The Pistons go for a Hawks Sweep

by | Feb 12, 2008 | 38 comments

Pistons vs Hawks
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The Pistons take on the 21-26 Hawks in Atlanta tonight. Detroit would love to keep the offense flowing with the help of the bench to notch a ninth straight win. The Hawks could put an end to their two game slide and with a victory tonight against The Pistons.

Detroit just might be without the services of Richard Hamilton tonight. He has food poisoning and missed practice today. If he doesn’t play, Arron Afflalo will start in his place.

This the fourth and final meeting of the regular season between the two teams. The Pistons are 3-0 so far in the series and won 11 of the last 13 meetings, but the Hawks always seem to play well against Detroit, so don’t count them out.

The game tips off at 7 PM and will be broadcast locally on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t watch, you can always catch it on the radio on 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, or steam it live through their website.

I’m going to miss most of the first half, but hopefully by the time I make it home our boys will be up by 20 and the Zoo Crew will be doing their thing. As always, I’m leaving it up to you in the comments, and be sure to let me know if I missed anything worth rewinding.

As for Atlanta, this is how I choose remember The Hawks, unless I’m convinced otherwise.


  1. Andrew

    Rip is out? Look for Tayshaun to put up at least 25 tonight!

  2. claire

    Why is it so easy for NBA players to get food poison? Didn’t Jarvis Hayes get food poison earlier this season?

  3. the fluidics

    I’ve never gotten food poisoning, lol.
    If Rip is out, I hope they sit him tomorow night as well, he can get a little bit of rest before the all* game, and come back pretty darn well rested. Good thing about the Pistons is that they could probably get along ok without him for a few games, as long as the bench is playing well, which they have been.
    Let’s keep that streak alive!

  4. Anonymous

    yeaaaa it’s seems like our team gets food poisoning a lot.

    And Lindsey Hunter has had the flu for a LONGGG timeee. I hope he’s ok !!


  5. Steve

    We might as well be playing at the Palace… that Atlanta crowd is terrible… at least half of them are cheering for Sheed, who sure is on fire right now!

  6. jessi

    I know I heard that too it kind of however sounded like were saying “Rashhed” instead of “sheed”… I laughed when I heard the crowd yell that, it was like they were the only onces in the stands,

    well anyway hope too see a lot of the zoo crew

  7. Steve

    “It’s a scooore and one more for Jooooooooooooe Smith” – Atlanta announcer

    Sorry, but “Count that baby and a foul!” is roughly a zillion times better.

  8. jessi

    I can almost fall a sleep listening to the alanta announcers

  9. Anonymous

    tv not working is urs?

  10. Steve

    I’ve got some strange green lines right now… anyone else? Audio’s fine tho. Nevermind, just came back.

  11. jessi

    is it just me or does it seem like the pistons might be a little tired… this game seems to be going by fast but at the same time very slow. maybe I just got used to the last two games where the pistons got it done early.. also I am a big tayshaun fan however I have been noticing he has been having trouble getting the lay ups in, he missed a few already this game and some easy ones at that. he doesn’t seem very happy either I wonder if all the trade talk is getting to him but it might just be me reading into things to much,.

  12. jessi

    mine tv is fine I am watching the game on raptors TV

  13. Rube

    even before tonight, i used the espn trade machine to look at a Tayshaun Prince for Josh Smith trade. Damn it hurts to consider but josh smith would fit nicely with the boys. the money thing works well too

  14. jessi

    I for one do not want to see Tayshaun go, I think he helps glue this team together… he has been excepted to do so much and Tay does play well in the playoffs he has a completely diferent game, last season he was tired but I don;t think that will be the case this year. I can’t see Joe D would trade to a team they could see in the playoffs

  15. Rube

    I hate to see it too but to get talent you gotta give talent and Josh Smith is the truth….Sheed and Smith getting into it. Josh used “Ball don’t lie” Sheed said get yout own line… Rube From Brooklyn

  16. Steve

    Still wanna get rid of Tay? Those have been a couple of monster blocks here in the last few minutes.

  17. jessi

    no one will give us tays lengh, he has gotten two nice blocks as well he would have a lot more points if he wsa not getting double team and some times tripled team, and if you look back at sheeds shots in the 1st is was tay how dished the ball out to him for a leat 3 of his shots…

  18. jessi

    there is one thing I do not like about stuckey he does not pass teh ball at times when he should, ya you can drive to the baslet or go for the lay but but hen you are on a fast brak down and the defender is sticking with you and you have am open wing man, pass the ball to get the basket and not leave teh chance for a block.. look what happened on that play let the hawks keep the lead.

  19. Steve

    Yay, it’s a cheap foul party – thank you Joey C!


