Can Detroit pull off another Season Sweep?

by | Feb 13, 2008 | 15 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Pacers
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The Pistons are going for their 10th straight win and a sweep of the season series with the Indiana Pacers. Something they haven’t done in 23 years against The Pacers.

The Pistons current nine game streak is the second longest for them this season. The Pacers are currently struggling and have lost the 8 of their last 10 games.

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“It doesn’t matter to me who we play, we have a job to do. We have a mission. They’re going to be in the way.” Via USA Today

Tip off is at 7:30 PM at The Palace and is being locally broadcast on FSN Detroit. Catch it on the radio on 1130 AM WDFN, or stream it live through their website. This is the last game before The Pistons send Chauncey, Rip and Sheed off to New Orleans for the All-Star game.

As always I’m leaving things in the hands of Team Need4Sheed while I’m at the Palace. So here’s to another Detroit.

FYI: Kidd to The Mavs


  1. jess

    This would be a nice win. They’d be adding another sweep to the records, the longest win streak in the league (regardless of this win… they just got to hold on to it), and 3 PISTON All Stars headed to the All Star game!


  2. Lindsay

    I remember reading something in the Freep that said if Kidd was traded to the West, then Chauncey would be an All-Star starter. So is he officially a starter?

  3. Anonymous

    Will Kidd still play for the East?

    If not then perhaps Stern can insert Ray Allen and stop the tears in Boston.

  4. jess

    Amir’s new name should be HUSTLAMIR!

    Cause he’s a HUSTLA he’s a he’s a HUSTLA homie LMAO (that’s Jigga Man for you guys) LOL!

    I love how he hustled for that ball and he does hustle for them every chance he gets.

    And Im also kinda curious about the whole Jason Kidd thing. Any answers?

  5. downtown

    Hey Natalie..

    I think I had suggested listening to WDFN streamed over the net previously.. but actually, when a game is on, their internet audio is blocked. I think it’s probably because it would be circumventing NBA League Pass or something.. Anyway, just wanted to mention it.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Anonymous



  7. Anonymous

    has anyone ever wonder why brezec have to tough the fall when ever a three throw is shot and when the ball goes out of bounds, i guess its cause he doesn’t tough it much.. its almost like he has to make sure its got enough air

  8. Anonymous

    amir is become such a great player before our very eyes, just think if we keep this team in a few years what our youngs will be doing, the starters can hand it over in good faith

  9. rbannn

    ahah the j kidd was traded was blocked my deavan geroge he has a no trade caluse

  10. claire

    How come Rip only played 19 minutes? Is it because he didn’t feel well or something? It was a perfect 19 minutes though (according to the boxscore, he only missed one shot).

    And what’s up with Amir? 7 blocks? 9 rebounds? Did he just wake up this morning, and have a conversation like this with himself:
    “Hey, there Amir, you look like a great shot-blocker!”
    “Well, you know, I’m aight”
    “No no, I really do mean it. You got the length, the technique, and everything, man”
    “Please…It’s just what I do man, go out there and play hard”
    “Just how do you do it? You make it look like the other guys are 5 ft. tall. You know what, let’s make a bet. If you don’t make more than 5 blocks tonight, you’re gonna have to do another lipsynching video, like the one with Pretty Ricky”
    “5 blocks? Psst…come on, dude…at least make it challenging and say 15 or something…psstt..5 blocks a night? maybe if I’m still in middle school, it’d be a challenge”

  11. Anonymous

    LOL! Some funny posts on here tonight. I’m so glad they’re playing Amir! And I really hope these young guys stick around. They definitely are the future. And I’m so glad Joe takes keeps the future in mind.

    That would be pretty sweet if Chauncey was a starter for the All Star game! He deserves it.

  12. Mike

    Chauncey Billups
    Richard Hamilton
    Tayshaun Prince
    Amir Johnson
    Rasheed Wallace

    -New starting lineup, Amir Johnson is the mother ******* man. What a steal in the draft, he compensates for that waste of a pick we used on Darko.

  13. Dave

    I have to disagree , if we’re taking Antonio out of the lineup Maxiell should be starting.
    Also, I just have to say that this:

    “has anyone ever wonder why brezec have to tough the fall when ever a three throw is shot and when the ball goes out of bounds, i guess its cause he doesn’t tough it much.. its almost like he has to make sure its got enough air”

    was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever read. I almost got sick and threw up reading it.

    Anyways, Amir was awesome tonight. 10 in a row heading into the break! We just need Boston to start losing some of these games without KG and maybe we can push them for home-court.

    I hope Chauncey gets the start in the All-Star game.

    Maybe the Pistons can work into this Kidd deal and take Devean George from the Mavs in exchange for Flip Murray … Flip can get some minutes in New Jersey, George is on a good team still, Dallas gets their guy, everybody wins. I’d hate to see this blockbuster fall through because of Devean George of all people.
    I like that the entire West is trading for superstars .. hopefully whatever team we face in the Finals will get beat up throughout the playoffs by all the other good teams in the west.

    Go Rip in the 3-point contest!! I think he actually has a decent chance.

  14. Natalie

    Thank You Downtown….I will be sure to link to the page from now on. I never streamed it so I had no idea.

    Claire…always a laugh!

  15. Anonymous

    “has anyone ever wonder why brezec have to tough the fall when ever a three throw is shot and when the ball goes out of bounds, i guess its cause he doesn’t tough it much.. its almost like he has to make sure its got enough air”

    ??? Okay, I think I understand what you were trying to say there…I just don’t understand how you confused the words “touch” and “tough”. The first time could be seen as an honest slip of the mind, but it was obvious by the second time that you really believe “touch” is spelled “tough”. That’s sort of amazing for some reason…


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