The Pistons vs. The Celtics

by | Mar 5, 2008 | 106 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Celtics
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I get a lot of e-mail, some good some bad. I received this one after The Celtics beat The Pistons in Detroit. It’s neither good or bad, it’s just plain great. I though it would give you a chuckle before The Pistons take on the Celtics for the last time in the regular season.

This is from Daniel M(I won’t print his whole name)
How’s this for an email address? bostonthreeparty@—–.com. Here you have the unedited version.

“hi my friend showed me ur stupid website i am a boston celtics fan so i absolutley hate detroit rajon rondo is much better than chauncy ray allen is a better 3point shooter the rip an kevin garnett is so much better at power forward than antonio mcdyess. I am a tarheels fan and since sheed went there for college than i guess i like him but his attitude is still kinda like an asshole. all ur players are old and shud be retiring in bout the next 5 years. the celtics big three are all over 30 years old so i cant really be talking but they are still beasts at bball. pistons beat us the first time only by 2 points but we beat them the2 time by like 10 so we are better. plus we have more titles then detroit. hahahah please respond to my email. go celtics!!!!!!”

If that doesn’t put a smile on your face I don’t know what will. There you have it Daniel, this is me responding to your email. We all appreciate your opinion, good luck tonight. Now on with the important stuff.

The Celtics added PJ Brown and Sam Cassell to the mix, who won’t be playing tonight because of a death in the family, and as you already know by now The Pistons brought back Theo Ratliff. The season series is tied 1-1 so I guess you could say it’s winner take all. Boston hasn’t played a game since beating Atlanta on Sunday, while today is the second game of a back to back for The Pistons. Don’t think for one minute both teams don’t want this one. In fact Chauncey all but admitted it last night in his post game interview.

Tip off is at 7:30 and will be locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at

I’m sure the comments will be buzzing tonight. Here’s to Piston red, white and blue.


  1. Anonymous

    hahah that email is amazing. it reminds me of when you posted a comment from the need4sheed myspace page, with a kid thinking that your page was rasheed himself. your comment was something like “god help our youth” or something like that.

  2. Kristen

    Wow.. I’m glad this Boston fan showed how ignorant he is of the English language and punctuation.

  3. Anonymous

    YES chauncey this is a feel game..u can feel as boston crushes your hopes n dreams tonight..THE BOSTON 3 PARTY IS IN THE HOUSEEE!!!we got the ship this yr no one can compare..BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON!!! beanTOWN! the pistons r going down jus like michigans economy! and ur tigers will get killed to by the red sox champions! face it detroit boston is better than you at everything football baseball basketball…and we love it! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… thats also what im gonna be doing when we beat u by double digits

  4. Anonymous

    ratliff is better than amir!!!!!why is everyone on this amir trip he isnt that good! fuck its annoying! ur talkin bout him like hes lebron james

  5. rbaan

    man chill im not talking about amir being amazing, but its good that he gets the minutes he does, ratliff isnt going to be getting crazy minutes either, im not syaig amir is the best he just produces when hes in, hes a sold rebounder and shot bocker and thats what we need, might as well keep giving him thes eminutes so he can imprive, i dont see why people ike you dont get that, like we arent syaing hes the big peice this year im just syaing keep giving him the minutes, and chill buddy

  6. rike

    rajon rondo is much better than chauncy.


    ray allen is a better 3point shooter the rip

    they both have their days.

    kevin garnett is so much better at power forward than antonio mcdyess

    NO DUH! This kid likes to point out the obvious.

    Go pistons..and nuggets

  7. Anonymous

    im not talkin bout u directly but everyone is on some amir trip..i just dont get it..odds r in 5 yrs neither stuckey afflalo maxiell or johnson will still be on this team rarely does anyone stay with one team they r all trade bait..

  8. Ahmed

    anon 3:32, LMAO. THAT is hilarious.

