Detroit Blows by The Bobcats

by | Feb 10, 2008 | 23 comments

The Pistons got of to another hot start Sunday evening at The Palace against the Bobcats. Detroit ended the first quarter with a 29-13, lead on their way to rolling over the Bobcats with ease to take their winning streak to eight in a row. The final score 113-87.

Key Points:

  • Short minutes again for the starters who can now depend on the solid play of the bench to keep them rested and healthy for the second half of the season.
  • Chauncey who had to play only 23 minutes in the blowout scored 11 points with 7 assists and 4 steals.
  • Earl Boykins, whom I like and give ton of credit to because of his size, made Chauncey look like George Muresan on court.
  • The Pistons made a season high 12 three pointers in the game.
  • Sunday was the coldest day all winter in Detroit. I doubt Mr. Hamilton is suffering from frost bite.
Rip Hamilton
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  • Jason Maxiell who immediately made an impact in the game, finished with 8 points, 5 boards, 3 assists and a blocked shot. It wasn’t one of his thunder dunks that stood out during Sunday’s contest, it was Rasheed Wallace cracking up after Jason’s free throw attempt didn’t even hit the rim. Sheed continued to laugh as Maxi ran down the court and then screamed from the bench, “are you serious?”
  • It was kids night at the Palace and the same young man who did it last season, replaced Mason by doing the intros. The kids even imitated The Pistons post intro circle dance. It was adorable and the players loved it, especially Sheed.
  • I got into a discussion at halftime that there is going to be a whole lot of complaining from fans and teams alike because three Pistons will be in the All-Star game. Get ready for some crying Pistons fans. I do have to agree a little with the fact that Hedo is having a great season and could have went instead of Sheed but I’m not complaining. This All-Star game just got a whole lot better for this fan.
  • Brezec, who got a few minutes late in the game really entertains. He’s not only the Pistons biggest cheerleader, but his choice of uniform accessories cracks me up. He wears a headband around his neck the whole game while on the bench but doesn’t wear it when he’s on court. He also wears a long sleeve on each arm with large sweatbands over them. It’s hilarious.
  • Stuckey and Amir are the new Rip and Tayshaun. Check out Stuckey’s ability to find his teammate for the Alley O0p two times on Sunday.
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit
  • Amir had another solid outing scoring 6 points in 15 minutes with 4 boards and two assists and the ability to get fans out of their seats. Yes he’s getting better with his foul trouble but he did have five against the Bobcats.
  • Highlights of the Game.
  • Pistons biggest lead, 27 points.
  • Michigan’s own J Rich put up 27 points for his hometown crowd. Richardson always seems to do well when he plays in Detroit.
  • After the solid play by the whole team do you think Joe Dumars is actively looking to put together a trade?
  • 12 boards and 8 points for McDyess.
  • When Sheed wasn’t laughing or cheering on his teammates he scored 8 points, grabbed 4 boards, blocked a shot and had 2 takeaways. He seemed to be smiling from ear to ear all game long.
  • Rebound war won 46-35.
  • Tayshaun, who was 5-for-6 for downtown, led the Pistons with 21 points on the night and outscored the whole Bobcat team in the first quarter. Tayshaun’s performance on Sunday reminded me of a certain game he played in Kentucky.
Tayshaun Prince
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  • Matt Watson has some great post game goodness about Rasheed Wallace and his All Star appearance over at Hoopsworld. Here’s a little snippet but I suggest you head over and read the whole thing.

“So what was his response to being named to the All-Star team? Resignation, if anything. He admitted that it was an honor and said if anything it’ll be something his kids will be able to enjoy, but at the same time admitted that he did in fact have other plans already made that he’d have to cancel and move to the summer. In all seriousness, he sounded more excited about being able to root Rip Hamilton on in the three-point contest than he did about being recognized as one of the best at his position.”

  • The Pistons shot 50% from downtown.
  • Rip Hamilton got into the action from long range knocking down two on his way to 18 points on the night. It also seems that everyone is doing their part to try get Rip that 3-point Trophy.
  • Rodney Stuckey tied his career high of 13 points (from Friday night’s game against Portland). He’s really starting to get comfortable playing with the starters and his fellow Zoo Crew members. Rodney added six assists and a steal in 24 minutes on the floor. He really can throw it down when he wants to, and he doesn’t care who is in the way.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit

  • Arron Afflalo also had a nice dunk on a fastbreak courtesy of a pass from Amir Johnson. Arron finished with 6 points, one being an off balance shot at the buzzer that looked like it had no chance going in when he threw it up.
  • Jarvis Hayes continues to get points in a hurry. Jarvis scored 10 points in 16 minutes on the floor.
  • Ex Piston Nazr Mohammed had a solid night against his former team with 10 points and eight boards. He seems to really be fitting in with his new team.
  • The Pistons shot 48.9% from the floor.
  • Stuckey loves the leaner off the glass.
  • I am surprised by the play of Emeka Okafor, I know he was injured most of last season but I really expected more from him when he came out of college.
  • Next up The Hawks on Tuesday in Atlanta.


