Primoz gone and Ben Wallace to the Cavaliers

by | Feb 21, 2008 | 66 comments

Primoz to the Raptors for Juan Dixon.

Ben Wallace to the Cavs in a 10 player deal.


  1. Anonymous

    What was the point of the Brezec-Dixon deal?? Are they planning on waiving Dixon so Murray gets playing time? I don’t get it.

  2. Davi Alexander

    Wow, Ben…
    You will not be welcome in detroit!

  3. DetroitGirl4life

    dang……Ben Wallace, Joe Smith, Lebron…. I”M SCARED!!!!!!!! i the Cavs seem scarier now…..CRAP man, i feel like crying because now Cleveland is good and i’m scared that the Pistons are getting eliminated ….OMG OmG omg please can the Pistons win it all this year…please LORD!!!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Now we should be hating the Cavaliers even more now

  5. Natalie

    Seriously clueless why we traded for Dixon, who is a guard.

    As for Ben…he’s a shell of his former self. I think the Cavs made a HUGE mistake.

  6. Anonymous

    Can someone explain to be the Premo for Dixon trade? Looks like some team will get Flip Murray for free since rumor has it he will be bought out. So is 6’3″ Dixon gonna take over the role of Flip and wear a suit and tie? Or does this mean reduced time for Stuckey and Affalo?

  7. Natalie

    It’s got to be simply a numbers thing. Don’t look for either of the rooks minutes to get cut.

  8. DetroitGirl4life

    ^^ but they get rid of all those contracts and they get an outside shooter and Joe Smith seems to be playing really well. OMG PLEASE CAN THE PISTONS NOT GET ELIMINATED THIS YEAR!!!!!!!! man i just don’t understand y we got another guard, adn not a big man or something. But i still believe in Joe, because he has also choose some peeps that we were questioning and they came out very well (ex: Afflalo) so i hope this Dixon dude helps us out because i really don’t want my heart broken again *eyes water*

    right now i’m going 2 look up some videos of this juan dixon man and c if i can but a bright side to this trade 😀 I STILL BELIEVE IN THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Can’t believe Ben is in Cleveland. Oh fate what a tangled web we’ve weaved.

    Not sure what to make of Juan Dixon deal. Don’t know much about him, but why give up a big man (with an expiring contract) for another guard? Not sure if he’s staying or going.

    I read Flip Murray might be bought out to get a big man to replace Primoz. I heard Dale Davis, which I think is one of the best moves if that does in fact go through. Love Dale Davis. He’s a defensive presence and not afraid to bang AND he knows the system. I’m crossing my fingers for this to be the case. Then we gotta go get Super Dupe back somehow.

  10. Ruben

    If the Pistons need scoring help, play Flip. Damn what’s wrong with Flip. We gonna need lindsey in the playoffs. Juan Dixon? Juan Dixon? I dug Primo as a character. Now more than ever, Sheed has to be best player on the Pistons. Now and into the Playoffs. No team has an answer for him.

  11. Kyle

    it’s to save money. the laundry bills from washing all of Brezec’s accessories was killing Palace Entertainment’s bottom line.

  12. Anonymous

    the raptors grab up every white player they can get huh… their plan is to surround chris bosh with enough pale to make it further in the playoffs

  13. Anonymous

    We actually might get some cash with the deal along with dumping the salary of primoz. About the cavs thing, i’m not to worried. I can see them facing Boston in the Second round. We might not even have to play them.Dixon is a good 3 point shooter though.

  14. Ruben

    Pistons gotta be more aggressive the rest of the way. I think the Cavs move knock them back. Not to worried about the Magic. I would rather not have to beat both the celtics and the cavs. Every way I look at it, Sheed has to be a consistent offensive threat. And Tay can’t be a distant 4th best player. He gotta be aggressive.

  15. Anonymous

    OMG Ben, Lebron, and Joe Smith on the same team?? LEbron beat us up in the playoffs by himself…imagine all three!!!