  9. rbaan

    man u dont get it, we are old front line, our youth is the extra kick we need in the playoffs this season and through out the year, did yu see the spurs try to sneak amir johnson away frm us this summer, this kid has tremendous potential, and yes alot of the times these players won’t stay with the teams, and thats why we want amir to get minutes here so he can produve and stick around, i know you are worried about them come playoff time, but as long as amir keeps getting minutes he’ll get more ready for big game situations, we need sparks of the bench, amir isnt close to a star player yet, hes only what is it 20, but hes defeintly a spark off the bench and a defensive spark at

  10. Richard

    im so ready for this game..WE are ready for this game, all pistons fans here in LA are ready. nat, that email you got, PRICELESS! who wouldn’t laugh about that, its so hilarious. but you know what, i have a little annoyance on he people who always point out they have more championship than ours, especially here in LA (lakers). what do i tell those people without getting mad and at the same time make them irritated. anybody, any suggestion?

  11. Ahmed

    Man, i am so hyped.

    Nat, you know what is stupid, i just went to the Celtics Blog and there isnt one reply but Celtics fans are so dirty so they have to come to the Best Website in the world and then talk trash.

  12. Natalie

    Richard, I feel you buddy but what really is there to say? In the big picture most people do use Championships as a measure of greatness….In Detroit we us Heart.


    As for Celtics fans, and Cavs fans for that matter who come here to post about their team and bash Detroit, the City and their fans. Well that just shows ignorance so I’m happy that we Stay Classy here in The D!

  13. rbaan

    i know its really not big of a deal but stuckey is 2nd in assists per game for rookies with 2.7, its just good to hear a good stat about rodney, and he’ll only get better

  14. claire

    WOW! That email cracks me up. “Rajon Rondo is greater than Chauncey Billups” and “please respond to my email” WOW! Does this guy even know what a basketball looks like? Way to show than Celtics fans are stupid and classless, Daniel!

    Of course Celtics fans and Cavs fans always come here and talk shit because they don’t have a “need4nailbiter” or “need4jerseypopper” or their own.

    Oh and by the way, why did Daniel have to wait until the Celts beat us the 2nd time to spam your mailbox, Natalie? If he knew what he was talking about, he’d send you an email right after the first game ends.


    Yeah. That Daniel is a piece of shit. Boston will not be passed the Pistons in any of the rounds of playoffs.

  16. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say Hey Natalie. With the high school and college season winding down. I can truly focus on the pistons now. It’s going to be a great game on both ends. Every team is trying to get that mental edge for the playoffs. I’ll be back with my previews soon.. I’ll email you about that.


  17. Richard

    here’s my prediction of the game tonight…..on the first 2 quarter of the game, i have a feeling that pistons is going to set the tone early..the only question is, will they able to maintain their it. possibly they’ll have a big lead in the 1st half. both 1st unit and the second unit has the ability to do that, but also, both have the inability to it. i almost doubt that this game will be different from the last 2 games. this one won’t be as close as the last two. this game would be more like one team is going to play catch up.

  18. Ahmed

    here are MY prediction 97-92 Pistons. Sheed takes over in the fourth.

  19. Amber

    Sheed takes over the entire game***

  20. Anonymous

    I don’t think a blowout is entirely ouf the question, Pistons have been doing it to top teams all season.

  21. DetroitGirl4life

    ^^ hahahahahahahhahahah omg that would definitely be on sports center. but naw i don’t look @ what people say about Detroit because i love it here soo much. I know everyone wants to bring up the economy and the crime that is here in Detroit…….but……….. what other city doesn’t have crime or a struggling economy. All cities struggle and Detroit is on the RISE. I love Michigan… i love and i am extremely proud to say that i am from DETROIT!!!!!!!!!! I love the Pistons to death i pray for them to hold all the glory in the end every night, and i just hope my wish comes true. I will do anything to support my Pistons, but to be honest i really don’t want the Pistons to get the top seed, but then again i really don’t long as we get the ‘ship. I really don’t mind it….BUT……..i also don’t care what opponents we have to go through, as long as we get the ‘ship. I love my Pistons and this city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Kasia

    Pistons win because Boston Celtics is ver fucking team,i think Det will win 105-98!!!

    Rasheed Crazy Dance !!!

    Polaand man

  23. jess

    LMAO @ the email!

    Cant wait to see this one. Its gonna be hype!

  24. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see this one. I’ll have to watch it at BW3 though because dish network is stupid and doesn’t carry the WXSP in Holland. I swear all the good games this year have been on the WXSP. And unfortunately the pistons aren’t on TNT and ESPN like every western conference team. Anyway, I think the pistons have a good chance of winning tonight, but if they don’t it’s not the end of the world. Like Detroit girl said. It’s all about the post season, and who cares who they play to get there. Go Pistons.

