It’s Always Sunny in Phoenix

by | Feb 24, 2008 | 85 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Suns
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The Pistons will take on the new look Suns today in sunny Arizona in the first game of their four game Western trip. Phoenix (38-17) is coming off a big win against The Celtics Friday night, and Detroit would like to continue their winning ways after their win against The Bucks.

It’s an early one so tip off is at 2:30 PM and will be broadcast on ABC. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at

UPDATE: Thanks to a Team Need4Sheed member for pointing this out in the comments…I now can’t stand Bill Walton even more and I’m thankful for Stephen A. Smith…..HELP ME!

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  1. the fluidics

    Looks like I’ll be watching this one with the radio on, unless I want to spend 48 minutes on how good te Suns are with the Pistons as a footnote.

  2. Anonymous


  3. mannie32

    i can’t wait to watch this game… im so pumped… i love watching games on espn or tnt… and when u add two good teams to the mix, makes for great basketball

    here’s to hoping pistons win


  4. ayjay009

    i got a question for all die hard fans!!
    is dale davis really gonna come back to pistons???

    go pistons!!

  5. Anonymous

    go pistons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Who hates Bill Walton???



  8. mannie32

    how about posting a video of today where bill walton says pistons have the best bench in the east and has high praises for maxiell and stuckey? and says that sheed is their key to success? u know just to show both sides of bill walton


  9. Sean W

    walton is a lunatic and lacksidasical when it comes to his speaking skills

  10. jessi

    the van gundys goes to tayshaun for the supporting player I love it..

  11. mannie32

    Maxiell is ooooofficially baaack

    wow nice block… and then that put back was gangsta… this is why i love nationally televised games… now the whole world can know how dangerous the pistons are, from players 1 through 14 (soon to be 15 once we sign davis)

  12. jessi

    this does not come as a suprise to me Bill does not like the pistons but to say what he said about tay and sheed is just uncalled for, as Nat said that you stephen A Smith, I loved how he spoke right up and didn’t back down on bill…

  13. jessi

    sounds like there are some pistons fans in stands, I think I heard a sheeeeeeeeed there

  14. mannie32

    yea im suprised at all the cheering for the pistons down there… and i saw some piston jerseys… but is it just me? i swear it sounds like they cheer everytime the pistons score haha… it’s awesome

  15. Tom.S

    Omg, ok that Walton is a hall of famer but he sure don´t know a thing about todays game of basketball….
    I don´t see the Cavs as a contender this year and the celtics is going to be tough.. but our boys is going to finish as champs this year.

  16. Anonymous

    stuckey needs to learn to pass the ball

  17. Anonymous

    We have SHEED fans in Phoenix.
    Who else heard the audience scream Sheed…..

  18. Anonymous

    Shiiiittt, Fatso just poped Amir one.
    Probably knocked the breath out of the poor kid. Thank god he’s young

  19. jessi

    amir can play the big guy very well, got to love amir

  20. Jamie

    yeah I am shocked at the number of Pistons fans in the stands… love it though. 🙂

    and that video made me want to scream – i CANNOT stand Bill Walton.

    p.s. Shaq better take it easy on our zoo crew…

  21. mannie32

    bow chicka yea yeaaaa

    ps: i didn’t know until this game that billups is second in the league behind pierce in +/- per game

  22. Anonymous


  23. Anonymous

    Bill Dentures Suck Even When he Talks He Smiles. LOL

  24. jessi

    I know anon I was thinking the same thing, he flops between teams, we seems to like the pistons is when they are winning at half time…

  25. the fluidics

    That’s why yall have to mute the tv, and listen to Blaha’s call on the spartan stores radio network. Walton doesn’t bug me at all, because I don’t hear a word he says.

