10 Straight at The All-Star Break

by | Feb 13, 2008 | 19 comments

Detroit convincingly put a beat down on the injured and slumping Pacers Wednesday night at the Palace in the two teams final meeting of the season. Detroit, who swept the season series for the first time in 23 years, had an easy time with their once heated rivals. Final score 96-80.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons let the Pacers take the lead (very) early but bounced right back midway through the first quarter to take the lead and go into the second quarter with a four point lead.
  • I’m getting used to Detroit taking the lead early in game for a few reasons. The Zoo Crew gets time on the floor. The starters get rest, and I usually don’t have to worry about Detroit coming away with the victory. I know the last reason is selfish, but I’m one of those fans who at times gets physically ill when our boys take it down to the wire. So thanks boys for saving me money on Tums.
  • Tayshaun was the first of the starters to get things going early. Prince finished with 14 points and 3 boards in just under 30 minutes on the floor.
  • Great time for any Pistons fan.
  • Outstanding night for Mr. Amirzing. Johnson was a shot blocking machine last night with a career high 7 for the night adding 8 points, 9 boards and an assist. Amir actually logged more minutes on court than any other Piston with 32.
Amir Johnson
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  • “He had seven blocks, and he probably had three they didn’t count that he got a piece of,” Saunders said of Johnson. “We have to talk to the stat people on that. …And I don’t think a week and a half ago, if I said Amir would lead us in minutes played, anyone would say that’s going to happen.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • You may have not noticed, but Jarvis Hayes came up gimpy in the second quarter, jamming his achilles tendon and didn’t return but said it was precautionary. He finished the game with 8 points in 11 minutes.
  • Considering the big lead and Jarvis’s injury we got a chance to see a bit more of Walter Herrmann, who is really a crowd favorite. He’s Wayne Newton of The Palace…I like the guy but I just don’t understand how he became a fan favorite so quickly.
  • Happy Birthday to Rip Hamilton, I am sure he’s hoping for a late gift of a Three Point Contest Trophy. Thanks to Wani for reminding me.
  • Since it’s Valentines Day I was asked (by a Cavs fan no less) what my perfect Valentines Day would be.
  • Short minutes for the starters which is so nice heading into the All-Star break. Rip logged 19 and Dyess just 17.
  • Jason Maxiell was a beast last night with a double-double. Jason put up 11 points, 11 boards and 2 blocked shots. It’s great to watch both him and Amir on court at the same time, it’s like two Energizer Bunnies (note: in the picture below nothing about Maxi looks cute or cuddly he’s just intimidating) on court at the same time.
Jason Maxiell
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  • Rodney Stuckey put up 12 points with 5 assists, 3 boards and just one turnover on 4-for-12 shooting. You have to love what your’e seeing from the rookie guard. Am I the only who cringes every time he throws up a wild circus shot in the lane? I worry that he’s going to get hurt and that most times he’s better off dishing to the open man when he doesn’t have shot.
  • Billups, Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince each scored 14.
  • Bulls fans crying a few tears over Ben Wallace.
  • Detroit held the Pacers to 31% shooting on the night while shooting 42.5% themselves.
  • Sloppy fourth quarter from the Zoo Crew, but they still held on to a sizable lead.
  • The Pacers scored just 10 points in the third quarter.
  • Chances on Chauncey starting the All-Star game.
  • NBA.com Highlights of The Game.
  • Detroit went into the fourth quarter with a 25 point lead.
  • Pure hustle, athleticism and drive.
Amir Johnson
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Photo/Getty Images
  • It’s usually not a good thing to go on break when you’re playing this well.
  • Rip was practicing up on his three’s in last nights game, hitting all four he attempted.
  • Someone please explain Marquis Daniels getup.
  • As a perk for season ticket holders I got a chance to do something that I thought was pretty cool before yesterday’s contest with Indiana. I attended what the Pistons Organization calls Chalk Talk, a selected few season ticket holders get treated to a little press conference with one of the assistant coaches about the night’s game as well as a Q&A. Terry Porter addressed us about the game plan with Indiana and answered our questions. I bet they are sorry they asked me…they could barely shut me up. Porter’s take on Rip’s chances in winning the three point contest…not great. He’s worried about Peja Stojakovic and claims Chauncey overall is a better three point shooter and he came in last when he was in the contest. I still have faith.
  • Rebound war won 48-37.
  • Mike Dunleavy was the only Pacers starter to score in double figures.
  • I can’t wait to see this.
  • They didn’t catch it on camera, but Sheed’s post intro dance was hilarious.