  16. mobius909

    cleveland’s biggest mistake was getting rid of drew gooden. he was one of their most consistang guys.

  17. Kyle

    i agree that ben is a shell of his former self and won’t do much to get them a championship. however, when he plays us, he plays like his old self. so he’ll help them get past us. i wonder if this juan dixon thing was a token gesture. “See, we did something.” kind of thing. doesn’t seem like joe though. what the hell is going on here?

    “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin'”
    -Billy Preston

  18. Anonymous

    I hate to hear that about Ben, but do agreee is he is not what he used to be. Detroit made him, and I think he left his soul in the city when he exited. Still to Cleveland though, yuck.

    I thought he was touted as Chicago’s savior when stole him away. Now they trade him…

  19. James

    We didn’t get another big man because I’m pretty sure that Flip feels confident that he can rotate Wallace, McDyess, and Maxiell and have Amir come in as the 4th big.

    Do we really need 5 bigs in the playoffs? Maybe…but a good point was made by one of ESPN’s analysts that there’s usually a few big men that are bought out between now and the playoffs and if we need another we can always pick one up. One that is likely to be more of a contributor than Primoz (I wonder how Walter is taking the news…)

  20. Anonymous

    The trade was just to acquire another back up guard who has a very nice 3-point touch. We are still deep with our bigs and it’s an expiring contract anway. Im just disappointed to see Primoz go because he was our biggest fan and he worked so hard with so few minutes. He cheered every play the way someone one the bench should cheer for their teamates. The Raps just got one of the classiest players in the league.

  21. Anonymous

    hhooooooollyyyy cow this is not good now…..i mean the cavs are jus building up around lebron..and i think that they have done a good job………..but for us what was the point of getting primo. I mean we traded him right away and he didnt even do anything for us. AND JUST REMEMBER BEN EVERYONE IN DETROIT HATES YOU.

  22. Anonymous

    no way.
    i love big ben.
    and i think its terrible he went to the cavs of all teams.
    i honestly think he hasnt been doing well because he hated chicago…he was a totally different person in detroit. I guess money cant buy happiness.

  23. Anonymous


  24. Anonymous

    NOOOoooooo, is it too late to trade Dixon for Big Ben???

    Ben had no chemistry with any of those young guys in Chicago, you don’t even see him participate in any of the Community Events or kid around with them. Man, I really miss Wallaceville, those 2 with Tayshaun created great defense with Dyess off the bench.

    Bron-Bron still has no legitimate point guard and if he keeps speeding……

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous


  27. Anonymous

    This really makes me sad, and I really want to cry. You all just don’t know how bad I want to see these guys win it all and get that second ring. They deserve it so much. I just don’t know what to think now, but I do know that I will be a PISTONS FAN 4 LIFE!!! no matter what. I’m sad, but it’s not over until it’s over so LET’S GET IT DETROIT!!!

  28. jessi

    wow ben playing for the cavs, I can’t believe what I just read, the cavs need a point guard not a big man, I can’t see it working out too well, now ben does play his best when he is playing the pistons but I just don’t know. Teams are making the trades for bigs because of all the trades in the west. I do see this helping the cavs a little if ben can get some heart back, if they welcome him and except this which the bulls did not I see this actually helping them…

    as for the trade not sure why joe did that one.. I do how ever feel sorry for flip, I think he could maybe help in the playoffs and before he was benched he was playing alright basketball… I was not expecting a move from Joe with one of the guys whos contracts are up anyway, maybe he was wanting to trade flip for dixon but the toronto didn’t want flip, who knows..

