Pistons Bucks Again

by | Feb 22, 2008 | 32 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Bucks
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You have got to think as Pistons fans that Detroit is going to try to prove a point tonight at The Palace against The Bucks. After Wednesday night’s performance, and the Pistons lack of enthusiasm after the All Star game, I think we are in for a good one.

We are still waiting on the fate of Flip Murray and wonder if Joe Dumars has an old friend in mind to take up the roster spot if he buys out Flip’s contract. Murray waived….Davis on his way.

As for the big trade that sent that other Wallace to Cleveland, inside sources tell me that Dan Gilbert got a great deal on these in a fire sale at The Palace Locker Room Store. Who’s next Dan, Hooper?

Tip off is at 8:00 and is locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m going to the game!!

  2. Kyle

    yeah, this better be a replay of game two against the mavs. at least the mavs spanking us is somewhat respectable, but the bucks? everyone in the league is going to turn it up, if we can’t top our first half effort we’ll be in bad shape. it’s time for the pistons to start turning the screws.

  3. Anonymous

    Flip Murray = Waived.

  4. Junior

    FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for that scrub to take off that jersey for so long now!! He never deserved to wear it in the first place.

  5. Anonymous

    We should pick up Jamaal Magloire the Nets are about to waive him.

  6. Anonymous

    so who’s getting benched so Dixon can play? Hayes or Herrmann?

  7. Mike

    Thank God he is gone (Flip) Now we just have 1 more Flip to get rid of.

  8. justin

    I agree Jamaal Magloier woul dbe a nice pick up, he is a alright big, for some reason teh nets would not pley him but when he did play they won, I would be happy with that pick up… I am sad to see flip go

  9. justin

    is flip wavied? He is on the roster tonight?

  10. jess

    They’re BACK!

  11. Richard


  12. Mike

    If the Piston get Jamal Magloire consider the season over, he may be one of the worst players in the NBA today, he brings little to nothing to the table. Dale Davis will actually bring some Defense for when Maxiel is too short or Amir is too skinny to cover bigs like Z, or even Perkins, Sheed cant cover them all the entire game.

  13. jessi

    Now this is the pistons we love to see out there… it just look the pistons a little bit to get back into the grove of playing after the break, even boston had the same trouble with losing 2 as well… now the oistons just have to keep it going the second half and for some reason I don’t think that will be a problem…

  14. Anonymous

    WOO-HOO!! BYE BYE FLIP MURRAY AT LAST =] I am so happy ’bout that I am going to have another beer. Sorry for all you Flip Murray fans, but the guy never really “got” what Detroit basketball is all about and I am glad he’s gone. Bring on Double D!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  15. claire

    I’m indifferent about Murray. He had his moments in Detroit, good and bad ones. But give it to him for being the ultimate professional.

    But anyways, I find it interesting that Ben’s jerseys are sold at the price of 3 dollars. His jersey reads number 3.

    And boy, does that Amir Johnson jump high or what?

  16. mannie32

    amir johnson is officially a stud… look at the stat line (which doesnt even tell the whole story, especially since he got a lot of this during meaningful PT)

    13 points (6 of 7 shooting)
    6 rebounds
    3 assists (no turnovers!)
    2 steals (again, no turnovers!)
    2 block shots (no blocked attempts)
    all in 22 efficient minutes

  17. Richard

    i agree jess…i would give them the benefit of the doubt…but hopefully they don’t do that in the beginning of the playoffs, 2 loss for the first 2 games. that would be insane. but of course that wouldn’t be the case. tonight, i saw same team i saw before the all star break. im pretty excited to see dale davis back in our yard. if defended shaq in the past, im sure he can guard any center in this league.

  18. Anonymous

    Walter hermann is doing a hell of a job !!!!
    i think he should get more minutes maybe some from jarvis’s minutes?

  19. Anonymous

    walter is the man …play him more

  20. Richard

    yes i agree, but only to get minutes from jarvis…not anyone else.

  21. Anonymous

    I predict that by the time the playoffs start we wont be seeing Jarvis. I think Hermann brings a much more complete package. He can shoot, drive, play solid D, and he hustles like every minute is his last. Jarvis is an absolute defensive liability who I think has never heard of the term assist.