  1. fadushi2

    I went to Chalk Talk about 1 week ago. The Portland game. We also got Terry Porter. ME and my cousin both are Season Ticket Holders. I asked “From what you have seen in practice is there any chance Jason Max. Would be replacing Antonio in the starting line up.” The answer was a NO, Why break up a starting line up that is playing so well. Chalk Talk was a lot of fun though. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Natalie

    Fadushi2, I enjoyed it too. There was a guy who complained about why Amir isn’t playing and Porter just looked at him like he was crazy…Almost everyone in there was like….he is playing which the guy replied “shut down McDyess and give the minutes to Amir” the whole exchange was just weird.

    Loved the experience.

  3. fadushi2

    When I went one guy there asked about this trade. Jason Max. along with Amir Johnson for Jermaine O’neal. I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud.

  4. fadushi2

    You know Nat, I have been viewing this website for over a year now, and I must say it is the best ran Pistons website out there. Not even the Official Pistons website is as enjoyable. I love the way you recap a game. With Bullet points and very interesting facts. ALso I have no idea where you get your videos from but they are always good. Thank you for having such a great website. Also, it caught me by total surprise to learn that you are a girl?!

  5. Natalie

    That a very nice thing to say and I really appreciate that I bring joy to other Pistons fans out there. As for the videos, just stuff they broadcast on TV that I make sure I record..

    And girl….unfortunately I am a little too old to be in the category anymore. someone called me Mamn yesterday. Not cool!

  6. Kyle

    i think because mcdyess’s offense has dipped early (it usually doesn’t go till the playoffs) a lot of people are pegging him as the weak link. He’s still a great defender and our best rebounder. people get bored with quiet contributions. Amir is getting more burn than most of us could have asked for lately.

    that being said, Dyess would be the main piece i shop around looking for a big trade. dyess, murray and a couple other bits and pieces could be worked out for a pretty big trade, i think.

  7. rbaaan

    but what type of trade would you want right now, i cant say id like to see a big one, the biggest id like to see is a better back up for tayshuan, because when hayes is on its great but when hes off its hard to watch

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry guys (and gals) but I am not liking this chat about how Dyess should be included in a trade or that he should be replaced as a starter. He doesn’t score a lot (agreed) but you have to recognize all of the other contributions this man makes to this team. He is an important piece and there’s no way to ignore that. I don’t think replacing him as a starter is nearly as offensive as suggesting that he should be traded (that’s just silly) because Dyess is the type of player who will give you his best either coming off the bench or being on the floor at the tip off. He just wants to win and has said time and time again that he is more than willing to accept any role on this team that will make it better. Amir is fantastic… so is Maxiell (I love them both) but neither of them have the experience that Dyess has. You can’t count on Dyess to put up big points every game but you can count on his defense and you can definintely count on him getting rebounds all night long… rebounds that lead to what??? Piston points — even though he is not the one scoring, he is the one who makes it possible for someone else to score. Getting rebounds, setting screens, blocking shots, an assist here & there… Dyess does his thing. Just pay attention to what he does.

    That rant is over with so onward…
    those assholes in Chicago don’t appreciate Ben Wallace apparently. The article wasn’t really bashing Big Ben, but they sure let him have it in the comments. I feel bad for him — even though I still consider him a sell out… it’s a little hard to feel bad for a guy who is making 60 million, but I do. I have watched him play for the Bulls and I don’t see the heart or the intensity that he gave to the Pistons, but hey… too damn bad for the Bulls right? The guy just had a death in his family and those people are saying they are glad he won’t be playing because of it… how low can you go Chicago? No Class… why am I not surprised?

