Pistons get the Win in LA to make it 3-1 out West

by | Mar 2, 2008 | 21 comments

Rodney Stuckey in his first NBA start (due to Chauncey Billups absence) did a fine job leading the Detroit Pistons with the help of a great night from hometown boy Tayshaun Price. The Pistons broke open their 55-42 halftime lead in the third quarter and never really looked back. With the win, the Pistons made sure their last trip out West was a successful one, going 3-1 in their eight days away from home. Final score or this convincing win 103-73.

Key Points:

  • Got to give it to The Pistons fans at The Staples Center. I thought Denver’s crowd was great, but LA Pistons fans blew the doors off the place with their Deeetroit Basketballl and SHEEEEEED chants. If this wasn’t the biggest showing of Pistons fans away from the Palace, I don’t know what was. It has to be one of the reasons The Clippers sold out their fifth game at home this season.
  • Stuckey did well in his first start of his NBA career. He didn’t light up the box score in 25 minutes on the court, but he was solid in the win. He finished with 9 points, 5 boards, a steal and 2 assists. I would make it a point to say Stuckey needs to get more assists if he’s going to lead this team, but Tayshaun was helping out in the department so I’m going to let that slide this time.
  • When you have 28 assists as a team it’s usually a solid win. The Clippers on the other hand had just 12. The Pistons “played the right way” Saturday night. Do you think they made a point of doing that after the second half they had in Utah?
  • The Pistons shot 54.3% from the field for the night, a lot of that had to do with their 52 points in the paint. And no that’s not a typo it was 52 points.
  • Tayshaun Prince aways seems to have solid nights in his hometown. Prince had a career high 10 assists along with 22 points. He not only connected with Maxiell on a ridiculous dunk, but he had a nice one himself courtesy of Juan Dixon. Prince had a solid all around game full of highlights.
Tayshaun Prince
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  • Richard Hamilton also had himself a good game with 14 points on 6-for-13 shooting, making moving without the basketball look like it’s easy. He added 2 boards and 5 assists in 26 minutes on the floor.
  • Sheed and company did a great job holding Chris Kaman to 5-17 shooting on the night.
  • “We just don’t play well together,” Kaman said. “Everybody is going for their own kind of thing. We’re not playing as a team anymore. I don’t know what to say. Basketball could go one way or the other, and it’s not going the way we want. And I don’t think it’s going to the rest of this year, to be honest.” Via The Daily News
  • I don’t know what it is but Dan Dickau just doesn’t look like an NBA player out there.
  • NBA.com Highlights of The Game.
  • I challenge anyone to name another NBA team that is deeper than the Pistons. My goodness our 12th man could start for many a team.
  • The Zoo Crew (plus a starter Prince or Dyess) held the Clippers to just 10 points in the fourth quarter.
  • Flip Murray is a Pacer.
  • 13 fast break points.
  • Rebound war won 44-37.
  • Maxiell, 6 points, 8 boards a blocked shot and this…

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit
  • Juan Dixon really outdid Rodney Stuckey against the Clippers Saturday night. Dixon was the only member of the bench in double figures knocking down 6 of his 7 shots for 14 points and 6 assists in just 22 minutes on the floor. This guy just didn’t miss.
  • “Gotta love Sheed. My man was singing “Motown Philly,” an old Boyz II Men joint, in the locker room after the game. This guys sometimes takes a beating in the media but truth be told, he’s a fun cat to be around and his teammates love him.” Via Hoops World
  • Dyess actually didn’t score in the one but his play this year has been more than solid. He’s doing his part for this team night in and night out, but most of all he’s focusing on wining a Championship.
  • Four Pistons in double figures.
  • Pistons biggest lead, 30.
  • “It was just an opportunity for me to play,” Dixon said. “This locker room, man, the guys are so loose. They’ve made me feel so comfortable. Tay was out there helping me, talking me through the sets, helping me get guys in the right spots. It makes it easy.” Via The Detroit News
  • Rasheed got the Pistons off to a very quick start. Sheed was….simply Sheedtastic making his first 7 shots. All of Rasheed’s 17 points came in the first half. He added 4 blocks, 6 boards and 2 assists in a well rounded game full of highlights.
Rasheed Wallace
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Photo/Getty Images
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit


  1. Anonymous

    great game but this team would be so much better if juan dixon skipped over stuckey and afflalo as chauncys or rips back up, he proved hes better and hes a vet. if flip is too dumb to realize this he shouldnt coach. PERIOD

  2. Blaine

    Sure Juan played well but you can’t base your entire judgement on just one game. It’s about the future, Dixon is just a hired hand.

    Don’t worry with Flip’s record come playoff time we will see more of Dixon and Hunter for that matter.

  3. claire

    Man, I wish Flip would play Herrmann more Why wouldn’t Flip just give Herrmann Hayes’ minutes for one night and see what happens. Hayes is definitely streaky, that we know for sure. We have no idea what Herrmann can do for us if he played 20 minutes on one of those nights.