  26. mannie32


    that was hilarious, after pistons go up 25 points and the suns take a time out with the fans booing they showed the faces of some of the fans in the crowd and they looked completely shocked, confused and bewildered… man that was too funny

    they probably thought after blowing out the celtics they’d have an easy time with the pistons… man i bet u anything KG is really pissed right now looking at how easily the pistons are handling the suns

  27. Anonymous


  28. jessi

    I love this team for a few reason
    1. team basketball
    2. unselfish play
    3. underdogs
    4. fans

    I don;t remember being at too many games at the palace where the fans bood the team, I remember one game where flip was bood and that was because he was playing very unselfish basketball besides that thats all I remember… the suns who are in my opinon are a very good team don;t have fans that deserve a championship… If this was at the palace we would be cheering and would not be giving up no matter how many points were are down..

    I love the pistons for so many for reasons as well but thises are my top 4…

  29. Anonymous

    The BEST performance of the year !

    This should win an Oscar tonight


    – Vin

  30. jessi

    “nobody in the world going to guard that shot”, wow that shows respect for what kind of player shhed is..

  31. Anonymous

    Lovin’ the domination! But can we get a little Herrmann?! 🙂

    SHEEEEEEEEEEEED !! .. unstoppable

  32. mannie32

    wow… this win (yea it’s already a win) is even the more impressive when u look at the minutes of the starters… every single suns starter has played more minutes so far than their piston counter-part… even shaq has played more minutes than sheed… nash 8 more minutes than billups, but has 6 assists and 4 turnovers compared to billups’ double-double of 14 points, 11 assists and 2 turnovers… we’re just so much more efficient

  33. Anonymous

    This is epic!

    Okay, might be a dumb question, but I’ve been wondering about it for awhile. What the heck is the whole +/- thing? Apparently I’m not very knowledgable on the subject.

    I got a new shirt with Sheed’s face on the front with “ball don’t lie” above it. And it says Sheed on the back instead of Wallace. I love it.

  34. Anonymous

    its has to so with how effective a player is on the floor, usually the losing team will be in the – and the winning team will be in the +, its about how many poins are scored when you are on the floor…

  35. mannie32

    +/- is shows how how many points a team makes and gives up when a certain player in on teh floor

    so if maxiell is coming off the bench and pistons are down 55-50 and when he plays they go up 60-57, then maxiell has a +/- of 3… because they gave up 2 points but scored 5 (a difference of 3) when he’s on the floor

  36. mannie32

    it’s not a perfect stat though… in fact it is a prettyu crappy stat if ur using it for an individual… it’s great if ur looking for sets of players… i’d judge a set of 5 or maybe even 4 players on their +/-… but u could have a great player out there with crappy players and his +/- will suffer, or a crappy player out there with 4 great players and he has a great +/- … basketball is a team sport, so using +/- for individuals skews things a lot

    but what it tries to do is capture intangibles… like deflections, charges, great screens, all those things that don’t show up on the stat sheet otherwise… i think u can use the +/- along with other stats.. but it cant be used alone

  37. jessi

    lets see some dixon and walter, I think this one is over and has been since the start well at least since the third.

  38. jessi

    love it some sheeeeeeeds and now some Detroit basketball calls,

  39. Anonymous


  40. mannie32

    30 point win… but yea it was awesome… i expected a win, but i didnt expect a blow out to be honest… im so happy

    that made my day

  41. Steve

    30 points, but still enjoyable as hell. I only caught the second half, but that was certainly good enough for me. Man, this team is wonderful.

  42. jessi

    best thing about this win is the the starters got to rest for tomorrows night game and teh zoo vrew played very well..

  43. Anonymous

    bill walton ish the biggesht noodle i’ve even sheen. he alsho talkshes funny.

  44. Dave

    walton is such a moron. calling tayshaun lacksidasical. what the heck!?
    how bout a 30 point blow out bill?? was that lacksadasical when amir and maxi outplayed shaq like he was nothin??

  45. dave

    ps. and the announcers still talked on and on and on about phoenix all game long, even as detroit wiped the floor with them.
    how is it even possible for one team to be smashing the other team on the road by 36 and the announcers are saying “amare now has 30 points!! yes!!”