    Now, on to the perfect valentines day blog thing. I loved the answers you gave Nat! Great stuff. The courtside seats… hell yeah!! That would be more than enough for me right there — birthday, Christmas, anniversary, and Valentine’s day all in one. I could do without the breakfast in bed and flowers though. I say let me sleep late and use the flower money for a jersey or down payment on playoff tickets. That would be friggin’ awesome!! I LOVE MY PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One more thing… Happy Birthday Rip!! 29 again…You rock!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  9. Kyle

    i don’t think we should make a trade at all. i like where we are and who we have. Jarvis seems to be over his slump and he’s made great strides in his defense and aggressiveness. but in the future, if we want to replace a starter, i’d look to replace dyess. I think that we have enough complimentary bits to eventually trade dyess for a star level PF or C.

    once again though, dyess is having a great season. people getting on his case either haven’t been watching or aren’t really paying attention. This year should be the year he gets his ring.

  10. the fluidics

    I usually worry about the Pistons coming out of the all star break. There is a tendancy to fall off after the break. Right now though, so much of the Pistons success is wrapped up in the bench, they will bring the energy out of the break, so I’m predicting the ballers from the D make this the longest streak of the season, at least 12.

    And I agree, Dyess stays. He does too much, consistantly, to get moved. I don’t think I’d tinker with this team now, they are rolling to good. The only players I’d consider moving are flip and primoz, and I’d prefer picks to players, at this point.

  11. Anonymous

    YAY! Rookie Rankings Just in on NBA.COM STuckey is number 10!!!! WOOT! Im actually really excited about this, because Stuckey is DEFINITLY turning into the “Darko-Mistake” eraser! I cant wait to watch him, Amir, Afflalo, and Might Max grow! HEres to the future, and heres to a championship RIGHT NOW!!! <3 Happy Valentines Day all you pretty Ladies out there 🙂


    AKA-NickDyess #1 Dyess Fan

    (And a special shout-out goes to Natalie, Thanks for a great website! We may not say it much , but us Pistons fan love you! Happy Valentines Day!)

  12. Anonymous

    nat, i completely agree with you about stuckey’s circus shot. as much as i convince myself that its similar to dwade, i rather have him healthy throughout the season by just dishing or taking high percentage shot than making circus shot with a big risk of injury. it’ll be heartbreaking, or at least for me, to see him get injured and affect his development again.

  13. Anonymous

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Too bad no game today, would have love to see some Kiss Cam shots…..

    Damn, these asshole in Chicago are so mean. Instead of blaming Big Ben, why doesn’t John Paxon look in the mirror, he’s a horrible GM.

  14. claire

    Oh gosh, after reading those comments on the Ben Wallace link, I truly feel bad for him. All these Bulls fans despise him. And to think just a few years ago, he was one of the fan favorites in Detroit.

    What happened to the Bulls is not Ben’s fault. I’m not saying that because he is an ex-Pistons. He doesn’t have an offensive game, and the Bulls know this very well when they signed him. They knew what they were doing, so I don’t know why people are hating on Ben. It’s not like he forced them into signing him.

    I get the feelings that the Bulls signed Ben hoping with his departure, the Pistons will start sinking. Karma’s a bitch.

  15. Anonymous

    the bulls took ben because they thought if the pistons didn’t have a team with out him, not as good of one becasue ben won DMY so many times and the pistons are a defenaive team… I will say that the bulls wanted to billed a team to beat detoit and well they pretty much have, detroit have had a lot of trouble against the bulls and were a big part of our guys being so tried last conf. finals. You have to give it to the bulls they wanted to make a team to beat the pistons and well they pretty much have, even this year tehy have our number and we can’t find a way around them,… I want to say to all the bulls fan if your orgainization would show respect to there players them maybe they would be playing a lot better and in the run for the playoffs… you can’t give up on your players and making them feel as if they are not worth being on the team, if all that you can not blame the players to not have heart.

  16. amazinghands10

    Kobe out of the 3 point contest…. Now RIP has no one to tak trash too!!!

  17. Anonymous

    everybody over there hates big ben :[
    they should probably just give him to us!
    so we can kick ass and take names as we win a championship.

  18. Steve

    I’ll keep it simple…

    SEVEN blocks?!? I had to miss the game in which Amir has SEVEN blocks??? Not fair!!

  19. the fluidics

    weren’t we just talking about 22 having ten blocks on the year or something? 7 in one game for Amir? that’s sick


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