  25. Jake the snake

    i’m really excited for this game it will be a good match-up between 2 of the best teams in the leauge…

    chauncy has to have a big night tonight and boss rondo around like he did in the second game… i really hope our well rested big men(thanks amir and maxi!) will be able to help us more than in our second meeting… i also still want to see amir and maxi out there bringing that spark! and about the amir fever thing… its just exciting to see young guys making plays on the pistons… we’ve had alot of the same players for a while and its refreshing to see some youth out there giving our team a push… no ones saying amir is an allstar but when he shows so much promise you cant help but be excited.

  26. Anonymous

    Haha, I love that email – it made me smile. For some reason I don’t get any hostility from it.

    I don’t have any hard feelings against any fans or teams in the league (except cleveland – trust me, i’m currently living there and they HATE us. For no reason. Not to be that guy, but it seems the majority of cavs fans are ignorant)

  27. Anonymous

    that email sounds like a 3rd grader wrote it.

  28. Anonymous

    Jacqueline here…. I am so excited about this game, it’s like 7:15, and I have put my self in front of the television, and I’m not moving until the last buzzer buzzes!!! Poor little Daniel, he’s so nieve, the Pistons are the better team all around, the Celtics are good but the Pistons are great, and when they are on, not too many teams can beat them, so sorry Daniel, you are way off, the Pistons are the best in the East!!!! I’m gonna be doing a lot of screaming at the tv tonight, Rasheed is gonna be focused tonight, and the rest of the gang will follow his and Chauncey’s lead!!! I’m ready for this one, I think that this will be one to remember!!!! Go Pistons!!!!11

  29. Anonymous

    Jacqueline here…. I am so excited about this game, it’s like 7:15, and I have put my self in front of the television, and I’m not moving until the last buzzer buzzes!!! Poor little Daniel, he’s so nieve, the Pistons are the better team all around, the Celtics are good but the Pistons are great, and when they are on, not too many teams can beat them, so sorry Daniel, you are way off, the Pistons are the best in the East!!!! I’m gonna be doing a lot of screaming at the tv tonight, Rasheed is gonna be focused tonight, and the rest of the gang will follow his and Chauncey’s lead!!! I’m ready for this one, I think that this will be one to remember!!!! Go Pistons!!!!11

  30. ayjay009

    well guess what DANIEL!!ur writing IS ASSHOLE! and WHOS WE?i dont see your last name on one of them jersey, so SHUT UP!!!!!let me guess, you picked boston becuase they became stronger.heres an information for you!!THEY SUCK when KG. and RAY were not in the team!.did you picked them before or after they joined?ANSWER THAT!!!.are u really a celtics fan or your just one of them stupid fools that picked on the best team!!!if detroit wins this game.i would like to see you in person and make you eat what you said about this team!!

    and oh yeah THIS SITE IS NOT STUPID!i get more information here than NBA [no offense to NBA]!!if your a hater, FUCK OFFF!!!CREATE YOUR OWN!!i got your back nat and the detroit pistons REAL fanss!!

    go pistonsssss!!!!

  31. Anonymous

    UH OH! Javie’s officiating! We’re in for it!

  32. uyen

    What the hell is going with them? Another game I can’t bear to watch again.

  33. Anonymous

    i cant believe ray allen elbowed rip in the throat. I have to watch this game on Boston Comcast and the announcing is really bothering me. after that technical foul one of the boston announcers said “rip hamilton and these detroit guys are always giving quick jabs to their opponents. refs dont call them because their such chicken fouls so ray was forced to take matters into his own hands”.
    umm excuse me?
    rip hamiltons pretty much choking on his adams apple and you have the nerve to say that.

  34. RJ

    pretty harsh, ayjay

    i bet daniel’s no more than 11 years old, haha

    fuck it!

  35. Mark

    What’s the matter with NBA Broadband? I can’t get the damned thing to work, I’m going crazy not being able to watch.

  36. Anonymous

    Hey pistons fans !

    i suggest the following names for this website :


    2)Rip is not

    or if you guys like

    enjot today’s loss and here’s to the celtics !


