be like this… hopefully it just serves as motivation for our team to never be complacent with being really good… we want another championship

    im just super happy that we still have our core together… it’s more important to me that our core stays together and plays as a unit, then winning a championship by trading for a superstar.,.. that championship, if we win another, will mean so much more with all our main guys still here… and of course having mcdyess and now ratliff finally win ones would be awesome as well

  23. mannie32

    than* winning a championship
    i hate it when people mix up then and than, and i do it myself haha… so just had to correct it

  24. Anonymous

    I was at the game, and C’MON Rip you of all people should have seen how you guys were playing and that you were out Sheed, and known to SHUT UP!


  25. Anonymous

    I dont understand this herrmann/hayes thing… is there a reason for not playing herrman over hayes or what ??

    or maybe flip is just stupid !( i am not joking )

  26. Anonymous

    I think herrman was only brought over for his expiring contract.

    Also mybe to trade,which didn’t happen.Hayes is simply for the year too,it remains to be seen what transpires there.

    I really don’t anticipate either of them being here next year. We’ll see.

  27. Anonymous

    The Marbury shit was mostly like formulated by the NY Post, which is basically the National Enquirer.

    Wishful thinking by the part of NY.

  28. Anonymous

    I don’t think that Flip is a bad coach but he definitely makes poor decisions. Not playing Hermann is the most glaring right now.

    Hayes has proved time and time again that he is streaky, and every time Herman touches the court he busts his ass despite it being garbage time. With the play-offs getting closer and closer we are losing time to develop him into something we could use for the play-offs.

    I just don’t see how it could hurt playing him in the second or third quarter. If there is someone on the bench out there missing shots and playing poorly, send in Hermann as a replacement…makes sense to me but I must be crazy.

    Also Flip needs to watch teams runs a little more carefully. The past few games he has let a lot of runs go without calling a TO which ended up costing them a game or making them much harder than they needed to be.


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