Pistons on the road in Milwaukee

by | Feb 20, 2008 | 48 comments

Pistons vs The Bucks
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The Pistons will try and get back to playing winning, or at least competitive basketball tonight on the road against the 19-34 Milwaukee Bucks, who have dropped their last four games heading into the break All Star break. There seems to be a little trouble in brewing in Milwaukee.

“…coach Larry Krystkowiak has expressed concern that his players are complaining about playing time, and has been dealing with rumors that two of his starters got into a heated exchange during a team meeting last week.” Via USA Today

Tonight’s contest is the first game of a home-and-home series against The Bucks. The Pistons are 2-0 this season so far facing Milwaukee, taking 10 of 12 and 16 of the previous 24 matchups.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM and is being broadcast locally on FSN Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or stream it live through your computer at NBA.com.

Here’s to getting back to business.


  1. Anonymous

    Stuckey had a decent game but CB sucked ass.

  2. Anonymous

    the game is behind us now however I don’t think the pistons will forget it to soon, the only think that sucks big about it is that boston lost too, I don;t think there is too much to worry about I do see the pistons going down hill or joe rushing out to trade a starter, I think we have a good team who will be there this year during the playoffs.. here’s to a good game tonight.

    PS what are your thoughts on the trafe the hawks just made? Do you think it will make things harder n the pistons if we play them in the 1st round? I mean teh hawks already make us work hard and now with mike on the team?

  3. Anonymous

    Anon 5:11,

    Don’t be crude dude!

  4. Richard

    its 8min before the half time…it seems like the pistons are playing where they left off last night. very tentative combined with the lack of energy.

  5. Blaine

    The Pistons are looking like they did last night…and they isn’t a good thing at all.

  6. Richard

    no question about it blaine. u can see it. the pistons switch is officially now turned off. someone needs to turn that switch on.

  7. Blaine

    It’s even more alarming right now. Do you really think they have that switch anymore. I haven’t seen it in quite some time.

  8. Natalie

    I’m with you guys, this one is getting out of reach in a hurry. It’s the Bucks for goodness sake. Play some D and take better shots.

  9. uyen

    What is hell is going on with our boys? I’m sick and this game is making me feel even worse

  10. Natalie

    No need to get worse…this one could make anyone sick.

  11. Richard

    well blaine hopefully there is that switch still. nat, anything from the inside that we don’t know that ur not telling us? c’mon nat share the scoop, whats going on? hehehe…by the way this is ric, as for richard.

  12. Natalie

    Ric, trust me I share if there was even if Walter had ingrown toenail and I knew about it I would share. At this point I’m worried just hope Sheed’s Defense sparks this one.

  13. uyen

    i’m so sick i can barely write properly. i hope we can pull this out.

  14. Richard

    i know nat, we trust yah! just so crazy, i mean, THE BUCKS!!!? c’mon. it just doesn’t make any sense.

  15. jess

    There lead keeps going back to 20. Its killin me!

    I slept through most of the first half.. but it doesnt seem like I missed much.

  16. Richard

    jess u were lucky to miss it!!!! i bet theres a trade talk going on internally and its making our player not focus.

  17. Natalie

    Jess you missed nothing trust us. Uyen, feel better.
    Ric, I am not sure about a trade unless it’s Flip Murray or PB.

    This one looks miserable.

    Not liking it at all.

  18. jess

    Richard I doubt there is a trade talk going on.. though I cant find one GOOD reason why they can be playing like this.

    I appreciate CB’s hustle in that 3rd but Im hoping everyone else can get involved too cause one man cant compete with 8 guys against him (Im counting the refs too).

  19. jess

    Well actually its 7 guys and a woman.

  20. Natalie

    Rodney’s decisions are making me crazy right now.

  21. jessi

    its is just me our does anyone else hate how stuckey tries to be so fancy, almost like wade

  22. Blaine

    I feel you Nat (about Stuckey), by the way when are you going out with me? I am waiting impatiently.

  23. jess

    I dont think I have seem Sheed get any in since Ive been watching.. has he racked any??

