Amir Johnson had a head cold?

by | Feb 29, 2008 | 24 comments

A. Sherrod Blakely explanation (sort of) of why Amir didn’t play against The Jazz.
…….And maybe most important to Joe Dumars, he won’t take minutes away from Jason Maxiell or Amir Johnson, who had a serious head cold the other night before the Utah game when I talked with him. He should be good to go on Saturday against the Clippers. Via MLive

Do you buy it? I have doubts.


  1. need4boner

    i’d buy you… naked

  2. Ahmed

    You are a retarded Need4bonner. Another Spurs fan. GOD. I don’t think i am not buying it. I don’t think a head cold will prevent him from playing.

  3. mjp656

    You know what, it’s possible and it’s not like he is a starter so maybe they figured to give him rest. If he plays his average of 10-12 mins tomorrow then i’ll beleive it. Oh and just so everyone knows if you’re into NBA 2k8 they updated their roster today!

  4. Kyle

    i’ll not be buying that. it saddens me that the most logical explanation so far is flip got scurred. i’m trying to walk away though, i may have gotten a bit too riled up yesterday. that happens when i’m working a boring job and haven’t been on stage in like 8 months.

  5. fadushi2

    Hey Nat. I have been really spreading the word on the Children’s Hospital link. I have spread it out to about 200 people. Hopefully they all vote. Last I checked we had 31.45% of votes. Hopefully we can get the top spot.

  6. Kyle

    i voted

  7. mjp656

    I think I have just come up with a really good idea. Instead of playing 12 min quarters, we play 14 min quarters. This way, we get to give everyone at least some minutes to play haha. I really hope Theo doesn’t cut into anyones minutes. He needs to be the guy we turn to for injurys/blowouts and nothing more. As for Dixon hopefully he will get some time in tomorrow since they got 2 days to practice.

  8. rbaan

    I hope to see some of theo in the playoffs hes obviously only for this season amirs future is coming along beautifully but it doesnt hurt to add good defensive big man for the playoffs, i mean say by playoff time amir is still very foul prone, we really dont need early penalty in games in the playoffs, if we can put theo in there for some minutes itll be great, amirs future is really bright and i love the pick up

  9. Kyle

    joe may not have done much, but i think theo and dixon were excellent pick ups. theo will be a great savvy player for a few plays a game and dixon can come in to make shots when stuckey and afflalo aren’t hitting any (which hopefull will be less often by season’s end)

  10. Anonymous

    It may be true.He probably was sick and we don’t want him out there extremely sick. I hope he’s okay now. Can someone tell me what a head cold is?

  11. tessa

    “Chauncey Billups has left the team and retuned to Detroit to deal with a personal matter. At this time Billups’ status for Saturday night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers is questionable.”

    i hope everything is ok!!

  12. Kyle

    i hope it’s not a head cold. i hear those can be vicious. our thoughts and prayers are with you chauncey. and rodney stuckey for that matter.

  13. rbaan

    i also think ratliff can have a big impact on amir, ratliff has been a great shot blocker in the nba for years, maybe he can help amir out abit with timming his blocks better so he doesnt pick up as many fouls, great pick up all around, id rather him then dale davis

    haha but no disrespect to dale, hes the man

  14. Richard

    there you go all amir whinners…this answer ur question why he didn’t play. thanks nat! i have this feeling that houston might steal ratliff negotioations with joe considering ratliff will be offered more money and for sure more minutes to play there now that yao is gone. what u guys think?

  15. gopistons

    This was on the Pistons web site as part of Keith Langlois’ article:

    It came out of left field because no one expected Theo Ratliff to make the sacrifice necessary to motivate Minnesota to buy him out. When every NBA analyst out there was speculating about veterans being bought out and who’d be pursuing them, Ratliff’s name never came up. This cost Ratliff money and what I’m hearing is that he pitched the idea through his agent to Minnesota’s management with the idea that he could be the one to fill the roster opening the Pistons created by waiving Flip Murray.

    Everyone wants to be on our team!

  16. Kyle

    richard, it only makes sense if you believe a 21 year old can’t play through a case of the sniffles. players play with the flu all the time, i doubt amir’s stuffiness was the real reason.

  17. Dominic

    No offense to Billups but I hope he doesn’t play in the Clippers game. I would love to see how Rodney Stuckey does in his first career start as well as Juan Dixon playing as a premier backup for the first time as a Piston. A little Lindsay wouldn’t go amiss either. So hope everything is okay with Smooth but I just want to give Stuck his first start and see if he played like Flip Murray did when Chauncey was gone.

  18. Anonymous

    i know kyle of course its funny to think that that’s the reason. but we’ll never know the truth i guess. hey as for my second comment question, does anyone think that houston might take the deal away from pistons in regards to ratliff? coz i know that they’ll almost give anything to get a quality center for the playoff run. ratliff might be interested.

  19. Anonymous

    LOL, Junior. I’ve never noticed that before. Hey Junior go post that on messageboard. I would do it, but I don’t want to steal this from you. That is too funny,lol.

  20. Kyle

    houston might try to make a run at him. but if i were him i’d side with the pistons. we’ve got a much better shot at the title than they do. which it seems is what he’s after.

  21. Kyle

    holy crap nat. in the freep today mccosky has an article where flip admits he made a mistake not putting amir in. i’m not a totall jackass. YAY!


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