  20. Steve


  21. jessi

    why do the refs like to go on a foul calling spree??

    mr big shot gets when the team needs him\\this crowd was not in to this game ntil the last 8 minutes, the whole game you can hear them cheering for the pistons until its close game…

  22. Steve

    “Ball don’t lie, bitch! That ball don’t lie”


  23. jessi

    lol I knew sheed would be up yelling ball don’t lie, you have to love him he has heart, thats what makes him such a great player…

  24. jessi

    nice hard fought win, lets make it 9 going in to the break

  25. Steve

    Mmmm, that was fun.

    I would like to give thanks to a Mr. Chauncey Billups for an outstanding performance in shooting a basketball down the stretch.

  26. Steve

    Jessi – this was number 9… we can get 10 in a row if we win the last game before the ASB.

  27. claire

    wow, afflalo missed both free throws and rebounded his own missed shot to close out the game. Not exactly an exciting win, but I love it.

  28. Anonymous

    haha i love watching opposing team fans cry after their team loses. (lots of pistons fans at atlanta)

  29. jessi

    Thats steve I knew it was but for some reaon I thought it was 8 and 9, nit sure what I was think becasue today i was talking about making it 10 today at work.

  30. Steve

    Yup, let’s see double digit win streak before a week off of basketball… that’s a nice recipe for success. I mean, it’s the Pacers we’ve gotta play, after all.

    (This message in no way provides jinxability in any way, shape, or form)

  31. Anonymous

    man stuckey is looking special!

    on nba tv after the game they had him on video phone, it was great talked about a few different things, like how sheed talks so much smack at practice haha and said it with a big smile

  32. Anonymous

    Hey, Nat
    & All U Bad Azz Detroit Pistons Fan’s

    I just wanted tell everyone that I had the greatest time watching our Boys beat the Hawks. Man, I got six free tickets to go and I finally got to see them again up close and personel! There were so many Detroiter(Michigan) Pistons Fans there. There were so many Piston Jerseys there including the four we were wearing, hats, shoe etc….! THEY OUT NUMBERED THE HAWKS JERSEYS! And U know that’s very Sad! But who gives a flyin flip!

    But, I knew when I saw Danny ‘I Suck’ Crawford that he would be up to no good. I got to the game a little early and pointed out to my two sons that Crawford didn’t like our beloved Pistons. Crawford lived up to his name without a doubt!
    I lost my voice and the bench kept looking @ me like “this Cat isn’t playing! I let my Big azz mouth be heard throughout the whole game. But the BIGGEST highlight was after we got by
    Ref Danny ‘I Suck’ Crawford and win the game!

    We kept hearing throughout the Philips Area “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” I was so proud to be a Pistons Fan and a native Detroiter! It was so F*&^in off the Chain! We got into the hall and started walking and we just kept hearing and saying “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” Throughout the hall and outside!

    Hawks fans didn’t like it one bit! But who cares!

    “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!” “DDDDetrrrrrroit BBBaaaassssketballllll!”

    Fo Life



  33. Anonymous

    horrible song in the Human Highlight video

  34. twalch

    Stuckey is looking like he getting some swagger which is nice. What I liked most about this win is that you saw the mettle this starting five has (and the bench is just starting to get) when Atlanta went on that run. They didn’t seem to get rattled and their offensive funk didn’t last too long (altough it is odd how when the big run was happening how much standing around they did….dribble dribble dribble (repeat for 18 seconds) then realize we need to shot…forced jumper…long rebound…fast break for Atlanta. The other surprising thing to me was looking at the box score and how few minutes the starters played. Amir was an immediate impact. I hope Max is starting to come out of his funk. He seems to be forgetting he has a nice 15 foot jumper…stop hesitating and just shoot it baby!


  35. Stacey

    Hey, Natalie! The pistons intros are on if you want to see it =]

  36. the fluidics

    1:59, that’s awesome that you got to see the team live, they are something special.
    These other teams must shake with fear when the stones come to town, because their gimme home win is definately in jeopardy, the Pistons can win and make you look silly, any night, anywhere.

  37. Natalie


    I had no idea you were out in ATL. I am so happy you got a chance to see our boys play.

    Maybe you were on screen and you didn’t even know it, they were showing tons of Pistons fans in the crowd the whole time.

    I feel you on the Danny C. deal. I am always bummed when I see him officiating a Pistons game.

    I hope your kids enjoyed it!

  38. Anonymous

    Thanks Nat

    I was @ the game when Our boys played the 76ers during Thanksgiving @ the Palace! And had a blast! But this time it was off the chain! I had on my CBills AllStar Jersey from last year! My wife had on Cbills Red Jersey and My boys had on Ra’s Road Jersey & Webbers Home jersey! I saw myself this morning when NBAtv reaired that game but it was for a quick moment. But as I watched the game i notice Billups kept lookin up @ us! I WAS OFF THE CHAIN!
    I was going to get my 6 Free Tickets worth and then some!
    I was behind the basket where Our Pistons were sitting.
    I look forward to getting even closer!



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