  29. mannie32

    i think this is good for the cavs, except for ben’s contract… but for now, it probably makes them better

    my money is on ben wallace improving his numbers now that he’s surrounded by more talent, and has another big like Z to clean up the boards with him and protect the paint

    also, cavs become harder to defend with wally in there… we saw what can happen to the pistons, and any other team, when u drive and kick out to the 3 point line when a team has good shooters… either u give up the 3’s or u play lebron one on one… tough decision

    anywho, im actually happy… im hoping ben wallace resurrects his career a little… and im also happy cuz it makes the east a little stronger… i think having teams like orlando, boston and now a better cavs team actually helps the pistons… come playoff time, they’ll know they have to bring it… they’ll know there are no nights off… and they wont become complacent that way

    plus as an nba fan, it just makes for more entertaining basketball… lakers suns last night was one of the best regular season games ive seen in ages (well, since the boston detroit games)… now in the east we can see some great matchups like that

  30. the fluidics

    I don’t know, Cavs traded away alot of points for what? A guy who doesn’t score points? I don’t think this makes them worse, but I don’t think it makes them better either. Seems to me that for Cleveland, it was just a trade for the sake of making a trade. For Chicago, they wash their hands of Ben. The two sides their didn’t get along from day one. The question is, how is Mike Brown going to handle Ben? We all know #3 has serious issues with his coaches. He had problems with Rick Carlisle, he had problems with Larry Brown, he had problems with Flip Saunders, he had problems with Scott Skiles…
    It’s not a coincidence, it’s a pattern. In the end, to me, this move makes no sense at all to the Cavs.

  31. claire

    I think for the Cavs, they can use Lebron to attract A LOT of attention from the opponents, so shooters like Boobie and Joe Smith can do their thing. And they’ll have Ben Wallace…whatever that’s left of him. Z and Wallace…we’ll just have to wait and see how that works out. Plus, Cavs also have draft picks. So I think this is a good deal for the Cavs. However, I think it’ll be interesting to see how Ben fits in with Lebron. Ben has always taken the role of a locker room leader (or at least thats what the Bulls tried to do when they signed him), so I can’t wait to see how he will interact with Lebron, a young and hot superstar who pretty much has led the Cavs from nothing to something.

    As for the Bulls…they just wanted to get rid of Ben. I bet lots of their fans are celebrating right now. I don’t think this trade makes them better at all.

    And last but not least, for the Pistons, I think they’ll think about the East a lot more different now. Before, they were the super-top dog in the Eastern Conference, going to the ECF was almost like a given right to them. However, now there’s Boston, Cavs, and the Magic (who’s on a personal mission to beat us), so I think the Pistons will be more alert this time because the road’s not as easy as before. The Pistons is a team that loves challenges, so this is the year for them: plenty of challenges.

    So as of now, I’m not scared or anything. Just because a team looks good on paper and has good record doesn’t mean anything. Look at last year, with Golden State and the Mavs, we all know how that one turned out to be. Bottom line is: we don’t know what’s gonna happen or who’s gonna win. We might not meet the Cavs this time, or the Cavs might knock out the Celts before we get to do it, or even the Magic might somehow eliminate the Cavs…you never know. Let’s just brace ourselves, play our best team ball, and basically just do what we do, and we’ll be fine.

    On a side note, I’d be scared if the Cavs got Kidd, or if the Celts got Kidd. Oh and I think this Pistons deal is purely about the money, because Dixon will be a free agent this July. I think Dumars may have his eyes on a certain free agent this summer.

  32. Mike

    Bring back Dale Davis

  33. Anonymous

    So is the plan to waive Murray, then sign on another big to replace Primo? What was the point? Other than possibly get a championship ring for Dale Davis? Dixon will end up being inactive…

  34. dreckka

    Im not concerned about this deal, the Cavs got them Ok fine Nothing we can do about that…..

    Im concerned about Defensive Rebounding and Backside Defence…..With Big Z, Big Ben and lebron Crashing the Offensive Boards Tay, Sheed, Dice and Co need to stay inside and do the work Big Ben did when he played for the pistons…

    The margin of error is gone now with the Cavs….they must rebound the basketball Period!!!!

    The pistons have been out worked on the boards by lesser teams to many times the past couple of seasons and that must stop NOW!!!!