  37. Anonymous

    Hope sheed’s ok. I’ll take hot shooting for Boston in the first half because 9 times out of 10 the team that is cold will come out hot. Also everyone says Boston is so much better and are gonna walk to the NBA Championship, one question? You have 3 great players, and what have any of them done to win a title? Nothing

  38. Anonymous

    Turn off your pop-up blockers
    That helped me.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

    They can do this. Its only 10 down.

    Only 5 buckets. Or they should do it the easy(hmm) way Only 3 3’s

  39. Anonymous

    is it just me or did it seem like everyone one of the pistons shots looked like they were going in then bounced back out? I mean if half had stayed in we would be in the lead…

    also to the bostons fans out there if kevin g had not come to the team boston would not even be in the running for a ring so I don;t understand why you think you are big shit

  40. Anonymous

    Yeah, this game has been pretty hard to watch. I too have League Pass via Comcast and I HATE that Tommy guy announcing. He has to be the most biased and annoying announcer in the NBA.

    The Pistons are taking bad shots, and missing even the good ones. Calls feel a little lopsided. The only thing that is keeping them in it at all is the D.

    If they dig a hole much further I am going to have to wait until after it is over to see what happens. I am not going to watch them get blown out.

  41. Anonymous

    I would expect this banter from Chicago or Cleveland fans, but I thought Bostonians had some class…

  42. uyen

    Get off our website!!!

  43. Anonymous

    I would expect this banter from Chicago or Cleveland fans, but I thought Bostonians had some class…

  44. chris22cowan17


  45. Anonymous

    plzzzzzzzz keep amir i love seeing KG playing amir like a little kid lol nice job flip , maybe if we get rid of rivers will hire you sometime just keep the good job and help us get KG his ring !!

  46. jessi

    boy I hate livng away from the local area and having to watch on league pass… I think we are spolied by george and speical K they just have the voice for calling games… anyway wow boston fans I really thought you guys had class but I guess last year is behind you guys and now all of you are hot heads… boston fans just be thnakful allan ccome to the team and pretty much brought garnett with him if it wasn’t for that nice move I am sure none of you would be here talking the way you are tonight.. .

  47. Anonymous

    Wow jessi

    it seems like you forgot your pistons past !! if it wasnt for rasheed you wont even have a ring in 04 so shut your trap and stop whining and for god’s sake just accept defeat and that the pistons suck so everyone will be happy

  48. jessi

    anon 9:12.. I have not forgot the pistons pass, I have been a pistons fan since I was 9 and well that was 18 years I have been a fan… I have always stayed with the pistons threw it all and I don;t remember a time when I have bashed a team as mush as you guys are doing and well not ever on a fan site.. All I am asking is if your team was in the same boat as they were last season would you be talking teh crap you are now, I will guess no…

  49. kenard

    Celtics are just better. Pistons wouldn’t even make it to Game 6 in a series. Tough to take

  50. Hector

    Daniel has not yet discovered the wonder of spell check.

  51. Anonymous

    wow jessi i am surprised of your reply i thoiught your going to bash or something like the other piston fans but i guess your a true piston fan !

  52. Anonymous

    I admit i’m disappointed by the pistons’ performance the first 3 quarters, missing all those field goals, getting most of their points from Chauncey’s FTs, BUT, we’re only down by 2 entering the 4th! We can still win!

  53. Anonymous

    this is quite the talk from a bunch of boston fans that bitched all last year about how Doc needed to be fired because their lame ass team wasnt going anywhere. theres nothing more irritating than a bunch of bandwagon fans and their ignorant mouths.

  54. Anonymous

    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !
    I hope sheed gets a tech !

  55. Anonymous

    Boston is making a statement, pistons are agreeing with them.

    NO need to be classless beantown,and ripping on the d for the economy ,what a putz anon 2:20 is.

    Spurs will get you in the finals,if you make it that far.

  56. mannie32

    this game is INTENSE… ahhhh, can hardly watch

  57. Anonymous

    what the hell is the matter with detroit…once they’re down by 1, i feel like they start relaxing….is this the new trend they have? my god so annoying!