  46. mannie32

    uuhhh the commentators also joked about how the game was a joke near they end, saying stuff like “we could say ‘anything could happen’ just to encourage the fans to keep watching”

    like seriously, do u guys want them to gaa gaa over the pistons all game long? they gave the pistons enough praise during the game… hell even the fans in the crowd gave pistons love lol… u cant deny such a good performance… but i didnt see any bias at all… u had mark jackson tell us he think billups is a better player than he ever was… u had them singing sheed’s praises all game long… it’s not mr. blaha out there who is going to gaa gaa over the pistons all game long, that’s our job haha… they’re commentators, not piston fans

  47. mobius909

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… I HATE BILL WALTON AND HIS PICKET FENCE TEETH!!!!

    I’m so glad they put Stephen A. next to him to counterbalance his lunacy.

  48. Anonymous

    fuck yourself bill walton sheed is better than you and prince is 1000000000000000000 time better in defensive than you SHEEED and TAYYYY owned walton

  49. Anonymous

    I can’t even write all the insults that I have in my mind for Bill Walton. Moronic, douche bag, senile, ignorant, ugly, stupid mother fuckin’ inbred bastard, dumbass, Piston-hating asshole should do for a start. I really cannot stand the guy in case I didn’t make myself clear. I am so happy that our men went out there and made him look like the horses ass that he is. WAY TO GO GUYS!! Nice win — really nice. WTF was Shaq-zilla’s problem taking Amir down like that?? What a dick! Thank God he didn’t get hurt when Moby-Shaq attacked. Hate it when our guys go down like that… scares me. Did you see that knot on Chauncey’s head? It was huge — looked like it might have hurt a little bit. Our guys got a little beat up today… but the Suns got spanked pretty hard and every one made it off the court under their own power so it’s all good I guess. Sheed was a beast — I love it when he plays like that!! WOO-HOO PISTONS — NICE!!!!!

  50. Anonymous

    I know this is a pistons site nut it looks like ben getst eh start for the cavs tonight… also does anyone here know why gibons has not played in the last few games for the cavs? I never heard of a trade adn since he did so well last playoffs I figured tehy would go to him how ever its like the cavs have wrote him off.

    by the way nice win today, the pistos owned the game from tip off.

  51. Anonymous

    PRAISE GOD!!!!

    Woo, that was a great game.

  52. Anonymous

    bill walton is a fucking faggot, hes clinicly insane i dont know how he has a job as a analyst he doesnt know shit about basketball all he knows is his son on the lakers that is bill walton should be shot.. pistons jus shut him up by beatin the suns by 30..FIRE WALTON

  53. Anonymous

    Thanks Mannie32 and anonymous for the answer to my +/- question! You’re right, that doesn’t sound fair for an individual stat.

  54. Anonymous

    Bill Walton is a prick. He talks so much trash. His son is a terrible player and he belongs in the D-League. I bet he will never talk about that.

  55. Andrew

    Yes, there were, and always are, a lot of Stones fans in the house! I wish the national TV would reflect that. I think a lot of ppl became Pistons fans when they won it all and Phoenix tanked in ’04. I would venture to say that 1/3 to 1/4 of the house were Pistons fans, which isn’t bad considering the home team is a perennial playoff contender.

    Remember the first time Detroit played Boston this year and they had a nation-wide poll on which team would win a seven-game series on a neutral court? Remember how nobody gave the Pistons a chance? 33% of Arizona voted that Detroit would win – which was astonishingly high compared to what most other states voted. Phoenix definitely has some Pistons fans that will rep to the death.

  56. jessi

    brezec getting playing time with the raptors and he is doing well, he is 4-4 right now with 3 boards, he is being descirbe as a colourful charator… he is still dressing the same way, this is just an example of what the pistons have, we have so many good players that they get lost in the bench… I am glad to see him getting some minutes, chuck thinks he will be fun to watch and well he will be..