    Backside Defence is a big concern.

    The Three point shot must be defended in the corners…. the backside defender must stop falling asleep during plays…

    And for God Sake stop overeacting to the ballhandler on the strong side leaving the shooter open in the corner unnecessarily…

    My God every time I see that I blame the Coaches because That’s simply Bad Defensive Positioning and Poor Technique….Boobie and Wally will kill them in the corners if they contiune to do that..

  35. jessi

    about money dixons contracts worth more than primoz and both contracts are over this year so the move has to be for something more…

  36. give bron's mom some crack

    Ben Wallace does not make the Cavs better, he allows teams to easily double up on Princess Bron. Defenses will play them 5 on 4 and leave Ben hovering around picking his ‘fro. I love that I have one more reason to hate the Cavs! I love that Delonte West is going to be their idea of a point guard for lebron LMAO

  37. mannie32

    to “give bron’s mom some crack”

    u do realize they also got joe smith in this trade right? tehy’ll put wallace out there to get boards and play defense, but if ppl start doubling james a) he can kick out to shooters, and b) if that fails, just take ben wallace out and put in joe smith who can defend and put the basket in the hole

    again, good trade for cavs… which as claire said also benefits us as we’ll take the top dogs of the east more seriously now

  38. dreckka

    I Like the Dixon trade for this reason….(and it a very good move by Joe D)…

    Dixon is a Pretty Good Running the Point and He Can Score(he’s started on other teams before at PG that’s good and plays pretty good Defence that’s a plus)…

    And Since we need another bigman i.e. “Dale Davis” Flip Who struggles with running the point but can score the heck out of the basketball is the odd man out…

    Dixon will be able to fill both roles PG or SG and it gives them another credible threat Scoring Wise at Both positions comming off the bench Other than Stuckey and Affalo(Affalo and Stuckey struggles to score at times on the floor). A Vet that can get the Job Done with a expiring contract and get Dale Davis(I hope or some other Big Man out there)…

    Good Move…

  39. Anonymous

    I read that Dixon was not happy with the raptors due to his lack of playing time, I don’t think he will be happy much happier with the pistons, I think is trade was just a swap between players, we weren’t going to us Brezec and the raptors didn;t want a player on their team who didn’t want to be there… really not sure how tis move will help us, the only thing i can see is buying out flip and picking up a free agent for the rest of the season, I do feel flip can help in the playoffs more than the rookies can

  40. jess

    I dont want to comment on these trades until we see how they play with their new teams…

  41. Anonymous

    In the end, Pistons probably won’t play the Cavs in the playoffs anyhow, since Cleveland is going down to the Celtics in round 2.

  42. Inglewood's Finest

    This is what the Pistons need to do. They need to buy out Flip Murray’s contract and try to sign P.J Brown.(He can still play) If they can’t sign him then I guess Dale Davis would be cool. P.J Brown would be an awesome pickup. The Cav’s front court is out right scary (Z, Ben, Smith, and Varejao) wow. The Pistons already have trouble rebounding and scoring in the paint, I smell big trouble. I just hope that the Celtics meet this team first in the playoffs or else the Pistons are going home early.I’m not ready to count the pistons out entirely, everything is still up in the air.

  43. Anonymous

    Honestly..I don’t have a problem with this. Brezec was a great cheerleader, but he didn’t help us much on the floor. In terms of basketball value, we don;t lose anything more than size. Rumors indicate we’re buying out Murray and getting Double D back. That’s a good deal if you ask me. Davis is a better defender and better rebounder/shotblocker than ol’ Promiz and Dixon plays better D than Murray.

    As for the Cavs deal – Ben was an icon for us, but he’s a shell of his former self, as others have said. Sczerbiak’s a chucker who doesn’t play D. The only guy I’d be concerned about is Joe Smith. They no longer have Hughes to guard on Chauncey, which was imo a big factor in his struggles last year. West is more Chauncey’s height but weaker. I’d say that’s one obstacle out for CB. Their frontline improved, but I’m not scared of them.