  24. Richard

    guys im done with this one…another game to swallow….pretty hard coz its with the bucks, but at least they’ll play them again friday….suns and lakers game is pretty entertaining. nite guys! can’t wait til sunday..im watching our boys plays against naSHaq and phoenix.

  25. Natalie

    He’s got 9 Jess.
    Where are you taking me Blaine?

  26. Natalie

    Ric, we still have to play the Bucks again Friday night.

  27. jessi

    I know this is just a game but ok if you have to lose a game one night by so may don;t got out the next game and do the same thing…

    as for stuckey he makes me crasy everytime he has the ball, his first thought is drive to the basket not pass the ball to the open player… I think stuckey could be a good player but he needs to play detroit basketball, he could learn a lot for chauncey.. I watched an interview a while back on how he said he always try playing like wade and that was the player he wanted to he like in college, and that can work for you but not on the pistons…

  28. twalch

    I am at a loss. Stuckey is getting no calls when going to the hoop, CB is trying to get things going, Rip…why did you take that jumper when we were down 12? That was a five point swing…

    I think I need to go re-organize my sock drawer. Blue socks on the left, black ones in the middle, all the rest on the right side? Thoughts?

  29. JESS


  30. jessi

    if we can hit a few big shotts we can win this game, we just can’t give easy shoots

  31. Natalie

    Twaltch…if you did it already keep doing it, looks like the Pistons have some life.

    Sheed is big right now.

  32. JESS


  33. jess


  34. Natalie


  35. jessi

    no matter the out come of this game, I think the pistons are back.. I knwo we can win this one, but I like how the pistons are back…

    I want to grab sheed and hug him..

    I chauncey should have went for the lay up there…

    well at least it was a close loss, and we will take the next one adn if the pistons play like they have this quater the rest of the season things will be jsut fine.

    we could still win this one,..

  36. jess

    Everyone with me now…


  37. Natalie

    This is killin me

  38. jess

    Me too!!

  39. Natalie

    I know we lost but honestly at least they put up a hell of a fight.

  40. jess

    At least we know they turned that switch back on because it was off for a game and 3 quarters.

  41. jessi

    thank you sheed, for all you did to bring this game close…wow how great would that have been had sheed of gone in..

  42. jessi

    there is a Lunar Eclipse tonight, that could explain these werid games, no I am going to fare…

    anyway I can be happy with this loss because as Natalie said they put up a hell of a fight…

  43. jess

    OOH.. and I really do think SHEED got my message in the 4th quarter.. somebody must of called him or somethin 🙂

    He couldnt just disappoint his #1.. or 2 fan (Nat might have that #1 spot by a hair) like that LOL

  44. uyen

    Thanks Natalie, now i can go to sleep and know they at least put up one hell of a fight.

  45. claire

    ah…my shitty week just got even shittier…losing by 5 points after outscoring the Bucks 34-22 in the 4th quarter? Ah, just kill me now.

    Shoot, bring on the Playoffs now, I can’t handle this whole 82-regular-season-games anymore! Why? Why? 5 freaking points? I’m having quite a nervous breakdown right now. Man, nothing is going right these past few days! That lunar eclipse better be gone soon!

    Where is Rip and his hot shooting skills? Dear Rip, put on the flaming armsleeve and shoot the lights out of whoever we’re facing next, please! Man, I’m so out of touch these days, I don’t even know who we’re playing next. That almost never happens! AHHHH…

  46. jess

    Claire I hope you get better… and we are playing the Bucks again. This time at the Palace.

  47. jessi

    the only upside to this is that as the pistons are lossing so is boston… this aways happens to the teams with the best records the guys who could be fighting for a playoff spots come out hard and upset the team taht should win… well I am not owrried it would have nice to win the last two it would have put us closer to boston but if teh 4th quater tells us anything it is that the pistons found there ways adn we will be seeing some good detroit basketball from here on out… I won’t say the might not have a few losses but I think our biys are back…

  48. Bobby

    I agree with jessi,

    These losses actually aren’t so bad because Boston is losing too haha. We’re not really losing any ground and I’m glad that we’re getting these pesky losses out of the way before we make another big win streak later on. I don’t mind being cold now as long as we’re HOT goin into the playoffs.


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