  1. claire

    Rip is my favorite player and all, but the only time you’re allowed to wear that coat is when you’re freezing to death in the middle of the North Pole and that jacket is the ONLY clothing you have with you. A fur coat and an argyle sweater? With a polka-dot-looking tie? Why so many patterns?? I wish Rip would have substituted that fur coat for a knee-length Italian wool coat, and a a solid color tie. The sad thing is, he probably paid like a car for that coat. I hope Sheed and Chauncey made fun of him for wearing that.

    But anyways, awesome game tonight. I loved how the Bobcats got to 12 points difference, then like a minute later, it was 20 again. Rodney and Amir? The new dynamic duo?

  2. rbann

    chauncey made fun of him for the coat on that espn teamates game show remmeber, the fox heads lol

    anyways, the highlight of the night in my opinion was that crazy block amir had when the guy had the fast break dunk, he tried to throw it down hard to, AMIR IS A FORCE!

    lets hope for 10 in a row going into allstar weekend

  3. Richie

    I thought the exact same thing about Tayshauns shooting, Nat!
    This was a fun one to watch, even if the Bobcats didn’t have Morrison or Gerald Wallace. It’s nice to see the boys blowing out the opponents that they’re supposed to be blowing out.

  4. DetroitGirl4life

    hey nat ca nu please post the video of the introductions with the kids, because i heard it was cute and funny and would really love to c it:D thanks

  5. DetroitGirl4life

    omg i forgot my signature , lol

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Natalie

    They didn’t broadcast the intro on TV, so I don’t really have a video for it. Someone told me they showed a very small clip, but it was nothing worth digging up. Had they broadcast it in it’s entirety It would already be up on Need4Sheed.

    I bet it will be on so lets keep an eye out.

  7. Anonymous

    oh i really wanna see this intro…too bad they didn’t broadcasted it. but do u have the video of maxie’s missed free-throw?

  8. Boyde

    Seriously it was a missed free throw, give the girl a break doesn’t she do enough for us?

    I loved what I saw from Stuckey yesterday but I do have to say I worry a bit too much that he’s trying to get his own too much. Sure he had some great assists but sometimes when he drives the lane I wish he would just dish it to the open man.

  9. Andrew

    wow, natalie.
    thanks for that vidcap of stuckey throwing down. i wondered if he could really do it, seeing how he usually puts up a circus layup around the rim.

  10. D_town_fan_in_chi_town

    Didn’t yesterday’s game look like everyone of the starters is having a blast with this Rip getting ready for the 3-point contest. It seemed that everyone wanted to throw down threes.

    Probably one of the more enjoyable (as in laugh out loud funny) games of this current win streak.

  11. Anonymous

    I love Rip, but he needs to lose the Rich Old lady’s coat, eeck.

    Sheed wants to go rag on Rip when he is in the 3 point contest.
    Imagine the audibles……..

  12. the fluidics

    ack, I missed the game yesterday, sounds like a fun one. I’ll keep an eye out for the atl game though.

  13. Natalie

    Yes this was a really enjoyable game to watch The Pistons enjoy the game. The starters were smiling almost the whole game.

    Thanks Abbas…don’t get to excited it’s probably just because blogger extraordinaire JE Skeets of The Basketball Jones is at the helm at now.

  14. jess

    You guys shouldnt be too upset SHEED made it to the all star game. Im sure he is excited about it though he might have wanted a little break too.

    I missed this game cause I was at work. Sounded like fun. I hope does put up a video of the kids!

  15. Anonymous

    What’s an atl game? Because I’d definitely like to see this one. I missed most of it.

    That picture of Rip is classic. He looks like an eskimo. You could probably bet serious money on Chauncey and Sheed making fun of that coat. I love the chemistry on this team… I think the way the guys support eachother is a big reason for their success.

  16. Anonymous


    Something I came across that was disturbing… and nasty

    “Superstar point guard Gilbert Arenas was recently asked what was the worst physical pain he’s ever experienced. This was his answer:

    “When I was new in the NBA the team veterans convinced me to shave, you know, down there, because they said the hair stinks. I used my girlfriend’s razor, which was rusty and gave me keloids. The doctor prescribed medicine to dab on, but I just poured it all over. Three days later I woke up screaming. The skin was burnt off my scrotum, down to my crack, everything — just raw flesh. I still had to run and play, so I used a numbing spray for a month until it healed. Now I use clippers.”


  17. Anonymous

    ewww that article about Gilbert is disgusting. He is a joker so I hope he wasn’t telling the truth. GROSS GILBERT!!!

  18. Steve

    I love that old Tay video from his UK days… he was in assassin mode right there… good stuff.

  19. Anonymous

    surprised you guys didn’t post up chauncey’s quote when he made fun of aaron’s dunk on the fastbreak:

    [taken from]

    “That was horrible,” Billups joked. “He looked like me dunking. He should be ashamed to have even done that right after Stuckey dunked on somebody’s head.”


  20. Anonymous

    Three Piston All-Stars? Hmm… I can’t help but think that East Coach Doc Rivers is going to play them 40+ minutes.

  21. dave

    I hate to say it, but the pistons have had a lot of luck on their side this win streak. four games stick out to me – playing the lakers right before they got gasol, playing the heat without shaq or marion, playing the blazers with roy out for a family funeral, and playing the bobcats without g. wallace. four teams we played without a star player. that’s some luck. but i’ll take it.


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