  44. Anonymous

    Affallo plays defense, but other than that he can’t really offer anything. Dixon is not going to trade suits with Murray on the bench, he’s going to eat into Affallo’s minutes. Besides Affalo’s a rookie and any minute now he’s gonna hit that “rookie wall”. Affallo, like Hunter, should only be used in certain situations.

    ……The only thing that matters is that Cleveland still has Lebron. Lebron beat the Pistons single handidly last year. This year they could possibly beat the Pistons in four games not six.

  45. Anonymous

    except the pistons are better this year than they were last year.^

  46. Natalie

    Wow, I think we need to get into this more. Yes it does bring something to the Cavs but honestly I’m fine with it.

    As for the Pistons I think sometimes the biggest move is not really doing anything. That means Joe thinks we can win it all with what we have. I like our chances people.

    Here’s to Big Ben and the beef he’s going to have with his next coach.

  47. claire

    In the middle of all this players movement and chaotic atmosphere, can I just get a “DEEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!”?

  48. Natalie


  49. mannie32


    man im excited for this season. and out of all the contendors… only team not to shake things up? us… well and the celtics… and that’ll probably pay dividends for us, as we dont have to integrate new ppl into our schemes, and we can continue to work on the chemistry of our bench

  50. Dominic

    This trade was actually benificiall to the Cavs they get a PG in Delonte West which they have seriously lacked while having Larry Hughes-A natural SG-Play the point and Daniel Gibson-A 3pt shooter-playing the point also Joe Smith is a great scorer and will be dangerous on the offensive end. The biggest thing they lose is Drew Gooden but they get more back.

    Ben Wallace…whew where to start. I lost all respect for Ben when I heard he’s on the Cavs now but that’s besides the point. I think he struggled in the CHI because Chicago sucks. He was surrouned by Talent in Detroit so he didn’t need to score but in Chicago his weaknesses were shown. Now that he’s surrounded by Lebron he can go back to his old D playin Rebounding self.

    The Primoz Dixon trade is way more benificial to the Pistons then to the Raps. I am sure Dixon will eat up Afflalo’s playing time which is dissapointing but the fact is he doesn’t have the offense needed to fuel this bench team with Jarvis and Stuckey being so streaky. (I’m sure Stuckey will come around but “Streaky” seems to be Jarvis’s moniker) Dixon can score he’s a good shooter and will be wat Jarvis is supposed to be yet more consistently. Afflalo will probably be brought on as a more Defensive specialist which will help the pistons because he can focus on what he is good at. Defense. GOod trade for Joe D and it will be interestin to see wat big man we get if we buy FLip’s contract out?

    And has anyone seen Greg Oden’s new mohawk? WTF???

  51. kyle c.

    Im not worried about all theses trades. For the cavs it gives me one more reason to hate them and its not like the cavs never had decent players. The bulls will be terrible and the Pistons will be just as good or better because we have more depth and can sign a big man later

  52. Anonymous

    not worried about the cavs…this is a chemistry-experiment for them…there’s not many games left and they got 4 rotation/starter players. I like the Dixon signing, cuz you don’t know how stuckey and afflalo will react once the pressures is up in the playoffs. I hope the pistons sign dale davis as bigman nr.5 for defense and rebounding. I’m sure joe d has something up his sleeve.
    go pistons!

  53. Anonymous

    GO PISTONS!!!!!

  54. DetroitGirl4life

    DEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!1 i hear ya

    okay now this trade is making more sense, because now we added an experienced PG/SG and we will likely buy out Flip’s contract (thank Flip for the memories). But we will likely do that and then sign a big man, my problem is that will DD give us that energy boost!? and since this guy is older, would he be able to be in shape and give us the defensive boost.