  58. Mark

    I’m not able to watch except for the NBA gamecast. But the fouls are so lopsided I can’t believe it. I have to believe that we are getting the short end from the refs on some of those calls. I’ll have to watch the highlights. Oh, and if you are a Boston fan why don’t you go and play on your own website. Have some class.

  59. Anonymous

    every time a boston fan opens their mouth…a peice of human intelligence is lost forever.

  60. Anonymous

    first qurater 13 points , fourth quarter 11 points , i just got an idea ! send the pistons to the D-league ! looooool

    Boston sweep in finals

  61. Anonymous

    im so upset and happy that the detroit didn’t win this game….they really deserve to lose this game, in fact i wish they got massacred by the celtics by 20 something points. im saying this because i didn’t see any good execution from detroit for more than 2 minutes……they would play like the pistons team that we know for a minute half and then just relax again!!! what the hell is that!!!!!? like i said on my prediction….it’ll be a catch up game and unfortunately, it was the pistons who were playing the catching up. they didn’t play well, they deserve to lose and deserve to feel bad about how they execute as a team.

  62. Anonymous

    I’ll take a loss now and all the wins during the playoffs!


  63. mannie32

    great game, boston won, hand it to them… KG was their man, he carried them on their shoulders, especially when Detroit would make their runs… but Perkins also had a solid game

    Pistons showed great poise by making it a close game several times on Celtics’ home court despite the big run Boston had to start the game…

    all in all im actually happy with what i saw… sheed took too many 3’s, but it looked like he did that because he didnt take the game too seriously… bench on the other hand i think took the game seriously but didnt contribute tonight… but we have many more games to get them back on track… i like our chances in the playoffs based on what i saw tonight, despite the loss

  64. infinitygee35

    horrible, HORRIBLE game for the Pistons.

  65. Anonymous

    what you think nat (about my comment before this one?

  66. mannie32

    also thought i’d mention that they handled the win with much more class this time.. was nice to see KG chat with Sheed for a bit after the game… and no one was poppin their jerseys and acting like they beat Detroit in a game 7

  67. MLEE

    the loss is painful, but we did all we could to try to make a comeback. I am sure that during the playoff times we would have a much productive opening.
    let’s go pistons!

  68. Anonymous

    Wow, the Celtics are acting like they have done something special and all this great stuff. The fact that Detroit kept it close was good considering that they came off a back to back and got to Boston in the morning, while the Celtics haven’t played since Sunday. You Celtics haven’t proved nothing yet. Classless, and Please.. at least the pistons have a future ahead. What do you have? Rondo? HAHA thats great. Go home, and see you in the playoffs. I’ll take this one year any day because you know in two years you’ll be back in top 30 win form.

  69. Eric

    I agree with these most recent posts.

    Sheed was launching like I’ve never seen him before, way too many three-balls. However, I think it’ll take a game like this to hammer home the message that they will not win the title with this kind of uninspired play. I think Sheed took the night off, KG was open for a million open jumpers.

  70. Anonymous

    Celtics fans get out of here… you’re all bandwagon jumpers. See ya in the playoffs 🙂


  71. Anonymous



  72. Natalie took just about everything I had in me to watch this game. You can bet I will be at the doctors office come morning. Do you think he can give me something extra for the way this game made me feel?

    You can’t blame it on the back2back, the flight, the game with the sonics..if the Pistons wanted this one, they could have had it. You have to give it up to Boston, they played well but I’m not willing to concede anything right now.

    Ric, I feel you. When you play a good team things need to be flowing all game and they certainly weren’t . It’s a game, in the regular season so I’m fine with it just as long as I don’t see a trend come playoff time.

    Too many 3’s all around, give sheed a bit of slack though, he was hurting.

    Nat needs…..cough medicine, a bed, some kleenex and the ability to breathe.

  73. Anonymous


    ma name a Borat , i go to ameerrricaaaa me love celtic !

  74. Anonymous


  75. Anonymous



    Borat loooove weed !!

  76. Anonymous

    yeah ur right nat and thanks…..but hey, ill share the meds of whatever ur gonna have…..i need it too…but thor is right, ill take a beating now, than in the playoffs….i guess no winning party here in LA for the pistons fans tonight.