  4. Anonymous

    Agreed, a lot of players do well early cause they’re trying to prove something, and the other teams don’t really worry about them, plus expectations are low. If he keeps getting opportunites and plays as good as he did against the Clippers then maybe. Although I did get a feeling of confidence in him to do good things, I never got that with guys like, Primoz, or even JArvis Hayes, or Flip and NAzr when they came over. Don’t get me wrong, love those guys, but didn’t see it working out.

    I was really hoping Lindsey would get a little burn time. Hurry up and get in shape.

    Out of all of Hermann’s plays, I thought the pass inside to JArvis was the best, even more than the 2 buckets. which were also nice. I really wish TAyshaun would be more of that kind of leader when Chauncey is there. He becomes too much of a selfish scorer who stops the ball from moving sometimes, but good game, even if it was the CLippers.

    Antonio cannot be THAT dependent on Chauncey for his baskets, he’s gotta make something happen.

    Why can’t sheed have two dominant halves, i know he’s selfish, but still.

    rip was quitely efficient as always.

  5. Anonymous

    I meant unselfish

  6. das

    isnt funny how people were snapping at Joe D for trades ever since the stack for rip trade and every time he delivers

  7. Anonymous


  8. Taylor

    Another day at the office for our Pistons. I had the pleasure of actually seeing the game (I live in southern california) and they put on a show. I took for granted living in Michigan and catching every game. Can’t wait for the playoffs!

    By the way, there were some fans that the announcers kept talking about and I swear they were louder than all the Clippers fans combined…made me proud to be a Detroit fan.

  9. Anonymous

    LOL, we can only imagine what Sheed was saying and the look on Lindsey’s face is priceless. I ♥ this team. I didn’t get to see what Hermann did because I turned the game off. I knew we were going to win and it started to get boring,lol. Hermann may turn out to be something special for us. He needs to get in the lineup more often.

  10. LC

    Rasheed, Rip & Tay were terrific. I wish Hermann would get more minutes too. Welcome to Detroit Juan!! My vote goes to Juan being a backup for Chauncey – he looked pretty solid to me.

    Nice to see all those Piston fans in LA!

  11. Richie

    I’m definately a Herrmann fan. He works hard with ever minute he gets- even in “garbage time”, he plays unselfishly, takes people by surprize, and has even shown impressive defence against a player like Dirk.
    I agree with Blaine regarding Juan vs. Rodney.
    Natalie, this post was sensational!

  12. Anonymous

    Walter Herrmann is my homeboy! I was standing up in my bedroom cheering everytime he got the ball. I’m going to the game on tuesday and can’t wait to see Herrmann play (if he does).

  13. Anonymous

    BLAINE..no way dixon is better than hired help! hes way sweeter than afflalo and hes only been in the league for 6 yrs hes very young n fresh and led his team to a ncaa ship, valuable peice great trade for joe d

  14. Jake

    i’m gonna have to say that dixon is only a hired had for the year with that expiring contract… he had a great game but don’t expect him to do that every night… i honestly don’t feel that walter will get a shot on this team and its because of flips inability to try something new… all i hear about is how much energy these young players bring and when walter comes in everyone gets fired up, hell it was in LA and everytime hercules got the ball the place exploded.. i dunno man but i feel like he should at least get a fair shot!!

  15. Jake

    i meant to say walter WON’T get a shot

  16. Arase

    was at this game…it definitely seemed like there were more pistons fans than clipper fans. we were definitely louder than the home crowd. I even saw someone with a Sheed sign. The place was electric everytime Herrmann touched the ball.

  17. Anonymous

    awesome post. i loved the highlight vids.

  18. pistonsbaby01

    good for flip murray

    i have to say i was a fan of his here in Detroit and i hope he does well in Indiana


  19. gMac

    When I see flashes of Tay in this game, it upsets me.
    Rip came here as a great pure shooter. He’s game has improved each and every year. He improved defense the first year under Larry, then became a much better passer the next season. He then, become a much better one on one score and improved his ball handling. Latly, he has improved his game attacking the rim. His three has been solid too. Rip is a true star, he work on different parts of his games and it shows. What has Tay done? He has great skills but he refuse to attach the rim as often as he should(I’m not talking about post ups, I want him to take people off tribble and go strong to the rim). He has not improved as a one on one defender( as good as he is already, there are rooms for improement). He never got better as a help defender. He has to assert himself as a constant scoring option. I want to see him drive to the basket, post everybody on him. be a getter passer when on the move. Tell me what skill Lamar Odem has that Tay doesn’t? He should be as good as Odem by now for the money we are paying him. He’s not a roll player, he’s one of our ‘best starting five’ in the league.

  20. np4500

    ok maybe im exagerating, but he was a beast out there, 10 pts, cmon that crazy scoop lay-up, your eyes were popping out of their sockets weren’t they? Please Flip play Walter more!
    Oh..and by the way Dixon is amazing also , he couldnt miss last nmight, but he’s eating into Afflalo’s minutes…dude dats not cool
    i mean Dixon is good, but Afflalo is a rook who deserves to have his talent culminated.

  21. ryan

    as to your point about a deeper bench the lakers bench is far deeper than the pistons. the pistons bench has two rookies on in and plays inconsitent at times where as the lakers bench has experience and plays well everynight. Id rather have a bench with players that have been in the league 3 or 4 years than 2 rookies come play off time


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