    This is another thing i was thinking. When i heard about the trade the Cavs did i first got really scared, and thought the Pistons were in trouble and in a possible playoff knockout. But i am listening to the radio and i have gathered all of my thought. THE PISTONS NEEDED THIS TO HAPPEN!! u know why because we have been sooo complacent in the recent years in the playoffs and now i think we can hit that ultimate level and i believe we are going to c the best of Sheed:D another thing i believe and pray the Pistons are going all the way is because OUR BenCH HAS beeN PLAYING REALLY WELL (well except the last 2 games). Also i just thought despite that the CAvs have Ben we got the length and athleticism in AMir who have been MONSTER in blocks, and we got Jason Maxiell who got hops, and we are also going to add another big. So think every Pistons fan should stop thinking about the bad of the Pistons and stop worrying about other teams, because just need to focus on the Pistons and focus on the beauty no how this team is built.
    -We still got our core!
    -We still got Sheed, who is haveing a great season! we still got C-BIllups who basically can punish every single point guard in the league (except Devin Harri :()!
    -We still got the Palace Princ, who sometimes is not in the grove but is DEADLY when he is!
    -We still got the best mid-range shooter in the league! Mr.Rip Hamilton
    -We still got 10+ rebound a night McDyess!
    -We still got the rising Stuckey and his side kick AA Battery:D!
    -We still got Hayes!
    -And we still got Fabio plus our up and coming center samb

    so fans WE GOTTA STAY FEARLESS!!!!!! WE GOTTA BELIEVE!!!!!!!!1 WE STILL GOT THIS UNBELIEVABLE TEAM and we COULDN’T TRADE ANYONE because everyone is important and they have something special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i D@mn sure believe in this team and everyone is saying “WHY DIDN’T JOE DO SOMETHING!!!”. Well in order for us to get something we have to GIVE something….what could we have given up….???????????????? Another thing Joe D ISN’T DONE!!! i beleive Joe D is still not done. Even though the trade deadline is past…..*smiles* we can also sign someone in free-agency:D WE STILL HAVE HOPE AND WE ALWAYS HAD HOPE!!!!!!!!!

    Another thing we have to notice is that Chauncey said that he has never felt this good since 2004!! Ladies and Gents we are now the UNDERDOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I’M LOVING IT. I HAVE THIS WEARY FEELING MY STOMACH SINCE THE CAVS GOT BETTER!!! BUT I’M LOVING US BEING UNDER THE RADAR!!!!

    Why is everyone dogging the Pistons !!! HOW WELL HAVE WE’VE BEEN DOING UNDER THE RADAR???????? We are doing great and everyone has to stay CALM and FEARLESS!!!!! Don’t give up on this team and Joe D. The starters are resting and the youngs are blossoming, and I’M LOVING THIS ‘LOOKS LIKE 2004 PISTONS TEAM’ PISTONS TEAM! DON’T look @ the other teams because we are acting scared. We can’t do that and we have to beleive and go by what we are seein on the court. We have urgency we are doing well despite the last 2 games. I believe and everyone should too 😀


    I’M LOOKING @ OUR DETROIT PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Anonymous

    To 9:51 P.M. Bron did not beat us by himself dear boy or girl whitchever.

    There is a thing called team that helped him.

    And by the way that pivotal game 5 could have as easily made CB the hero as Lebron. What are you a relative of sterns or something?

    All stuperstars all the time?

  56. Anonymous


  57. Anonymous

    lmao!!! as sheed would say — get your own material (dumbass!!)

  58. Anonymous

    It is raelly unfortunate that Big Ben, my former hero and namesake of my favorite chicken at home, ended up in Cleveland. He left his heart in Detroit, and I don’t think being in Cleveland is going to go any better that Chicago did. Not only that, but in Detroit, he had a leadership role. Do you honestly think he can lead a team that has such a diva as Lebron on it? He is a role player now more than ever, and his words will mean less, despite his experience and championship ring. Kinda sad, really. Miss him…

  59. Anonymous

    payback for the Bucks tonight Natalie

  60. rbaan

    One of the reasons chauncey struggled in the playoffs against the cavs was larry huges defense on him, he can eat up daniel gibson, wally, damon jones, and delonte west, I LOVE IT

    PISTONS 08

  61. Richard

    nat or anyone…ok, assuming we buy out flip’s contract meaning we would have an open spot for a player, example davis. would this mean that we can acquire a player that’s its an “unrestricted free agent”? OR we can’t do that? what does a player need to be in order to be acquired by pistons? unrestricted FA or a player that the contract has ended and not playing anymore? im not sure…HELP. I have this list from and imagining who can joe d get.