  77. Anonymous

    Look on the bright side. For the first time in a while the Pistons will go into the postseason as underdogs. Under the radar. Second best in the East. The last time that happened was 2004…? The team they went against then was clearly the superior team – star studded veterans assembled for an easy victory. Kind of like Boston? Nobody thought Detroit had a chance.

    We know when they are on top they overlook folks below them. Now they are going to be coming in with something to prove. Let’s hope the come in mad and focused.

  78. downtown

    Boston played well, but I thought our D was pretty effective for a lot of game. Even without the W, Pistons still look good for a playoff match up.. esp considering they were coming off a back to back with half the night stuck in airports and bad weather.

  79. Anonymous

    I can’t hate the Celtics. If they do manage to beat the Pistons in the end, I will surely cheer for them to take it all. KG is great, and Pierce and Rivers have shown nothing but respect for our squad. Them poor guys had to suffer through loosing seasons on terrible teams for so long, I would like to see something good happen to them.

    With all that said, the Pistons are still my #1 option, and I think they have a better chance going against Boston in the playoffs right now than they would had they won this game. The media is going to have a field day with how great Boston is for beating Detroit. Boston will start taking it easy and probably throw away some easy games. Detroit will HOPEFULLY come out pissed and do the opposite.

    When we see them again is when it really counts.

  80. billups

    There are 5 reasons detroit will not get past boston in the playoffs
    1. Boston dominates the paint offensively and defensively.
    2. pistons bench is streaky, bostons bench outhustles everyoune they play.
    3. Pistons cant get any points in the paint, its a struggle just for them to get it past half court.
    4. Detroit cant get an offensive rebound to save their life.
    5. Tay playing the cltics is like having Mutombo on offense.

    also Stuckey is just no reday yet send him to the D-league and put affalo in because he is a pretty good on ball defender.

  81. billups

    Let Walter Hermann play he has shown he has some game plus hes got some amazing moves

  82. uyen

    Feel better Natalie. I’m going to cry my ass to sleep.

  83. Anonymous


  84. Anonymous

    fuck boston bunch of assholes and slobs

  85. Anonymous

    Nat, lets hear some honesty:

    Do you think the team the way is it is hungry enough to make it past Boston? because I don’t; mainly due to Flip’s leadership.

    I know you have to keep a somewhat objective view as this is your blog but Flip will never lead this team anywhere: the team will have to do it despite him. Where WAS THE ADJUSTMENT? Why did Flip decide to stop giving it to Chauncey, and in the 4TH especially?

    The man absolutely baffles me. He was out coached by Mike Brown for cripes sake, and it looks like he’ll be outdone by Doc as well.

    Boston’s intensity is UNBELIEVABLE right now and it pains me to say this as I despise them. ANd this will hurt as well:

    but the Garden makes the Palace look like prudent choir girls. In fact the Palace hasn’t ROARED since Ben left.

  86. Anonymous

    Face it everyone..the pistons are dead..pistons fans r dead..the palace is indeed dead..we r too used to winning..the first basket scored the place erupted..first point scored at the palace no one is even there yet they r all out gettin beer.. and this team will be broken up after they get knocked out of the playoffs this yr..bye bye everyone.. OH WELL TIGERS TIME! WORLD SERIES BABY!!!!!

  87. Anonymous

    time for a new coach im sick of flip fucking saunders he single handedly ruined a dyansty like he did in minnesota when they lost to the lakers..damn that man damn him to hell! and fuck dumars too for hiring him and not traded gayshaun who is too big of a pussy to touch the ball tonight..and is it jus me or does rasheed injure his ankle every yr b4 playoffs? i think he does it on purpose..hes a choker this team is a joke and doesnt stand a chance against boston..the intensity left with ben wallace..

    rip new era pistons 2003-2008

  88. Anonymous

    I don’t think the Pistons are dead, but their coach is a gotdamn joke and everyone can see it.

    The only reason why he’s playing Amir, and the only reason he played Maxiell last year was because Joe D stuck his foot is Flip’s *** to do so.

    Like I said, we have to win DESPITE Flip.

  89. ayjay009

    ok ok boston got the seasons game victory between detroit but detroit will rise and take over at the playoff!!!watch out boston!!!!

    dont worry pistons fans!! detroit is already on the playoff so no worries!!pistons will show them other team whos the real champs!!

    go pistons!!!