  57. Anonymous

    I dont want to burst anyone’s bubble but I think it should be said that there is a pretty decent native-Michigan population in Arizona due to work opportunities and the weather. A lot of Chaldeans have moved to Arizona. I doubt many of you have even heard of that word though lol. That’s why you heard so many Piston fans in the crowd. I hope everyone got a kick out of my Bill Walton vs Steven A video.

  58. the fluidics

    While I admit that Bill Walton is an awful broadcaster, I’m going to defend him her for a second.

    This is directed at 6:34.
    1. Calling him, or anybody, a faggot is about one of the the most ignorant things you could do. Why don’t you start throwing out the N word, it’s fairly comparable.

    He should be shot? Why, for being a bad analyst? You need to use your brain more, and your mouth less.

    2. Just because he’s a bad broadcaster doesn’t mean he lacks basketball knowledge. The man is in the hall of fame as a player, won the NCAA title twice, won an NBA title, was the finals mvp, the league mvp, and has played in 468 more NBA games than any of us. He’s forgotten more about basketball than we”ll ever know.
    Respect your elders, the legends of the game, and know your shit before you pop off.

  59. Anonymous

    Someone needs to tell the fluidics to relax b/c I dont think 6:34 actually believes Walton is a faggot or that he deserves to be shot. Fluidics, I think your just a tad on the sensitive side. It doesn’t matter that Walton was a tremendous basketball player, that doesnt translate into being a good broadcaster. No one here has to respect Bill Walton especially for calling Tay lacadasical. Just because Tay doesnt wear his emotions on his sleeve doesn’t mean he doesn’t put a 100% effort every night.

  60. kyle c.

    In the NBA box score there is a category that is called BA. What does BA stand for?

  61. Amanda

    Even praising the Pistons can’t make me like Stephen A. Smith. That dude sounds like a preacher the way he shouts every other freakin word. I still hate Walton more though…

    Total domination today. There really is nothing more you can say about that game.

  62. Amanda

    ^ BA is blocked attempts I believe.

  63. Anonymous

    BA is block against.

  64. mannie32

    wow when ben wallace is 4-4 from teh field u know lebron james demands a lot of attention haha

  65. Richie

    Wow. I love how 85% of the pregame show was about how amazing Shaq is, then he plays a terrible game and they chastize him by halftime. game ends in a blow out, moving on, and the shaq worship continues.
    We’re tied with the Celtics in the win column!

  66. Anonymous

    I am watching the raptors game right now and I have to say they have Brezec here I think he will be a fan fav.. also delfino seems to be fitting in well here… the team mates seems to be really liking primoz I love it.. as well I want to say taht I am very happy that TJ ford is back playing, Its good that he was able to play again and do well..

  67. mannie32

    it’s a good night for many ex-pistons i guess… ben wallace had a double double with 12 points (5-6 shooting) and 10 rebounds… im glad to see him have a chance to get back on track… with lebron and Z out there, he’ll be able to produce and play to his strengths… can’t wait to face the cavs again!!

  68. i luv chauncey

    Bill Walton need to look at the wins and loss column one more time!! Stephen A. Smith knows! We just all need to listen to him!

  69. claire

    Stephen A. Smith sticks with what works, and Bill Walton sticks with what…oh what the hell, it’s useless to analyze Walton. But best line in the entire clip is near the end, when the 3rd guy was like “emm..yea, Rasheed Wallace is also responsible for their 2004 championship.”

    And the funniest thing the commentators said to day was “Linton Johnson is a scoring machine, they hope they could contain him” after L. Johnson scored 4 points on 2/3 FG, and the Pistons were leading by either 20 or 30 at that point. I repeat 4 POINTS! 4 WHOLE POINTS!!!

    Oh,what can I say…The NBA, where a funny big man who contributes every night is called a lunatic, and scoring 4 points makes you a scoring machines.

  70. Anonymous

    Anonymous 7:11,
    “there is a pretty decent native-Michigan population in Arizona due to work opportunities and the weather. A lot of Chaldeans have moved to Arizona.”