  62. Anonymous


    1. We really needed more “scoring off the bench” and to put less pressure on Stuckey to score, to quote McCosky’s blog.
    2. We really didn’t feel that AA was going to get it done offensively.
    3. We knew that Primo was not a viable option and was going to be out of the rotation.

    Then why didn’t we give Primo the DND-CD (or the Darko, as I sometimes call it) and make him wear the suit every game (he still could’ve worn the headband and sleeves over the jacket haha), and dress Flip. I mean, I’m definately not one for second guessing Joe D, but why waive one offensively minded combo guard who already knows the system, the guys, and has been professional about the whole ordeal and trade for another offensively minded combo guard who will be force-fed the system in a short matter of time?? If we really needed more scoring off the bench, like McClosky said, then why weren’t playing Flip more?

    If Joe D really feels this was the right move, then I’m all for it. But I just don’t see why Dixon will get minutes when Flip, a pretty similiar player who has had success in our system before, was unable to. For the record, I really saw no need for Flip (and now Dixon) to play. I have great confidence in AA and think he can get the job done. And, while it’s been somewhat streaky, our bench has been giving us a great boost offensively all year. I guess I just don’t see how Dixon brings anything to the party that Flip already had….

    I also was slightly horrified by the notion that we were one injury (knock on wood) to one of our bigs away from having only 1 big man off the bench, until I heard the Dale Davis rumors. Anything that brings the big man back to the team is music to my ears haha. I saw we re-sign Elden Campbell while we’re at it!

  63. lo

    ya gotta think about this objectively, it takes a LOT of luck to win a championship… landing the players they landed is a bigger splash than when we traded a can of beans for sheed.

    i said in my blog after ben bolted to the bulls that the pistons would be a really GOOD team for the next few years as long as they kept chauncey rip and tay together, maybe even sheed. but theyd never be GREAT again in the current configuration.

    cavs were team to beat this season based on respect (period) before the season. objectively… pistons arent better than celtics. and now the cleveland flat out has a dominant lineup.

    they basically gave up a dimebag and a tuna sandwich for 3 quality players… all are past their prime but who cares? they all can STILL play on a starter level in crunch time and they’re playing alongside LeBron mfing James for Christ’s sake!!!

    we still have to watch the games afterall and seeee who comes out of the east… but realistically… who in the east is gonna beat one of those 8 teams in the west 4 times… and dont kid yourself.

  64. Anonymous

    richard to answeer your questions, the player must be a free agent or have not be playing, or have been waived, for example the pistons were able to sign webber last yr because the 76ers had wavid him… flip could now find a team if one would pick him up which I don;t see happening or I am sure joe would have traded him..

  65. kc

    Yo lo — the Pistons can beat ANY team in the NBA 4 out of 7 right now (and also in June) so don’t you kid yourself. Can’t tell me it can’t happen because I damn well know it can. It’s flat out all about heart – desire – intensity – talent – and most of all TEAM WORK which is what Detroit Basketball is all about. Why the fuck do you think Kobe and Lebron have been crying their eyes out because they don’t have any help?? Yeah, so now they both got what they wanted… so now they have team mates that can help them BUT will their ego(s) allow that to work to their advanatage?? I think not –that is just my humble opinion, but I guess we will see how it washes out. My money is (and always will be) on the Pistons. Win or lose — they are my team!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  66. Anonymous

    Ben is a sellout


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