Super Shooter Rip Hamilton

by | Feb 15, 2008 | 18 comments

With the All-Star festivities about to get underway tonight and considering that our boy Rip is going to do his best in the Three Point Competition(he’s the underdog) here’s video on his shooting accomplishments since becoming a Piston.

Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit


  1. Matt

    If you listen to the first 60 seconds, it absolutely sounds like Blaha says,

    “He’s also currently on crack…”

  2. Anonymous

    I thought he said he was on crack too! lol.

  3. Anonymous

    lol, I thought he said crack as well. It caught me off card, and I got nervous, but then I remembered Matt’s post. That was a good video. :-)Dana that video has already been posted.

  4. Anonymous

    kobes not in it now but dirk is

  5. Anonymous

    just something to marinate on…… Stackhouse to Detroit?
    If the deal is done, what other better place for stack to end up? from what i understand, he has a good relationship w/ Joe and the front office. Would provide a great boost from the bench, adding a little veteranship. Correct me if im wrong, don’t we have some cap space as well?

  6. Ahmed

    anon, i am not sure. Stack plays the 2 spot and that would just cut some minutes off of the rooks.

  7. rbaaan

    actually that doesnt sound to bad, the onyl spot i see us needing someone is the back up 3, and stack can play that now, hes be a great back up for tayhaun, hs learned from his old ways and now all he wants is a champinship.

  8. claire

    Yea, I thought Blaha said Rip was on crack too. I was like “well, that’s either really bad or I’m just not up to date with the modern day’s slang” haha. Good video though. I’m definitely tuning in to watch the contest. I hope Rip wins!

  9. Anonymous

    poor boobie wins rookie-mvp by coming of the bench (what else) and jacking up 20 3´s …

    i hope this makes him feel better

    btw: watch the nba-review off the game. at the end, when he is named mvp … gotta love shaun williams reaction 😀

  10. Anonymous

    Anyone saw Chris Tucker’s jumpshot. None of his shots even hit the rim except for a 3 ball that accidently banked off the glass.

  11. claire

    The only thing that’s uglier than Chris Tucker’s FG % is the uniforms -_- It’s like a mixture of golf, basketball, New Orleans style all badly mixed together.

    I think it was cute how Alyssa Milano and Gabrielle Union were the head coaches.

  12. LC

    GO RIP!!! You can win it!

  13. Anonymous

    i know im 2 days late.. but ive been busy with my calculus class and some other thingsss… but i had to come here, since nobody else i know cares haha, to sayyy..


    and im praying he’ll win the 3 point shootout… GO UNDERDOGGG HAMILTON!


  14. the fluidics

    Man, the Refs hate pistons don’t they?
    I know Rips foot was on the line, but so was dirks on more than a few shots.
    Oh wll, it’s all for fun anyhow.
    Man, that birthday dunk was sick.

  15. Anonymous

    I really wanted Rip to win. They should have done a side view because it looked like his foot was right at the line, but it really doesn’t matter. I didn’t want Boobs to win.Jason Kapono is a monster from the 3pt line, but I guess you have to master something since that’s all he does is sit out on the 3pt line. All the participants did really well though with the exception of Nash. Maybe Rip can win next time. That birthday Cake dunk was pretty sick, but that SUPERMAN!!! YOOOOOL!!! that junk was to funny. He deserved to win. I think they over exaggerate things though. Dwight’s first dunk was nice,but it wasn’t too incredible. I’ve seen dunks similar to that. Green should have saved the birthday cake for later and not the first time. ALL STAR Saturday night was great.


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