  90. Anonymous

    If it weren’t for the terri-bad Boston fans, I might like the Celtics.

  91. the fluidics

    Yeah, again, it always sucks to lose, but regular season losses don’t mean much.
    I’d be surprised if Boston could beat Detroit in a 7 game set.

    As for the Garden being liver than the Palce?
    What would you expect, that town has been basketball dead since Bird was in short shorts. They’ve been waiting a long time for this, so let them enjoy their great regular season. We all know the playoffs are a completely different ballgame, and they haven’t been there yet. It will be interesting no doubt.

  92. Anonymous

    haha i got up at 4 30 in the morning on a school night to see the results between pistons and celtics.. but its all good im not sweating this loss because i do know who is the better team with the better fans :].. the celtic fans think they have bragging rights for reg season now.. but what im fighting for is playoff timeee!! hopefully we’ll have those bragging rights! .. imgoing back to sleeppp now…


  93. Anonymous

    i dont think theres anything to like about the celtics. sure they have good players, but they way they acted after game 2 was ridiculous. there going to have to get KG a new jersey by the end of the year, he pops that thing so much. and then theyve got a bunch of idiots like james posey who run their mouths when they havnt even contributed in the game. The worst part of Boston however, is the fans. The last time i saw a boston fan was 20 years ago. they all need to crawl back into their little holes and keep their mouths shut.

  94. Anonymous

    ebThis is a very dissappointing loss, hope sheeds ankle is o.k.

    Wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been close.

    But it is what it is. My personal opinion is we will not get to the finals,and it’s more from a lack of toughness mentally then anything else.

    Boston came in and wanted it more,thats all there is to it.

    More power to them!

    That said to all the anon. boston garbage-mouthed posters get a life,either the Indians or my beloved Tigers will take you out this year!

    I also believe the Spurs are destined to repeat,hope they do and cement their dynasty on your little green backs.

    Also glad New York’s MI state guy beat your U.M.guy in the super bowl! To paraphrase….


  95. Anonymous

    it was one sucky game, why does everybody think its already over?
    detroit will go on a winning streak and everyone will believe again.

  96. Anonymous

    i dont think i can stand to read a recap of this game. I think it should just be:

    pistons sucked
    everyone knows the outcome.
    the end.

  97. Anonymous


  98. Anonymous

    Honestly… I can’t help but blame flip again.

    He has NO IDEA how to rotate players efficiently. Jesus he can’t be afraid to pull dudes when their missing shots. I would have pulled rip yesterday vs. the sonics and let someone else take his time. Last night was no different, all the starters were cold so GET THEM OUT. If you start your games like that there’s no way you’re going to win.

  99. Richard

    its obvious that ratliff could be a handy man…sheed and dyess practically did their job, but bcuz of foul trouble, they couldn’t play agressive down the stretch. max and amir played decent, except garnett is more experience down the stretch. thats when rat’s presence would matter a lot, i know we had max and amir at the same time during seattles game, but who are u kidding if u think seattle’s game and boston’s games are the same. im excited to see rat to on the floor with either one of our bigs. he’ll blend in perfectly.

  100. gylmeloche36

    I love how Celtics fans are all of a sudden so cocky! I find it hilarious that once a few new players show up the Celtics fans become so confident. Boston hasn’t been a true contender since the 86 season, meanwhile Detroit has been the East powerhouse for most of the decade. DONT FORGET DETROIT HAS MADE THE EAST FINALS IN 5 CONSECUTIVE YEARS, BOSTON HAS FAINLED TO GET THAT FAR SINCE 2002

  101. Ahmed

    Would you guys shut up about flip. It is not his fault. The Pistons did not turn it up. It is not why we got our ass kicked. The players didn’t show up (except SHEED). Come one guys, grow up.

  102. Celticsfan5

    As a Boston Celtics fan I felt obligated to represent a different side of Boston. It shames me that this e-mail is from a Celtics fan and unfortunately reminds me of the fact that there are so many fair weather fans here in Boston. I can almost guarantee that man didn’t watch a game last year during our 18 game losing streak. Just wanted to express my sorrow for how Boston fans are perceived outside of the northeast. I look forward to meeting you in the Eastern Conference Finals.


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