    Work opportunitties, Michigan pays higher wages than Arizona! Arizona has more home forclosures than Michigan. As for weather, if you like poisinous snakes, spiders, and insects that can kill you, or hot ass 120 degree everday desert weather, then Arizona is for you. Michigan is a lot nicer state than Arizona will ever be.

  71. Anonymous

    I hear a lot of Pistons fans In the Lakers,hawks, arena too, so they moved there too? 7:11 your a fuckstick.

  72. Anonymous

    Lots of Piston bandwagoners in the Phoenix arena today.

  73. justin

    do you ever think that other people besides people from mich. are pistons fans, I am from canada and I am a huge pistons fan… not everyone stays in mich if they are born their as well the players themselves are not form mich so did it ever occur to you that players have fans from states they are born in or went to school in… you dont have to live in mich to be a piston fan and just becuase you are a fan out side the state doesn’t mean you are on the banwagon.. did you ever think that some fans go to road games becasue it is closer for them, I fo to the ACC when ever the pistons are in TO, I also go to the palace so jsut give it up

  74. Anonymous

    I honestly think Walton does that stuff on purpose. Most of the league fans hate Detroit, so they probably eat it all up. Detroit fans watch just to hear what he has to say because it pisses them off. Either way, folks are paying attention.

    Reagrdless, the Pistons sent quite a message today.

  75. Anonymous

    Bill Walton is a douschbag. He is jealous of the state of Michigan and the Pistons, because the Pistons destroyed the big bad Lakers in the 2004 championship, the one he predicted the lakers would sweep. Ignorance is bliss for Bill Walton. Like Donald Trump says, ” You’re Fired”!

  76. Anonymous

    bill walton is obviously deranged.

  77. Anonymous


  78. Anonymous

    Wow for all Walton’s rants on how crazy Sheed is, and how thats the reason we don’t dominate, I fail to see how his trailblazers coud’ve won anything with the craziness of HIM as their main anchor. That guy is weird, and I will never be able to like him.

  79. Anonymous

    Piston’s fan living in MN here. Born and raised in Detroit, but lived here for the last 10 years. Loyally watch every game I can via League Pass. Missed today’s because it was on ABC/ESPN, and MN has a habit of kicking national games because of MN Wild hockey (err) – Wolves don’t usually get national games anyways.

    Listened to the game via internet radio though – at lease I got to hear Blaha that way. Not crying that I didn’t get to hear Walton either.

  80. mannie32

    yay to other Canadian Piston fans!!
    Torontoo stand up!

  81. Anonymous

    Bandwagoners move to other states for jobs or weather, “THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAMPIONS”. True fans stick it out through the good and bad times. I also think it’s bandwagonish for people to move out of Michigan because of the economy, when it’s slow, then move back, when it gets good again. It’s the same thing as bandwagon piston fans. Michigan has been proven to hold it’s own in the Civil War, The Great Depression, the 1979 gas crisis, and now. Don’t forget who provided/started America with the main transportation(the automobile)Henry Ford, yes Detroit. Michigan had the #1 economy in the 1990’s and it will have the # 1 economy in the near future.”THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAMPIONS”. MICHIGAN 4LIFE!

  82. Anonymous

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. When you have no job, no prospects, no money coming in due to an awful economy, and your kids are starving, moving out of state for a job doesn’t make you fair weather or a band wagoner, it makes you a responsible adult living in the real world.

  83. Anonymous

    What anon 11:21… you think a person should stay in Michigan (or any other state) and live on the street because they can’t make that mortgage payment or rent? Watch their kids go hungry or wear clothes that they’ve out grown because they have no income to support their family? You must have a good job (or your parents do) so until you know what it’s like to go without you should probably just keep those kind of comments to yourself. People do what they need to do to survive… PERIOD! I for one am thankful for every person (world-wide) who supports the Pistons. Don’t matter if you live in Arizona, Ohio, Canada, Mexico… none of that matters. What matters is that you can support your family and you support the Pistons.



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