  22. Anonymous

    Amir is a beast… but we already knew that am I right? Saunders needs to keep giving him minutes so he can continue to grow. He needs to keep getting that experience so he can be at the level he needs to be at when go for the bling. He obviously gets better and better and is learning from his mistakes with every game so let’s keep with it Flipster.

    Glad we got to see some of Dixon right of the bat… I was wondering if he’d get to put his feet on the hardwood tonight or not.

    Adios Mr. Murray… I won’t miss ya man, but I wish you good luck with the rest of your career. Thanks for what you did do for us when you weren’t looking out for yourself. I am not going to say you didn’t help at times but at some point you need to learn to share the ball because your name is not Kobe or Lebron. You ain’t a one man show and you never will be so take my advice and learn to be a team player before it’s too late for you. (you already blew your best shot at a ring… sorry)

    Great win tonight!! Can’t wait for the 2nd season becase the Stones are going all the way.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  23. the fluidics

    Woo HA!!!
    Game was a blast tonight, everybody was having a good time.

    A few things I noticed:
    1. Dixon got a huge welcome, best fans in the league.
    2. The other night, the Bucks starters were in well into the blowout, which is kind of an unwritten rule that you don’t do it. Flip paid em back tonight, Pistons buried them for it.
    3. Stephanie at the Palace is really good at her job. She doesn’t read off of cards or anything.
    4. Amir is a beast. You can say whatever you want about the trades the last few days, but the Stones are much better this season than last. We made our moves already. Stuckey, and A-squared are both nice. Max is much bigger than last season, Amir is a big piece that wasn’t there, Hunter is still in the reeds. Watch out.
    5. Fans LOVE Herrman, it’s a trip.

    Great fun, can’t wait for the Suns.

  24. the fluidics

    BTW, Sheeds 4 point free throw attempt was a dagger.

  25. the flu

    my mistake, erin at the palace, great job, no cards, never stumbles over her words….

  26. Anonymous

    Flip Murray can be a very solid contributor, but he needs minutes, and is more of a volume scorer. He doesn’t run in this system since we execute more within a half set, which caters less for a player like him who’s a good slasher/fast break player. He certainly didn’t have the ability to play the one. Brezec was fun to watch since he looked like a 7 foot tall middle schooler, but brought little to compliment the bigs we have now. Getting Dixon was a good move in case, god forbid, something happen to one of our two true point guards. I agree with whoever said it above, Dale Davis is a great option. He’s a fiesty defender and isn’t afraid to get physical down on the block. Surely Kg would not appreciate us reattaining him. Give it up to Joe, he runs a tight ship and knows what this team needs, and builds it in a way that doesn’t screw us financially. What more can you ask for?


  27. TDP

    A-Squared? No, Afflalo’s nickname ought to be “Spellcheck.”

  28. TDP

    You know, the more I think of it, the more I wish Joe D. had just traded Flip Murray for J.R. Smith…

  29. Richie

    “Don’t look now, but” the pistons are within one game of Boston in the win column, and 3 games back in the loss column after the suns handed them a gritty loss tonight. I think that the heavy starter minutes are catching up with Boston at the worst possible time. I was content with taking the 2nd spot in the east this season, but #1 may not be out of the question if the Pistons keep playing so well and the Celtics 3 game loss streak continues. They play the Cavs next, so maybe Big Ben can bury the Big 3 for us and bring us a little closer. The season is getting excited.
    Later, Flip!

  30. twalch

    Yessirrrrr….That’s more like it. Amir looked a step faster than everyone and he didn’t even look like he was really pushing it. Nice pull up jumper by Stuckey on a break; you don’t always have to take it to the basket. Everyone looked good tonight, although Max is still tentative with his jumper and he shouldn’t be, at all.

  31. Anonymous

    we should try to get brent barry

  32. the fluidics

    A-squared, Spellcheck, Double-A, AA battery, Energizer Bunny, The Battery, Coppertop, Die Hard, Afflalo Creed, Showtime at the Afflalo etc…

    The man has infinite nickname potential.


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